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Username: sophiasmith ID: 110762 Name: Sophia Smith Age: 32
Sophia Smith Bust: 32in (81cm)
Waist: 24in (60cm)
Height67in (5' 7") (170cm)
Hips: 34in (86cm)
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Light Brown
Weight: 115lbs (52kg)

Country: United Kingdom
Region: Greater Manchester
City: Manchester
Work Preference
Fitness Model
Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Parts Modeling
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KevinJS recommends sophiasmith
Added by KevinJS on 21 November 2017, shoot arranged for November 2017

I had a shoot with Sophia at the weekend. This was my 11th shoot and there would have been more only unemployment on my side is a limiting factor.
Sophia was on time, her make-up partially completed so that after conversation and listening to my requirements she could finish it the way I required.
She needs little in the way of guidance/direction just the set details and moves effortlessly from one pose to another.
The output of work was higher than I might otherwise expect from a less experienced model and her time in changing outfits is fast.
She is a lovely person with a great sense of humour and definitely a model to re-book
CameraWillD40 recommends sophiasmith
Added by CameraWillD40 on 11 November 2017, shoot arranged for November 2017

I had a very enjoyable and successful shoot with Sophia at Studio K in Corby today. Sophia arrived well prepared with lots of nice outfits. We shot several different picture sets with lingerie, dresses and nude. Sophia is so easy to work with, and posed perfectly throughout without direction. She has a lovely person to work with too and I will definitely be wanting to shoot with her again soon! If you haven't booked a shoot with Sophia, you are definitely missing out on something special. Highly recommended!
nunude recommends sophiasmith
Added by nunude on 09 July 2017, shoot arranged for July 2017

I have just enjoyed a very successful photo-shoot with the wonderful Sophia. Both professional and fun - a rare combination, we spent 3 hours working through a series of sets in various areas at our outdoor location. Pre shoot coms were spot on and succinct, and time on the shoot flew by. We were both happy with the results and I'll certainly hope to work with Sophia again in the future. Shaun (nunude)
EvanF recommends sophiasmith
Added by EvanF on 16 June 2017, shoot arranged for June 2017

I had a great shoot with Sophia. Not only is she a very professional model, but she's also a great as a person. We had a lot of fun while shooting, and even though we could have good conversations, they were never in the way of getting good pictures. She arrived ahead of time, and within our scheduled time, we were very productive. You can tell that she has a lot of experience, she hardly needed any guidance from me to produce good poses. And even when I gave suggestions, she was very skilled in turning them into reality. She was also game for the more crazy ideas that we've developed together, putting her full energy in them, making it possible to get extra-ordinary shots.

I can really recommend Sophia, and I'm looking forward to a next shoot with her.
paulturner80 recommends sophiasmith
Added by paulturner80 on 30 March 2015, shoot arranged for February 2015

Second shoot with the marvellous Sophia Smith. Utterly stunning, so professional, utterly charming and most importantly a helluva lot of fun to work with... If Carlsberg made models ;-)
anomie recommends sophiasmith
Added by anomie on 02 September 2014, shoot arranged for August 2014

I worked with Sophia as part of a 3 girl shoot for a theme I hadn't done before.. what can i say? She was great to work with! Lovely, friendly, professional and looked gorgeous. I'd definitely work with her again and recommend her for other models :) It was more like fun than work!
rembrandt recommends sophiasmith
Added by rembrandt on 31 August 2014, shoot arranged for August 2014

Second time working with the lovely Sophia Smith, and again, she was absolutely fantastic.

This time we had a three girl shoot incorporating quite a lot of improvisation and Sophia was often the first to understand just what it was I was looking for and leap into action. She's friendly and generous (on top of being gorgeously elegant) and didn't hesitate to involve the other ladies in her ideas and schemes to ensure we had the best shoot possible.

