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Username: barlowstudios ID: 129551 Name: Barlow Studios
Barlow Studios
Country: United Kingdom
Region: Derbyshire
City: Barlow between Sheffield & Chesterfield
Work Preference
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david1500 recommends barlowstudios
Added by david1500 on 15 March 2016
Another shoot at this fabulous studio , plenty of sets , assistance and help and a great cup of tea .The best studio around , thank you George
ZebraRosso recommends barlowstudios
Added by ZebraRosso on 23 January 2015
I have always loved working at Barlow Studio with its large amount of space, excellent range of lighting and accessories and the knowledge and experience of George its owner.

The studio is now even better than ever with a new better designed layout and a series of new sets and refurbished original ones like the white shapes wall and the living room.

I can fully recommend Barlow studio to every experience level of photographer as a great place to produce superb images.
david1500 recommends barlowstudios
Added by david1500 on 17 January 2015
I had a shoot yesterday at this wonderfull studio , an array of sets , warm , with pleasant advise and help , thank you George , I will of course be using this studio again , David
benbaily recommends barlowstudios
Added by benbaily on 22 August 2014
Had a first shoot at Barlow Studio this week and would highly recommend it to other togs.

The lay out is fantastic, some great sets and, most of all, friendly and helpful assistance on hand.

Will definitely shoot there again.
ChrisNewton recommends barlowstudios
Added by ChrisNewton on 09 May 2014
I worked at Barlow studio for the first time on Wednesday shooting Kate-Anne it is a brilliant studio.
emu_photography recommends barlowstudios
Added by emu_photography on 08 March 2014
What an amazing studio. It has some brilliant sets to shoot in which include a barn, wet room/shower, living room complete with fireplace, white room the list goes on and on..

Booked for my first time today and found that 3 hours was just not long enough! George (the owner) is one of the most helpful and decent studio owners you will ever meet. Nothing is too much trouble, from advice with camera and lighting settings his knowledge is amazing and I learn't so much.

Looking forward to the next time I travel North to Barlow Studios (which hopefully will be very soon now I've found this place) Highly Recommended.
kate_anne recommends barlowstudios
Added by kate_anne on 14 February 2014
I have worked at Barlows many times now and i would highly recommend this studio, it is very well run and has many lovely sets, its wheel-chair accessible and every set is always looks fab! If you havnt used Barlows studio yet,make it part of your shoot diary xx
tonileanne recommends barlowstudios
Added by tonileanne on 13 October 2013
I have had many shoots at Barlow before now and is run by a down to earth guy. George is always welcoming and friendly and the kettle is always on! The studio has all you need inside to get varied shots from set to set. Highly reccommended :)
paulf63 recommends barlowstudios
Added by paulf63 on 16 September 2013
I had the pleasure of attending the studios for the recent fund raising day. I got to use 3 out of the 5 different studios, all excellent, got to come back to use the wet room. There were about 30 togs & George kept everything very well organised without being bossy. Need to come back & have a more intermate shoot which I most deffinitely will. Highly recomend, thank you for a great day :-).
HelenClaire77 recommends barlowstudios
Added by HelenClaire77 on 16 May 2013
I have been to Barlow about 5 times now and always enjoy it! George is so welcoming and there is a lovely atmosphere throughout the studio. Great sets and loads to choose from. I recommend it highly and look forward to the next time :D
AmyC_01 recommends barlowstudios
Added by AmyC_01 on 15 April 2013
Had another amazing studio down at Barlow Studio's. I have had countless booked up studio days at Barlow.

I just LOVE this studio. It has some brilliant sets to shoot in which include a barn,wet room,living room, white cove and just loads more to go at.

You can never get bored at Barlow Studios and even a full day is just not enough!

Apart from the great studio, George Davison the owner is one of the most genuine, nicest and decent studio owners you will ever meet. He's helpful and nothing is too big or too small for George.

I've never had the pleasure of shooting with George but he does offer some fabulous images if you are looking to update your portfolio.

