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Added by MauricesImagery - 27 Sep 2014
I spotted Rebeccas casting call and tour notice and approached her when I realised she was intending to visit Dorset. She arrived on time and came well prepared and ready to do a short shoot. Her skin tone is amazing, clear and flawless and compliments a beautiful toned petite figure. The facial features are beautiful and strong, with little need for makeup and she has long flowing hair. We started very quickly so to get as much done as possible after a brief chat with a little bit of Art Nude and a couple of different items of clothes against various backgrounds. Rebecca is an absolute professional, fun and pleasure to work with. She has a relaxed and easy going personality. She would take direction, but does not need it at all. She moves effortlessly from one pose to another without direction. She also knows what she wants to achieve with her posing. I am so pleased to have had a short shoot with Rebecca and had the opportunity to work with her, if only briefly on her stay. I hope to see her on her future tours. I would recommend Rebecca with absolute confidence to anyone who wants an enthusiastic model, with a professional, yet fun approach to modeling. I look forward to working with her again. Maurice
Added by timbham - 11 Nov 2012
I shot with Rebecca after answering one of her castings as she was in the area, so it was a bit of an unplanned shoot, and I did not really know much about her. So what do I know know? She is creative, beautiful, mysterious, produces great poses, has a stunning figure, is a chameleon of different looks, intelligent, professional etc etc, basically she is just an amazing model and person, one of the best I have ever worked with. It's a shame that we haven't worked together before but I intend to remedy that situation at every possible opportunity in the future, even if I have to fly out to Germany for a shoot with her - yes she's that good :) Thank you Rebecca for a super time, and for putting that casting up that bought us together.
Added by canescence - 8 Nov 2012
Worked with Rebecca again after a hiatus of a couple of years. However, as you'd expect, Rebecca is still as wonderful a model as ever. Although I'd been shooting all day, Rebecca arrived to lift my spirits, provide inspiration and to reinvigorate me. Thank you. You seem to get a depth of character and an intensity of emotion with Rebecca that is peculiar to her and it gives images of her something very special. I hope I manage to catch a little of it. I was so pleased to have the opportunity to work with Rebecca before she moves to Germany where I'm sure she'll be in huge demand.
Added by Biemm - 18 July 2012
A thoroughly professional model who can pose suitably for any variety of different genres: you name it - she can do it and with great panache too. A very versatile look - sweet and innocent, edgy and hot - all in one very neat package. Has dimples too!! Highly recommended.
Added by trida - 7 March 2012
Rebecca has an artistry that is both a natural gift and with heightened creativity. Rebecca infuses her instinctive and consummate delivery with great beauty. It was a great pleasure to work with Rebecca.
Added by gsphoto - 4 March 2012
Rebecca made to long journey north and i,m so pleased she did! We shot a variety of images all based on Nude but using lighting that i,d never worked with before! She was patient while i tried new tings and helped make some excellent images. Lovely girl and perfect guest. Thanks Rebecca.
Added by Asian_amy_Latina - 5 Feb 2012
I had a pleasure to work with this lovely young,goegous Rebecca..very sensual..seductive and sexy! she is as well very friendly and sweet! love to work with her again in the near future! Love Amy Latin
Added by edwards - 11 Jan 2012
had a fantastic shoot with Rebecca and hope to have many more
Added by Socialdisaster - 4 Oct 2011
Met Becky today for the first time and a fun, fetishy, educational and interesting shoot and am expecting to get quite a few fine images out it. Undoubtably a talented model and, even more importantly, happy to improvise and experiment. Thanks again.
Added by ChrisRphoto - 20 Sep 2011
Worked with Rebecca just the other day, She is a delightful girl to work with and took to shooting commercial shots very well indeed, Becky is extremely versatile, creative with her poses, takes direction well and is just simply a good model all round who I would rank along the top names on these sites such as IvoryFlame etc, Well recommended and looking to see Becky again very soon.