Again, massive recommendations. ;)
paulbatterbury recommends sophiasmith
Added by paulbatterbury on 13 May 2014, shoot arranged for April 2014

I worked with Sophia a few weeks back, I have lost count on how many times we now worked together, it is always a pleasure. I wanted to just to say that this time we shot, Soph went out on a limb travel wise getting to me, which I appreciate, last year I was let down by a model who would travel 45mins on the train to come and shoot, Sophia did something like 10 hours travel (in both directions) that can only sum up that she is a dedicated professional and credit to her profession.
skinz recommends sophiasmith
Added by skinz on 23 April 2014, shoot arranged for April 2014

Quite frankly one of the best models I have ever shot, both in terms of looks and performance. I now regret taking 2 to 3 years to finally get serious about booking her. She is stunning - very pretty and in great shape with a great body. One couldn't possibly ask for more. She was relaxed and easy going which made the shoot flow extremely well. She needed no direction. She has all the poses. Her video performance was also first rate. I definitely will be shooting her again and more often. I obviously recommend her highly.
birthdaysuit recommends sophiasmith
Added by birthdaysuit on 20 January 2014, shoot arranged for January 2014

I had a long awaited shoot with Sophia and found her to be very professional and relaxed in front of the camera. She has plenty of ideas and is enthusiastic and energetic. The poses are creative and Sophia possesses a natural poise and balance that makes framing the shot a delight. Very pleasant to have worked with someone who takes the job seriously and gives 100% to getting it right.
mark44 recommends sophiasmith
Added by mark44 on 18 December 2013, shoot arranged for December 2013

Just had another brilliant shoot with Sophia three up to now.As always she is very well organised,brings everything needed for the shoot and always looks stunning.She is easy to work with, images always look great,what more do you need.
Thanks Sophia, see you soon
foxtrot_fotos recommends sophiasmith
Added by foxtrot_fotos on 13 November 2013, shoot arranged for November 2013

One of those models I have admired and aspired to work with for a long time. And didn't disappoint in the slightest. Incredibly accommodating, charming friendly and funny lady, and you all know how utterly beautiful and what a talented and enthusiastic model she is. Could not recommend more highly and do hope to work with her again soon!
Paris recommends sophiasmith
Added by Paris on 20 September 2013, shoot arranged for September 2013

Sophia booked me for a shoot for her websites.
She was very professional and new exactly what she wanted from the shoot.
Thankyou and hope to work again with you :)
Charlotte xx
McArthur recommends sophiasmith
Added by McArthur on 04 August 2013, shoot arranged for July 2013

This was our second shoot and Sophia kindly offered to step in at the last minute due to a cancellation, and travelled some distance to get there.

I jumped at the chance to work with her again, she is just so professional and is able to work with several different looks effortlessly. Thoroughly recommended.
ChrisRphoto recommends sophiasmith
Added by ChrisRphoto on 27 July 2013, shoot arranged for July 2013

Just had my fourth shoot with Sophia yesterday, It's always a pleasure to see her the day just flew by, Soph' is just simply a superb professional model without any fuss or dramas, she just gets on with it and delivers top results effortlessly, in fact the shoot was so laid back it seemed more like a social visit with some images thrown in! Top girl and looking forward to seeing her for more shoots in the future, well recommended from me.

2012 -
It's been a long time in the waiting to shoot with Sophia but boy was it worth the wait! Soph' has really matured into a superb professional model over the years and is one of the best I have through in a long time, She is just delightful to get on with, gives top results with ease and is just a breeze to work with, looking forward to working with Sophia again very soon well recommended!
mtkxproject recommends sophiasmith
Added by mtkxproject on 10 July 2013, shoot arranged for July 2013

Had a really enjoyable shoot with Sophia. She's so easy to photograph - poses with and without direction to the highest standard. So pleased I finally arranged to work with her! Highly recommended.
OTM_Teresa recommends sophiasmith
Added by OTM_Teresa on 22 May 2013, shoot arranged for May 2013

Just had a fantastic 2 day shoot with sophia today and yesterday. We have worked with her a quite abit other the years and each time we do she just been great. She really dose'nt need any direction. She just cracks on with things and always gives 100% to the shoot. She always arrives on time and is always in touch with you in the run up to the shoot. Would defo recommend her to others.
Thanks Sophia for 2 great days shooting.
nsw1982 recommends sophiasmith
Added by nsw1982 on 30 April 2013, shoot arranged for April 2013

