Created 20 Oct 2017 by Slinky86

25th October! Workshop at Eyebox Studio, Bristol!

Payment can be by money or goods, as mutually agreed

Member types required: Photographer
I'm REALLY looking forward to this workshop!!

As many models will tell you, using a wide angle lens on a person can have extremely unflattering effects - many times a lens has been used incorrectly and I've gone from being a size 6 to looking like I've consumed a small child and and lost half a meter from my legs...

Use it correctly, however, and a model will LOVE YOU FOREVER!! Cue long limbs, limbs as high as the sky.

A wide angle lens, used correctly, can make for a fab fashion portrait or for cool, quirky photos.

So if you're not sure what the HUGE difference is between 28mm - 75mm on your zoom lens, and exactly why you should move with the camera instead of using the zoom, then this workshop could really change your way of thinking when taking photographs.

HOORAH for this workshop and I hope to see you there!

Message me to book! xx
From: 25 October 2017 To: 25 October 2017
United Kingdom, England
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