Looking forward to the next time I am down at Barlow Studios (even if its just for a cuppa with George and Amy (his studio dog) ). :D
MowMow recommends barlowstudios
Added by MowMow on 08 March 2013
Well 4 years of modelling, Barlow Studios is like a 15min journey from where I live... WHY THE HELL HAVE I NEVER SHOT HEAR BEFORE????????? What a fantastic studio!!!! As I got there, I met the wonderful George who is such a down to earth, lovely, friendly guy. Barlow's has some brilliant studio rooms with great facilities. The kettle is always boiling, it's not a cold studio, what more could you ask for! I highly recommend you book this studio, I will definately be coming back shortly!! =) Emma (M O W - M O W)
MowMow recommends barlowstudios
Added by MowMow on 08 March 2013
Well 4 years of modelling, Barlow Studios is like a 15min journey from where I live... WHY THE HELL HAVE I NEVER SHOT HEAR BEFORE????????? What a fantastic studio!!!! As I got there, I met the wonderful George who is such a down to earth, lovely, friendly guy. Barlow's has some brilliant studio rooms with great facilities. The kettle is always boiling, it's not a cold studio, what more could you ask for! I highly recommend you book this studio, I will definately be coming back lots!! =)
charlie91 recommends barlowstudios
Added by charlie91 on 02 March 2013
worked with George he is an amazing photographer!! i would recomend to any model felt realy confident on the shoot and we got some amazing emages :D thank you!! xx
Vellocet recommends barlowstudios
Added by Vellocet on 16 January 2013
Shot at the studio a few times and always found it to be well equipped with lot's of great sets to work from. Some good props and lot's of space. Highly recommended to togs and models, the shower area is fantastic!
Donnybabe11 recommends barlowstudios
Added by Donnybabe11 on 18 December 2012
George... WELL lol
had a great shoot yesterday involving glass chess sets and MILK and Lots of it at that!
all I can say is it was the weirdest but best shoot I have had, never laughed so much and never been laughed at so much either after getting very wet and cold we got an amazing headshot.
I also stood in the same night on a group shoot George had organised with some photographers, was very professional and organised, would recommend George as a studio/photographer, hopefully back there soon if George isn't sick of seeing me yet :D