Just finished my first ever shoot with Sophia and I have to say she is nothing short of amazing. Great comms leading up to the shoot, turned up on time, friendly and chatty, nothing a hassle on the shoot......and absolutely stunning looks to top it all off. Can't recommend her enough.
Joceline recommends sophiasmith
Added by Joceline on 23 April 2013, shoot arranged for April 2013

I've been working with Sophia for 7 years as part of the Restrained Elegance crew and just worked with her again. She's the consummate professional, arriving well groomed, in great condition and with a wide array of similarly perfect clothing. She's also a pleasure to have around and is always one of our favourite choices for long location trips. Both the experience and the results of working with her are fantastic.
SarahlouiseArnold recommends sophiasmith
Added by SarahlouiseArnold on 24 December 2012, shoot arranged for December 2012

Had a great shoot with Sophia (her being the otherside of the camera). She made me feel completely welcome and was so easy to work with. She made sure I had everything I needed. Would 100% recommend.
leander recommends sophiasmith
Added by leander on 22 November 2012, shoot arranged for November 2012

I can only endorse what others have said about Sophia, a stunning model to work with,I felt we were on the same wavelength from the start and she understood straight away what I was looking for from the shoot.
Relaxed,friendly and very comfortable to shoot with, and looking forward to working with Sophia again.
Thanks Sophia. Howard x
Rob_Dalimer recommends sophiasmith
Added by Rob_Dalimer on 08 November 2012, shoot arranged for May 2012

What can I say about Sophia. BOOK HER NOW! I've never worked with a more professional, organised model. I can't recommend her more. She's a pleasure to work with. I've shot Sophia a half dozen times in 12 months andI know it won't be the last time.
digitalsugar recommends sophiasmith
Added by digitalsugar on 02 November 2012, shoot arranged for October 2012

A Superstar!

Yes, a superstar! If you're looking for a superstar model then you've just found her. Can't fault Sophia at all and I don't think I've ever said that before.

A quick glance at her portfolio will show you how accomplished she is and it's completely deserved. I won't list out all of her attributes as there's no need, whatever you need from your model I know Sophia will deliver for you. But my particular favourite skill of Sophia's is what I call her 'Sophia Shapes'. If you take a look at my portfolio hopefully you'll see that I like out of the ordinary, quirky images and the shapes Sophia can give you really suit my style. When she's on a roll I'm completely in my element chasing her moves on set.

I've only shot Sophia a couple of times for her website, with another shoot booked in soon, but I really hope there's many more in the future. Although she makes me feel completely inadequate as a photographer (Sophia does ALL the work on the shoot, I'm really just left clicking the shutter) it's a great honour and privilege to have the opportunity to work with a model of such calibre.

Book Sophia. NOW!

***** 5 Stars
shinywear recommends sophiasmith
Added by shinywear on 02 November 2012, shoot arranged for November 2012

Another fantastic shoot with Sophia. We shot some great scenes & went very smoothly.

Would definitely recommend to everyone.

Thank you Sophia!
JamieFuller recommends sophiasmith
Added by JamieFuller on 23 September 2012, shoot arranged for September 2012

What a fantastic model, Sophia was great fun but also really professional, she knew exactly the look I was looking for and delivered in every shot!

She communicated brilliantly prior to the shoot and made the whole shoot fun and relaxed.

I highly recommend Sophia to everyone!
BrianAppleyard recommends sophiasmith
Added by BrianAppleyard on 04 September 2012, shoot arranged for September 2012

had a amazing second shoot with Sophis at Hallam Mill, fun happy shoot Sophia had a great wardrobe of clothes and worked hard with no direction to get the right shoot would recomend her to any tog and in talks already for are next shoot
PurpleDFX recommends sophiasmith
Added by PurpleDFX on 26 July 2012, shoot arranged for November 2010

