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Added by willysmb - 27 June 2014
Had the pleasure of a half day shoot with Becca, Chatty,easy going. fun but most of all very professional ..she worked seamlessly though several disparate styles without missing a beat and was always eager to achieve the look i was aiming for .. Id be more than happy to recommend Becca, I know her portfolio is Art Nude heavy but she's capable of so many styles. ken
Added by AGL25 - 24 March 2014
Had a great shoot with rebecca on satuday a model with lots of ideas and good fun to work with, hope to work with her again sometime soon
Added by Pbarrington - 23 March 2014
I had the very great pleasure of working with Rebecca yesterday at Keranda Studios. A stunning physique, fantastic physical flexibility and supreme confidence; bursting with ideas and great suggestions. A rewarding shoot, and I look forward to working with her again in the near future.
Added by ptcimages - 11 Feb 2014
I had the pleasure of working with Becca for the first time this week and was very impressed with her professional attitude and boundless energy and enthusiasm! Pre-shoot comms were first class and she brought a fine selection of lingerie which exactly suited the theme I had in mind. She has a superbly toned,supple,athletic figure which she used to great effect particularly when suspended from the studio roof on a metal ring. I am full of admiration for her 'can do' attitude and determination to achieve the best possible images and have no hesitation in recommending her to all the photographers on this site.
Added by BicycleRacer - 6 Sep 2013
Rebecca is an absolute joy to work with who puts her Heart & Soul into a shoot. Faultless contact prior to the shoot, breezes into the studio early full of energy and smiles which lights the room up !! She is a photographer's dream to work with, attractive, toned body, helpful with an understanding of lighting, images and body shapes. Flowing with original ideas, happy to take direction and interested to create the very best images on the day. Thank you Becca for the best day of my week, superb shoot, four hours flew by and I very much want to work with you again. Very very highly recommended. Many thanks, Steve X
Added by kerandastudio2 - 6 Sep 2013
I had admired the profile of this model for quite some time, was therefore indeed both a pleasure and enlightening experience to welcome Rebecca in the flesh. Every word of her profile notes is extremely accurate even down to the brutal honesty of "I also have a wonky tooth which prevents me from big smiles ". Rebecca has infectious personality, that one would never wish to find antidote for. I was not personally shooting on this occasion but have already booked my slot for her next visit, which is already being planned. Kevin x
Added by gerda_babbii - 6 Sep 2013
Had the pleasure of meeting this lovely model today, the shoot was fun and relaxed, she had a professional attitude and is extremely talented. Highly recommended!! Xx
Added by bbncat - 28 Aug 2013
Phantom is truly mad but a fabulous experience to be around bringing her own advanced photographic skills to the shoot, knowing what the camera sees from being behind the lens. She poses naturally and quickly and transforms her look in an instance. She is willing to offer suggestion but takes direction superbly well and makes the amateur feel professional. Ernest Hemingway describes her best - "Live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the Romance of the unusual." I will certainly be shooting Phantom again and recommend her highly.
Added by marksilvester - 24 Aug 2013
Becca modelled for one of the studio's tuitions. What a hit she was with all the photographers. A real joy to work with, great fun and she made everyone feel at easy and every one got amazing images.. Looking forward to having her back at the studio where she will always be very welcome. Mark
Added by christopher_ball - 21 May 2013
Had my first shoot with Rebecca on 20th May. Her communications are first class, as are her modelling abilities. I'm in the process of working on the images we made for a magazine and I am very happy with what I am seeing. I had explained the commission theme and Becca picked up on what was needed straight away. She takes direction well and offers up her own interpretations to help the shoot flow. It helps that Becca is very arts minded and that she can bring a lot of her own personality to the shoot. I look forward to working with her again and I can recommend her without reservation.
Added by aoxomedia - 12 May 2013
Becca came to shoot with me on Saturday and I was very impressed with her modelling abilities and look. It was perfect for the project that I had in mind ( Tarot Card shoot ) and she even brought her own tarot deck for ideas. Becca is a local model to me and I can see that we will work together on a number of occasions. She is full of creative ideas and worked really hard to meet the project requirements. Her pre-shoot communications were also very good and I can highly recommend this talented model.
Added by wjb2us - 19 Dec 2013
A wonderful shoot with Rebecca. She's a lively model who puts a lot of effort into getting just the right pose. This shoot also proved her costuming skills as the contents of a fabric bag became outfits that perfectly suited the studio set up, all with little more than careful knots and a safety pin! I would certainly recommend Rebecca to other photographers. Many thanks for a great shoot providing some excellent images.
Added by paulfcm16 - 21 March 2014
my third shoot with Becca, always gives 100% plus. Collaborated well to get the right lighting and moods for the various sets we used and I came away with some fantastic images. Always a joy to work with and one of my favourite models. Thanks Becca.
Added by Liteangle - 8 March 2013
Rebecca is an excellent art nude model. Not only does she have a great figure and skin quality, without body modifications, she is also a keen and knowledgeable student of the genre. She is full of ideas and moves effortlessly from one pose to the next, yet is patient while I fine-tune the poses. Rebecca travelled three hours each way for this shoot and I was always totally confident that she would turn up because she acted professionally throughout. She is superb to work with and her infectious enthusiasm and good humour makes for a highly entertaining experience. I very much hope to work with Rebecca again.
Added by analog - 25 Jan 2013
Becca was a joy to work with, and worked hard to produce good poses. I would recommend her to other photographers, and hope to work with her again.
Added by ziggypot - 3 Dec 2012
Becca is a treat to work with. I found her to be highly collaborative in my whacky ideas throwing herself into the mood and spirit of the images I was working towards. She is professional in her communication, punctual, immense fun, endless energy [smarty’s and Coca-Cola help :). She is definitely not a one shot one look model and I look forward to working with her again soon. I recommend anyone to do the same.
Added by stevebri - 24 Aug 2012
A great girl to work with, very happy, very confident and takes direction well. She has a lot of experience for her age and the more she shoots the better she gets, it's that simple. I recommend her to beginners and advanced photographers as she is great to work with, turns up on time and is confident in herself.
Added by cawpops - 13 Dec 2012
Over the last 4 or 5 months Becca and I have had a good number of shoots including studio and locations and on all occasions she was on time for the shoots and giving it 110% I found Becca to be a very professional, varietal model and more than happy to go that extra mile to get the required pose she also had a strong input with themes and that, she is more than capable of creating the most demanding of poses that top end photographers may require but would also be happy to give advice and help to beginners if need be. Becca is also a experienced photographer in her own right so can see the image from both sides of the camera. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her to all photographers you will not be disappoint. Thanks Becca for a good series of shoots and hope we can start are next series in the very near future. Colin
Added by leeporterphotography - 13 June 2012
Had a great shoot with Becca today, She arrived on time and throughout the shoot was a gorgeous bundle of energy! making interesting and stunning poses with ease and fluidity. Amazing personality and equally amazing looks, her frame and posing ability make this girl a must for photographers looking for a hard working and stunning model :)
Added by stolenfaces - 22 May 2012
Kendra is a enthusiastic and confident model. Arrangements were made easily and accurately. I can not fault her, and would recommend her to any level of photographer. I expect to work with her again.
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23in (58cm)
110lbs (49kg)
32in (81cm)
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65in (5' 5") (165cm)
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United Kingdom
Model, Female, 27
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3 May 2018
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30 March 2010
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3 April 2016
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I am the phantom of Purestorm >:) * A girl can dream, although I do own my Christine cosplay which I built from scratch, one step closer haha*
I am 22, a Pisces, artistic, I can sing and do basic sword moves, I can play bass and some guitar,I am learning violin and I am in a band.
I have just graduated from University :) and have a passion for history so Historical modelling would be fantastic :D I am a cos-player who makes her own costumes from scratch.
I can horse ride.
Im energetic and a bit hyper at times ^__^ Im modelling because i enjoy it. Policy - fun!! relaxed and as pro as possible, I can edit images and I am well versed in lightroom 4, photoshop elements 10, Photoshop cs4 and I have a Canon EOS 5dm2 at my disposal.
I also have a wonky tooth which prevents me from big smiles but to this date its never caused any problems so please dont let that put you of.

