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Username: xdeex ID: 150119 Name: Dee Age: 29
Dee Bust: 32in (81cm)
Waist: 25in (63cm)
Height61in (5' 1") (154cm)
Hips: 31in (78cm)
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Highlighted
Weight: 104lbs (47kg) (7.5st)

Country: United Kingdom
Region: Berkshire
City: Reading
Work Preference
Fitness Model
Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Parts Modeling
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Mcroshaw recommends xdeex
Added by Mcroshaw on 06 December 2013, shoot arranged for November 2013

I have shot with Dee twice in the past month. Both times she has been amazing, very beautiful with a great look that makes it easy to take great images. I have no hesitation recommending Dee and hope to work with her again in 2014!
houseofcole recommends xdeex
Added by houseofcole on 11 September 2012, shoot arranged for September 2012

It was lovely working with Dee a second time. Dee is beautiful model and nothing you can ask will be too much trouble for her. Despite a dull day, we got some fantastic photos... Thanks Dee.
Buzz68 recommends xdeex
Added by Buzz68 on 29 August 2012, shoot arranged for August 2012

Dee has a great personality and is great to work with.

Communications beforehand were excellent she was committed to making the shoot a success. This also comes across when you talk to her – she is very passionate about her modelling and puts much effort into getting prepared in advance and then delivering on the day itself.

I can only agree with the positive comments relating to mum. She is a great help to Dee and then she withdraws into the background unless you ask her not too !! She was more than happy to hold a reflector for me and overall I genuinely think the shoot was better with her there.

To summarise, great model who cares about her work...I would recommend Dee 100%.
Dekker recommends xdeex
Added by Dekker on 16 June 2012, shoot arranged for June 2012

It has literally taken us 3½ years to organize, but Dee and I finally shot together earlier this week and I'm really happy we persisted in trying to organize something! Dee is absolutely lovely, very sweet and friendly and great in front of the camera.

Credit to her mum too who looked through all the reference shots and ideas I'd sent over and had meticulously packed everything we could have wanted to use on the day.

Dee has a natural, beautiful smile, great figure, professional attitude and bubbly personality - all of which come out in the shots. Definitely recommended!
pvfb recommends xdeex
Added by pvfb on 07 June 2012, shoot arranged for June 2012

Debs is totally brilliant ! book her and find out for yourself it's really that simple!

BTW: Don't worry about her assistant (aka mum) brilliant too, I'd book her as an assistant if she didn't already have a client!
silverlight recommends xdeex
Added by silverlight on 25 May 2012, shoot arranged for May 2012

We recently worked with Dee and found her communications to be excellent.
She has a very positive attitude, and she made every effort to come prepared for the shoot. After some discussion and some styling changes we worked together all 4 of us, and we found some really great looks. Dee was determined to shoot in the most difficult situations and excelled. From swamps to very long boggy grass. One minute i wanted dramatic expressions and the next natural ones, and Dee came up with both each time. FAB!

Dee also brought her mum along as an assistant and we found her very helpful indeed. She made us feel very welcome and added immensely to the shot. She is a great laugh and the mood of the shoot would have been much more formal & less productive without her there. So a very big thank you to Mum! ( If your a bit concerned about having an assistant present don't be she will be invisible or very helpful if you ask. )

Dee has a beautiful smile great hands that you can use for hand modelling or of course dramatic dance style poses.
She also is able to be very expressive if you want captivating narrative shots. But don't take my word for it. Check out the images they are beautiful!
Buddygb recommends xdeex
Added by Buddygb on 20 May 2012, shoot arranged for May 2012

Wow... what an infectious and vibrant personality, 'Little Fire Cracker' indeed.

We'd been trying to sort out a date for some time and when we finally got into the studio yesterday it was immediately evident that it was well worth the wait.

Dee's communication is exemplary... regular updtaes, image references, ideas and travel plans all laid out clearly. She arrived ahead of schedule dragging a suitcase as big as she was. Styling this shoot from the range she bought was great fun.