Thanks George!
JadeNewby recommends barlowstudios
Added by JadeNewby on 07 December 2012
Worked with George again yesterday evening at his fabulous studio. I will say it again he is amazing! He knows exactly what he is on about he has great ideas and produces the most beautiful photos! Thank you again George absolute star! x
charlene1 recommends barlowstudios
Added by charlene1 on 06 December 2012
Had my 1st shoot at barlows today and i loved it !!! its far by the best studio i have shot in upto date,very spacious and the owner very welcoming.
Thank you shall be back to shoot again.
Thanks char xx
Lauren_Louise recommends barlowstudios
Added by Lauren_Louise on 04 December 2012
The studio is fantastic, lots of different equipment and settings. I really enjoyed working with George he is fun, professional and an amazing photographer! always offering advice and is really helpful, i love my portfolio pics he has taken and would highly recommend both the studio and George. :)
JadeNewby recommends barlowstudios
Added by JadeNewby on 15 November 2012
Worked with George this evening what a lovely down to earth guy! Absolutely fantastic photographer and the studio is brilliant! We got some beautiful pictures.
I highly recommend George and his studio.
I will look forward to working with you again in the near future.
Thank you :) x
MichelleHush recommends barlowstudios
Added by MichelleHush on 10 October 2012
Ive visited barlow many times now but yesterday was the first time i actualy worked for george on a group shoot which i must say i realy enjoyed , it was well organised and a freindly bunch to work with. You always get a warm welcome at the studio, george is very helpfull and runs a good ship :)
cheers mich x
drrnsctt recommends barlowstudios
Added by drrnsctt on 29 September 2012
Barlow Studio is a fantastic studio, The owner George Davison goes out of his way to make sure you get what you need from the studio - a great guy and great help
marielouise92 recommends barlowstudios
Added by marielouise92 on 19 August 2012
I met George when i did a shoot with a different photographer and george said after the shoot, he wanted to do a shoot with me, I was very happy, when I got to the studio, george went through idea's with me on what I wanted to with what level modeling, when we got on with the shots, they came out fantastic, he made me feel soo comfortable, like I've known george for years, I very much look upto him. I would recommend him and I look forward to doing another shoot with him. :)
AmyC_01 recommends barlowstudios
Added by AmyC_01 on 28 May 2012
I worked at George's studio last Tuesday on a Group shoot night and have a fully booked up studio day on the 10th June.
I love Barlow Studios, its perfect. Great sets and George is very helpful.
Would recommend it to anyone!
saskial recommends barlowstudios
Added by saskial on 16 May 2012
George is great .his studio is fab and so is his photography :)
I'll see you soon George
Saskia x
photonortheast recommends barlowstudios
Added by photonortheast on 11 May 2012
have been to georges many times now as often as i can get from northumberland, its a cracking place and george is alright to!!
always plenty of tea and help , nothing is any bother, will be back more times before i get to old. thanks george. bill
CaptPugwash recommends barlowstudios
Added by CaptPugwash on 28 April 2012
Third time at Barlow ,but definitely not the last. Can only repeat what other people have said..Great studio with plenty of different rooms and settings to satisfy any photographer and George can not do enough to ensure that your shooting experience is complete. The "wet set" deserves a special mention all to its self, fantastic shoots can be achieved every time. The best "wet set" i have used.
ianjamesphotography recommends barlowstudios
Added by ianjamesphotography on 16 April 2012
Used Georges studio on the 10th for a shoot with Emma-Kate Dawson. The studio is fantastic, everything you could wish for and the service and support provided by George is the best I have come across.
I can not recommend Barlows enough.
Also the group shoot in the evening was special, well done George.
blade01uk recommends barlowstudios
Added by blade01uk on 30 March 2012
Had my third shoot at Barlow's today, and as usual had a great shoot. Even managed to use the 'Wet Set' which was brilliant. George is so accommodating, and helpful. Had loads of coffee, hope I left some :-). I have to go back again soon, to use some of the other sets and props he has there. Thanks George.
Diane recommends barlowstudios
Added by Diane on 14 March 2012
A group of us used the studio in February, and I can't sing the praises high enough. George made us all so welcome, and the facilities are second to none.

Thank you for making our stay a great one...
tommy139 recommends barlowstudios
Added by tommy139 on 10 March 2012
Its all been said but I wil gladly add my recomendation to those already here.

George is a true proffesional photographer and his studio reflects that in every way. It dosn't matter if you are a seasoned pro or an absolute beginner George will help where needed if required, or just keep the kettle hot and on standby.
GeorgiaAlexandra0 recommends barlowstudios
Added by GeorgiaAlexandra0 on 28 February 2012
Third time using this studio and intend on using it a lot more in the near future. Very welcoming with a variety of different rooms for completely different looks. Highly recommended to all photographers, models and make-up artists looking to get the most out of their shoot.

RowePhoto recommends barlowstudios
Added by RowePhoto on 26 February 2012
Worked at Barlow on a couple of events in the past, great place lots of space for shooting and the equipment is top notch, George has worked well to create a well themed studio and has a number of props available to suit the needs of the hirers. Always looking after his customers its a pleasure to work at barlow. Recommended studios.
diphoto recommends barlowstudios
Added by diphoto on 27 January 2012
Thank you George for making us welcome - 6 models in 5 hours was a tall order but with your fabulous equiped studio and your help it worked a treat.
Kettle boiling on arrival! what more can I say
Hope to be working with you again soon.
Anthony1 recommends barlowstudios
Added by Anthony1 on 18 January 2012
Used the studio for the first time last week and I have to say it is one of the best studios I have ever used. The sets are great, plenty of variety and loads of space. Excellent Bowens lighting with all the accessories you could ever need with plenty of lights in each room, all in good working order.

George was very welcoming too, very friendly and helpful guy.

