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Added by Kasia - 17 July 2013
Had a 1st shoot with Lilith today She's so nice ..friendly. .chatty.and sexy hot young girl Lovely personality. . Great outfit. .super look All package! We had a lots of fun together and I hope we will again soon Highly recommend to any photographers Thnks v much ..katie.xxxx
Added by Wayne1 - 13 June 2013
Had a great shoot with LilithYork , great model and hope to work with her again in the future
Added by reserva89 - 30 May 2013
A beautiful model and a lovely personality, and not forgetting the fact that this is one bendy model! thank you!
Added by jackw - 8 May 2013
Just had a fantastic shoot with a fantastic model . Session was booked without any hassle and lillith arrived early for the shoot .I just love lilliths looks and her edginess- the poses she adopts makes it very easy for amateurs such as myself to get good phots . Lillith is highly recommended .
Added by Shepy - 4 May 2013
Shooting with Lilith was an absolute pleasure, she was extremely prepared with each outfit packed separately with it's accessories and additions to make for very fast outfit changes. She took direction well when given and was able to strike her own poses when given chance too. Highly recommend anyone shoot with her.
Added by pixelliott - 26 April 2013
I have had a fantastic shoot this morning with Lilith. Good communications beforehand.And when you first meet Lilith,you are blown away by her beauty and well toned figure.What a nice personality she has. And YES you've guessed it,the 'WOW' factor.The amount of clothing etc she brings to the shoot covers every eventuality you could think of. I would like to get Lilith back again to portray some more of this fabulous gear. Not forgetting her fantastic posing which just flowed from her.Thankyou once again Lilith for a memorable shoot. Bill :)
Added by FreedomLight - 18 Nov 2011
Very professional model, will try anything without questions and takes direction well. She has a good posing style. Would fully recomend her.
Added by Karlos130 - 11 Oct 2011
Well what can I say about Lilith...Great girl who communicated fully prior to the shoot and arrived on time. She had a great range of outfits and was willing to try any ideas we had. A beautiful girl with a stunning body. Lilith has a great range of poses and looks and she is a pleasure to shoot with. I can't wait for the next shoot we do with her. Cant recommend her enough to any photographer. Thanks Lilith
Added by Kantaka - 22 July 2011
Worked with Lilith today shooting custom work for one of our website members and some fetish material for both our bondage and pet and pony girl websites, including a zebra themed body painting set. Lilith did a good job across the board resulting in some very interesting images for the sites. She was incredibly patient while the body painting was done - a task which took over an hour and half. Also a very lovely and interesting person to work with and chat to.
Added by phantom - 14 July 2011
Did a shoot with Lilith mid June. A superb model. Excellent attitude. Excellent posing. Fun to be with, which is important on a four hour shoot. Her shaven head and collection of wigs make for a great variety of looks. I would happily recommend Lilith to any photographer.
Added by GrimeAndGlamour - 2 July 2011
Worked with Lilith 3 or 4 times in a very short space of time and she is awesome. Incredibly versatile due to the shaved head and (what seems like) endless choice of wigs. Incredibly pretty and becoming better and better as a model. Just as important is she is 100% reliable with a good selection of clothes,and excellent coms. Highly recommended.
Added by AnthonyDorman - 15 May 2011
Lilith turned up on time and had packed an entire wardrobe full of clothes for the shoot today. She is amazingly versatile for imagery including a selection of wigs which give her a number of visual personalities to work with. Lilith was a pleasure to work with, great physique, great face (very expressive) and one of the most interesting people I have met.
Added by BoudoirNE - 2 May 2011
Lilith was great such a fun shoot, I always believe there needs to be some rapport between model and photographer to get a great shot. No problem with Lilith as she is so easy to get along with Thanks for what will hopefully be the first of many shoots
Added by tomhl - 25 April 2013
I just had a two day shoot with Lilith and she is a photographers dream to work with. You can see she is tall, toned body and very beautiful, - but she has perfect communication , poses that are out of this world, and probably most important a ‘down to earth’ lovely personality. I had a complete mix of ideas I wanted to create and Lilith did them all without a single moan – she isn’t a model that is afraid to get wet, cold, or even covered in dirt. I already have my next shoots arranged with Lilith :) Highly Recommended – AWESOME model !!
Added by david_ayre_photography - 29 March 2011
Had a great shoot today with Lilith at my home. She was well prepared, on time and ready to go straight away. Although new to it she's very confident and will try anything. I'm impressed
Added by robarmstrong - 26 March 2011
Wow! Lillith is awesome, absolutely fantastic to work with and an awesome figure and looks. A natural model that needs little direction, aims to please and takes her work seriously. I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation.
Added by gsphoto - 18 April 2013
Lilith and i worked together 2 years ago so i knew she was good but what a difference time makes! She poses well without instruction but takes it when required.She came well prepared with hair and make up done to a high standard and a suitcase with everything you could need for a successful shoot! Lovely to be around and a joy to work with:) Did i mention her amazing body?
Added by toonsnapper - 13 March 2011
Lilith modelled for me today, a variety of fetish, art nude and portraits. She arrived early, up for anything and was an absolute joy to work with. Her fetish style was exemplary, her her art nude striking (if a little unbalanced!) and her portraits eye catching [difficult not to be when you head is covered in glitter!!!] An excellent model and extremely highly recommended.
Added by GreenEye - 13 March 2011
I have worked with Lilli on several occasions - she was my first model and encouraged me through my initial haphazard efforts. She may be quite new to modelling, but I believe she has real potential. She is intelligent and creative with a strong personality, but all the same adaptable and happy to try different styles and looks, both conventional and alternative. As you can see, she looks great with hair and just as beautiful without it. She looks good in clothes, in lingerie or in her skin!

