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Username: jivago ID: 141401 Name: jivago Photographic
 jivago Photographic
Country: United Kingdom
Region: Highland
City: Highlands & Cheshire
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Lina_Luxe recommends jivago
Added by Lina_Luxe on 08 July 2015, shoot arranged for June 2015

I had an absolutely superb shoot with Andy.... He is an absolute pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him to any model who is lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with him also.

A perfect gentleman, Andy made me feel completely at ease the entire time I spent in Scotland.

His communication is second to none and I was never left feeling unsure of any progress with the plans for our shoot from first contact.

Andy works flawlessly with an exquisite eye for detail and his creativity flows effortlessly..... I would not hesitate in arranging future shoots with him...... LLx
Bellalockely recommends jivago
Added by Bellalockely on 19 October 2014, shoot arranged for July 2014

If Your the type of model who will appreciate an amazing location to shoot and tantalising conversation Andy is your guy.
All arrangements contracts travel etc are completed with excellent communication so u know what's expected of you and what to expect yourself.
Every detail is planned to perfection because of this I felt safe and relaxed, Even climbing into slippery waterfalls I knew with Andy there I'd be in the best of hands, He explained everything clearly and I knew we would end up with amazing images as in Andys profile he does explain that he doesn't do dull!!! (I assure you he doesn't. )
Andy will have an exact idea of how the final image should look so the direction he gives you is superb.
It was an amazing experience for my modelling career and for me.
One afternoon I sat and watched him as he cleaned his cameras and had a quiet thought to myself....."This guy takes pride n care in his work."
Totally professional , relaxed and funny Andy is highly recommended! !! I'm sure he will have greatness in all of his endeavours !!!! Thank you
lauralola recommends jivago
Added by lauralola on 21 June 2014, shoot arranged for June 2014

I have a thoroughly enjoyable experience working with Andy in the Scottish highlands, he is very easy company and a true professional to work with! Communications were straight forward and prompt and all travel and accommodation taken care of to high standard and with ease. I cannot wait to see the finished results as they looked amazing on the back of the camera! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this guy to any model, if you get a chance to work with him, take it!
Enigmatise1981 recommends jivago
Added by Enigmatise1981 on 31 March 2014, shoot arranged for March 2014

I had the great pleasure of working with Jivago (Andy) very recently. We had a weekend shoot up in Edinburgh. I had never been before so Andy showed me around all the sights. The shooting was very relaxed and Andy was great company. I was extremely well looked after. All in all, a very enjoyable weekend!!
I highly recommend Andy to any model.
Thanks Andy
slimline000 recommends jivago
Added by slimline000 on 23 October 2012, shoot arranged for October 2012

Had a fantastic five day shoot with Andy in the Highlands and as a amateur model i have to say i am more than impressed! Andy approach, preparation, eye for detail and drive is definitely not a force to reckoned with! Everything was very well planned and straight forward! Andy is a fantastic host, intelligent, kind, and looked after my every need. I couldn't recommend him more highly. The shots looked fantastic and i cant wait to see the finished result!
RebekkaRaynor recommends jivago
Added by RebekkaRaynor on 21 August 2012, shoot arranged for August 2012

You'd be mad to turn down a shoot with Andy. I echo the sentiment that it's more akin to a 'working' holiday. He keeps a relaxed yet upbeat pace, knows what he wants from a shot and is eloquent in conveying it. While initial correspondence may be formal in manner, there is good cause. He puts a great deal of effort into locations and is an excellent host and conversationalist. More so, the shots on camera looked stunning, so I wait with bated breath at the finished results!
kirstyclaireas recommends jivago
Added by kirstyclaireas on 02 August 2011, shoot arranged for July 2011

I had the pleasure of a 5 day shoot with Andy. He is kind and thoughtfull and excellent company. He is an intellegent and inspired photographer and certainly pushes for his exact shots. I am exceptionally excited about adding his pictures to my portfolio, and working with him again in the future. What an honour to have a shoot with the exceptional equipment he uses.
EstrellaDelArte recommends jivago
Added by EstrellaDelArte on 20 January 2010, shoot arranged for January 2010

A rare commodity indeed - What a really fascinating clever man and an a talented artist he is! I have known Andy since 2005 when we did our first shoot together. He has always shown himself to be very bright, highly imaginative and a very well organised, well prepared photographer. His shoots are brimming with imagination and the results have always been wonderful and artistic. We only had a bare studio this time and it was last minute, but the shots are what I wished for. He has inspired me back into modelling. As always, he was very kind, he looked after me and I felt completely safe and relaxed in his entertaining company. Shoot with him - If you can pin him down - Estrella
rhinodancer recommends jivago
Added by rhinodancer on 22 November 2009, shoot arranged for November 2009

I can, without hesitation, recommend Andy. He is highly professional, incredibly tallented and an inspiration. He has a great eye for detail, a passion for art and has very good, original ideas. Shooting with him has been an awe-inspiring experience and I would shoot with him again without a moments thought. Thank you Andy for an unforgettable shoot.
Ashley3 recommends jivago
Added by Ashley3 on 07 July 2009, shoot arranged for June 2009

Worked with Andy up in the highlands last month and had a very different experience.. Same amazing pictures, Andy is very creative and a fantasic photographer who works hard and doesnt give up until he gets the perfect shot.. A great guy who really looks after the model. A very interesting and intelligent guy whose taught me alot. Thanks Andy and looking forward to working with you again.
Tibby recommends jivago
Added by Tibby on 22 May 2009, shoot arranged for May 2009

Working with andrew has without doubt been the highlight of my modelling career so far.
I had an amazing experience with an awesome imaginative, creative photographer and we produce some stunning exceptonally high quality content together.
Felt safe and very comfortable. Never a dull momment!!