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Added by Willy_O - 7 June 2016
What can one say that has not already been said. Anita is the perfect model and muse, full of ideas and clever tricks.
Added by PhilStorm - 24 Jan 2016
I had the great pleasure of a second shoot with Anita at Space Studios St Albans. Anita is not only a beautiful lady but great fun and a highly professional model. Fantastic outfits and wonderfully easy to pose. A good eye for a photo and able to suggest as well as to accept direction. Highly recommended.
Added by EmmWoodPhotography - 25 June 2015
Anita was the first model I've shot since venturing the other side of the lens & I'm absolutely over the moon with the results! Really nice, down to earth model who's extremely patient with novices like myself and is more than willing to offer great contributing ideas and pose herself accordingly! Thank you very much Anita! Highly recommended! Top notch :)
Added by cziiki - 13 April 2015
I don't really know if it's necessary to add to Anita's feedback, as rather classy pictures of her have been floating around for a few years, but anyway she provided a delightful day of photography and cream teas combined with tour guiding and fairly magical control over the weather (well, till the grey storm clouds in late afternoon). She is entirely charming and helpful company and maintains her outfits and makeup throughout. This while clambering over logs on a dressing gown, to pose elegantly nude, undaunted by early spring weather, broken camera, dog walkers... and I can't say how relaxing it is to have someone else doing the driving and parking. Anita does seem to have a calm soul as well as looks that seem to invite you to raise your photographic game. The day was truly unhurried, productive and enjoyable. And at least some of the time, her style transported us into the '40s, with a touch of lipstick and a flick of the hair.
Added by dbphotography - 23 Feb 2015
its been over six years ago that I worked with Anita and she was a excellent model then and finally got to work with her again at manse studio and once again she is a superior model to work with see is friendly and chatty . she brought outfit that I required for our shoot and she added some ideas of her own to the shoot and we achieved some excellent images for my portfolio once again anita thank you for a lovely two hours I wont leave so long to work with you again I would highly recommend Anita Shot 21 hours ago Fidster Photography said... A few months back, I received an email from Anita asking if I would be available to work with her towards the end of February as part of her tour of North Wales. At first, I wasn't sure what to make of the enquiry - this was contact from a model who, as she says on her portfolio, has worked with Vivienne Westwood, Selfridges, Stella McCartney, Vogue, Fashion TV and many many more big names and now she wants to work with lil' old me?! I almost responded along the lines of "Thanks, but I don't think I'm producing work just yet to match your portfolio's high standards..." however, I snapped out of it, took the enquiry as the compliment it was intended as and we agreed on a date and time. This as it turned out was Anita's first trip to North Wales so I wanted to try and find some stunning locations (with thanks to Kestrel for a few recommendations along the way), rather than opt for a studio shoot. Fortunately the weather was kind to us (probably the best day of the week, in fact) without needing me to resort to ritualistic sun dances in the back garden, scaring the neighbours' dogs and cats. For me this was a nice change to shoot in my neck of the woods and not needing a 4-6am start in order to get to places for 9am. Having stayed at a local B&B the night before, I met up with Anita at sunrise as she was finishing breakfast and we set about planning the day's activities from thereon in. We covered a range of styles in our shoot from window portraits, B&W lingerie, location fashion and location nudes at a derelict, disused quarry and dabbled with bridal fashion at an Anglesey standing stones site. Anita is a true professional, works fabulously with or without direction staying aware of her surroundings and lighting on location, possesses a slender figure (great for flexible figure/art nude work), stunning beauty (for every kind of work), hard-working, eager, 'down-to-earth' friendly and a joy to work with, offering helpful assistance, reassurance and little tweak suggestions along the way. North Wales in February is hardly St. Tropez, but Anita braved the cold, overcast and drying conditions without any outward complaint. The time flew by (which is a good sign, so people say!) and even after a full day's work, we still have many ideas on the table ready for next time and I hope we have an opportunity to visualise those ideas together in the not too distant future. Thank you for an amazing shoot. Shot 3 days ago
Added by clarmike - 4 June 2014
What a delightful model. We met at the station and from then on it all went swimmingly. The studio in Colchester I had hired was most accommodating with the lights and backdrops and Anita posed beautifully. Thank you Anita for a super shoot
Added by Victoria_Howard - 12 Jan 2014
What a lovely model! Slim, great figure, polite, nice skin, really hard working, very patient, seemed to need very little direction and arrived fully prepared for the shoot.
