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Username: arianestudioviages ID: 148151 Name: Geoff Sutton
Geoff Sutton
Country: United Kingdom
Region: Staffordshire
City: Tamworth
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MichelleHush recommends arianestudioviages
Added by MichelleHush on 04 June 2014
I held my first model day at ariane studios this weekend just gone and i realy enjoyed it, the studio is great plenty of space, good sets and clean. Geoff who runs the studio looked after me well, hes a realy down to earth freindly guy, i also got the opportunity to shoot with him as well, lets just say he definately knows his stuff hes a breeze to work with and he kindly gave me a disc with some great shots on, realy looking forward to visiting the studio again
cheers mich x
frankfoto recommends arianestudioviages
Added by frankfoto on 13 December 2013
Had a great shoot a Ariane Studio. Geoff was exceptionally welcoming and helpful. The sets were plentiful and varied with any type of lighting scheme you would want. I look forward to shooting there again. Thanks Geoff!
AnnetteF recommends arianestudioviages
Added by AnnetteF on 26 November 2013
I shot at Ariane Studios for the first time last night and hope it won't be the last - welcoming, warm, well-equipped, and Geoff is lovely. Definitely recommended.
HelenGibson recommends arianestudioviages
Added by HelenGibson on 29 June 2013
Ariane Studio has amazing sets. Friendly & safe environment, with a private dressing room. Would highly recommend!
simoneh recommends arianestudioviages
Added by simoneh on 20 March 2013
Had a shoot today at Ariane Studio, what an absolutely fantastic studio, the studio has everything you could possibly need, a huge variety of backdrops, lighting equipment and props. a great size, and a big dressing room (which every model needs lol) Looking forward to many more shoots here. Definately Recommended by me
silkythighslou recommends arianestudioviages
Added by silkythighslou on 05 September 2012
Just returned from a really enjoyable shoot with Geoff at his wonderful Ariane Studio.
The studio is big,professionally ran and wonderfully equipped.Geoff was an absolute gentleman, a dream to work with.
Looking forward to further collaborations with both Geoff and the studio in the near future.
dirk_99 recommends arianestudioviages
Added by dirk_99 on 24 July 2012
Great shoot at Ariane yesterday. First time I had used Geoff's studio, and I was impressed. The studio is very well equipped, and the different areas provide a lot of opportunities for creating a variety of looks and themes e.g. the wet-room setup is excellent and has dedicated lighting that is well thought-out. Geoff is very helpful. Even though it is 70 miles away from me I think I will be back. I can fully recommend Ariane Studio.
louise22 recommends arianestudioviages
Added by louise22 on 04 April 2012
fantastic studio, spacious, lots of different sets,great props and very welcoming.

highly reccomended
63jian recommends arianestudioviages
Added by 63jian on 14 March 2012
A couple of weeks ago, i had a shoot at Ariane studios, but unfortunately i have only now got round to posting this.

Ariane studios is a well planned, good size studio with various sets, props and lots of lighting to use.
Geoff is a great host, who provided good music and sense of humour along with help and advise throughout the time that i was there, making sure both the model and myself was happy.

I can highly recommend the studio and Geoff, and i will definitely be visiting the studio again in the future.

Many thanks!
emmakatedawson recommends arianestudioviages
Added by emmakatedawson on 16 February 2012
I did my first ever studio day at ariane nearly 5 years ago! It sold very quickly and partly because of its long list of contacts due to its popularity. I now consider it one my most comfortable studios. Well equipped with a warm welcome and great atmosphere. Many sets and props to use along with guidence if needed. Ariane still continues to be one of the midlands top studios. A great seeling point is also the cove which allows cars, bikes and more to be photographed there which not all studios can accomodate for.
A higley recommended studio for all
Lisi recommends arianestudioviages
Added by Lisi on 23 August 2011
Worked at Ariane Photographic Studio for the first time last week. I can highly recommend this studio to photographers and models alike. New models can rest assured that they will be treated with respect and given the correct advice about the modelling industry.
Ariane is also one of the largest studios I have worked in with some of the best room sets.
This studio is very well run, well organised and maintained. Looking forward to working there again in the future :) many thanks
RosieBeever recommends arianestudioviages
Added by RosieBeever on 17 August 2011
I shot here on Friday and I can honestly say its great! Such a wide variety of sets. Studio surroundings and then home/location/themed surroundings. Everything you need all under one roof! :) Highly Recommended! x
stimpy recommends arianestudioviages
Added by stimpy on 09 August 2011
Had the pleasure of using Ariane studios for the first time on Saturday early morning , I can't recommend Geoff and the studio enough ,really helpful advise for a studio newby which was much appreciated , the studio is spot on I will be returning to re use the studio and pick geoff's brains a little more many thanks
jaejay recommends arianestudioviages
Added by jaejay on 31 May 2011
If a certain "Lager" did photo studios it would proberbly be the best studio in the Midlands.
Dolly_Dare recommends arianestudioviages
Added by Dolly_Dare on 16 April 2011
Had my first shoot @ ariane this week with Geoff and had a ball. The studia caters for everything and ended up with great shots.....looking foward to my next shoot already :)
nanettemccrone recommends arianestudioviages
Added by nanettemccrone on 22 February 2011
This was my second time shooting at Ariane. The studio is fantastic. lovely and warm, clean and full of lots of inspiration to make a fantastic worthwhile shoot. I had a lovely day there and cannot wait to shoot there again. Thanks
Moskiman recommends arianestudioviages
Added by Moskiman on 21 February 2011
I'd strongly recommend Ariane Photographic - I've been taking part in the fortnightly group shoots since the New Year and my images have come on in leaps and bounds. There's always a friendly atmosphere and Geoff is very welcoming to photographers who are new to studio work. I'm looking forward to using Ariane in future for 1 to 1 bookings.
misshayes recommends arianestudioviages
Added by misshayes on 18 February 2011
i would certainly recommend this studio to everyone i have worked in there many many times and still remains to be my favourite studio! Awesome studio and FAB owner :) a *
ntsiatinis recommends arianestudioviages
Added by ntsiatinis on 17 December 2010
Went for my first group session the other day. Geoff was very welcoming, giving me a tour of the studio and assisting me with the first few shots until I got my bearings.