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35in (88cm)
Cup Size
Skin Color
25in (63cm)
137lbs (62kg)
36in (91cm)
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Hair Length
70in (5' 10") (177cm)
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United Kingdom
Model, Female, 28
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9 Jan 2014
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10 March 2011
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23 May 2013
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I have mostly done fetish, erotic and nude modelling so I'm very comfortable with this type of work and not at all shy! However I love a challenge so I'll be up for giving most things a shot - including wearing clothes! Seriously, I'm looking to branch out and experiment in different types of modelling, to figure out my niche, so whatever style you're interested in, if you'd like to work with me get in touch.


I do take TFP shoots, but only if I genuinely feel that your photography can benefit my portfolio as I do need to remember to put some hours into my main, paid job! I love modelling but it is a part time career/hobby for me. That doesn't mean I don't put in 100% effort, because I do and I'm passionate about it, but it does mean I can't always drop everything just for the fun of getting my picture taken! I do TF shoots up to nude level - nude doesn't necessarily mean legs clamped shut, in the right environment I can be fairly relaxed about that. I WILL do adult on TF but only if you're comfortable giving me written permission to use the images/videos commercially (I would use them on a pay site), if you don't want me to profit from the images/videos then it would have to be a paid shoot.

Image, Clothes & Makeup

I have medium length brown hair formed into dreadlocks. I am pierced - I have both eyebrows, bridge, left nostril, septum and lip as well as several ear cartilage piercings and 18mm stretched lobes, and two rings through one of my outer labia (these are very recent so not shown in my current photos). None of my piercings can be removed as they are proper body jewellery which takes a lot of time and hassle to change, and my stretches would shrink. I have a medium sized tattoo of a blue rose on the upper part of my back, a small tattoo on my right upper arm of the Judas Priest band logo, small scars from my breast enhancement and a few small scars on my left ankle, outer calf and one on my thigh (most of them from dog bites - all cover fairly well with concealer) but aside from that I'm in good condition - at least I think so!

