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Anthony Higginson

Anthony Higginson

ID Number:222291
Member type:Photographer
Country:United Kingdom
Level:Some Experience
Work Preference:Fitness Model
Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Parts Modeling
Date Joined:29 January 2012
Last Updated:15 January 2013
Last Login:25 July 2014
My professional photographic experience has been in wedding and family portrait photography
Hi, i'm very interested in editorial style fashion photography, and i am always looking to improve my portfolio of high quality fashion images.
I am fully equipped with portable lighting etc, and i'm looking to set up shoots in various locations in the surrounding areas(mainly outdoors).

I sometimes attend local group shoots and often work with local professional models who work with me on a tf basis to add some creative fashion images to their and my portfolio.

I'm open to creative input from models who have any ideas around a possible shoot, but as i say i am primarily interested in creating edgy editorial type images or quality fashion photos. I'd much prefer to finish a shoot with 1 great image than 2 dozen ok shots.
Ideally any models i work with should be able to apply make-up and bring 2-3 fashion outfits, although i know a couple of fully qualified make up artists who i've worked with, who are willing to work with me on a tf basis.

All that said, i've got a pretty laid back character, and i enjoy the whole process of producing great images. It's got to be fun.

I look forward to possibly working with you to produce photographs which you will stand out in your portfolio!


Reviews from other members

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Jen_981 recommends anthony_higginson
Added by Jen_981 on 12 November 2012, shoot arranged for November 2012

I have worked with Tony on numerous occasions now and each time is always an absolute pleasure with amazing results!

Such a professional and brilliant at what he does with a fantastic eye for photography. Always full of great ideas & poses and always a joy to work with. We always work well together to produce many fantastic results and I always love the images I receive. He is such a talented photographer who will go far in the industry & is definitely an absolute credit to the photography world!

I VERY HIGHLY recommend Tony to all and am looking forward to our next shoot already! All I will say is if you work with Tony you will definitely not be disappointed so make sure you book him now!

Thanks again Tony, your a star!

All the best
Jen xx
candymayfalls recommends anthony_higginson
Added by candymayfalls on 17 September 2012, shoot arranged for August 2012

Tony is BRILLIANT! Met him a few times now and always look forward to seeing his pictures. A great eye for a shot and an ability to always produce high quality images. I'm looking forward to a chance to work with him again soon. Highly recommended :)
carlamonacox recommends anthony_higginson
Added by carlamonacox on 28 August 2012, shoot arranged for June 2012

I have shot with Tony twice now, once at a networking group shoot in crewe and another on a workshop orgnaised and taught by tony himself.
Tony is nothing but a pleasure to work with, he is very talented and knows what he wants in his images.
Tony gives great direction to his models but also encorages his models to express themselves to create the best shot.
Tony is also a great person, down to earth, easy to work.
I would highly recommend Tony to any model, family or anyone who wants great images. Thanks Tony :) :)
Jenelle_James recommends anthony_higginson
Added by Jenelle_James on 13 August 2012, shoot arranged for August 2012

Lovely shoot with anthony the other day at my home, good communication before and during the shoot, no problems at all, very much recommended :)
DaniellexLaurenx recommends anthony_higginson
Added by DaniellexLaurenx on 30 May 2012, shoot arranged for May 2012

Had a fab shoot today with tony and Grace the lovley mua and assisstant. the location at formby beach was beautiful and I think we got some great images. Tony is a brilliant photographer and really knows how to get the best from a shoot, I would recomend to workwith him if you get chance!

Danielle xx
Anthony Higginson
Added: 15 November 2012
Title: Down the station
Copyright: Anthony Higginson
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Anthony Higginson
Added: 15 November 2012
Title: On the bridge
Copyright: Anthony Higginson
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Anthony Higginson
Added: 22 August 2012
Title: Imogen
Copyright: Anthony Higginson
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Anthony Higginson
Added: 01 October 2012
Title: On the Bar
Copyright: Anthony Higginson
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Anthony Higginson
Added: 03 February 2012
Title: Down on the Docks
Copyright: Anthony Higginson
Model(s): kittiwara
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Anthony Higginson
Added: 31 July 2012
Title: Relaxing in the sun
Copyright: Anthony Higginson
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Anthony Higginson
Added: 07 April 2012
Title: in the control room
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Anthony Higginson
Added: 16 May 2012
Title: Alone
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Anthony Higginson
Added: 29 January 2012
Title: Outside the Drying Room
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