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Username: georgian_historian ID: 204840 Name: georgian_historian
Country: United Kingdom
Region: Somerset
City: Wells
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ewak recommends georgian_historian
Added by ewak on 20 January 2016, shoot arranged for June 2015

Graham and I have been talking for a good while and we finally managed to find a date that would suit us both. I'm so happy that we did!
His pre-com were excellent!He explained his ideas very well. Before the photoshoot I knew exactly what we are going to do, where do we start etc.
On day of our shoot, he welcomed me with a big smile on his face!
We went for lots of different looks, resulting with some amazing pictures!
He exactly knew it what he wants. He is very profiessional as you can see through his work. He has a very good eye to the details!
He is also very easy going so time with him just flew by!
Through the shoot he was very friendly and made sure I was all ok. He is just dream photographer!
I'd highly recommend Graham to all models and I'd definitely photoshoot with him again.
Thank you so much Graham for an amazing day! xx
Erinx recommends georgian_historian
Added by Erinx on 15 October 2015, shoot arranged for October 2015

Had a wonderful shoot today with Graham and Somerset man . The day was planned very well in advanced with plenty of good communication prior to shoot .
I last shot with Graham three years ago in studio but today we ventured to the moors .
He was good fun , professional and tried to keep me comfortable .
Provided us with a lovely lunch to fuel us on our way .
I thoughly recommend Graham to all and will look forward to working together again in the future .
Thanks for a great day !! :)
Sinopa_Rin recommends georgian_historian
Added by Sinopa_Rin on 12 October 2015, shoot arranged for September 2015

Graham and another photographer booked me for a full day at the beautiful Maunsel House today. Pre-comms were quick and very thorough, and on the day Graham knew exactly what he did/didn't want in terms of make-up and styling. We did a variety of sets throughout the day with some beautiful results. Graham was happy to let me pose freely and review images on the camera; a lovely, relaxed photographer with a good eye for the image. I'd happily work with Graham again and would recommend him.
Mischkah1 recommends georgian_historian
Added by Mischkah1 on 09 March 2015, shoot arranged for February 2015

Graham and I shot for one hour at my recent studio day down in Somerset. He was great to work with and also arrived with some nice accessories! He had lots of good ideas and I found him to be polite and respectful. Im looking forward to shooting again in April. I enjoyed working with him and am looking forward to seeing the results... Very highly recommended. thanks Graham.
carlamonacox recommends georgian_historian
Added by carlamonacox on 25 January 2015, shoot arranged for May 2014

Graham was a pure delight to work with while I was at upper mills in Gloucester.

Graham is just a lovely person, kind, friendly, he made me feel at ease from the off.

I felt like I had known Graham for years, he is so nice to work with.

We shot a range of different sets and I look forward to seeing the results from the day.

I can't wait for our next shoot.

Thank you

fionajane recommends georgian_historian
Added by fionajane on 11 October 2014, shoot arranged for September 2014

I had another brilliant shoot with Graham a few days ago. He is such a nice guy, and fun to work with! The pictures from our last shoot came out brilliantly, so I can't wait to see these ones. Highly recommended, and looking forward to shooting with Graham again soon!
Lottie21 recommends georgian_historian
Added by Lottie21 on 12 June 2014, shoot arranged for June 2014

I worked with Graham for the first time on my studio day at Upper Mills Studio he had booked 3 hours with me and wow did the time fly! I knew before I met Graham that we would get along and I had a good feeling about the shoot as we exchanged few emails. I was very right we got on very well and we clicked about what images to achieve and because of this we created some great images! Graham is a lovely man so respectful and friendly and very easy to get along with. He also is a great photographer and comes well prepared and with lots of ideas! I enjoyed my shoot with Graham so much! I would 200% recommend Graham and I cannot wait to work with him again! Thank you so much Graham!
RebeccaLeah recommends georgian_historian
Added by RebeccaLeah on 13 January 2014, shoot arranged for November 2013

I loved working with Grahame! He is so much fun, great personality and creates some stunning images! Highly recommended and hope to work with him again soon xx
rsweir91 recommends georgian_historian
Added by rsweir91 on 30 December 2013, shoot arranged for September 2013

Graham is absolutely lovely to shoot with, his knowledge of photography has devolved over the last 18 months, he came up with interesting ideas and i can describe how effortless it is to shoot with him! He attended my studio day fully prepared with chocolate and had organised the shoot well so time was used wisely. Overall what a wonderful experience and i cannot wait to shoot again!
angelahudson recommends georgian_historian
Added by angelahudson on 30 December 2013, shoot arranged for November 2013

