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Added by chris1000 - 14 Jan 2018
Had a great shoot at Big Shot Studios with Artemis Fauna. Could n't have wished for a better combination. The studio fosters creativity, professionalism and support. Artemis is easy to work with, has a great personality, very relaxed and professional. I would recommend both model and studio to anyone looking for great results, inspiration and creativity. Studio days are all about team work and yesterday scored 10/10.
Added by Plymjack - 26 Sep 2016
Ok...well great pre-shoot comms is a given and turning up prepared is to be expected .. but Artemis is in a league of her own - without doubt the easiest model to work with - needs no direction but can take it and respond superbly - has a real flair for poses and gives her all - - a real awakening for me as I was losing direction for myself. If you are new to this then book her - you will save yourself days of book reading and practice - if you are an old hand and have not had the real pleasure of working with her then you are missing out. Thank you for a fantastic morning... truly inspiring.
Added by swalsh58 - 10 Feb 2016
Sarah is one of the best there is. She has a beautiful face, so if portraits are your thing, this girl is the one. She has a terrific body, so if art nude is your thing then this girl is the one. She has a lovely personality too, so if you just enjoy a fun shoot, then, again, this girl is the one. She was right at the top of my list to shoot with, and now I have worked with her......she remains on top. I look forward to working with her again soon.
Added by Iconoclast - 4 Nov 2015
I had an absolutely fabulous shoot with Tillie and Artemis today. My only regret was that I had only booked them for three hours: we could have done eight hours and still have run out of time! Artemis was a delight to work with, accepting direction and then adding her own twist to it. She never ceased to amaze me with her ability to exactly nail the right expresion to go with the image that we were trying to achieve. Artemis is on a tour now and I can only suggest that if she is coming to your area, you try to book her now. It is an experience not to be missed. (She doesn't even panic when a soft box catches fire - how "cool" is that?). Thank you, Artemis, and I look forward to sharing the images with you via my Dropbox. Take care and have a great tour. Geoff Parker
Added by Tintin007 - 11 Oct 2015
Another fantastic shoot with Artemis this week. Excellent re-shoot communications Artemis was ready for the shoot when I arrived, very well organised. We shot a series in both natural and studio lights. Positive enthusiasm throughout the shoot with lots of sugestions and refinements to get those perfect shots. Thank you Artemis...just got to do a shortlist of the many to cose from its going to be a long task !
Added by clarmike - 12 May 2015
I see from her profile that my last shoot with Sarah was in December 2013, so I have waited too long to have another shoot ! She is such a delightfully natural model than one feels she has more than earned all the wonderfully praiseworthy feedback that photographers lavish on her. She is truly the model with the most as her home is an Aladins cave of wonderful sets and she has a magic lamp. Another superb shoot, thank you Sarah.
Added by StNeots - 29 March 2015
I was extremely lucky to get Sarah to pose at short notice when I had a late cancellation for a shoot. This is the third time I have shot with her and each time just keeps getting better and better.
Added by EdT - 3 March 2015
Just spent a day chez Artemis and IanT, both of them very nice people. It has been some years that I've been trying to arrange a shoot with Artemis but never managed it, problems always on my side, So, my expectations of the shoot were very high. Artemis lived up to my expectations in every way. She is friendly, very easy to get on with and very professional in her work. She understood exactly what I was after and worked well both with and without direction. Her posing is elegant and seemingly effortless. Her input, requested - not pushed upon me, was invaluable. I hope to work with her again.
Added by silver - 20 Dec 2014
Had a first shoot with Sarah and found her easy to work with! Hope to shoot with her again soon! Brian.
Added by OldMaster - 30 Oct 2014
Well, what could be better than a shoot with Artemis and Estrany, Yes! A shoot of them working together! Artemis Fauna's reputation is of course legendary and supported by her body of superb work. But she is also just one of the most open and friendly people you will ever meet! She had never met Estrany but instantly made her feel comfortable. I need not have worried about putting two of the smartest most creative models together as they complemented each other perfectly through the 4 hour shoot making my job very easy! And creative scarcely does justice to this beautiful lady's talent to shift seamlessly from one character to another...high class lady to androgynous lad all done with style and such enthusiasm. An extraordinary capacity to express so many moods and emotions...if you want to experience what it is like to create images with someone who defines what a model can be capable of, Artemis Fauna should definitely be on your list! This would not be complete unless I mentioned her home where we shot. There is a choice of rooms each of which are superbly detailed in a period style offering almost endless fact we ran out of time before we came close to running out of rooms!! And finally...Artemis makes a great cup of coffee or tea, and if you are nice, biscuits as well...the complete package!!