As for her modelling she is excellent under her own steam and very collaborative and responsive under direction. She worked tremendously hard throughout and I am nothing short of delighted with the results.

To cap it all her Mum, who accompanies Dee to shoots, was also a delight and very helpful throughout the shoot.

If you're looking for a thoroughly enjoyable shoot with the potential for great images with every click you won't go far wrong with Dee.
ShackledMaidens recommends xdeex
Added by ShackledMaidens on 08 May 2012, shoot arranged for May 2012

Had a wicked shoot with Meeeeps. defo a pro, cant recomend her enough, just watch out as she will try and steal your dog :)
rychard recommends xdeex
Added by rychard on 15 April 2012, shoot arranged for April 2012

The camera loves Debbie. She has beautiful, fine features that look just great on film. In front of the lens she is very confident and has a real determination to get great pictures. Her communication and enthusiasm are faultless. In summary, a brilliant model! Thanks Debbie
TonyNutley recommends xdeex
Added by TonyNutley on 06 April 2012, shoot arranged for April 2012

This was my second time of working with Debbie, I was really impressed with her the first time, if anything she was even better the second time. One of the great points about Debbie is that she loves modelling and it shows, she can be tired but it doesn't show, she just works away and won't stop until you're satisfied with what you've got. I absolutely recommend her, she'll guarantee you a fun, productive day.
zzdigital recommends xdeex
Added by zzdigital on 02 April 2012, shoot arranged for April 2012

Debbie has really excellent communication skills and even arrived at the shoot early.

She was superbly presented, with great MU and nails; a major plus was a diverse wardrobe-many items were new.

It was a great shoot, in the sunshine, both indoor and outdoors. She poses very well and covers many genres with ease.
I was impressed with her professional attitude and sweet nature - nothing was too much trouble. I urge you to book her . 10/10 from me -well done Debbie. Michael
Andrew_Appleton recommends xdeex
Added by Andrew_Appleton on 27 March 2012, shoot arranged for March 2012

The old saying "the best things come in small packages" could have been written about Deb. Here mixture of enthusiasm, professionalism and skill is a breath of fresh air in an industry full of inflated egos. She really is an excellent model, she listens, poses, delivers expression after expression - lifestyle, fashion, beauty, lingerie it doesn't matter, she pulls it off.

Add to this that her pre shoot communications are superb plus she is one of the most charming people to have around and I can only suggest everyone works with her.

One last thing, that smile - 'nuf said. I will be working with Deb again very soon.
oldbloke recommends xdeex
Added by oldbloke on 10 February 2012, shoot arranged for February 2012

Shot with Debbie yesterday. Highly professional; good communications before the shoot and came well prepared. Nothing was too much for her. 100% recommended.
Steve_Jones_Images recommends xdeex
Added by Steve_Jones_Images on 01 February 2012, shoot arranged for October 2009

A positive note to any photographer, agency, publisher, MUA or stylist who has not had the pleasure of working with Debbie Dee before, she is completely wholeheartedly recommended. You probably won't meet another model who will bring so much enthusiasm, forethought, ideas, expression, fun and effervescent professionalism to your shoot. A real chameleon in the studio! Top marks also to her stylist chaperone, who is an absolute bonus asset for any shoot, discreet and yet adds extra creativity & sparkle to the shoot team!
Alister recommends xdeex
Added by Alister on 17 January 2012, shoot arranged for January 2012

Had the absolute pleasure of working with the delightful Dee yesterday. She is an utter professional and worked really hard on a long five hour shoot. She brought a fabulous variety of clothes and an amazing winning smile!

We shot a variety of fashion, glamour and beauty sets and she was brilliant for all of them. Only trouble I have is narrowing down my selection of images! A great problem to have.