Added by sensualimages - 5 May 2011
Had another great shoot with Rebecca the other week - she is such a creative partner so it's always easy to get great images. Highly recommended as always!
Added by raykirby - 1 May 2011
Last week I worked with Rebecca for the first time. She was the first of the four models I have chosen to illustrate my new book. She is very professional, did a magnificent job in working through the various picture ideas that had been planned and thoroughly lived up to my expectations. Her own input was invaluable and made it a very pleasant and productive picture session.
Added by cziiki - 20 March 2011
I shot Becky in an arts centre doing images of dance and nude and rose-petalled goth maiden corpse, She is a proper nice person, flexible and with her own ideas and look, and smart so you can't say stupid things to her; sensual, unique in her look, and comfortable with her body, so, like everyone else it seems, I think she's loverly.
Added by fotopro - 14 Nov 2010
Becky was the first model to come to my new studio and was an absolute delight to work with, putting up with my messing with the lights. Super girl and she will be invited to the opening of my new studio too. Cannot recommend her highly enough!
Added by MarkLF - 12 Oct 2010
Shot with Rebecca again and it was a real pleasure to work with a great model who has such an artistic mind and always pushes for more. Great results and I'm looking forward to the chance to work together again. Mark
Added by EdT - 30 Sep 2010
Working with Rebecca is an absolute pleasure. She has a natural grace and beauty and a real interest in producing the right result. We had a very long shoot yesterday and her attention and enthusiam never waned. It was also really nice to work with a model/photographer as her input on the lighting, when requested, was very helpful. I would recommend Rebecca very highly and really hope that we will work together again.
Added by Hugh - 26 Sep 2010
Beautiful, intelligent, and graceful. It was a real pleasure to work with Rebecca, and I can't wait to shoot her again.
Added by fosca - 21 Sep 2010
A fine and talented model with a cool look that lends itself well to the creation of beautiful and compelling images. I worked with Rebecca in April 2010 and found her to be knowledgeable, creative, receptive, understanding of the objective, adaptable, resourceful, entirely professional, relaxed, friendly, helpful and rewarding to work with. Unreservedly recommended.
Added by Lee2008 - 11 Sep 2010
Rebecca is one of the most considered, stunning, professional and intelligent models I have ever met and had the pleasure of working with. Her ability to strike the right pose virtually every single time is simply fascinating. Her perfectly natural looks and figure, and her undoubted enthusiasm for all things creative encourage the photographer to be ever more expressive and (in my case) experimental. As such I am spoilt for choice with the imagery we created together here today. Thank you Rebecca. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED x
Added by DJPhotos - 6 Sep 2010
Rebecca arrived in plenty of time for our shoot and was a pleasure to work with. The work ranged from art nude to a medieval clothed set. Rebecca switched between both genres effortlessly and we achieved some really good images. Highly recommended.
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32in (81cm)
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25in (63cm)
100lbs (45kg)
36in (91cm)
Hair Color
Dark Brown
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Very Long
63in (5' 3") (160cm)
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Model, Female, 30
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9 Feb 2015
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10 July 2010
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26 July 2014
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Paid work only
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I don't really use this website for networking, so if you would like to contact me please find me elsewhere. (If you send me a Purestorm message it may be a few weeks before I reply.) The quickest way to contact me is via my Facebook page (just search for Rebecca Imogen Tun - Model).