Sophia filled in at the last minute for a shoot I had planned when a local model could not work. As she was in the area at the time, it worked well. She was dedicated and worked in her own ideas to complement mine. A true professional and definitely recommended.
2webmedia recommends sophiasmith
Added by 2webmedia on 25 April 2012, shoot arranged for April 2012

Had a really good shoot with Sophia last week, everything was relaxed and the shoot went very smoothly. Sophia is an extremely versatile model and it made for a very successful day of filming. Hopefully i can get to work with Sophia plenty more in the future :D
MetropolitanFox recommends sophiasmith
Added by MetropolitanFox on 22 April 2012, shoot arranged for April 2012

Just had Sophia shooting at my place for a couple of days. Superb model, good company as well. Definitely recommended.
tarmoo recommends sophiasmith
Added by tarmoo on 21 April 2012, shoot arranged for April 2012

Amazing beautiful and talented model who can effortless span genres of art nude and glamour. Lovely to work with. Excellent communications before the shoot and very easy to direct. A true delight to work with and someone I hope to work with again.
aylasky recommends sophiasmith
Added by aylasky on 29 March 2012, shoot arranged for March 2012

I had a great shoot with Sophia last year. Sophia was wonderful to work with, easy going, gorgeous and very professional. We had lots of fun on the shoot and I highly recommend her to other models and photographers, you will not be disappointed! Thank you!! :)
Tklr2002 recommends sophiasmith
Added by Tklr2002 on 19 March 2012, shoot arranged for March 2012

Had another amazing shoot with Sophia last week. Always stunning and great fun to work with - I get great footage with her every time and have a lot of laughs too! Highly recommended :)
Asian_amy_Latina recommends sophiasmith
Added by Asian_amy_Latina on 19 March 2012, shoot arranged for March 2012

I worked with this sexy model Sophia! What an absolute joy to work with her! Her company was superb and her attitude brilliantly shines together with her looks! She is amazing! No wonder she is successful because she puts hard work each shoot! Cant wait to work with her again in the future!

Amylatina xxx
pvfb recommends sophiasmith
Added by pvfb on 11 March 2012, shoot arranged for February 2012

I hadn't worked with Sophia for about two years when suddenly the opportunity came up, so I jumped at it and of course wasn't disappointed... so I wrote a glowing and witty post shoot feedback saying how great she was and that everybody sholud save all their pennies and work with her at least once in their lives... but it disappeared, so I'm having to re-write it, but it's nowhere a witty but I guess you'll still get the message... book her now!
clarmike recommends sophiasmith
Added by clarmike on 25 February 2012, shoot arranged for February 2012

Did The model turn up.Such as simple question demanding a yes or no. But in reality there is often more to it.

In this case my delectable model drove 260 miles to arrive in time for a lunch time shoot.

Well done indeeed for even arriving let alone modelling.Some models are gluttons for punishment (no not bondage) and Sophia is a prime example. She has a weekend of work planned that is almost beyond belief. The Monte Carlo Rally pales into insignificence besie her itinary.

Back to my shoot, I got more than I bargained for, in the nicest possible way. Not only did I get a beautiful model who was articulate but also a virtual encyclopedia.

In between our spirited conversation I managed to shoot some very beautiful images.

Dear Sophia you have cheered me up ernormously and the next time you fancy another round trip of 520 miles please let me know.
Kantaka recommends sophiasmith
Added by Kantaka on 22 January 2012, shoot arranged for January 2012

We have shot with Sophia. I think, 5 times in the last 12 months, shooting stills and video for our various websites, and always look forward to our shoots with her.

Pre shoot communication is always professional and friendly and she turns up on time with clothing appropriate for the shoot.

We’re shooting fetish/bondage and Sophia’s high level of experience in, and therefore understanding of, this area of modelling makes her an incredibly easy and productive model to work with.

Without doubt one of our favourite models to work with, we can’t really recommend her highly enough. She looks fantastic, photographs well, and is always immaculately turned out. Also a very intelligent, witty, and generally fun person to spend a shooting (and chatting too much!) with.
mark_e recommends sophiasmith
Added by mark_e on 17 January 2012, shoot arranged for January 2012

Sophia arrived early on day one of our shoot, fully prepared with everything required.
She is a lovely, intelligent, articulate and experienced model. Posing with or without direction she's a dream to shoot.
I have no reservation in recommending her to any photographer.
IainT recommends sophiasmith
Added by IainT on 22 December 2011, shoot arranged for December 2011

I,ve worked regularly with Sophia since she started in the business about 6 years ago.