I worked with Graham while on my studio day at Hengrove in Bristol, he came with great ideas, knew exactly what images he wanted to achieve

Would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone

Ang xx
Jade_Isabella recommends georgian_historian
Added by Jade_Isabella on 22 December 2013, shoot arranged for December 2013

I had a fantastic time seeing Graham again, he is an absolutely lovely gentleman and I adore working with him. I stayed with Graham during my mini Somerset Tour this weekend. Graham and his wife are both great hosts and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay with them. They also have a beautiful Old English Sheepdog called Lily who is ever so friendly and lovable.

Whilst my stay I managed to have a short shoot with Graham, he is very good at giving direction, having ideas and knowing the sort of shots that he is after. I had a good fun time shooting with Graham and the results on the back of the camera looked good too.

I highly recommend working with Graham, You would not be disappointed.

Akari x
millyjeangood recommends georgian_historian
Added by millyjeangood on 13 November 2013, shoot arranged for October 2013

I met Graham for the first time in October and had a great shoot with him. He is very informative throughout the shoot as to what he is wanting to do and the results are great - thoroughly reccommended and i look forward to the next time, thanks for the Malteesers.
harriettlangley recommends georgian_historian
Added by harriettlangley on 15 July 2013, shoot arranged for July 2013

I had my second shoot with Graham at my studio day last month at Hengrove Studios. Graham was relaxed, easy to work with and full of ideas. His style of shooting had noticeably changed since our last shoot and he had clear images he was looking to achieve and managed to get lots of varied looks and ideas from our 3 hour shoot. A gentleman at heart, full of compliments and enthusiasm. Thank you Graham...thank you also to your kind donation to my charity trek!
UpperMills recommends georgian_historian
Added by UpperMills on 15 July 2013, shoot arranged for July 2013

Met and worked with Graham today for the first time although we have shot many of the same models. Graham was a pleasure to host in the studio and he is a true gent. He gives his models good direction and he is a methodical, calm and very polite photographer. I would be more than happy to have Graham back at the studio and I will happily recommend him to any model to work with.
FrancescaAnne recommends georgian_historian
Added by FrancescaAnne on 02 July 2013, shoot arranged for June 2013

I had a great second shoot with Graham last week - we shot together a few months ago and it was fantastic to shoot with him again! He is brilliant with sending over a shoot plan which meant less packing for me as I knew exactly what to bring! It also means the shoots flow really well, and manage to pack lots in whilst still being relaxed and fun. Both times the shoots were full of giggles and fun and Graham has a clear real enjoyment and love of shooting which is what it's all about and I had a fantastic time both times :-) I highly recommend Graham and look forward to shooting again in future! :-)
anniemob1 recommends georgian_historian
Added by anniemob1 on 02 July 2013, shoot arranged for June 2013

It was a delight to work with Graham again, this time we worked at a studio local to me so that Graham could capture something a bit different. We worked on a few poses which were inspired by classic artist drawings including the birth of Venus and a couple of others. We worked through a couple of different set-ups including fashion nude, pre-Raphaelite and a twisted narrative conceptual idea which was shot in the studios dungeon. It was great that we were able to fit all of this in but Graham had more ideas which sadly we were unable to do in the allotted time, but there will always be other opportunities. One of my favourite things about working with Graham is that he is never short of ideas and is very enthusiast. To top it off, he is kind hearted, considerate and good company. I would highly recommend him to all!

Thanks for lunch :)
missblond recommends georgian_historian
Added by missblond on 12 June 2013, shoot arranged for March 2013

I had a fantastic and productive shoot with georgian historian , was never a dull moment and he was packed full of ideas !
He was professional and polite at all times , and can recommend him to experienced or aspiring models , would love to work with again
Sam x
StarEmzy recommends georgian_historian
Added by StarEmzy on 07 June 2013, shoot arranged for June 2013

This was my first time working with Graham , at Gosh Studio.
I had a really great session , covering a range of work during our 3 hours.
Graham is a very friendly , professional and caring person , and we had some good laughs during the shoot.
I felt very comfortable working with Graham , who had some lovely ideas.
I also had the opportunity to meet Doug ( Gosh Studio ) who made me feel very welcome.
I look forward to seeing some lovely results from the session, and I would recommend Graham to any model .
Thank you G . Emz.
TillieModel recommends georgian_historian
Added by TillieModel on 04 June 2013, shoot arranged for May 2013

I recently took a tour down to Somerset and after a cancellation I found myself with no accommodation...:-(

That is until the very kind Mr Graham got in touch and offered me to stay at his lovely home with him and his wife. It was so Lovely of him as we had never even worked together before so he didn't know me from adam.