Added by visualSA - 11 Nov 2013
I had booked Anita for the last two hours of her availability at Space studios on November 9th and she was a delight to work with. Despite the fact she had a full day working with a number of other photographers before me as can be seen from their reviews she was enthusiastic and helpful in her approach providing welcome guidance as to how to best light her. The session covered a range of styles and looks which took advantage of her striking looks (flame red hair, pale complexion and amazing blue eyes). Thoroughly recommended and hope to work with her again.
Added by pauws99 - 9 Nov 2013
An excellent shoot with Anita - total professional got some great images in a short time.
Added by GMcPhotos - 9 Nov 2013
I had my first photoshoot with Anita today at Space Studio in St Albans. Anita is a fantastic model to work with, effortlessly producing fantastic pose after pose and always helpful with suggestions to improve the shot. Anita also came to the shoot with the most wonderful outfits – My only regret is that I did not book a longer shoot. I would recommend Anita to all photographers – If you are looking to arrange a model for a photoshoot, make sure its Anita. You will not be disappointed. I need to book another shoot soon!
Added by ChrisD - 5 Oct 2013
Had a very pleasing and satisfactory shoot with Anita today. A very creative model that can express herself in a variety of ways with her extensive modelling experience. Demonstrated a photographers mindset, I liked that. We dovetailed, the content stacked up :-) Patient during experimental phases. An all round rewarding experience from start to finish. So glad I've worked with Anita, and we've agreed to do so again : H.A.P.P.Y.
Added by DannyKane - 5 Oct 2013
I had a great shoot with Anita, she is an excellent model who can pose naturally with ease. Oh yes and she's also really nice too! Recommended
Added by paulfcm16 - 26 Sep 2013
just had a wonderful shoot with Anita - 100% engaged with the process and so patient when my lighting equipment misbehaved - some really great images. Thank you 100% recommended.
Added by stephen5908 - 6 Aug 2013
This was the first time I have worked with Anita and I would recommend her to anybody who wants to create high quality work, Anita is a very professional, friendly and personable young lady who has a stunning look and who poses effortlessly. I will definitely be looking to work with Anita again. Thanks Anita for a great session.
Added by mike90290 - 29 May 2013
Had a half day shoot withAnita. She was on time and professional. She is a great model I recommend her highly. Would love to use her again. Michael
Added by AlegraJones - 23 March 2013
Modelled with Anita for some website content recently. Really easy to work alongside, professional and a good laugh! Fully put herself into the roles so we were able to bounce off each other. Would be more than happy to work with again :)
Added by OTM_Teresa - 22 March 2013
We have worked with Anita for a few years now. And each shoot we have done together it has been such a great one. She knows just what we want and even gives us that little bit more. We just love working with her. She works so hard and give each time 100%. She is always on time to the shoot and just get staight on with things. Can't wait for our next shoot with her.
Added by MonochromeSet - 19 March 2013
It's not everyday that a model of Anita's calibre visits the far reaches of East Anglia, so when I saw her casting I jumped at the opportunity to work with someone of her reputation and talent. She is charming, delightful and quite perfectly-organised and great fun on a shoot. Three sets inside two hours and we still had a bit of time to discuss 'fine art'! Very highly recommended and I hope Anita will consider shooting with me again in the future
Added by para - 14 March 2013
I realised an ambition yesterday and that was to work with Anita.I've admired Anita's style for some while now and jumped at the chance of working with her on her tour of East Anglia I would recommend Anita to all photographers experienced and inexperienced.A wealth of poses,facial expressions,talented and such a friendly person to be with Highly recommended
Added by Spooky - 28 Feb 2013
I had the real pleasure of working with Anita yesterday and to say that the shoot was divine would be an understatement! She was the consummate professional; she understood the brief, was thoroughly prepared - with excellent attention to detail - and she effortlessly moved through poses. Comm's were first class and she was engaging company to be around. I would love to work with her again and would urge any photographer to book a shoot with her.
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25in (63cm)
116lbs (52kg)
35in (88cm)
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United Kingdom, England, Somerset
Model, Female, 33
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12 June 2010
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I welcome booking enquiries from beginners to professionals for both commercial and purely artistic projects- all that matters to me is that you're a nice person ♥ I am constantly on the road in my little car! Let me know where you would like to work with me, and I will try and factor it into my travel plans and tours for 2016.


