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United Kingdom, England, Cambridgeshire
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Added by X_Seurat - 19 April 2011
Was great to have the chance to shoot with you in Valencia early this year, thank you!
Added by firefishphoto - 4 Dec 2010
Great job Gestalta! Her enigmatic beauty looks fab on camera and she's able to bring some real punch to images. Would hope to work with her again and I'd always reccomend to any one looking for a proffesional model that can strike that pose! bring more of your latex creations next time! :)
Added by andybeach - 21 Oct 2010
Worked with Hannah at a Bright Lights group shoot and what a pleasure it was. Very easy to work with, able to follow directions or do her own thing and produce some fantastic shapes and poses. Gorgeous eyes and a lovely figure! Highly recommended.
Added by Marcpb - 23 Sep 2010
Had an wondrous shoot with Gestalta recently - her pre-shoot communication was very clear and good, she was happy to discuss ideas, she has genuine beauty, a very photogenic face, a poise and grace in posing and a rare physical intuition as a model, she is creative, funny and easy to get on with, intelligent and articulate. I can strongly recommend Gestalta without reservation.
Added by gibboelli - 29 Nov 2009
I had the pleasure of working with Hannah at a rope bondage workshop. She is a stunning lady with such a great look. And so much hair! A great model I really hope to see again in the future.
Added by saracenhousestudio - 18 Jan 2008
Always full of beans, punctual and reliable! Super model for figure work. Look forward to seeing you back at Saracen House Studio soon.

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36in (91cm)
Cup Size
Skin Color
25in (63cm)
120lbs (54kg)
33in (83cm)
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Hair Length
Very Long
67in (5' 7") (170cm)
Dress Size
Shoe Size
United Kingdom, England, Cambridgeshire
Model, Female, 28
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9 Oct 2016
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17 July 2007
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9 April 2013
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Paid work only
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Thanks for viewing!

I have been modelling since 2007, am internationally published and have experience not only as a photographic model, but also with life modelling, film / tv, runway, performance and workshops / events. I also have LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) certificates in speech, improvisation and acting.

I like to keep an open mind with the type of work that I do and am interested in a wide range of things; from classic figure nudes and fashion through to fetish and erotic art. I love simplicity and am completely at home shooting raw, natural images with little or no make-up or wardrobe, but I also find strong styling and complex studio work incredibly inspiring!
I’m naturally drawn to themes surrounding the dark, disturbing and surreal side of life; imagery that provokes question or portrays emotion.
I’m also very experienced with Japanese Bondage (Shibari / Kinbaku) work, both in shoot and live performance situations and am always keen to do more of this. I have a very high tolerance level for difficult and uncomfortable ties.
Above all, I’m always looking to challenge myself. At the moment, I’m particularly interested in doing more film / live performance work.
It’s also worth saying here that I don’t do porn… I know that the erotic art/porn line is highly subjective so to make things simple: it’s porn if I say it is.

Shooting should always be fun as well as productive; please be forewarned that I have a somewhat abstract sense of humour and I drink a lot of tea (strong, no sugar, minimal milk, thanks ;p). That said I also work very hard and don’t mind holding über uncomfortable poses for ridiculous lengths of time (I've been known stand on one leg without moving for 30 mins straight in the name of art) or working outside in the freezing cold.

I am happy to work with amateurs as well as professionals, and am equally dedicated to ensuring that the best possible images are created by both. I welcome direction if you want to give it, but have the confidence and experience to pose myself if not. I am also able to give help and guidance with things like basic lighting, framing and working with models to complete beginners.

I only take on paid work, however my rates are very reasonable and I'm occasionally open to bribery in the form of clothes and/or cat food etc. I do test sometimes (note test not tf*) so it doesn't hurt to ask!

I’m based in Cambridge (less than an hour from London) but I love to travel! Unless I am planning to be in the area anyway I may need travel expenses covered, however I hold a young persons rail card for discounted tickets and I absolutely adore economy airlines, so it won’t break the bank!

*Other Physical Info.*
I have a nose piercing and ten ear piercings which are all removable. I also have a small, black lizard tattoo just above my right hip which is easily covered for shoots. I am not completely scar-free, although again this is nothing major that I’m not able to cover for shoots (please ask before hand if you think this may be a problem). My hair is very long, falling to below my hips, and has always been kept it’s natural colour. I also have an undercut.

Some of my photos do show me as wearing braces; sadly this is no longer the case. :(

*Further Explanation of Levels*
It’s worth taking a moment to read over the following points before contacting me.
* Please discuss the type of work you would like to do with me fully before making a booking as I reserve the right to refuse to shoot to anything else on the day even if it is within my levels.
* ‘fetish’ encompasses a huge range of things and I don’t cater for every kink under the sun, if you're no sure please contact me… the worst I can do is say no, and it’s unlikely to be the most bizarre thing I’ve ever been asked.
* I have a lot of experience with Shibari/Kinbaku and I am happy to hear from photographers wishing to do this sort of work. I do ask you to appreciate that from my perspective it’s not entirely risk free so please be honest about your abilities. If you are interested creating these images, but have no experience, I know several highly skilled Shibari artists who are available for rigging and/or tuition.
* ‘Glamour’ does not automatically equate to ‘page 3’: this is not somewhere I have ever had any ambition to end up.
* If you were reading very carefully you will have noticed it states above that I don’t do porn. You have now reached the bottom of the page… nothing has changed in the intervening time.

- ‘Kinky Nature’ (Emma Delves-Broughton)
- ‘Gratuitous Sex and Violence – My Favourites’ (Alva Bernadine)
- ‘Chronicle’ (Mick Waghorne)
- ‘Katie Kelly’s Pillow Book’: 2 full pages (EPS; Marian Alonso)

- Fet-X Magazine Issue 3 (editorial – China Hamilton)
- Von Gutenberg magazine, Issue 3 (8 page editorial feature for Libertinesque)
- Feigenblatt Magazin, Issue 17 (editorial – China Hamilton)
- ‘What Katie Did’, Collection 7 print catalogue.
- Nocturnal Magazine, March 2010 (editorial – Marc Blackie)
- Cover of EPS flyer.
- Flyer for ‘The Elusive Theatre of Biology’ (Pierre Garroudi Gallery / Willie Nash)

- Documentary for french-speaking Canadian TV on artistic representation of body image
- ‘Suitably Rewarded’: a short film collaboration with Disappointed Virginity
- Kinbaku TV documentary
- ‘A Special form of Denial’: a film by Marc Blackie
- Fetisch Park - Music Video

- CD Album Cover of ‘The Reins of Life’ by Lark Blames
- What Katie Did
- Libertinesque / Patrice Catanzaro / Ainsley-t
- Suzie High Gloss

Events / Live Performance
- London Festival of the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage, headline performance with Kazami Ranki, the Atrocious Nawashi (2011)
- Cirque du Soir, various regular performances with Esinem (2011)
- Don’t Japanic, performance with Esinem (2011)
- Lucha Britannia: February Falls, performance with Esinem (2011)
- CSVPA fashion show, Cambridge Corn Exchange (2010)
- Rubber Ball for Esinem (2009)
- London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage, workshop with Rod Macdonald (2009)
- Peer Rope Workshops, various (2008)

This is something I’m really terrible at keeping track of, however amoung many others they include:
- Erotica (various)
- Seattle Erotic Art Festival (various)
- Jago Gallery, London (2008)
- Night of the Senses (2008)
- London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage (2009)
- ‘Thus Far…’ (2009)
- ‘Three of a Kind’, Soho, London (2009)
- Linden House Gallery Christmas Exhibition (2009)

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