Added by Stevedb - 8 Oct 2014
Finally got to work with the Stunning Artemis Had a great duo shoot with Akari Desire Artemis is talented, creative she added so much to the shoot Very professional, fun with a wicked sense of humour Put 100% into the whole shoot Images look amazing thank you Artemis will be shooting with you again ASAP Stevedb
Added by Paul_Lockwood - 4 Sep 2014
I had a great shoot with Artemis Fauna yesterday on her way home from her Kent Tour. Artemis is a lovely person, fun to work with, hardworking and she really knows he stuff, even when she was a little out of her comfort zone. Artemis had no problem going from soft and sexy to hard and severe, a real chameleon. She brought loads of outfits with her and a pair of boots that were ideal for the Dom/Mistress look I was after and we had great fun dressing her up in some of my latest EBay buys. Thanks Artemis, I got some fantastic images and can't wait for our next shoot.
Added by TheShinyOne - 26 July 2014
Can't believe I've left it so long to work with the delightful Artemis, should have done it years ago ! An excellent model with fine posing ability, great natural poise, elegance and a lovely figure. Thank you Sarah, I won't be late next time :)
Added by flowerman - 2 May 2014
I had a great days shooting with Sarah at her wonderful house location. There is such a wealth of sets and opportunities ,it is like an Aladdin's Cave. I was overwhelmed initially but decided to concentrate on high key images using the beautiful natural light in the 'white room'. Even on a grey wet day there was no need for artificial light. Sarah is the perfect hostess providing excellent tea and snacks. She is a very accomplished model with a wealth of experience in posing and an extremely easy and comfortable model to work with. We were joined by Emma Willis in the afternoon for some two girl art nude style images. The two girls worked very well together with Sarah managing some fantastic hand stands. The day just flew by and was such fun as well obtaining some stunning images. I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah and her amazing house.
Added by markho - 11 April 2014
I had the most amazing shoot this week with Artemis at her home location which is also stunning Artemis is a model that I had wanted to work with for ages and I am so pleased that we finally managed to fix a shoot She is extraordinarily creative and just has a superb ability to find the perfect pose in any set and genre Absolutely top class and hope to work with her again very soon
Added by ChrisD - 10 April 2014
Had an all day shoot with Artemis on Wednesday 9th Aril, she arrived on time with everything packed as agreed for the shoot. I took Artemis to various locations and during travel time found her bubbly and interesting to converse with. Out in the field Artemis was professional and fun to shoot, and her experience was axiomatic. The joy for me was the rapport we got going, the creative juices flowed and Artemis locked into my photographic mindset straight away. Artemis has a genuine desire to help create good photographs. Another shoot plan is being drawn up so here's to next time
Added by Lunarpuppy - 12 March 2014
Had a fabulous shoot with Artemis, have worked with her before but a while ago, she has not changed at all, she is a superb art nude model.. one of the best.. most highly recommended
Added by KamokaziUK - 5 March 2014
Turned up promptly on her whistle-stop mini tour. Our 3 hr shoot was even more productive than our last merging ideas and creating new ones on the fly on location and at home. A pleasure to work with!
Added by John_Adrian_Studios - 1 Feb 2014
As one would expect from this fine model, a superb and flawless shoot. Artemis is the consummate professional that other fine art nude models aspire to. Thank you, it was a great pleasure and honour to be able to work with you.
Added by NTN_Photography - 26 Jan 2014
This was my first shoot of this year and it could not have gone any better, I met with Sarah and Emma Willis for a shoot at Sarah's house which was amazing and so many different areas to work in. Both Emma and Sarah are such wonderful models to work with and the time whizzed past so quickly. I used my 50mm lens an worked in Monochrome at the suggestion of Sarah, which I admit I have not used a great deal and we produced some amazing photographs which I will post here as soon as they are completed. I 100% recommend working with these two ladies to anyone who is looking to produce outstanding photographs. Thank you for a wonderful and very enjoyable shoot. Thank you Sarah.
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I have officially moved to Bedfordshire! I can now shoot from home.

