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Added by Vicky0420 - 12 Jan 2014
What a professional photographer and what an amazing set up of the studio(s)! He is absolutely great to work with, and a nice person to talk to.His studio has so many stuff to play with-they are treasures! Would highly highly recommend him and I'm looking forward to working with him again.
Added by Kalashnikova - 13 Dec 2012
Had a great time shooting with Roger today at his studio in Luton. He made me feel comfortable and made sure I was warm/happy at all times! It was very refreshing to do something artistic and different, he puts alot of effort and thought into his sets and it looks great on camera. Highly recommended, thanks :)
Added by MissBrook - 14 Jan 2012
It was such a pleasure working with Roger today at his loverly Studio! Soo Many props to play with, and he was always full of amazing ideas :) Every Image we took was just WOW Made me feel very comfortable working with him and kept asking if i was ok and warm enough throughout the shoot, which was really great and made me feel very relaxed Thanks for a great day :D Highly Recommended!!! Thanks MissBrook xx
Added by Asian_amy_Latina - 18 Feb 2012
I performed as a Blue China doll, Jeju collegiate slut in Dollshouse! last week! and wickedly love it, props are all well prepared by the Dollshouse master Roger! he is very artistic, he mostly designs in oriental backgrounds..perfectly suits me and my personality as an erotic model! he prepared nice sandwich and drinks! treated me very professional. We had a fantastic images along with nice collaboration as a master and a model..I cant wait to be book by him again! Your Asian Student Slut and Doll, Amy Latina xxxxxxxxxxx 2nd shoot: wowww! i have just shot and worked with China Doll Master again...we enjoyed our latest shoot very much..and we had loads of fantastic images! i cant wait to see them! i performed as a slutty student again for Mc Cabe's sex academy! it was smoking hot! Love to work with him again and again very soon! Your slutty asian student, Amy Latina xxx
Added by thaikitty - 12 June 2010
Had a great all day shoot with Chinadoll and Aylasky today at his studio. He is a perfect gentleman and looked after both of us very well. He is comfortable to work with and allows his models free expression to give their best. I am happy to recommend him and look forward to more work with him in the future. Thanks ThaiKitty
Added by klouisemodel - 15 March 2010
I had a fab shoot with Roger recently. Good pre comms beforehand and he's great to work with. Cool set, I loved all the outfits and doing something different - the photos looked excellent and I look forward to seeing them all. Hope to shoot with Roger again :-) thanks for a great day Kayla xxx
Added by orathai - 1 Dec 2009
Had a great shoot with chinadoll a few days ago. His studio was amazing something i've never seen before is WOW Factor !! He is such a great photographer loads if ideas and gears Agent Provocateur etc.. had an brilliant shoot and even give me a sandwhich break!! Highly reccomanded looking forward to work with him again...
Added by Faye - 9 Oct 2009
I worked with Roger today for the first time. Prior the shoot, he had specific ideas and described them very well to me. He provided outfits and a fantastic set to work with. He was down to earth, chatty, polite and very easy to work with. He has very creative ideas and was happy to discuss them throughout the shoot. I can't wait to work with him again, a true breath of fresh air. Recommmended to other models without a doubt. x
Added by aylasky - 3 March 2010
I had a wonderful shoot with Roger. Kind and charming. So creative in his ideas and very easy going, I can't wait to work with him again x x x PS: The images thus far are spectacular. I am looking forward to collaborating yet again in a couple of weeks time! June 09' Oh wowww! I had such a hot shoot with Roger today. So creative with the use of a beautiful back drop. A different style compared to our last adventure, you never know what to expect with Roger ;) He is such wonderful company, captured stunning images, thank you! x Update: More creative shoots with Roger and it just keeps getting better! Never a dull moment! Lovely new and sexy theme to work with. Roger is very well prepared with gorgeous/funky accessories and outfits! As ever an enjoyable shoot and the pictures are delicious! So looking forward to a g/g session in the future! I can't wait! Thank you! x
Added by NataliaForrest - 31 Jan 2012
Shoot Number 4: This was my fourth shoot with Roger now, shot with him first week of January and what pleasure it is each and every time!! What a fantastic start it was to the year lol ;) It was Wicked loved it!! All the new props- Roger takes so much time and effort in each set they are ALL so well prepared, Roger certainly has an eye for what he creates its so different... and artistic and erotic!! Roger is a easy going chap, provides a lovely breakfast And lunch- so relaxed and fun!! :D Hopefully see you again very soon for the next adventure!! :D Kind regards Natalia xXx Third Shoot: Shot with Roger yet again, had another a great day with him at his NEW Dolls House studio in Luton.. I was a bit baffled by the trains and delayed due to the London connections/buses etc... But got there in the end.. for a 2 dayer!! :) Very excited!! He looked after me very well!! He is laid back, comfortable to work with and always puts his all into each and every set, hes great fun to work with and highly recommended!! :D Kind regards Natalia xXx Shoot number 2: Worked with the lovely Roger again today :) And he was just as lovely as always, it was a cool fab relaxed shoot.. We always come up with some amazing images and ideas, I just Love it!! In his little attic studio its just so WICKED!! So many nice props, lovely shoes and toys to play with ;) The outfits he provides are out of this world!! Shooting for Roger is always a delight, he always makes a lovely dinner and makes a good cup of tea hehe ;) Roger always makes sure that your happy and comfortable as well with everything you do.. Thanks Roger for another terrific shoot, Hope to see you again soon!! Kindest regards Natalia xXx First Shoot: Had my first shoot with Roger today in his very cool attic studio in St Albans.. Good communication prior shoot and overall he was very cool to work with!! :) Did some very different sets, certainly something I have never tried before- was very erotic and 'different' I loved all the outfits provided!! Roger has gave me chip with all the pictures on too, I never even had to ask and they looked fab so pleased!! :D Hope to shoot with you again hun, good first shoot and certainly don't think it'l be the last ;) Kind regards Natalia xXx
Added by LADYBUZZKATT - 8 April 2009
FANTASTIC SHOOT! Again!! got some more really fantastic images, im using one for my profile image at the moment. i have never seen myself looking so lovely and classy.