Oh, and she's also stunning :) You really need to work with Dee if you get the chance!
Winbridge recommends xdeex
Added by Winbridge on 17 November 2011, shoot arranged for November 2011

Recently had a shoot with Deb and what an incredible model she is. Her beauty and bubbly personality where evident when we first met and continued throughout the shoot. Deb has a very professional attitude and gives 110% effort to help create outstanding images. She has a vast range of poses yet is happy to take direction if given. She is also keen to see the images during the shoot to see how she can help improve them. Must also mention her excellent communication prior to the shoot.
This shoot produced so many outstanding images that picking the ones to use is going to be very difficult.
I have worked with many models but Deb is one of the best. One shoot is not enough to explore her full potential so I'm hoping we can shoot again soon. Thanks Deb for a fantastic shoot.
brackett recommends xdeex
Added by brackett on 07 November 2011, shoot arranged for November 2011

Had a great shoot with Deb at Moments Studios today, a seriously lovely model with a splendid variety of "looks", not least a smile that lights up the room! Added to that, she takes direction well yet comes up with exciting and imaginative poses of her own - and her pre-shoot communication is among the best in the business. Highly recommended.
jezzam recommends xdeex
Added by jezzam on 20 October 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011

Had a lovely shoot with Debbie today. Very pretty, extremely professional, lovely personality and gorgeous skin-tones. Turned up on time, well presented and very good at makeup. Highly recommended. Jez
MrClassic recommends xdeex
Added by MrClassic on 12 October 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011

Had a fantastic hotel shoot with Debbie, what a great girl, very versatile and hard working and very easy to photograph. Great shots achieved and i can't wait for the next opportunity to work with her. Highly recommended.
one_morepicture recommends xdeex
Added by one_morepicture on 29 September 2011, shoot arranged for September 2011

Debbie was a great model, and had good ideas and pre-shoot communications.

Debbie brings a bag of clothing, ideas and enthusiasm to a shoot.

Now the problem is the time taken to edit all best images!
georgian_historian recommends xdeex
Added by georgian_historian on 27 September 2011, shoot arranged for September 2011

Debbie arrived bang on time at the station, but I nearly missed her as she looked quite different – what a difference hair colour makes! She is an excellent MUA as well, so her make-up was superb. It was good to have Debbie’s mum with us as a bonus; not only was she a welcome addition, but a vital agent in the progress of the shoot. Communications were plentiful though we seem to have misunderstood each other at times. But after 430 shots and with the resulting 48 images it must be classed a success - I am more than happy. Debbie is very quiet but an extremely pretty girl who particularly entered into the spirit of several ideas I had, and those scenarios are particularly good. Thanks, Debbie.
lahuretz recommends xdeex
Added by lahuretz on 22 September 2011, shoot arranged for September 2011

Deb is a lovely person to work with! Very fun and hardworking!
Brian_Brown recommends xdeex
Added by Brian_Brown on 06 August 2011, shoot arranged for August 2011

Worked with Debbie yesterday. She arrived an hour early which was ideal for me. She is a lovely vibrant young lady, who is keen to please with her posing and modeling. I am very directive and will direct every part of the person to be what I am looking for. This can be rather traumatic with lots of models as I will direct, the body, each leg, each arm, and the expression (which is NEVER easy !!) It is ideal that Debbie will go for it on every time which made me very happy. I want to try and get a moment and Debbie is an ideal model to work with. She is highly recommended - Brian
PureWhitePhotography recommends xdeex
Added by PureWhitePhotography on 11 July 2011, shoot arranged for July 2011

Had a great shoot with Debbie recently, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend working with her.

Debbie is a quiet person when you first meet her but really comes alive in front of the camera, needing very little direction and having a range of poses and moves to keep the shoot flowing.

As well as excellent pre-shoot communication she also has an extensive wardrobe, and was is patient while lighting adjustments or make up changes were made.
Krycis_Photos recommends xdeex
Added by Krycis_Photos on 25 June 2011, shoot arranged for June 2011

A lovely lady to work with. Although quiet, she knows what she wants and is determined.