I will definitely use this studio again, excellent value for money, and I would recommend it very highly!
blade01uk recommends barlowstudios
Added by blade01uk on 07 January 2012
Had another shoot at Barlow Studios yesterday. George is a great guy, and always willing to help out with lighting and giving tips on the best way to get the results that you want. There are a number of changes to the studio this time, and the wet room is great, unfortunately didn't get to use it this time. If it wasn't such a long trek from London, I would use this studio on a regular basis. There are so many sets and a vast amount of props to use, really spoilt for choice. I will definitely be using the studio again, and again. Thanks George.
KimmieD recommends barlowstudios
Added by KimmieD on 29 November 2011
I have worked with George and used his studio quite alot in the past two years and always feel totally at ease and comfortable with him. Hes an amazing photographer and always strives to get "the shot" I am honoured to call him a friend and will always use his studio for as long as I model. He makes a mean cuppa char too :D
CharlotteMartini recommends barlowstudios
Added by CharlotteMartini on 21 November 2011
Had my first studio shoot at Barlow Studios yesterday and really enjoyed it! was a great space to work in and George was absolutely lovely and extremely helpful! Would love to work there again :)
ElleBridges recommends barlowstudios
Added by ElleBridges on 19 November 2011
Barlow Studio's is fantastic such a wide range of set and props to work with! i only managed to work with the shower, white room and sofa but hope to use more in the future! George is lovely such a genuine guy funny sarcy sence of humour mind ;) haha, but will definately have to work with George soon was a pleasure to finally meet the man behind the studio i hear so much about. :) Thanks for letting us use it! definitely reccomend.
Lisi recommends barlowstudios
Added by Lisi on 15 November 2011
I loved working at Barlow Studios! It is one of the best equipped studios I have worked in with sets and props everywhere! George is very friendly and polite - he made me a nice cuppa tea and made me feel very welcome.
The studio is in a beautiful location with easy parking and all the photographers I worked with there were lovely, decent guys. I would not hesitate to work there again - Many thanks x
thewizard123 recommends barlowstudios
Added by thewizard123 on 08 October 2011
I was booked for a shoot that took place at Barlow Studio.
I was made most welcome and found the facilities good.George was lovely and runs a very relaxed but professional studio and I would would be happy to work there again and can highly recommend shooting there.
Best wishes,
emmakatedawson recommends barlowstudios
Added by emmakatedawson on 04 October 2011
Excellent studio which I am always made to feel very welcome in. George is very accomodating making me feel comfortable and relaxed. He is polite, friendly and kind. The studio has lots to use and has all you need. I actually booked and paid for the studio for the first time which says alot...I hate parting with my cash :). Highly recommended, great studio great price!!x
illy_xx recommends barlowstudios
Added by illy_xx on 30 September 2011
What a cracking shoot I had with you yesterday...I enjoyed the cookies the most :) I cant wait to see you guys again xx
kellismith recommends barlowstudios
Added by kellismith on 22 August 2011
Great studio, plenty of fresh set ups, backdrops and props. Enjoyed working there and was made to feel at ease. Hope to work there again soon.s
jaejay recommends barlowstudios
Added by jaejay on 13 August 2011
I would like to thank George for his hospitality,companionship, advice, assistance, and tips during my time at his studio to-day. All excellent. I recomend this studio to both models and "togs".