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United Kingdom, England, Hertfordshire
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17 April 2018
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3 Jan 2009
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22 June 2016
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SACRED & PROFANE CHINADOLLS Wish to explore a number of erotic fetish themes; seeking uninhibited models who love posing adult & fetish style for creative erotica. Prefer to work with one model over a number of photo sessions to realise ideas. Recent adult shoots with number of stunning special girls exploring the following erotic themes... Alice Through the Looking Glass. Playing Dolls, Fetish PussyKatts, & McCabe's Tarty SKoolgirls! The models for Chinadoll need to have a taste for sensual role play enjoying explicit solo & girl girl scenarios. prefer petite Lolita style girls with natural breasts. Shoot erotic photos to suit the tastes of private art collectors. Welcome interesting personal commissions for intimate erotica,& Adult Material. Specialise in classic & erotic Female nude photography but will consider minimal undies g string shoots for exceptional girls. Fascinated by the provocative beauty of female nudity. Celebrate & portray girls as Sensual China Dolls. TEMPTED to be a CHINA DOLL ?

JEJU CHINABLUE . Oriental House of Pleasure for Finest Courtesans ............ Shooting Ladybuzzkatt, Amy Latina, ThaiKitty & Ayla Sky Natalia

CIRCUS OF DEPRAVITY. ... Prize Fetish TYGERS & TYGRESSES, EROTIKKATTS, being trained & tamed for the Ring ........... First Performance . Natalia


View the Chinadoll Gallery to see the McCabe's Kollegiate SKOOL Lolitas InTarty Tartan School Uniforms! Why Not Join the CLASS in 2013

EROTIC ART PHOTOGRAPHER specialising in Classic, Fetish and Erotic art Nudes; .... Medium Format Black and White Film Photography. plus Full Frame Digital SLR Colour Photography. Print high quality images for exhibition, publication , to suit private collectors,& personal requests. Enlargements B & W to 20x16in Colour to 18x12in. Fully equipped STUDIO ....... THE CHINA DOLLSHOUSE with exciting sets plus exquisite erotic corsets undies uniforms & stilettos etc.

Recent CHINADOLL shoots to erotic storylines with the following exceptional models;-
MICHELLE MOIST ; ..... Naughty Alice Through the Looking Glass. Smoking Alice. Fleurs du Malice. Mistress Malice. Chinese Alice. CheckMating. PussyKatt. .............................Miaow! Les Chats . McCabe's Sacred Tart Academy Je JU ChinaBlue, Virgin, Skool Virgin F Wills..Sleeping Beauty Bluebeard's Bride .Gangster's Moll. ..............................TITania .Vampire Stripper. Countess Dracula. Vamp Skool. Vampire Queen. Abducted Queen. Porncelain Blonde. Sex Doll Prize Trophy. Mad Hatter, ...............................Virgin Alice . Kit Kat Klub Salon Kitty. Caged Sex Slave Xmas Stocking Filler. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Erotic Aviary Kinky Rubber MistresMcCabe. ...............................Army Girl. Profane Letters. The Butterfly Collector. Red Light CallGirl. Les Malheurs de Janice
NATALIA .................Red Lotus.CheckMating. Mistress Malice & PawNatalia. Tweedlebum & Tweedlecum McCabe's Sacred Tart Academy. JeJU ChinaBlue Xmas Elf
FAYE xxx...............Tweedlebum & Tweedlecum. Tygress. Les Chats. McCabe's Sacred Tart Academy .Der Blaue Engel Morgana Le Faye
AYLASKY.................Jade Lotus. Oriental Cream Butterfly. Crimson Flesh. McCabe's Sacred Tart Academy . JeJU ChinaBlue. Beauty & The Beast. Snow White. F.Fairy. ............................... BlueStripSleaze McCabe's Blue PussyKatt PorcelainBlue. Kit Kat Klub Dragon Lady Sex Slave. Erotic Oriental Aviary JEJU KOLLEGIATE SKOOL
............................... Captive Thai Slut. Profane Letters . Coco Bondage Slave. Chat Noir Master & Margartita. The Butterfly Collector . Raven Girl . Raven Thai Flesh.
Orathai ................Thai Temptress!
Kayla .................. McCabe's Sacred Tart Academy
ThaiKitty ............. JeJU ChinaBlue
Amy Latina ......... Blue Chinadoll. JEJU KOLLEGIATE SKOOL .
Brook Logan.......... McCabe's Academy First Day in the Sixth Form ! The Butterfly Collector
Natasha Kalashnikova ........... Erotic Aviary
VICTORIA WANG ........ The Collector Butterfly
Toy Chloe ................... Enslaved Butterfly. Salome, Apocalypse Harlot of Babylon.10/6 Drink Me says Alice!
Erotic scenarios for 2010 . McCabe's Academy for Naughty Lolita Kollegiate Skool Sluts. Tartan Tarts, Perverted Fairy Tales, JeJU China Blue. & Circus of Depravity.