Very good at taking instruction, and can also pose herself well.

Definitely recommended!
deckitout recommends xdeex
Added by deckitout on 24 June 2011, shoot arranged for June 2011

Deb had excellent communications prior to our shoot. A huge array of great varied clothing and excellent make up. All in all very professional approach and a very worthy model to shoot with
sarahrumsey recommends xdeex
Added by sarahrumsey on 18 June 2011, shoot arranged for June 2011

Debbie is so lovely and a great model with it. Fantastic to work alongside and so attractive. I really enjoyed this shoot and would love to work with her again.
Ps. Her mums a fab chaperone and a great coffee maker!!! ;)Thank you!xx
acroshaw recommends xdeex
Added by acroshaw on 15 June 2011, shoot arranged for June 2011

This was my first shoot with Debbie at, and she turned up early with her lovely mum (best chaperone ever!), and was a pleasure to work with from start to finish! Debbie has great looks and can pose superbly without any direction, we did a mixture of styles and she put 110% in every time, am really happy with the results and would totally recommend her! Thanks Debbie, ant :)
TravellingToast recommends xdeex
Added by TravellingToast on 06 June 2011, shoot arranged for June 2011

I had the pleasure of working with Debbie recently and she's an amazing, fun and hard working person. She came packed with a huge load of outfits to match our ideas and always put in the extra mile to make sure we got the images we wanted.

Would definately recommend her to others
MichaelPSannwald recommends xdeex
Added by MichaelPSannwald on 01 June 2011, shoot arranged for May 2011

Debbie - what a sweet girl! When I arrived to pick her up there was a mountain of clothes neatly laid out in the living room for me to choose from. She and her mum, who is also very nice and incredibly helpful, were more than happy to climb over fences etc to get to the location. Debbie has a 'try anything' attitude and I'd definately recommend working with her.
aoxomedia recommends xdeex
Added by aoxomedia on 15 May 2011, shoot arranged for May 2011

Debbie was a pure delight to work with and we got some terrific images from this shoot. She transforms herself in front of the camera. Very professional communications beforehand too. Highly recommended.
NeilScott recommends xdeex
Added by NeilScott on 08 May 2011, shoot arranged for May 2011

I carried out a location shoot with Debbie on the Thames and had a great couple of hours. She was easy to direct and full of her own ideas with a good wardrobe. Excellent communication to arrange the shoot she is committed and enthusiastic, a pleasure to work with. Would recommend and will use her in the future. Thanks
Harry2 recommends xdeex
Added by Harry2 on 01 May 2011, shoot arranged for May 2011

I had a shoot today with wonderful Debbie, one of the most photogenic models I have ever worked with, add her hard work and her creative instinct and you have one terrific model, and her Mum makes a great cup of tea!
NilsB recommends xdeex
Added by NilsB on 28 April 2011, shoot arranged for April 2011

Had Debbie and her mum down to the studio yesterday. A very sweet girl and a nice relaxed shoot. Brought plenty of clothes and took directions really well. Can’t wait to get all the images processed.

kitters recommends xdeex
Added by kitters on 22 April 2011, shoot arranged for April 2011

Great shoot with Debbie this week. Very productive shoot and would have loved even more time working with with her. Debbie is stunningly beautiful combined with being very passionate and commited to modeling. No hesitation in highly recommending her and hope to work with her again in the future.
activecreations recommends xdeex
Added by activecreations on 09 April 2011, shoot arranged for April 2011

Beautiful. A fantastic shoot with Debbie who worked very hard, listened to direction keenly, and has some great ideas of her own to put into the mix.

She is a delight to work with, very sweet with great determination and is keen to do well.

I can highly recommend working with her, and I hope to again soon.
pheneker recommends xdeex
Added by pheneker on 17 March 2011, shoot arranged for March 2011

Debbie was very punctual and professional at the shoot.