The only downer. Chesterfield council need to cut the bush back from the road sign post signing the direction to the studio.
RebeccaMay91 recommends barlowstudios
Added by RebeccaMay91 on 10 August 2011
Had my 1st shoot with george a couple months ago. george made me feel really comfortable and gave made some great advice and direction, he is very professonal and a really great person!!! Would DEFINATELY recomend! Thanks again george x
Lysander recommends barlowstudios
Added by Lysander on 04 July 2011
George is happy to help out with advice if needed. The studio has a good selection of different shooting spaces ranging from bare stone walled room through to infinity curve white room, plus lights and modifiers. Models are looked after with changing room space and there's always a cup of tea on offer when you want it. The location, very near to Chesterfield, makes half location/half studio shoots a possibility too.
I'm very happy to recommend George and his studio.
claire_model2011 recommends barlowstudios
Added by claire_model2011 on 22 June 2011
had an amzing shooot we george got some fab images look forward to working with him again. highly recommended ; )
SophieEllie recommends barlowstudios
Added by SophieEllie on 08 June 2011
Had such a good time today working at Barlow studios. Was so welcome and everyone was welcoming and the rooms was all great. Has great space to change in and everyone had great ideas for the shoots I did . Would recommend anyone to having a shoot there x
Smilertog recommends barlowstudios
Added by Smilertog on 20 May 2011
Used Barlow for the first time yesterday and it most definately WILL NOT BE MY LAST visit there george was brillint setting up the lights for me on one set whilst i was using another so that i could move seamlessly from one to the other!!! also very helpful with lighting suggestions on sets i had not come accross before!!!
Thanks for all your help and most deffinately recommended
cheers lee :)
Clickrshots recommends barlowstudios
Added by Clickrshots on 06 April 2011
I used the studio on the 3rd April, the studio is great, lots of props and sets, nice lighting. I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks
ZebraRosso recommends barlowstudios
Added by ZebraRosso on 17 March 2011
I had the great pleasure of attending a group shoot at Barlow Studio last weekend. The organisation was excellent, superb models, fabulous sets and a professional but fun atmosphere. Thank you George!
Jennifer_Paradise recommends barlowstudios
Added by Jennifer_Paradise on 14 February 2011
Yes I would recommend this studio to anybody and its brilliant for me as its close to home :) so im lucky! Well equipt and full of different sets and backgrounds. Had a great shoot yesterday using this studio so definatley will be using it again; and hopefully get some more great images!
Rachel_Naomi recommends barlowstudios
Added by Rachel_Naomi on 07 February 2011
January 2011
I worked one on one with george for a very interesting shoot he had in mind - we managed to get some absolutely fantastic images and it was a lovely atmosphere whilst shooting. George put a lot of effort into making the set for me and I was happy to be able to give him the shots he was after! - Lovely, friendly and easy to work with. George is very professional and gets a very highly recommended from me!

December 2010
Worked at the studio for the first time today with a great photographer, the studio has a very welcoming feel, george was really friendly too (and makes a good cuppa!)
The studio has loads to offer, various different sets to accomadate all! a fantastic 'curved room' as shown on some of the images, this is great to work in! also a really nice set containg lots of different levels and shapes which again makes for some really interesting shots! cant wait for my next shoot here to make the most of the studio!!
adele_coxon recommends barlowstudios
Added by adele_coxon on 13 January 2011
Had a shoot yesterday with George at his fantastic Barlow studio.
George is friendly and talented and his studio is brilliant. Cant wait to work there again.
KimBrodie recommends barlowstudios
Added by KimBrodie on 17 December 2010
Had a shoot at Barlow Studio's today with Losticini and was dead impressed with the several rooms/space/different styles and how well equipt the studio was. Had a nice private changing room and the place was all warm for my arrival :) Hope to be back soon Thanks will definitely recommend x
KimmieD recommends barlowstudios
Added by KimmieD on 14 December 2010
barlowstudios is recommended by KimmieD
foxy10 recommends barlowstudios
Added by foxy10 on 12 December 2010
I had the pleasure of having a shoot at Barlow Studios with George himself today, I had a really good time while I was there George is a lovely man very professional with great advice. The studio has lots to offer for great shoots. I am very very happy with the images we produced today. Thanks again George !
hkfuk recommends barlowstudios
Added by hkfuk on 02 December 2010
Had a superb shoot at barlow last weekend with the amazing Sally, and I have to say I was very impressed by the studio, it has everything you need, great lighting, superb sets and to top it all off is the friendly atmosphere created by George, he will give you as much help as you need or just keep out the way the choice is yours,I would recommend this studio to everybody wether its your first time in a studio or you are a seasoned pro,
see you again soon George and thanks
CB_Images recommends barlowstudios
Added by CB_Images on 25 November 2010
I made the trip to Barlow at the weekend for a glamour group shoot. Excellent facility and George is a complete gent. Recommended and will begoing back again soon.
Bailey29 recommends barlowstudios
Added by Bailey29 on 28 October 2010
One of my fave studios owned by the most down to earth,, funniest guys ever!! Brill studio...