I believe she was the model in my first published set on Femjoy at least 5 years ago and I've now worked with her probably more than any other model.

Sophia is one of the few models who researches what she is doing thoroughly before turning up and for this reason always knows what is expected of her and never fails to produce the goods.

I think this speaks for itself and why I rate her so highly.
NikNik does NOT recommend sophiasmith
Added by NikNik on 04 December 2011, shoot arranged for December 2011
No-Show, but a valid reason for the no-show was provided
barone does NOT recommend sophiasmith
Added by barone on 08 October 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011
Late cancellation, cancelled within 18 hours of the shoot
bursar_3611 recommends sophiasmith
Added by bursar_3611 on 17 August 2011, shoot arranged for August 2011

Sophia showed up with all the required kit to get the job done,good work ethic and got some great content, would happily use again
SteveH32 recommends sophiasmith
Added by SteveH32 on 22 July 2011, shoot arranged for July 2011

Had an enjoyable and very productive shoot yesterday with Sophia, who arrived on time with clothing and underwear as discussed.
The time passed far too quickly and we've already arranged another date.
I can wholeheartedly recommend Sophia and I'm sure you will enjoy the shoot and obtain some great images at the same time.
Book her !
jasminesinclair recommends sophiasmith
Added by jasminesinclair on 17 May 2011, shoot arranged for May 2011

Well what can I say about Sophia. I've shot with her a few times now as both a photographer and model. She is without doubt one of the best models I've ever met, not to mention one of the lovliest people I've ever met too. She's reliable, punctual, enthusiastic, tough ;-), beautiful (obviously) and she never moans which is a huge plus!! hehe She makes every shoot a joy and reminds me why I love my job so much! :-) Here's to lots more shoots. xx
renetti recommends sophiasmith
Added by renetti on 11 April 2011, shoot arranged for April 2011

Well done Soph, charming as ever, fantastic shoot, looking forward to next time.
adamrobertsonphotography recommends sophiasmith
Added by adamrobertsonphotography on 02 April 2011, shoot arranged for March 2011

I was booked to shoot Sophia for one of my clients websites. She had great pre shoot comms and was the perfect professional. No email tennis, shoot arranged and all details sorted with minimal fuss. She was punctual and very polite, was full of poses, came equipped with more than enough clothing and lingerie etc and was more than courteous when staying overnight in our home. I cannot fault her, she's 110% professional and I wish more of my clients would book such professional and experienced models. RECOMMENDED!!
Ludders recommends sophiasmith
Added by Ludders on 08 February 2011, shoot arranged for February 2011

It was a joy to work with Sophia yesterday. As a keen but none the less amateur photographer, I was pleased with the way Sophia took my minimalist direction and turned this into some great artistic nude shots that I am very pleased with. Thanks Sophia, would love to work with you again in the future! :):)
iparker recommends sophiasmith
Added by iparker on 08 February 2011, shoot arranged for February 2011

Shot Sophia yesterday in York, a very proficient professional model, she brought many different outfit options, and followed the shoot brief very well. Turned up on time despite awful weather conditions, which meant a last minute switch to a studio. She has very good self direction. This following excellent pre-shoot communications means that I would recommend Sophia without doubt!
DRowley recommends sophiasmith
Added by DRowley on 27 January 2011, shoot arranged for January 2011

I have worked with Sophia twice. I always enjoy working with Sophia and eagerly await our next shoot. Sophia is very professional, enthusiastic and fun to work with.
barryww recommends sophiasmith
Added by barryww on 25 January 2011, shoot arranged for January 2011

Very friendly, professional and a great communicator. Sophia is an excellent model - you only have to look at all of the work she is featured in.
lke recommends sophiasmith
Added by lke on 21 January 2011, shoot arranged for January 2011

We have talked for years, and finally got to shoot on a complex and detailed project. Sophia is a creative with an eye for detail and a questioning mind.