He picked me up from the station and after a bad start to the few days with the cancellation and then I booked the wrong train tickets and ended up over an hour late and I couldn't get in touch with Graham however when I arrived into Bristol station, I found Graham was there waiting for me :-) still!

Graham and his wife made me feel so at home during my stay, feeding me and a comfortable room to stay in, graham even drove me around to some of my shoots, they really were the best hosts and I really appreciate it.

We even got to fit in a very short but productive shoot and we managed to get some lovely images, I look forward to working with graham again, he really is a true gentleman, genuine and kind.

Thank you Graham, Love Tillie x
camy recommends georgian_historian
Added by camy on 24 May 2013, shoot arranged for May 2013

I had my 3rd shoot with Graham yesterday....It's always a pleasure to work with him.... He is very respectful, social and most important a lovely person :)

Graham is improving every time we shoot - can't wait to see the results!

Highly recommended

Thank you Graham


Slinky86 recommends georgian_historian
Added by Slinky86 on 28 February 2013, shoot arranged for February 2013

I've had the absolute pleasure of working with Graham three times now(and hopefully many more to come...) over this time we have developed a wonderful friendship - despite us being like chalk and cheese! He is the most wonderful, non-judgemental and caring person. A total gentleman. I feel completely at ease around him.

I always enjoy working with Graham. No matter how long our shoot is, it never seems long enough! I love that Graham is always organised and full of new ideas. I know exactly what we're going to be shooting and what I need to bring to our shoots (which helps a model SO much!). Pre and post-shoot communications are always excellent.

I highly recommend working with Graham!
codyholland recommends georgian_historian
Added by codyholland on 21 February 2013, shoot arranged for February 2013

Graham replied to one of my casting calls and i am glad he did as i have wanted to work with him for some time.

When i arrived at the shoot i instantly felt comfortable around Graham. He made me feel very relaxed and we had a great shoot although time when far too quick which is never a bad sign as it shows we both enjoyed it :) Graham has lots of ideas and is very organised which is great!

I really hope i get to work with him in the future as is he a great photographer.

Thank you Graham :) x
Suzanne_M recommends georgian_historian
Added by Suzanne_M on 10 December 2012, shoot arranged for November 2012

Had my first shoot with Graham last month at Gosh Studio WSM. The communications before hand were excellent and I packed two large cases to take with me! Graham was welcoming, fun to work with and a true gentleman, always complimenting and smiling, ensuring I was relaxed and I enjoyed the shoot throughout. We experimented with loads of styles and outfits creating a varied set of images. Thanks Graham! Hope to work with you again soon. Highly recommended :)
StephStephxx recommends georgian_historian
Added by StephStephxx on 23 August 2012, shoot arranged for August 2012

Graham is lovely, such a gent! Had a very good shoot today which was well planned and clearly had a lot of thought going into it which made the short time we had run smoothly! Very much recommended! x
KimberleyLawton recommends georgian_historian
Added by KimberleyLawton on 15 July 2012, shoot arranged for June 2012

Graham is such a lovely, polite gentlemen!

Very please to of done a shoot with him and the pictures have been available for me to see within a couple of hours.

I would love to do another shoot with him and would recommend him to any model.
firework recommends georgian_historian
Added by firework on 10 July 2012, shoot arranged for July 2012

Had a fantastic shoot today Graham, he is such a pleasure to work with, amazing pre-shoot comm's, he gave me a list of things to bring and ran through how the shoot was going to go,before hand so i could set outfit changes up very helpfull to no, i must say.
Graham is a very organised photographer,takes his time to get the best out of every pose =)
also lovely to be looked after so well lunch and chocolates was a great surprise, i can not wait to see the pics, and shoot again.
I highly recormend
rebeccajoyallsop recommends georgian_historian
Added by rebeccajoyallsop on 09 July 2012, shoot arranged for June 2012

Lovely man. A relief to have an older gentleman that is highly professional and lovely.

Just about managed to keep up with me even after a long shoot before and a long drive to the studio.