I have some makeup training (I qualified as a beauty therapist) so can do my own makeup, though of course I'll never turn down a free makeover! I also have a fairly extensive wardrobe so can cover most clothing styles. My main style is long skirts, cute t-shirts and maxi dresses but I have little bits of most things including a little officewear, lots of lingerie, corsets, vintage fur coats... if you're looking for something unusual, ask me - I may have it and if I don't I may use you as an excuse to go out and buy it, depending on how my bank account is looking :). I've been doing a lot less modelling recently so my wardrobe isn't as impressive as it used to be but I do still have a decent range and a few unusual pieces :)

Restrictions, Expenses, Etc

For both paid and TFCD if I'm travelling outside of places I can get to by Metro or for very cheap train fare I will need you to cover travel expenses - I'm sorry but I'm really, really broke! I will only travel outside of the Northeast for minimum half-day paid shoots as a general rule, if you're really awesome I might consider TFCD but I would want lots and lots of photos.

On TFP/TFCD I do have a rule that doesn't apply to paid shoots - I don't do these shoots with photographers who excessively airbrush. My portfolio needs to represent me accurately so I need photos that show what I look like, airbrushing doesn't accomplish that.

For adult and fetish stuff I'm open minded - but please be totally upfront and clear what will be expected from me when you get in touch. As with anyone I do have some boundaries and personal squicks and it's best if we discuss exactly what you'll want me to wear and do before we commit our time and money to a shoot that is doomed! I'm not easy to shock. I'm almost always happy to wear almost any interesting/crazy fetish gear and I'm comfortable with full nude and open legs work including insertions. I won't do anything that involves physical contact with the photographer, with the obvious exception of things like rope bondage where the photographer is also the rigger.

My levels aren't different if you ask me by message, email, phone or carrier pigeon! I'm not interested in anything that Purestorm don't allow so you won't get a different answer off me elsewhere. To avoid harrassment and potential for disputes I prefer to keep all communication on Purestorm until we've actually arranged a shoot - happy of course to give you my number at that point for any last minute changes of plan.

Restrictions (paid and TFP) - I won't do anything that I feel sexualises children or animals to an inappropriate level (I'm not going to call you a pervert if you put me in bunny ears or something!), or that degrades people on basis of race, sex, gender identity etc I know some people feel art should be shocking and push boundaries, and I am inclined to agree in general, but while shocking and offensive are awesome, I'm not so keen on oppressive and degrading. My one other restriction is that I don't like to work with photographers who are judgemental about either different lifestyles or about any of the types of modelling I do, including adult. If you are prudish, easily shocked or concerned with keeping a distance from any models with that kind of reputation, I'm not the one for you! This is for both our sakes, I wouldn't want something about my personal life coming up during the shoot that made you uncomfortable being around me, it'd be no fun for anyone.

As a general rule I don't use chaperones - however if you want to shoot adult or fetish and aren't able to provide me with contact details for two models who will give a reference then I will have to bring a chaperone for my safety. If you have references, there's no problem, and I will always discuss with you beforehand if I feel I need a chaperone for the shoot - I won't just turn up with one without warning :) If you want to shoot fetish images that are potentially dangerous (rope bondage is a great example) I will need to talk to at least one model you've done the same with before, so I can assess that you're competent before I put my safety in your hands. None of this is any accusation, but fetish work in particular can turn nasty quickly if a photographer is inexperienced or unprofessional and I do have to put my safety first.


I'm self employed and able to take time off pretty much any time, with a little notice. I can do shoots 24 hours a day 7 days a week so unless I have another shoot booked, you can book me anytime you like. I rely on public transport, unless you're able to pick me up, so if you want to shoot at a time when trains/buses aren't running things may be a little more complicated to arrange!

Anything else you want to know, just ask me!

My full time job is that I'm an adult webcam performer, which has given me some great experience for posing and performing for adult and nude modelling.

2011: As well as several awesome TF shoots with some lovely local photographers, I have had the odd paid shoot as well. I have now done art nude, fetish, glamour, erotic, adult, fashion and portraiture shoots. I was also chosen to perform as a topless dancer at Grindhouse, a sleaze and burlesque themed night at local club Legends in April. I also appear on (, and

2013: I've been away from the modelling world for the last year and a bit, so my only recent experience is the TFP shoots I've done over the last couple of weeks.

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