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Modeling Articles

What is Glamour?
By modern definitions, the word glamour means: “alluring beauty or charm (often with sex-appeal)”. In photographic or modelling terms, “glamour”, concentrates on a model’s appearance and presentation rather than the clothes she may or may not be wearing. It is about creating sexually provocative images, with the model often appearing to be in a constant state of near-orgasm! It is about the attitude, the eroticism, the mood, and sometimes nothing more than a particular look in a model’s eyes.
How to get a great bum
Top tips on how to get a great bum
Are you happy with your bum? Most of us aren't. They're too small, too big, too saggy, too flabby...this list goes on. Follow our exercise tips and strength training exercises for firming up your rear.
Modeling tips
Advice for a successful career in modeling
If you want to join the modeling world then you can't go wrong by following our top tips and advice on becoming a model
How to get white teeth
Top tips for great teeth
In this article we provide you with some effective ways to help get your teeth white and keep them that way without spending hundreds at the dentist.
How To Look Good
Follow our advice from hair care to facial cleansing to make sure you look good
Your portfolio - what is it?
It's a collection of your modelling pictures. How many pictures you need varies. You should only keep strong pictures, you are only as good as your worst picture! Models should aim for quality not quantity! Avoid using 2 pictures of the same shoot (same look) Black and White is the favourite of the industry. 9 by 12 inches are the standard size. Your agency will require you to buy an 11 by 14 inches for their book (portfolio). A basic but versatile portfolio would have a casual head shot, styled head shot, body shot (conservative swimsuit or lingerie), a fashion shot (sexy), action shot, an editorial shot and even a catalogue shot.
How to make your hair look good
For longer hair, pull a little bit of wax through the hair and brush back into a ponytail. To lessen the harshness of the look simply use a pin or tail comb to add some softening tendrils at the top and sides of the ponytail.
To add movement, curl the small sections of hair that lie along the hairline and secure them using pins.
Saving face: start pampering your skin today to see results tomorrow
Beautiful skin is never just skin deep. What you massage into your skin is likely to be absorbed into your bloodstream, and what you subject your body to shows up on your skin. Clear, radiant skin is a mark of vitality while good skin contributes, in turn, to good health.
The elements to becoming a successful model
Even if someone is fantastically good looking and beautiful they still may not make it as a model, why? because they lack some of the necessary elements to become successful
Healthy eating for a great body
Do you like cigarettes and alcohol? do you live off fast food? Read our article on healthy eating to help get your body looking its best again
Pole Dancing To Get Fit
Pole dancing has wriggled its way out of the strip clubs to become a fitness craze. And with such celebrities as Angelina Jolie, Kylie Minogue and Kate Moss quoting it as their favourite exercise method it is becoming more and more popular.
The benefits of drinking Water
We all know that water is good for you and we should all drink plenty of it but are you drinking enough water? Read our guide to the health benefits of water
How to get healthy skin
Everyone is seeking health and vitality. Skin is no exception and we want healthy glowing skin. Good nutrition and healthy skin often go hand in hand. Although it will not prevent the evolutionary process of aging skin, you can shine from within from healthy eating.