She put her heart and soul into it and and came out with some great results!
keithcurtis recommends xdeex
Added by keithcurtis on 01 March 2011, shoot arranged for February 2011

Great shoot today with Debbie who is passionate about her modelling and works hard to achieve her goal. Brought her Mum who was great support and helpful throughout the shoot. Very supportive, and never intrusive.

Debbie is very easy to work with bringing a massive wordrobe, great with her own makeup and we got some lovely pics.
Westcott recommends xdeex
Added by Westcott on 28 February 2011, shoot arranged for February 2011

I worked with Dee last week.
Great communication before the shoot, arrived on time at the station. Brought so much clothing that the case had to go into the back of the pick up truck.
Dee can hold a pose almost indefinatly, there's me chatting to Dees mum and Dees sat there like a statue waiting for me to take the picture.
Can't recommend Dee enough and Dees mum makes a good cup of tea.
Tim S
Casell recommends xdeex
Added by Casell on 07 February 2011, shoot arranged for February 2011

I worked with Dee and have to say she is lovely. Her communication is absolutely first class and you will not have any problems knowing what's going on as she always replies. She turns up with a fantastic array of clothes and ideas and gives 100%.
mikejwright recommends xdeex
Added by mikejwright on 12 January 2011, shoot arranged for January 2011

Worked with Debbie on a nightclub shoot, she was very punctual, arrived with masses of wardrobe and a great attitude. Took direction well although she didn't need it and was a joy to work with. The resulting images were stunning.
TonyS recommends xdeex
Added by TonyS on 09 November 2010, shoot arranged for November 2010

Good comms and prep, enthusiastic too :)
Worked hard on set \o/
kizzyXx recommends xdeex
Added by kizzyXx on 05 November 2010, shoot arranged for November 2010

Dee was another model at my shoot on monday! I watched her work and thought she did great concidering she had taken a year off!
shes gorgeous && a very friendly girl :) she made my day even better && i hope to shoot with her soon x
micb312 recommends xdeex
Added by micb312 on 04 November 2010, shoot arranged for November 2010

debbie turned up with a great selection of outfits.....a little nervous at first ,but once she got into it was really good,worked hard to produce some great shoots.debbie is a real nice girl and certainly worth a shoot with...
JohnWoodAscot recommends xdeex
Added by JohnWoodAscot on 27 July 2010, shoot arranged for January 2010

Debbie turned up on time with a suitcase full of clothes and accessories for the shoot that we had discussed. She participated fully in each shot and was keen to re-take shots to make them even better.

Debbie was able to work both with and without direction. She is a beautiful young woman and is dedicated to making great pictures.

Debbie's face just lights up when you point a camera at her!
wilffaulkner recommends xdeex
Added by wilffaulkner on 27 July 2010, shoot arranged for July 2010

Debbie is such a delightful and beautiful model. Her pre shoot communication was excellent and you just knew that she is a very reliable person in whatever she does. Debbie brought more changes of clothes than I've ever seen, it gave us a huge range to select from. The shoot itself was fun and very varied in all the different types of settings and poses we could do. I recommend Debbie to any photographer, she is very beautiful and above all one of the nicest people I have ever met, a very classy young lady and I wish her all the best for the future :)
ChrisRphoto recommends xdeex
Added by ChrisRphoto on 18 February 2010, shoot arranged for February 2010

Had a fun day with Debbie, she bright, bubbly and well prepared, excellent communication before hand and a girl who just gets on with it. A delightful
girl to work with and well recommended.
mbphotography recommends xdeex
Added by mbphotography on 24 November 2009, shoot arranged for November 2009

Had a shoot today with Debbie who was an absolute pleasure to work with. She is a great model who looks fantastic and requires little or no direction to get some fantastic images. I would highly recommend her to any photographer.
Carl_Grim recommends xdeex
Added by Carl_Grim on 07 October 2009, shoot arranged for October 2009

