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Added by maja_stina - 12 Nov 2013
I had a great first shoot with Mark last week. We arranged the shoot last minute as he had a cancellation and so there wasn't time for much planning! I had a thoroughly enjoyable shoot and, most importantly, felt very safe and comfortable working with him. He's great to work with both from the shoot being enjoyable to the images being amazing. His rope work is second to none and I would absolutely recommend him and be more than happy to work with him again! :)
Added by JacquiB - 14 July 2013
I had the privilege of working with the super talented man that is Mark Varley this week. He made me feel at ease the whole time, even tho some of the work was rather intimate. He is very professional and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend Mark and would very much enjoy working together again in the future.
Added by carlamarie - 26 Oct 2010
had a great shoot with mark, hes very caring, great sense of humour and is very professional. Have worked with him on more than one occasion and will look forward to working with him again. Highly recommended
Added by Masie - 26 Aug 2010
Chris Dee brough Mark along so we could do some suspension work along side the bondage shoot he had booked me for. I cant begin to describe why but this was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had and I could not recommend the boys or suspension bondage enough. I felt safe and valued through out the shoot but was equally in an environment where i could push myself and I thrived on it.
Added by EmmaJBlack - 15 Aug 2010
Just finished my 3rd shoot with Msark varley as a rope rigger with chris dee. He's a lovely guy who always concentrates on my health and saftey. It's very reassuring to have somebody like mark making sure evrything is safe and secure as well as making it all look stunning! great guy and rigger, hire him now! =]
Added by BexWhite - 25 June 2010
I worked with Mark for the second time yesterday in the context of a bondage shoot, in which he was responsible for rigging. Mark has an awareness of others that is, in my view, extremely rare. I have complete faith and trust in both his expertise in this field, and his commitment to ensuring models are looked after and not pushed beyond personal limitations. THANK YOU Mark!!
Added by Elizafetish - 27 Feb 2010
had a great shoot with mark..i felt very relaxed and comfortable. hopefully work together again soon.xxxxx
Added by Joceline - 10 Feb 2010
Just realised I hadn't left a reference before - sorry Mark! I had a fabulous shoot with Mark at a great location he's arranged. He was inspiring to shoot with, really well-organised and professional, and I was delighted by the pictures, I've never seen better dance pictures of myself and they're all over my portfolio! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others. Thanks Mark.
Added by Pinkerbell - 3 Nov 2009
Awesome guy to work with! :oD Very calm and patient, I was amazed how many hours flew by without me noticing and thrilled with the results! I'm looking forward to working with him again soon :o)
Added by AlexB - 30 Oct 2009
Sorry this is long overdue!!! never thought of looking for you on purestorm... I did two shoots with Mark, one in July 2008 and one in February 2009. They were both smashing. Mark is great to work with and I would highly recommend him to models, beginner and experienced models alike.
Added by viviane - 28 Oct 2009
It was my first shoot with Mark and it went very well,he made comfortable. He's a professional photographer and definetely knows what he's doing. Highly recommended and I'm looking forward to working with you Mark.
Added by CherylG - 26 Sep 2009
Pleased to say Mark did the rigging for my first ever bondage shoot with ChrisD and couldn't have asked for better.He was very considerate,concerned about my well being,totally professional and absolutely awesome at what he does.Some of the ropework was amazing! I really enjoyed working with him and would definitely recommend him.Just hope I get the chance again.Thankyou Mark
Added by Arrabella - 11 Aug 2009
I had been looking forward to this shoot since booking it a few weeks ago, and I wasn't disappointed at all. Not only is Mark a true professional (and so laid-back he is almost horizontal!), his fascinating life history has given him a meaningful objective to his work as a photographer - something which I find very admirable. Working with Mark was enlightening, educational and a privilege, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him as a photographer or an individual.
Added by Red_Kali - 24 Sep 2008
I found Mark phenomenal to work with. He is very focused on his rigging and I felt comfortable putting my absolute trust in him straight away. Hope to work with him again as often as I possibly can…
Added by DanniePiggott - 9 Aug 2008
Mark was hired as a rigger for a joint shoot with another photographer, I'm impressed with his skills, being tied up is not one the most comfortable things but Mark made me feel safe, secure & relaxed, definatly work with him again should I get the c
Added by ChrisD - 18 Aug 2009
I needed a rigger, glad I chose Mark. Listened and responded to my needs perfectly. He was proficient and respected my model totally. I will be working with him again. More to report, I feel guilty in that I have neglected to pass on further positive feedback for Mark in quite a while. As promised to Mark and indicated in my last feedback above, I have indeed made a judgement call and relied on him a number of times since. I like his quiet low key approach and I know in my heart that I can trust him in every way and its a joy to feel so confident. When I am out in the field I can tell him exactly what I want and he does it accurately and efficiently. This of course leaves me to attend to my lighting and any set dressing that I deem necessary plus of course my camera duties. As an added bonus to the rigging, I am afforded the luxury of a "look out" once his rigging is complete, on occasions this has proven invaluable. Mark isn't one to sit back and see anyone struggle, he will help where he can. I look forward to continued collaborations with Mark.
Added by Infinitelizzy - 22 July 2008
Wonderful shoot - great ideas, great results. REALLY enjoyed working with you Mark, want to do so again soon. Cheers, Liz
Added by xIvyx - 16 June 2008
Have worked with Mark a few times now, and each time have had a fantastic shoot with great results, he is very proffesional and reliable, and I would definatly recomend other models to work with him. x
Added by adamrobertsonphotography - 29 May 2008
mark is a legend, anyone with a love for bondage or creative shoots should work with him!
Added by saffyssecrets - 14 Feb 2008
Woohoo Mark. Fancy seeing you here.. hee hee. Loved working with Mark. Great sense of humour, lots of fun and a really lovely genuine guy. As for his work? You can see for yourself! Brilliant photographer, so much so I have one of his pictures
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United Kingdom, England, Cambridgeshire
Last Login:
26 April 2017
Date Joined:
11 Jan 2007
Last Updated:
19 Feb 2015
Up to nude
Will Accept:
Paid work or TFP/CD
My Name is Mark Varley.
I take photographs of things,
I take photographs of people,
I take photographs of naked people,
sometimes I tie them up first.