Extremely friendly and welcoming.


X x X.

nic_n_katie recommends barlowstudios
Added by nic_n_katie on 26 October 2010
Worked at georges studio afew times now and what can i say i love it,
great sets, a welcome place to be. cant wait for my next shoot there highly recommend to all photograghers and models!!
thank you x
Chivone recommends barlowstudios
Added by Chivone on 25 October 2010
Absolutely fabolous studio, very spacious rooms with various settings that all look different, even a barn setting complete with straws indoors(my personal fave)! Hope to get invited again highly recommended studio x
dani1234 recommends barlowstudios
Added by dani1234 on 25 October 2010
Barlow is a lovely spacious clean studio george is a very nice person and a realy good photographer hope to work with him soon:)
BlueSapphire recommends barlowstudios
Added by BlueSapphire on 25 October 2010
You wont find a nicer, funnier more helpful guy than George
His studio is wonderful and even more beautiful with the new refurbishments
I have worked here loads now and I can guarentee that George will make sure your completely looked after as a model or photographer
Id always recommend this studio as it is full of exciting sets and a great owner
back2basics recommends barlowstudios
Added by back2basics on 25 October 2010
Was lucky enough to spend a day at Barlow Studios and am certain it will be the first of many. Great range of sets and lighting options, good facilities and help and advice on hand if needed, would really recommend this studio to both experienced photographers and those just starting out.

See you soon guys

happysnapper06 recommends barlowstudios
Added by happysnapper06 on 17 October 2010
I have used this studio on numerous occasions and have never been disappointed with the facilities. The variety of sets that are on offer is excellent, with george being on hand to assist you at any time.

I would recommend this studio to anyone.
Oonaleigh recommends barlowstudios
Added by Oonaleigh on 14 October 2010
Had an amazing shoot today with George at barlow studios! Really enjoyed using the new sets which produced some fantastic images!!
Thankyou George for a great shoot!
look forward to working with you again
Matt7x5 recommends barlowstudios
Added by Matt7x5 on 25 July 2010
Wether you are an amature or a pro you can't go wrong with this studio. I first used it on a charity shoot day & was very impressed from the start. Not only does it offer alot of different rooms/sets it is also very reasonable when it comes to rates. George the owner is also a great guy & is more than happy to give help & advice to anyone. I would recommend this studio to models & photographers alike so get round there a.s.a.p I know I will certainly keep using it.
davidhodson502 recommends barlowstudios
Added by davidhodson502 on 04 July 2010
I have used this studio a few times now, and George the owner is a great guy to get on with, and always helpful if you get stuck with him. Highly recommended!
Tara_S_ recommends barlowstudios
Added by Tara_S_ on 01 July 2010
LOVE barlow studios!!!
i highly recommend this studio as it has many props and different rooms to choose from. i have now done 2 shoots with george and i highly recommend him he is a great photographer and my pictures turned out AMAZING!!
he fills you with confidence too and gives great direction!!! cant wait to shoot there again!!!
thank you tara xxx
Diane recommends barlowstudios
Added by Diane on 29 June 2010
Had a great shoot here with three models - George was more than happy to help us out, and once again we were spoilt for choice as to where to begin. Studio comes highly recommended.
sexyshawty recommends barlowstudios
Added by sexyshawty on 19 June 2010
worked with george a couple of times felt so comfertable working with him love tyhe studio has so many different rooms and is really clean through out!
nermal345 recommends barlowstudios
Added by nermal345 on 04 May 2010
I actually paid George to take photos of me to help in my portfolio. Very happy with the photos and advise he gave me. Love his studio, especially as one part is big enough to drive in a car, not big enough for my limousine...(need to alter the entrance and knock down a wall). Really enjoyed myself
DN3Andy recommends barlowstudios
Added by DN3Andy on 04 May 2010
First shoot at this studio today. Facilities are great plenty of space, lots of choice, George is very friendly and helpful, without interfering in your work, an all round excellent experience. Feelings that I know my model also shares. See you next week.
charlie_girl recommends barlowstudios
Added by charlie_girl on 03 May 2010
had a shoot at barlow 2day, the studio is very clean with lots of facilites there to use, the changing rooms are great and kept imaculate, the actual studio is really big with great backdrops and plenty of props, george was very kind, friendly and couldnt help enough i would definatly recomend this studio to anyone who wants proffesional images shot in a clean friendly and relaxed enviroment see you all soon xxx
Sarana_Lilli recommends barlowstudios
Added by Sarana_Lilli on 05 April 2010
I worked with George on my very first real shoot and I felt very comfortable throughout, he helped me out in every way possible and would definately recommend! =)
izzykitty recommends barlowstudios
Added by izzykitty on 31 March 2010
Had another great photoshoot at Barlow! I thought it was an excellent studio previously but they've somehow gone one step further and improved it! The new white room gives out fantastic light and the layout of the whole place is marvelous. George was there to welcome us before the shoot and was as friendly as ever :-D Thanks!! izzy xxx
KimRhodes1 recommends barlowstudios
Added by KimRhodes1 on 31 March 2010
Had a group shoot last night - the venue was Barlow Studios. This was my second visit there, and I noticed things so much more then the first and made full use of the swing, paddling pool and bondage cross :-) I love this studio so much, and cant recommend it enough! Excited for my next visit there :-)