Erotic Scenarios for 2011 ...... Virgin, Skool Virgin, Blue Angel, Kitty Kat Cabaret. Titania, Snow White HARD TOMKatt, Puss in Boots. BlueBeard's Brides .................................................................. Collegiate Academy for Teenage Vampire Sluts

2012 ......... Further Erotic stories from McCabe's Academy, Jeju Kollegiate Skool Fetish Fairy Tales & Erotic Vamp Nightmares.
Forthcoming shoots with Michelle Moist, Brook Logan , Amy Latina, Ayla Sky

PROFESSIONAL CLASSY SERVICE for MODELS seeking Explicit Adult Material Portfolios; Stills & Video for websites on request ... Specialise in solo & girl girl

PRINTS available. 18x12 Colour ....... McCABE'S COLLEGIATE SKOOL TARTS. JEJU COURTESANS. EROTIKKATTS VAMPIRES Fetish requests welcome.

NEW STUDIO May 2011 ........ THE CHINA DOLLSHOUSE ........ Jeju Oriental House of Pleasure, Collegiate Classroom, Skool Changing room, Strip Club, Playroom, .................................................................................................Bondage Dungeon & Wet Shower sets for erotic fetish tastes.
Daylight Studios ..... plus Studio Flash & Tungsten lighting units.

Other members Chinadoll has worked with

stunning beautiful girl. a delight to photograph. very pleased with the excellent images from the shoot.
Exquisite Oriental Beauty. The Perfect Thai for sexy undies!
Stunning beautiful girl, exceptional looks & a lovely uninhibited personality. an absolute delight to photograph. Especially Wicked erotic pictures from girl girl shoots with Ladybuzzkatt & Faye! Such a Naughty Minx who loves girl girl! Natalia barely dressed in Her Tartan Kilt attends McCabe's Sacred Tart Academy to be Schooled. See the Wicked Natalia in her Uniform on Chinadoll
Wow. fantastic. not only a beautiful blonde but an absolute delight to photograph. Shockiingly Amazing erotic images from nine fantastic shoots! This gorgeous girl is just so classy! Ladybuzzkatt so Red Hot as a PussyKatt & so Wicked as Alice Through the Looking Glass!! Class of 2010. McCabe's Sacred Tart Academy. Ladybuzzkatt is the Perfect VICE Prefect barely dressed in her Tarty Tartan Kilt .. School Uniform will never seem the same! BLUE HAZE of SMOKE & SEX .... view Ladybuzzkatt as the White Whore in JeJU CHINABLUE!
Beautiful stunning figure & lovely uninhibited personality make Kayla an absolute dream to photograph. Fab fetish schoolgirl shoot .... Kayla looked so so Wicked in her so so skimpy school uniform!!
beautiful stunning figure. a delight to photograph. superb poses.
Wow! Faye is such a dream to photograph; she has a stunning petite figure. A lovely lively intelligent girl, ideal for creative erotica! Wicked pictures from three shoots with this beautiful Minx! so looking forward to next shoot! Feb 2010.. McCabe's Sacred Tart Academy ... Faye looked Wicked in her School Uniform... such a Slutty Schoolgirl in her skimpy Tartan Kilt!
Stunning oriental beauty,exquisite looks & lovely uninhibited personality make Ayla a dream girl to photograph, Such a classy hot model for erotic art photos. Wickedly beautiful pictures from three sensual shoots! Feb 2010 Ayla attends McCabe's Sacred Tart Academy Such a Horny Schoolgirl, Ayla plays the Class Tart in her regulation Tartan Kilt .... Stripping taunting & teasing her sex at the Camera. Wicked Hot pictures of this Beauty. Full Marks!!
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