Lovely man
saracenhousestudio recommends georgian_historian
Added by saracenhousestudio on 02 July 2012, shoot arranged for June 2012

What a real gentleman! Graham's preparation for his marathon shoot at Saracen House was exemplary and was a genuine pleasure to have with us. Looking forward to your next visit to us!
DareMeDD recommends georgian_historian
Added by DareMeDD on 30 June 2012, shoot arranged for June 2012

Hugely enjoyable shoot with Graham at Saracen House Studio on Thursday. Despite having travelled quite a distance that morning, Graham met me with a huge smile, lots of enthusiasm & was well prepared with his lighting set up. His pre comms for the shoot were excellent and he carried this on throughout the sets of images in a very relaxed yet professional manner. Graham gave some direction and was happy for me to suggest poses etc. He does have a very good eye for what works outfit wise : ) - thankfully as there were many outfits to chose from!!

Graham truly is a lovely man, a total gentleman - he even brought me some chocolates & helped to carry outfits/heels around the studio! He was very focused on getting some fantastic images and from what I have seen coming through I won't be disappointed! I would highly recommend Graham to other models and look forward to hopefully working with him in the future. Thank you : ) x
Esprit recommends georgian_historian
Added by Esprit on 23 June 2012, shoot arranged for June 2012

I Shot with Graham at GOSH Studio yesterday and enjoyed my shoot. We only shot for four hours, but time went very quickly. Graham is very organised, knows exactly what he wants and gives direction well. Hes kind, friendly and respectful. Would recommed graham to experienced and amatuer models. Thanks again, Kim.
ChaosOfTrouble recommends georgian_historian
Added by ChaosOfTrouble on 05 June 2012, shoot arranged for May 2012

Had a great shoot with Graham at my studio day, thoroughly enjoyed working with him.
One of the most organised photographers I have ever worked with, giving me a list of items he knew he wanted to use and what order he wanted to use them in.
Got on with him really well and can't wait to see the images.
Would definitely recommend and love to work with him again!
Joceline recommends georgian_historian
Added by Joceline on 30 May 2012, shoot arranged for May 2012

Ahhhh, I had a wonderful time shooting with Graham! He's exceptionally well prepared, was great at direction while still allowing me freedom to try poses I'd made up and was super company throughout our shoot. I was sorry not to have longer to chat to him and wouldn't hesitate to work with him again or to recommend him to others.
fizzy recommends georgian_historian
Added by fizzy on 13 May 2012, shoot arranged for May 2012

Graham is a lovely gent and lovely to work with. He gave me a list of items to bring to the shoot, which was very useful when packing and even sent a plan ahead of the shoot. He's very organised and very espectful and kind, he even bought me lunch and a box of cholocates. Thank you again xxx
goldenleaves recommends georgian_historian
Added by goldenleaves on 25 April 2012, shoot arranged for April 2012

Girls..... I really do recommend you work with this amazing photographer.
Got some great images with different styles. I don't have away with words, but I wouldn't say no to shooting with him again :) thank you again for the chocolates hun :)xx
pixel8 recommends georgian_historian
Added by pixel8 on 03 April 2012, shoot arranged for April 2012

Graham is a lovely guy well organised and always keen to work with the models to create great images. Creative and plans his shoots so never wastes time, yet is laid back and always treats his models well. :)
Marie_XXX recommends georgian_historian
Added by Marie_XXX on 28 March 2012, shoot arranged for March 2012

Just arrived home from a fab location shoot with Graham! Pre-shoot comms were great, gave me a list of what clothing he would like me to bring and also showed me images of the places we would be going....and boy were they a good choice...some fantastic grafitti! He is a really genuine and lovely guy, bought me lunch and looked after me well. The images are brilliant, thanks. Highly recommended :)
ElizzabethJames recommends georgian_historian
Added by ElizzabethJames on 26 March 2012, shoot arranged for March 2012

Had a fantastic shoot with Graham today. Graham picked me up from the train station and dropped me back , provided me with lunch and was friendly and professional. The shoot was great fun and I hope to work with Graham in the future, looking forward to adding some of the images to my portfolio.