Full-time professional photographer specialising in art nudes since 2004.

I specialise in art and figure nudes but also cover fetish (esp Bondage), erotica and occasionally adult.
Mostly I photograph paying clients and my personal projects are usually done with models on a TFp + Profit Share basis.
I also hire models usually for adult-level artistic shoots when I'm hired to do so.

My preferred genre and style is the artistic and figure nude, however I'm best known for my Rope Bondage work and it is also something I am good at and enjoy alot, it's a very different creative process. I also enjoy working in Erotica, especially at very explicit levels as I love the challenge of making something filthy into an artistic image, it is very challenging but I seem to have a talent for it. I also cover 'other fetishes' which expands to more than latex fashion, I include all fetishes and again I have enough experience with most fetishes to understand them and I enjoy the challenge of making artistic imagery from the various, sometimes not very visually appealing or interesting, fetishes that people enjoy.

I don't shoot weddings, I don't shoot glamour, I don't shoot portraiture (conventionally speaking), infact I am quite limiting in what I shoot because in over 10 years as a professional photographer I know what I'm best at and I stick to those, when someone works with a photographer they want a specialist, not someone who is 'OK' or willing to 'have a go'.

Although I don't shoot at levels below 'Nude', my preferred style of figure and artistic nudes is not very revealing, I do shoot to Adult levels but I'm not a pornographer, 'if it's not artistic it's not one of mine'.

If you are a new model or an experienced model who wants to move into the genres I specialise in then (Art Nudes, Figure Nudes, Art-Erotica, Rope Bondage) I may be willing to shoot some TFp plus Profit Share with you, so you get to use the photos in your portfolio and I'll try to make money with them, which I'll then share with you.
You can also hire me, I regularly shoot in the employ of both Models and the Public, although I retain copyright my client has full exclusive use. I'm also happy to cut deals shooting photos I can use as part-payment for photos a client needs.
Especially when it comes to Rope Bondage but also proven to include Artistic and Figure nudes, adding my work to your portfolio gets models more paying work.

I am now a photographer for, a website shooting met-art and playboy style nudes, if you are interested in testing for this give me a shout.

I don't use this website much so I don't host many photos here nor do I have much feedback here, there is more of me in the place of purple portfolios...

Rope Bondage
As well as being a full-time Photographer, I'm also a Part-Time Rope Bondage Rigger, I've been tying since I was 15 years old and professionally since 2005, so you are in very experienced and safe hands when I tie you.

If you are a model who is thinking about working in Bondage, but it all looks kinda scary, you can come to me for a TFp+ taster shoot and see if you like it and I'll also give you a load of information and advice unique to working in this genre. I strongly advise you to try it before you have the pressure of a paid job and also speak to someone with experience so you know what you are getting into, it is a much more vulnerable way to model and some people just don't like being in rope but may not know it until they try it.

I am also available to other photographers to rig rope bondage -
I have 19 years experience and cover a wide range of styles, specialising in on-location suspensions. Also being a photographer I completely understand the process and needs on a photoshoot and can help you create just what you are looking for, I look after the model, all you have to worry about is the taking of photos.

A whole lot.
I've been taking photos since 1991, Professionally shooting Nudes since 2004 and bondage since 2005.
I've published 13 books to-date (october 2014) and I'm usually working on another one.

Other members MarkVarley has worked with

Just the kind of model I love spending time with, the work just flows.
I worked for Chris recently rigging rope bondage for his shoot, He has to be one of the nicest, most considerate people I have ever worked with. 100% professional, 100% gentleman.
Holly is very easy to work with, very body-aware and a good poser. recommended.
one of my favourate models.
outstanding body
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