Modelling is my full-time job, my only job, my passion and my true love, and has been for my entire adult working life. I'm not going anywhere. You are in safe hands.

Modelling is my sole source of income, which I rely on to pay all my bills, including my mortgage, so if I screw up, I lose my house. Please rest assured that I don't flake, because I can't flake, even when booked months in advance, and even when paid in advance (e.g. for studio days), as losing my reputation = losing my income = losing my home.

As a full-time model, I deeply appreciate the time and money photographers invest in me and arrive at shoots with my hair and makeup as close to finished as humanly possible, change quickly between sets, and understand that sometimes it's better to flow through a selection of poses that make the best use of the light and camera angle as well as taking time to slow down and repeat certain poses for more technically demanding shots. I am extremely patient/ relaxed and more than happy to take as long as it takes to get the shot right, so please don't ever feel under pressure when working with me, even if it's your first ever model shoot ♥

I do not reply to enquiries regarding test shoots, TFP, part-/poorly paid assignments or adult work, as I do not accept them and I don't have time (sorry!). I love to treat everyone I work with respectfully, and hope you do too.

Shoots in the UK are £50ph, £170 for 4 hours, £250 for 6 hours or £300 for 8 hours including ALL travel expenses. Further discounts are available for bookings of 2 or more full days. You may need to pay a non-refundable deposit to secure your booking, so please make sure that you can definitely do the date you've requested. I don't give discounts for clothed or non-commercial shoots. I work just as hard at them and usually do all the wardrobe sourcing and styling myself :)

"Why should I hire you when I can get a newbie model for a fiver and a bag of chips?"

I'm glad you asked ;)

Well, my rates certainly aren't the cheapest going- I mean, the cheapest going you'll get is free, probably! But you will probably find that the time, effort and expense you invest in a shoot with a cheap or free model isn't reflected in the results (or even in the likelihood that they'll show up). Try speaking to some photographers who hire professional models and asking they why they do it. It's not because they aren't aware of the £15ph "models" ;)

As well as modelling for lots of beginners and hobbyists, I have also worked with some of the world's top fashion, wedding, fetish and art nude photographers, and so can bring some of their secrets and all that I've learned about posing myself to our shoot, meaning you get more bang for your buck :)

"I'll hire a pro model like you when my portfolio is good enough."

I do strongly recommend new and amateur photographers especially hire professional models to quickly improve the quality of their work and learn all about posing and expression- this "I'll hire a pro model when my portfolio is good enough" thing is really putting the cart before the horse. Your portfolio will get better WHEN you start hiring professional models and the longer you leave it, the longer you'll plateau. I can almost guarantee that you will get significantly, dramatically better results from say, shooting with a professional model once a month than a £50 model every week ;)

"You would say that- you're a professional model yourself, and you want the work!"

Well, I am a professional model, and I do want to work of course, but you can put what I'm saying to the test with any experienced, professional model- it doesn't have to be me ;) I'm sure you would find a shoot with someone like Joceline or Ivory Flame equally rewarding.

As for me, I:

- have very clear skin
- have a slim hourglass figure (35-25-35)
- have immaculate grooming with professional products, which will save you hours in Photoshop
- can do the detailed styling crucial to capturing the look in a classy and convincing way
- can pose myself appropriately to the theme, adapting for the lighting, outfit and camera angle, leaving you to - - concentrate fully on the technical side of capturing shots

Congratulations if you actually read all that ;) and I look forward to hearing from you. I'm not this arrogant in real life, I promise. I just wanted to really explain that what I really love is investing in the the creation of great images, with anyone who feels the same way.

Thanks for looking!

Interested in shooting duo work? I am very experienced in shooting with other models, particularly latex fashion and art nude with Madame Bink, art nude, bridal, vintage glamour and underwater with Ivory Flame, and fetish and bondage video and stills with Joceline/ Ariel ♥

I literally wrote the book on modelling!

The "Ugly" Girl's Guide to Modelling, my guide to successful freelance modelling published by New Haven, is now available to order worldwide. Thank you to all the photographers who contributed to this very special book:

I won't list every single person/ client I've ever worked with here as the list is so long, but a few names you probably know include British Vogue magazine; USA Penthouse magazine; Vivienne Westwood; Stella McCartney; Selfridges; London Fashion Week; The Clothes Show; SHOWstudio; Perou; Fashion TV; Time Out London magazine; the PETA; Jessie J.

More "indie" people I've worked with include London Alternative Fashion Week, Torture Garden, Skin Two, What Katie Did, Lady Lucie Latex, Jane Doe Latex, Cradle of Filth, AxeWound, Beyond Burlesque, Orchid Corsetry, Restrained Elegance and Bizarre magazine (back when they were a magazine).

I am sponsored by:


Being sponsored by these top companies does not affect your image copyright, or my rates, and I am allowed to shoot for any brand, but the ones listed above fill my personal styling kit, so you can be sure I'll always turn up with great skin, and great wardrobe that no-one else has! :)

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