Excellent studio, plenty of sets, and the biggest infinity cove I've ever seen!

Will definitely be going back :)
kerrigirl recommends arianestudioviages
Added by kerrigirl on 17 November 2010
Had my first shoot here a few weeks ago and have since been back and visited.
Was warmly greeted by Geoff on arrival and shown around the studio...the changing facilities were clean and inviting...and the studio was also clean and well heated.
There are plenty of sets to work from...and everything is at your diposal.
And......Geoff has a fab coffee machine :-D.

Loves K xx
davidglover recommends arianestudioviages
Added by davidglover on 12 July 2010
I booked the studio for a full weekend, and was really pleased with the studio and all the images produced over the booking... Geoff was at hand whenever i needed him to be, unfortunately it wasnt that much but this gave him plenty of time for making me tea.. and a great cup he makes too.. :o) I will definately be returning to the studio very soon, the friendly, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere was second to none, i would advise everyone to shoot here, you will not be disappointed.. Thanks for a great weekend Geoff... :o)
ev0 recommends arianestudioviages
Added by ev0 on 26 April 2010
I had my first shot at Ariane studio yesterday. I was given a warm welcome. I was given an extensive tour of the studio. The facility’s were top knotch and the white backdrop was one of the best I have seen. The changing room was clean, with a wide range of hair accessories, clothes and props. I would defiantly recommend Ariane studio to other models and photographers.
andybeach recommends arianestudioviages
Added by andybeach on 14 April 2010
First shoot at Ariane at one of their Group Nights. Great welcome from everyone and enthusiastic help to make sure you get the best from the evening. Studio has a very wide range of sets and areas to shoot to suit all tastes and requirements. Well worth a look.
Lindsay_Furze recommends arianestudioviages
Added by Lindsay_Furze on 22 March 2010
I shot at the ariane studio yesterday. As soon as I arrived (Albeit way to early ), I was given a warm welcome. My suitcases were brought in for me, and I was given an extensive tour of the studio. The facilitys were top knotch and the white backdrop was one of the best I have seen. The changing room was clean, with a wide range of hair accessorys, clothes and props. I would definatly recommend Ariane studio to other models and photographers.

laurenlangley recommends arianestudioviages
Added by laurenlangley on 18 October 2009
Absolutely amazing studio and will not find nicer blokes than dave and geoff or a better studio than marks,be back soon!xx
tanzanite recommends arianestudioviages
Added by tanzanite on 11 July 2009
What can i say, great studio, great blokes. As soon as i walked in they put me at ease, made me laugh and made me a drink!The shoot i had with both Dave and Geoff were amazing. I got some fantastic pictures and some very good advice. So it's a big thank you to you both of you and look forward to working with you both again soon.

Debbie xxx
TeddyB recommends arianestudioviages
Added by TeddyB on 09 March 2009
Massive white infinity cove, big enough for a car, the hi-lite look I got there has greatly improved my images. Overhead gallery to shoot down onto the main area. Bags of car parking space, excellent hot drinks vending machine. Dave and Geoff are friendly guy's, who have planned out the studio to be just right for different scenes/sets. I've used it twice now, will definately use it again.
southwestbabe recommends arianestudioviages
Added by southwestbabe on 21 February 2009
I had an excellent shoot at ariane studios(with my own photographer) and i will be using it again. There are plenty of props and different sets, would highly recommend useing this studio. friendly and helpful owner which was very nice. will be shooting there again soon. Best studio ive been to in the midlands. x
Emmalea recommends arianestudioviages
Added by Emmalea on 22 December 2008
Best Studio in the West Midlands. X