Booking me:

- If possible, please send me information about the date, location and theme of the shoot and links to your work.

- I really appreciate it when photographers send me informative (but concise), polite and logical communications, well in advance of the proposed shoot date.

- You need to be able to provide references if I'm working with you for the first time.

- I will say no to TF work 99% of the time, but you can still propose. 

- Travel: if you'd like me to travel a long way to shoot with you, then rather than just saying 'if you're ever heading my way...' it would be productive to go ahead and book me for a particular date so that I can plan a trip around it. Every tour has to start with a booking.

I don't update this portfolio regularly any more. You won't find any pictures more recent than September 2012 here.
To keep up to date with my work, please find me on Tumblr, ModelMayhem or Purpleport. Thanks.

Other members RebeccaTun has worked with

Worked for Pete and his sweet step-daughter Kay. Both are great directors with charmingly different styles and methods. The shoot was fun and focussed and I felt part of a good team.
I had a fun day working with Hugh, tramping around the Forest of Dean looking for good places to shoot. He was good company and very easy to work with. Hugh knows quickly what works and what doesn't so he's efficient at getting the right shot, and he uses natural light beautifully. I had not just an enjoyable shoot but an enjoyable day out - thanks Hugh! Oh and we saw some wild boar.
I enjoyed my shoot with Kevin and we got some really special images out of it. I like his ability to use natural light and ordinary settings, and the creative process during the shoot was tangible and full of successes. I would work with Kevin again and would highly recommend him to other models.
I enjoyed my shoot with Neil very much. He has a quiet confidence which lent the shoot a calm yet focussed atmosphere and a comfortable sense of concentration. I like Neil and would highly recommend him to other models.
Dave was one of three photographers I modelled for in a group shoot. He was easy to work with and pleasant. The shoot was enjoyable and very varied - we had fun shooting with an impressive collection of medieval costumes and swords. It was a good team, and the shoot went smoothly and efficiently.
I worked with Chris on some commercial images recently which was the first time I'd done this type of modelling. The shoot was fun, varied and refreshing. Chris is a friendly and welcoming photographer, a good communicator and an efficient and thoughtful collaborator. I was well provided-for during the day especially in terms of food and tea. I think doing a shoot with Chris is a good idea for models of all genres and levels of experience.
Pete is very professional and knows what he's doing. he was good at giving me direction as well as getting me to be creative. He is good company and I found the shoot comfortable and efficient. Would definitely recommend working with Pete.
I had a very memorable shoot with Terry. It was one of my first shoots, and it was one which really built my confidence and expanded my repertoire. And he has the most lovely house!
Mark photographed me early on in my career and the shoot was excellent. I came away with dozens of fantastic and flawless images and I learned a lot from the shoot about modelling and photography. Mark has been a great help ever since then as I've used his fantastic studio (probably the best one I've ever seen) several times as a photographer. I would definitely recommend working with Mark - he's a really great guy and an excellent artist.
I had another shoot with Ian recently, alongside the model Ivory Flame. The entire shoot was a joy. Pure fun.
Andi Martin came to my house to shoot some fashion and lifestyle images last year right near the beginning of my modelling career. It was cool that he came all that way with his photography equipment and we did a nice range of stylish images indoors and outdoors. He even taught me some things on Photoshop, plus a thing or two about my camera, and helped out my friend with some actress headshots. A very generous and helpful guy!
Des is a fantastic photographer and a very nice man. I stayed with him in Dublin for two days and even though I had tonsilitis and ended up having to stay in bed for most of the time, he didn't make me feel bad about it and was very kind. In fact, in the short time we spent shooting we got some brilliant images and I got to see the most beautiful gardens I've ever seen. The fact that Des took one of my prettiest portraits of me while I was actually in the most pain I've ever been in is a testament to his amazing photography skills! He has a great eye for bright, sharp beauty.
I worked with James in April last year and really enjoyed it. We had a relaxed but productive shoot. He is clever and friendly and easy to get on with, and as a photographer very efficient, skilled, and open-minded yet focused. I would definitly recommend working with James.
Had a fun and creative shoot with Duncan way back at the beginning of my modelling career. We had lots of fun with paint, a cardboard box and a garage! Duncan let me bodypaint myself, and we had interesting and informative conversations. Definitely one of my memorable shoots.
I worked with Colin early on in my modelling, and it was a very productive shoot. I admired Colin's taste in sleek, rippling art nudes and was very pleased and impressed that he made such images out of me. Colin's pictures of me are some of my favourite art nudes to this day. Would definitely recommend him and would work with him again.
Had a really enjoyable day shooting with Malcolm last year. He is great company we ended up wishing we had had more time. It was fun and relaxing getting creative with bodypaint and gems and other things. Then we did some lovely shots in the beautiful Richmond Park at dusk. A nice a memorable day. Would certainly work with Malcolm again.
I worked with Ciaran as well as his wife Lorraine in Dublin last month, and it was one of the coolest shoots I've had for a long time. The studio was very impressive and comfortable, and working alongside the make-up artist, another model, Ciaran and Lorraine, it made for a very engaging day and I had a happy time. Ciaran and Lorraine are both top photographers and charming people.
Wow, me and Lee have created some amazing images together! The shoot was really enjoyable. Lee is an interesting person to talk to as a fellow artist and a nice person to spend time with - we explored ideas together in a flowing and congenial way which led to some exciting experimentation and some exciting results! I would definitely work with Lee again and look forward to doing so. :)
Dennis is a very kind and modest guy, pleasant and easy to work with. Had a relaxed and enjoyable shoot. Would definitely recommend him.
Clive runs a studio where I modelled for a photography evening class. He was very gentlemanly and especially made me feel that they were honoured to have me there. He provided me with my very own big strong bodyguard to protect me from all the naughty men :)
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