Home is a stunning six bedroomed Georgian house with huge windows, great natural light, boudoir set ups, lighting equipment, private gardens and much, much more.

It's a fantastic location and much more versatile than any studio- tea, coffee and biscuits will be supplied and all this for just £10 an hour on top of my current rates.


I'm an incredibly easy going, fun to work with and highly experienced agency signed model. I'm not scary, I'm not stuck up and I'm certainly no diva- just ask the hundreds of people that have worked with me (and get them to show you the ridiculous out-takes)

It perhaps sounds sickeningly cliché but I really do love my job and will work my backside off to make sure you get the images and shoot you want and are paying for- from start to end.

I understand light, composition and after all these years modelling I believe I have a very good eye- so will happily collaborate with you on shoots, bouncing ideas off each other and working as a team- if you want me too!

I studied drama and physical education for seven years. My strongest sports at the time were gymnastics and trampolining. I am still slim and supple due to this and am also extremely graceful with my posing.

I push myself on every shoot to get the best possible images for the photographer and have even been known to overrun because of my determination to do will not be disappointed when booking me

I am well organised (I have to be shooting as much as I do) and will always aim to be early or, of course, on time- if there are any delays I will be in touch!

I have a few piercings; my ears, small nose stud, and two 16mm tunnels in my ears. I have one very small tattoo on the back of my ankle. I have a very small scar above my lip from a quad bike accident and a small birth mark on my upper right leg.

I look after myself, regularly get my hair done, will always have my nails painted, legs shaved (!). I eat well, laugh a lot...

I have PUBIC HAIR! Yes, I love my bush so although it's kept neat and tidy I aint shaving it off!

I can drive in my 'ArtemisBatMobile' with no problem to a studio/location/cow shed in the middle of Wales. I often tour the UK so if I am too far away here at home please PM ME! I might even be prompted to travel your way! Travel expenses may apply.

Please, when contacting me about a future shoot include the following;

Is it paid or TF
How long will the shoot be for
Where the shoot will be
What genres you want to shoot...saves time and we can get our shoot organised quickly and efficiently! :)


I only accept bookings of two hours or more.


Although paid work obviously takes priority I do still undertake the occasional TF shoot if the standard of your images are the same or better than those currently on my port. Please feel free to ask but don't send me abuse if I say no.

I love to create interesting poses but this doesn't mean 'explicit'. I do NOT work to open leg and make it part of an agreement with working with me that if too much is accidently showing in an image you will not use the image. I love looking sexy and rolling about all over the place but the "It will be hidden in the shadows" trick won't pass me- I know how easy it is to turn up the exposure/ fill light in post pro-! Haha! Wink I hope those that work with me can respect my levels. Accidents happen and I'm no prude, but I like to make it very clear so there are no misunderstandings. NO porn/adult requests please.

Looking forward to hearing from you and working with you soon.

Thank you,

Artemis Fauna :)


*If you are going to be like several models on here and copy my notes verbatim could you please at least have the courtesy of crediting me. Thank you :)*

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