Did my second portrait/fashion shoot with Debbie yesterday, this time in a studio. She communicated well before the shoot, ensuring that she arrived well prepared with the make up, hair and outfits required. During the shoot she worked hard and took direction well. She looked stunning throughout and I got the images I needed. A lovely model and a pleasure to work with - Thanks Debbie.
sureshot recommends xdeex
Added by sureshot on 16 July 2009, shoot arranged for July 2009

I'd been talking with Debbie about a shoot for some time now, and when we finally got a date in the diary, Debbie was professional to the last.
Pre shoot comms were good and Debbie was very well prepared and researched everything to the smallest detail.
I cannot fault Debbie for her enthusiasm, drive and the way she prepares herself. The shoot itself was fun, Debbie was easy to work with and we got some great results. I would not hesitate in booking her, joy to work with.
nigel recommends xdeex
Added by nigel on 12 June 2009, shoot arranged for June 2009

Great girl, Fantastic comms before the shoot turned up on time with everything we needed and we had a great day shooting with some fantastic results.
Really cant wait to work with her again.
ClickMore recommends xdeex
Added by ClickMore on 10 June 2009, shoot arranged for February 2009

Debz was so enthusiastic to work with me that we discussed ideas weeks in advance. At the shoot Debz made sure every detail was immaculate. She was keen to try props and also take part in small stunts involving sweets and fruit. We had a very relaxed shoot and never ran out of ideas and conversation. We must work together again.
RayLiu recommends xdeex
Added by RayLiu on 08 June 2009, shoot arranged for June 2009

Debbie is a very hard working model and really gives her best for the shoot. She really strives for the best result. A joy to work with and very enthusiastic, determined and communicative. Was VERY prepared for the shoot with a great wardrobe. Highly recommended and I hope great things come to her!
AndyT recommends xdeex
Added by AndyT on 19 May 2009, shoot arranged for May 2009

Had an awesome shoot today with Dee. She came with her mum as a chaperone and this turned out to be very useful and no hinderence at all. An extensive wardrobe covering a wide range of outfits and lingerie. Make up was done very well. Dee gave 100% to the shoot, preparation and communication before was excellent. We achieved excellent images. Facial expressions and poses were top notch. Greatly enjoyed the shoot, would love to work with Dee again. I highly recommend her.
ginasoden recommends xdeex
Added by ginasoden on 24 April 2009, shoot arranged for April 2009

Debbie is a GREAT model. Her skin is flawless, beautiful seductive eyes, fantastic petite figure but still got gorgeous curves. More importantly she is easy to work with, moves fairly easy from poses and experiments too. Good at taking direction. She has a vast array of outfits, jewellery and brought her own make up and was fine with me applying it. She was punctual, great comms, and very friendly Her chaperone was a true star too! Probably my best shoot to date. What a true star she is xx
hphotography recommends xdeex
Added by hphotography on 15 April 2009, shoot arranged for April 2009

An absolute STAR!!!! Debs is FANTASTIC!! Very hard working, and always strives to get the best image. She has a fabulous array of outfits, and can get into all sorts of poses and positions. A real joy to work with .... a charming model! Hope to work with her again soon.
Neill5409 recommends xdeex
Added by Neill5409 on 01 April 2009, shoot arranged for April 2009

Debz is a great young model, small in stature but perfectly formed, hard working and willing to experiment to achieve results. Highly Recommended!
stryjek recommends xdeex
Added by stryjek on 16 February 2009, shoot arranged for September 2008

Great model, nice to work with, big recomendation
robpercyphoto recommends xdeex
Added by robpercyphoto on 02 February 2009, shoot arranged for January 2009

Debz is a STAR. we had our first shoot together on saturday and even though she's not well she turned up on time, was happy and polite. She didn't complain about the cold (and it was cold even with all the heating on) we produced some great work and I can't wait to work with her again. ONE OF THE BEST I'VE EVER WORKED WITH.