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United Kingdom, England, Nottinghamshire
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Added by jbcmedia - 25 Jan 2012
What can I say about Roxie? I stayed at Roxie's place for a week on a visit to Nottingham, she even convinced me to pull the camera out of the bag a couple of times. She's loud and obnoxious (and that's saying something coming from somebody who married an American), an absolute nightmare, like an annoying little sister that consistently bugs the crap out of you. And, she's probably going to kill me for saying this, but she's also one of the nicest, sweetest, hard working, reliable and most caring people I've ever met. Roxie, it was an absolute pleasure, thank you. I look forward to coming and invading your space again soon! :)
Added by rchphotography - 4 Jan 2012
Worked with Roxie at a christmas themed group shoot in Nottingham. Found her great fun and worked brilliantly without direction, I would have no problem working with Roxie again and would definately reccommend her to others. Only downside was I had to make the tea!
Added by Mattakadeimos - 16 Dec 2011
Roxie is a fantastic model that is full of ideas and creativity. Each time I have worked with her she has been full of energy and excited about the shoot. We've worked on some quite difficult concepts and Roxie has put her all into each one even adding valuable contributions to the shoot. A highly recommended model.
Added by MissCupcake - 1 Dec 2011
I have worked with Roxie 4 times now on locations, studios and even in a shower set. Each time she's been fab to work with. I love working with her. Always reliable, gorgeous and has a fab fun personality, easy to get along with and just generally a great person. Book Roxie and you won't be disappointed ;) xx
Added by elwood - 18 Nov 2011
Had a great shoot with Roxie - great fun She did a fantastic job on the project and really added value Would not hesitate to work with her again Thanks Roxie
Added by tonyleic40 - 4 Nov 2011
Had a shoot with Roxie yesterday at Westgate studio, which was a bit of a group shoot. I found Roxie a very warm and genuine model, which made it easy to relax in her company, might be due to the fact, that nearly the first thing she did was offer me a packet of jaffa cakes lol. Did have some time with Roxie, but not has much has i would of liked too, but hey next time. She poses very well with out direction, and she tries her hardest to get the shot you are after. Will look forward to working with her again sometime. Would highly recommend. x
Added by borichar - 30 Oct 2011
Had my first photoshoot with Roxie at her home. We worked so well together that we have planned to do a further shoot in a local studio. Roxie is great fun to work with and has some great ideas which I love and want to work on with her. She presents really well to the camera and as well as being a great model, she is a really nice lady too. Can't wait for our next shoot together.
Added by mitch69 - 23 Oct 2011
Well had a shoot with Roxie today and it was a fun but productive afternoon as not only is she a lovely warm and fun person to work with but also eager and hard working she is also willing to input her own ideas as well as take direction all in all a pleasure to work with and i would have no problem in recommending her to anyone! Thanks again Roxie
Added by Orca_photography - 17 Nov 2011
Organised and participated in a great group shoot. Had a great day and met some wonderful people thanks to you. Most of them I'm working with again. Thanks again. Brilliant.
Added by Iconic - 14 Oct 2011
Roxie came from notingham to grimsby with less than 24 hours previous notice she turned up ready and rearing to go, shes a joy to be around and very professional in her manner she is so beautfull i only hope the photos i took did her justice would work with her again without a doubt and she is fully reccomended :) thanks for today had a great time and a good laugh :) staying away from that barmaid though might have to use my new periscope to spy her out !! lol <3
Added by SandyCamel - 12 Oct 2011
Today's shoot with Roxie was very successful. Roxie is professional, very photo-genic and has a great personality. I will certainly be asking Roxie for further shoots in the near future.
Added by amber_foxx - 8 Oct 2011
I met Roxie at a group shoot recently, she was immeadiately so friendly and easy to talk to she put me right at ease. She is a lovely model with experience which shows, I would not hesitate to work with her.
Added by ElleBridges - 5 Oct 2011
I met Roxie at a group shoot shes such a lovely person so bubbley always giggling sooo pretty! and a great model she works really well with the camera in this case fashion and urban photography would definately recommend her to anyone! see you soon babes! x
Added by glamourkatie86 - 5 Oct 2011
I went along to a group shoot yesterday set up by one of the photographers and it was at a derelict building in Nottingham. I did some shots with Roxie and got to know her and chatted to her through out the day. Shes so friendly and well prepared, even turning up with a suitcase! I would recommend Roxie and hope to work with her again soon. Thanks Roxie x
Added by simonwelshphoto - 4 Nov 2011
From home shoots to a full wet shoot in studio you can count on Roxie to get the shots you want. Roxie a fun energetic model and a pleasure to work with. I am sure that we will work together in the future
Added by asnphotography - 4 Oct 2011
I working with Roxie last week on a home shoot. Good communication up to shoot. She gave 100% throughout the shoot. I would highly recommend her to other photographers. Thanks Roxie for your time and effort and I look forward to working with you again in the near future.
Added by JoshHargreaves - 30 Sep 2011
I had the pleasure of modelling with Roxie today. She is fun, easy going and a delight to work with. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone. Thanks for putting up with me :-)
Added by VinceW - 30 Sep 2011
Lovelly young lady, great and quick comms and full of life. Really njoyed my brief shoot with Roxie and reccomend to anyone.

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36in (91cm)
Cup Size
Skin Color
175lbs (79kg) (12.5st)
Hair Color
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Very Long
63in (5' 3") (160cm)
Dress Size
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United Kingdom, England, Nottinghamshire
Model, Female, 35
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2 Sep 2017
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13 Sep 2011
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27 Aug 2017
Non-Nude only
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Depends on assignment
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I'm based in Nottingham,UK.

After having an 18 month break from modelling I have the itch to get back in front of the camera!

I am 34 years old, based in Nottingham. I don't drive however transport links from here are reasonably good so travelling should not be an issue.

I have done many many TF shoots and will only do them if i feel it is going to add to my portfolio, I will not just work with anybody on a TF basis

I love modelling as I really enjoy meeting & working with new people. The best thing to come out of my modelling so far has been some of the fantastic friends I have made along the way!
It is really important to me that I have a good rapport with both photographers and other models, it makes life more fun and shoots much easier!

On shoot day I turn up for a shoot early & keen to help you get the shots you want. I take direction well although little is needed. I am more than happy to work with amateur photographers who are just starting out to help them to learn.

I am very friendly, down to earth & normally have a laugh with the photographer if wanted!

I do my own hair & make up. My hair is currently black!

I am very open minded & will be interested to here about all sorts of shoot ideas you have for a shoot proving they are within my stated levels. I do not do adult levels at all so please do not ask. You will notice in my portfolio that there are examples of work of an erotic nature please note that I will only undertake this style of work if you have experience in this type of photography and you can show me examples of your work. I also need to feel comfortable with the photographer to do this so it would help if we had worked together before.

I am happy to travel providing my costs are met. Train tickets are available cheaply if booked in advance. Please note however that if you cancel after these have been booked then you will be required to still cover the cost of them.

There are some nice locations in the area to use for a shoot.

I love to shoot on location, so if you do have an idea I would love to hear it!

I hope you have liked what you have seen & read. I check my mail daily & reply promptly.

Thanks for taking the time to read .


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