Had a shoot with George at Barlow Studio last night; he was amazing and so consistant in his directing to achieve the perfect picture. I was so happy with the outcome, and the studio facilities - you wont find better than in here! Would recommend George and the studio to anyone; and would love to work there with him again (if you'll have me back!) Throughly enjoyed and learnt so much from this guy. True gent. Thank you so much for your time, expertise and paitience!
EmmaLouise25 recommends barlowstudios
Added by EmmaLouise25 on 07 March 2010
WOW!!! a wonderful well set out studio with loads of different sets to used have fun and get fantastic images. with a bounus off a well lighted changing room. george is also a very lovely and helpful person full of great advice. i would recommend this studio and george as a photographer to any model or photorapher wanting a studio. plus he makes a lovely cup off tea :D
Thank you
Emma x
xx_Alex_xx recommends barlowstudios
Added by xx_Alex_xx on 27 February 2010
Had a shoot at the studio on Wednesday night - what a great set-up! loved the studio, so many different sets and props to use! Would definitely recommend this studio to any tog or model.
mfish00xx recommends barlowstudios
Added by mfish00xx on 19 February 2010
Excellent studio with excellent facilities and props! Plus you get George thrown in too with his expert advice which is all FOC! I can't think of anything else you could need so it's 10 out of 10 from me.
FURIan recommends barlowstudios
Added by FURIan on 20 December 2009
I've worked at George's studio at Barlow now several times. He is an outstanding photographer, highly enthusiastic and puts a great amount of effort not only into his own work but making sure that both models and photographers hiring his studio are welcomed and given all possible help and support where needed.
I would highly recommend him and his studio to all models and photographers without hesitation.
Lindsay_Furze recommends barlowstudios
Added by Lindsay_Furze on 18 December 2009
I have been to this studio twice now, The facilities are great and George is really helpful throughout. I also had a shoot with George yesterday and i'm very impressed with my photos! Do not hesitate to book with this guy, his proffesionalism and abilitys will give you photos to be proud of :) . Thanks George!
kirstylouise recommends barlowstudios
Added by kirstylouise on 03 August 2009
worked with george again on friday night. this guys amazing.really good tog,so much fun to be around,makes you feel so comfortable.knows what he wants and gets every shot hes wanting. thanks george see you again soon :)
nicklamb recommends barlowstudios
Added by nicklamb on 25 July 2009
Had a fantastic shoot at the studio,
George was friendly and hospitable,
and I look forward to many more visits.
lucy26 recommends barlowstudios
Added by lucy26 on 10 June 2009
I have worked at barlows a few times now, its a fantastic studio, and george is always on standby in the office should anyone need some help or advice, great place, great value xxx
Leannesharp recommends barlowstudios
Added by Leannesharp on 08 June 2009
Had a fantastic first shoot with George yesterday! Great tog, great studio and great pics! Enjoyable day all round!!
Can't recommend him and the studio highly enough!! Thanks George! XX
tanzanite recommends barlowstudios
Added by tanzanite on 27 May 2009
George is a fantastic bloke, makes you feel at ease as soon as you walk through the door.Brilliant photographer and excellent facilities at his studio.Couldn't recommend him highly enough and I'm booked in soon for more fab photos.