Highly recommended
roseanne_88 recommends georgian_historian
Added by roseanne_88 on 13 March 2012, shoot arranged for March 2012

What can I say abot Graham that I haven't said already time and time again! This Man not only is he a pleasure to work with over and over again! I would like to think of him as a friend. He is so down to earth, kind, and so sweet. He always makes each shoot such fun and gives direction really well. Ivwatched his work improve each time and he is still so incredibly modest! I hope get the pleasure of working with him againxx )thanks Graham for yet again another great shoot and fab company! I highly reccommend Graham again and againxx
HollyMarsden recommends georgian_historian
Added by HollyMarsden on 29 February 2012, shoot arranged for February 2012

Had my second shoot with Graham and it was even better than the first! A true gent. Courteous as always! Thanks!

Added by HollyMarsden on Wednesday, October 26, 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011
This guy is the most organised photographer - no, make that person, I have ever met! He had the whole shoot planned before the shoot and knew exactly what he wanted in terms of backdrop and set for each outfit and in which order. Graham is a lovely guy and very considerate and easy to work with. It was an absolute pleasure - would highly recommend. Thank you Graham. X
Tina197 recommends georgian_historian
Added by Tina197 on 04 February 2012, shoot arranged for February 2012

Today I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and working with Graham.
He is extremely organised and professional at arranging shoots and makes the preparation so easy with regards to outfits/ideas etc- great communication.
A perfect photographer during our shoot, lots of fun, making me smile and totally enjoy myself.
Would I work with him again?- Yes please! Highly recommended. Thank you for a fantastic day Graham, I hope to be arranging another shoot with you soon x
BlueEyedBlondexx recommends georgian_historian
Added by BlueEyedBlondexx on 12 January 2012, shoot arranged for January 2012

This was my first shoot with Graham and what a gentleman. He has a kind and soft nature and is very thoughtful to the model. He didn't push me to do anything I wasn't comfortable with. Very relaxed atmosphere and in the small time we had produced some great images. He had a wide arrange of ideas and let me incorporate my own. A very relaxed and fun shoot. I would 200% recommend him to any model. He even came with his own outfits! A real gentleman. Thankyou Graham I look forward to our next shoot. Kirsty.
Onabella recommends georgian_historian
Added by Onabella on 03 December 2011, shoot arranged for November 2011

From our first shoot: Graham was a lovely man to work with- efficient and creative and very considerate of the model, always making sure I was happy and comfortable. We had a great time and hopefully the images will reflect that. Would love to work with him again and definitely recommend shooting with him.

And our second (and hopefully not our last): Graham was lovely as always. We took lots of great pictures and he gave me the perfect amount of direction, also allowing me to offer poses and suggestions too. Graham is a gentleman and took me for lunch afterwards- a pleasure to work with and I'm sure we will shoot again.
louise22 recommends georgian_historian
Added by louise22 on 25 November 2011, shoot arranged for November 2011

Graham was a pleasure to work with!
he was full of great ideas! what i liked about Graham is that he knew what he wanted to achieve and he was very professional!

he was friendly, enthusiastic and very creative.
he made me feel very comfortable and at ease straight away and he was fun to work with.

i cant wait for our next shoot...

thank you
louise xx
goshstudios recommends georgian_historian
Added by goshstudios on 31 October 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011

I last wrote a referral for graham over 6 months ago ( see below ) after he visited my studio for the 1st time. Since then he has come along to several of the model days i run as well as hiring the studio and arranging models himself. Since Graham 1st came along to the studio his knowlege of studio work and techniques has grown proportionally and the quality of his work is now at a very professional level. He is very well organised and comunnicates well with the girls, he is polite and enthusiastic with definate ideas for shoot plans and i would happily recommend him to everyone.

Added by goshphotography on Thursday, April 07, 2011, shoot arranged for March 2011

Graham has hired my studio twice, once with a model arranged from purestorm and once as part of one of my model studio days.
He is a very pleasant guy who is well organised in advance of the shoot. I found him to be easy going as did the models who worked with him.
xdeex recommends georgian_historian
Added by xdeex on 27 September 2011, shoot arranged for September 2011

Graham was very kind ..he made sure i had fruit to snack on when i needed an enegry boost..i had an enjoyable day..i know we did not get on the right path at the beginning as i thought it was a 3 hour shoot not 4 but that was sorted out as a misunderstanding..Grahan was very particular abou what he wanted which can be good and remined me of my old poses hehe..Graham wants to shoot with me again which is lovely of him to say..thank you for a great day Graham and thank you for the lift:)
JenSomerfield recommends georgian_historian
Added by JenSomerfield on 24 September 2011, shoot arranged for September 2011

I really enjoyed my shoot with graham, he was professional, friendly and always made sure I was well looked after! He was the most organised and clear of his ideas and expected outcomes than any photographer I have worked with before. I would work with him again and recommend him to others. Thanks for having me! J x
martinchivers recommends georgian_historian
Added by martinchivers on 24 September 2011, shoot arranged for September 2011

Graham is a total gentleman!