~ “I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process.” Vincent Van Gogh ~

Hello and thank you for reading, My name is Rebecca and I have been modelling for five years nearly six. I have a degree in History and Philosophy. I fronted a metal band, I am learning guitar and Violin. I consider myself very arty and creative, I make my own costumes and even do Photography as a hobby. I have several cosplays and also attend the MCM's in London, I was the winner of London MCM October 2013 masquerade Parade entry.
I have been doing Photography and editing for about a year and I have been learning Photoshopping in my spare time.
I enjoy composition, lighting, creativity, colours, I model for art, I model because I get to meet and work with some brilliant minds. I have been let down in the past and in my Five years had around 6 very bad experiences.
I take my modelling seriously and will not be pushed beyond my set levels! I do not shoot open leg and will only go into fetish and bondage if I am comfortable with the photographer!.
I will work entire days and do not mind travelling.
I am bouncy and very quirky, I consider myself to be very friendly. But I can also be very very professional. I DO not mind being directed, Nor do I mind directing myself or researching material for the shoot.
My dream shoots would be underwater or some very very nice Historically influenced shoots, estate homes big dresses,bird of prey the lot.
I have a few wigs so I can provide alternative looks.
My comfort zone is artistic nude on low key, but I will work my best at any of the levels set out above.
My weakness is often my facial expressions but I am learning and also working to rectify this.

Travel is usually covered, if pricey I shall work out the expense etc. I own a young persons rail card making things easier. These are due to shuffle a little in the new year.

£25 - 1 Hour
£50 - 2 Hours
£70 - 3 Hours
£80 - 4 Hours
£120 - 6 Hours *Full day special*
part pay - considered
Tf - I do tf if the shoot is a rare opportunity (Will do Underwater for tf) or will hugely benefit my profile.

Published work/ Online

Miroir Magazine, Nov. Issue - Cover and article. Pg. 146
Fancy pants - Book By Tref

IDEAS - ZODIAC? fairy tail? , wedding , horses, cosplays of mine, phantom of the opera, DEAN GUITARS!, vampires (With male model), alice in wonderland, bubbles, Castle, dark alternative black dress church wedding with ghoul congregation, mazes, bridges over rivers and material?, weapons,Cirque du soleil, UNDERWATER , Steam punk, Animals,Glitter, snow queen?, Dry ice, bird of prey

Appeasement :P or nibbles* Not compulsory :). I am allergic to Nuts so no arty ideas with nuts please, i have a mouth of sweet teeth so diet stuff is a no no.

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