Thanks alot George

Debbie x
Tara_S recommends barlowstudios
Added by Tara_S on 19 April 2009
George did my first shoot and made me feel at ease.
its a great atmospheare and great pictures.
nhg recommends barlowstudios
Added by nhg on 12 April 2009
Friendly atmosphere. Good facilities. Hot drinks on tap. Must be my favourite studio.
dave25 recommends barlowstudios
Added by dave25 on 08 March 2009
Thanks George for a warm welcome and for all the suggestions and advice.Excellent studio,great props and a really great atmosphere.Must use the studio again.Thanks
sammyrolo2000 recommends barlowstudios
Added by sammyrolo2000 on 07 March 2009
:-) Had a shoot at the studio and I have to say it was brill. Loads of props and space to play with. George was very welcoming and helpful. Would defo reccommend working in this studio. Thanks for staying late George! :-) sammy xx
Alannah_Claire recommends barlowstudios
Added by Alannah_Claire on 05 January 2009
The best studio i have ever worked from, I would reccomend it for sure Alannah_claire xx
Ninabean recommends barlowstudios
Added by Ninabean on 01 December 2008
Worked at Barlow last week, what a fantastic place! The changing facilities are brilliant, and George is so welcoming. I definately look forward to working there in the future!

Ninabean xxx
amyallen recommends barlowstudios
Added by amyallen on 01 December 2008
I have worked at Barlow Studio several times now. It is a lovely studio with excellent facilities. The owner George is really nice and is always very welcoming. I'm really looking forward to working there again very soon :) Highly recommended. xxx
bobx recommends barlowstudios
Added by bobx on 20 November 2008
I went to an open evening at the studio and was impressed. George was friendly and very helpful as were lilmummy and layla.

The studio facilities are clean and to be recommended.
xchazx recommends barlowstudios
Added by xchazx on 12 October 2008
i worked with George i think last year, it was good fun and hes funny guy as well as being professional. really friendly and got a great studio definatley recommend gives you the guidance you need! chaz
Added by bambam on 17 September 2008
Had the pleasure in working at this studio yesterday! Felt safe and well looked after. Great bloke that owns it! Plenty of props! I am keen to work here lots!
Added by salsa on 02 September 2008
Had a great shoot with george today. his studio is comfortable and has good facilities. Im very pleased with my pics from the shoot and definitely want to return !!
Added by SexySaucySally on 28 August 2008
One of my favourite studios owned by one of the nicest guys you could meet! He even fixed my car a long time ago!.. Fab studio.. really friendly & helpful xx Sally x
Added by eleanor on 17 August 2008
George is a good photographer,great shoot ,great studio.recommend having a shoot at his studio
Added by nikonman on 26 July 2008
I had the pleasure of working at Barlow studio the other week and i highly recommend it to any togs looking for a place to shoot from.
Also i would recommend any models who are looking for shoots to do the same, hopefully they will be able to arrang
Added by AmandaG on 22 July 2008
i worked at the studio last week and i have to say it was a pleasure to work in such a lovely cosy studio with fabulous sets and lots of scope for fabulous work xxx
Added by henry2 on 19 May 2008
Have used the studio for my first ever shoot and will be back George was very helpfull with all the lighting and everything I needed to know very good
Added by blondebeauty2uk on 30 March 2008
Great studio and lovely bloke that owns it xxx