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Added: 07 September 2011
Album: Outdoor Nudes
Photographer: gsphoto
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Added 08 September 2011 by Hotshooter
absoilutely LOVE this image! great location, light, pose.... everything!! Great work both of you! :)
Added 08 September 2011 by Rob Southall
Loving everything about this image....just wow!
Added 03 October 2011 by Lee Churchill
Very impressive, could look at this for hours, a credit to both model and 'tog.
Added 10 October 2011 by JackR
Superb image, great processing and lighting... stunning model and pose. My only small criticism (sorry) is the cropped building - it would be good to see it all include. FAB WORK all the same!
Added 14 October 2011 by Kestrel
Really beautiful image. Superb contrasts and it goes without sayingh that you look stunning. I particularly like the muted colours and the soft, floating grass. Amazing. Well done to all involved.
Added 23 October 2011 by Adam Robertson Photography
great shot, love your figure in this
Added 01 November 2011 by Tommy Martin
That is a fabulous shot
Added 03 December 2011 by Erin
And this is so soft and dreamy! Good work young lady
Added 13 December 2011 by Eebijeebi
Fabulous shot.
Added 27 February 2012 by John Downes
Agree with everyone else...fantastic image... pose... light... location... DOF... congrats to all involved... great work..
Added 17 March 2012 by Graham
My favourite pic on Purestorm.
Added 11 September 2012 by Gavin Weston
C'est Magnifique !
Added 06 June 2013 by Michael Howarth
Wow! I don't see many great nude shots on here, but this one's a corker. Great composition and posture.