Sophia is a professionals professional, yet so easy and fun to work with, I would also imagine she is one of the easiest models for a new hobby photographer to work with too.
M1KE recommends sophiasmith
Added by M1KE on 31 December 2010, shoot arranged for December 2010

I worked with Sophia on my last shoot of 2010 and she has certainly set the standard for 2011. A truly fantastic model with a huge range of outfits, great makeup skills and a down to earth attitude too. Sophia was a pleasure to work with and is definitely recommended.
Rickypic recommends sophiasmith
Added by Rickypic on 03 October 2010, shoot arranged for October 2010

I had my first opportunity to work with Sophia a couple of days ago and I'm absolutely delighted with the results (and so is my client!). Sophia is very beautiful and easy to direct through a wide range of moods and expressions. On this occasion she was in a supporting role to another model and I was particularly impressed with how she shone without stealing the show. Highly recommended!
mysatin recommends sophiasmith
Added by mysatin on 31 August 2010, shoot arranged for August 2010

Had a shoot with Sophia recently. She was great to work with, professional, experienced, and has a great figure.

I would happily work with her again in the future and I would recommend her to others.
sureshot recommends sophiasmith
Added by sureshot on 25 August 2010, shoot arranged for August 2010

There is probably more I can add to whats been said. I LOVE working with Sophia, she's the ultimate professional. I'd have no hesitation in recommending but make sure you have good tea or coffee :)
steve_propixel recommends sophiasmith
Added by steve_propixel on 24 August 2010, shoot arranged for August 2010

I’ve worked with Sophia many times over the last 3 years, in studios and on UK/European location trips. We have shot stills and video and I sincerely can’t recommend her highly enough. She offers exemplary professionalism, a stunning range of clothing and her make-up and posing are 1st class. Sophia always contributes to each set we shoot taking great interest in the content and production to ensure the results are of the highest possible standards. She always delivers, excels our expectations and brings something new to everything we produce. A very talented, beautiful model and a lot of fun to work with. Thank you again, Sophia for all your hard work.

Simplytied recommends sophiasmith
Added by Simplytied on 18 August 2010, shoot arranged for July 2010

I have worked with Sophia a number of times over the last few years. She is a great model and fun to work with.
garymck does NOT recommend sophiasmith
Added by garymck on 16 August 2010, shoot arranged for August 2010
This was a no-show and NO VALID REASON was provided
MERC recommends sophiasmith
Added by MERC on 15 August 2010, shoot arranged for August 2010

Sophia is possibly one of the best models I have spent time with, she is bright, toned, articulate and can model easily with no direction. The only negative issue is that fact she lives miles away, as I would happily have her as a muse!

I have had one of the most enjoyable shoots with Sophia, and I hope to work with her again very soon.

MarkDHoulton recommends sophiasmith
Added by MarkDHoulton on 13 August 2010, shoot arranged for July 2010

I had the pleasure of working with Sophia last month. Her communications were excellent,she arrived as planned, and actually looked ready to shoot the minute she walked out of the station. The shoot went really well, Sophia looked superb throughout, and she worked extremely hard to help me get the images I was looking for. She is extremely professional, and great fun to work with. Overall, it was a most enjoyable shoot, and I'm very pleased with the resulting images. I would certainly work with Sophia again, and have no hestiation in recommending her to other photographers.
marlowe97 recommends sophiasmith
Added by marlowe97 on 16 July 2010, shoot arranged for July 2010

I've just had a really good shoot with Sophia. I've filmed Sophia many times over the years and she's one of the most popular models (for my sites) that I've filmed. Sophia turned up on time and let me know when she set off for the shoot. Sophia is really easy to work with and pleasant to talk to. She's one of the best models I've filmed for acting out scenes (video work), making up her own dialogue based on the ideas I give her. I would highly recommend Sophia to all other photographers. Sophia has stunning looks and looks just as good as her photos when she turns up for the shoot.
liquidcurves recommends sophiasmith
Added by liquidcurves on 28 June 2010, shoot arranged for June 2010
No-Show, but a valid reason for the no-show was provided
Cancelled 2.5 hours before shoot as she wasn't well ... wish you had rang me instead of texting.