He's been to my studio approximately 10 times, now. I do photoshop training & after 4 or 5 sessions, his knowledge has come on tremendously. The standard of his work is now phenomenally good!

He also hires my studio, arranging his own models. I have been closely involved with his sessions, but hands on, only as & when necessary. He is respectful to his models at all times & always provides them with a CD of images, as promised.

Any model arranging a shoot with Graham, has no worries whatsoever.

Martin Chivers.
poppymclean recommends georgian_historian
Added by poppymclean on 23 September 2011, shoot arranged for July 2011

I had a very enjoyable shoot working with Graham. Pre communication was fantastic, pre planning styles etc was great so the shoot went very smoothly.

The images look lovely and I look forward to working with him again in the near future.

Crymson_Love recommends georgian_historian
Added by Crymson_Love on 10 September 2011, shoot arranged for September 2011

Graham is an absolute sweetheart to work with. We had a lot of dialogue before the shoot in which he worked out exactly what he wanted to do; so when he arrived we had a lot of time to shoot perfect pictures; and have a good laugh!

This is one of the warmest friendliest photographers I've meet, a real gentleman with a great sense of humour. I would absolutely highly recommend him.
A hug to you Graham
louisamarie recommends georgian_historian
Added by louisamarie on 26 August 2011, shoot arranged for August 2011

I had a great shoot with Graham yesterday, he had lots of different ideas and styles, i felt really relaxed and comftable in front of the camera and 100% recommend him to any models, we got some great shots, would love to do another shoot with him soon.

Thanks Louisa xx
nikimariemodelling recommends georgian_historian
Added by nikimariemodelling on 08 August 2011, shoot arranged for July 2011

Graham and I worked together at Gosh studios in WSM. Graham turned up in plenty of time for his slot, and had many ideas to shoot as well as know the style and outfits that he wanted to use.
Graham is a very nice man, who was not only pleasant to work with but also to talk to. I can recommend all models to work with Graham
jessicagreen202 recommends georgian_historian
Added by jessicagreen202 on 13 July 2011, shoot arranged for May 2011

Had a lovely shoot back in may with Graham at Gosh Studio in Weston. They greeted me well as i got there and the shoot went really well. i enjoyed every second, photos turnt out really well. Would be a plessure to do a shoot with you again, Really sorry about the late feedback message! x
victoriasummers recommends georgian_historian
Added by victoriasummers on 13 July 2011, shoot arranged for July 2011

I had a shoot with Graham at my Studio Day at Gosh Studio in Weston. We only had an hour and time went to fast! Communication before was excellent, very well organised and new exactly what we were shooting and what I needed to wear which made things very easy :) Very lovely man a true gentleman and I really enjoyed myself. I can't wait to shoot with you again thank you. Highly recommended
MissFire_1989 recommends georgian_historian
Added by MissFire_1989 on 05 July 2011, shoot arranged for April 2011

Brilliant shoot from start to finish, very well organised and a professional attuide towards the shoot, making me feel at ease with a fun and energic approach, would definiltey recommend and would love to work again with you some time in the future :D Sophia x
Evee recommends georgian_historian
Added by Evee on 24 May 2011, shoot arranged for May 2011

Had a shoot yesterday with Graham, and it got pulled off beautifully. the organisation was second-to-none, communication was brilliant beforehand, and if you like meticulous planning this is the tog for you! I got given a list of outfit changes beforehand, and lots of ideas with regard to what he wanted to achieve, and lots of questions for me to answer and give my input as well! very friendly, kept me very busy i was knackered afterwards, but a very good and productive day, looking forward to seeing the huge variety of pictures we managed to get in a short amount of time as well =) look forward to more ideas in the future!
stacee91 recommends georgian_historian
Added by stacee91 on 07 April 2011, shoot arranged for March 2011

Knowing I was the first the model Graham was using to get back into the industry I was slightly nervous of what to expect. However that all changed once I got there. Graham is a very lovely man, kind and polite. He made me feel really comfortable and the shoot was very relaxed. I would recommend his work to other models. I had a great day, thank you Graham. xx