On a positive note I have heard many good things about Sophia ...
DannyDeSantos recommends sophiasmith
Added by DannyDeSantos on 01 June 2010, shoot arranged for May 2010

Its always a pleasure to work with someone like Sophia,shes perfect in every aspect!!.
Thanks Soph , and looking forward to our next shoot!
bartman11 recommends sophiasmith
Added by bartman11 on 05 April 2010, shoot arranged for January 2010

I have worked with sophia many times now and she has never let me down , she has always been puntual,ready and eager to work hard.
I would recommend her to anyone
Ptay2005 recommends sophiasmith
Added by Ptay2005 on 29 March 2010, shoot arranged for March 2010

I worked with Sophia today and would highly recommend others do too. She has everything, stunning looks, amazing figure and great sense of humour. Plus, she really delivers and seems to know exactly what you are looking for with little direction. A real star. Thanks Sophia, look forward to our next shoot.
Nudey_Butt recommends sophiasmith
Added by Nudey_Butt on 26 March 2010, shoot arranged for March 2010

Had the pleasure of working with the beautiful Ms Smith last week when down in Leeds With Digicam. Such a lovely lady with huge professionalism and great personality. Thank you so very much for enjoyable evening. H
digicam recommends sophiasmith
Added by digicam on 21 March 2010, shoot arranged for March 2010

Had my first shoot with the formidable Ms Smith. Don't mind telling you I was a bit apprehensive but with very good communication beforehand and a fantasic personality that could counter my poor SOH ;-) during the shoot, it went like a dream. Sophia is a consumate professional in every way. Highly recommend indeed.
videoman2008 does NOT recommend sophiasmith
Added by videoman2008 on 20 January 2010, shoot arranged for January 2010
This was a no-show and NO VALID REASON was provided
Shoot arranged, rearranged to accomadate her, but did not show, call or email me to explain. but she was online yesterday, very disappointed with her and so is my client.
Carl_Grim recommends sophiasmith
Added by Carl_Grim on 22 September 2009, shoot arranged for September 2009

Had a wonderful outdoor glamour/art nude shoot with Sophia this weekend. What a lovely fun person ! She did everything asked of her, and more. In spite of the cold & wet, Sophia came up with poses that need to be seen to be believed ! This is an experienced model that knows what she is about. Highly commended.
ImagoImagery recommends sophiasmith
Added by ImagoImagery on 14 September 2009, shoot arranged for September 2009

Worked with Sophia at the Superbikes meet at Croft Circuit, lovely girl, great look,really easy to get along with, funny but very switched on when she needed to be. Really enjoyed working with her, recommended, x.
ellieprice recommends sophiasmith
Added by ellieprice on 14 September 2009, shoot arranged for September 2009

Worked with Sophia yesterday for team Kawasaki at the Superbikes, a great girl and a great model, was a laugh from start to finish :) will never look at a mini the same again! Can't wait for the next race! xxx
davidb recommends sophiasmith
Added by davidb on 25 July 2009, shoot arranged for July 2009

Excellent model, extremely professional, Amazing attention to detail. I can’t recommend Sophia highly enough, absolutely amazing.
BigEarsPix recommends sophiasmith
Added by BigEarsPix on 15 July 2009, shoot arranged for July 2009

Minimum fuss, maximum results. A pleasure to do business with.
Added by Gfun on 20 August 2008
Excellent versatile model who understands how to work with a photographer to get good results (also able to have a bit of a laugh)
Added by EdenquestAtelier on 24 December 2007
Sophia is reliable and hardworking - highly recommended.
Added by xanadu_images on 01 January 2007
Sophia was my was my very first shoot and I have worked with her several times since. She is fantastic to work with and we always have a laugh. I would highly recommend her.

Added by paul_b on 17 November 2006
one of the best models I have worked with