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Username: _Elise_ ID: 183953 Name: Elise Age: 27
Elise Bust: 30in (76cm)
Waist: 21in (53cm)
Height62in (5' 2") (157cm)
Hips: 30in (76cm)
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Blonde
Weight: 95lbs (43kg)

Country: United Kingdom
Region: London
City: barnet
Work Preference
Fitness Model
Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Parts Modeling
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OldMaster recommends _Elise_
Added by OldMaster on 19 February 2014, shoot arranged for February 2014

I worked with Elise on a patch of ground in the dark to capture some images of one of her fire dance routines. She has an extraordinary talent and great courage. Combining skill with beauty, working with Elise was an opportunity to get some unique images. This shoot met the brief but I would love to work with her again in a more conducive environment...she is that compelling!
Jake41 recommends _Elise_
Added by Jake41 on 05 August 2013, shoot arranged for August 2013

Very little I can add to all these great references. It is not until you give Elise the freedom to her stuff that you can see what a great performer she really is. No direction required. Moves with an amazing fluidity from pose to pose. Her 'pointe' work is truly amazing especially as she has never had a ballet lesson in her life. She has a great smile. A stunning figure and is one of the most pleasant models I have had the pleasure to shoot. Highest recommendation.
photo39 recommends _Elise_
Added by photo39 on 04 August 2013, shoot arranged for August 2013

Well they have all said it. It was at mine Elise came for her group shoot. Can't believe it is over a year since we shot her silks images.

A full 8 hour day working on the lyra, trapeze and silks, interspersed with lingerie, glamour and art nude work.

A truly versatile, fun and charming model who has now joined my studio register and I look forward to further visits and certainly another 'aerial' day later in the year.

A great model and with her aerial skills takes a shoot to a whole new level.

Highly recommended. Watch this space she will be back.
andym65 recommends _Elise_
Added by andym65 on 04 August 2013, shoot arranged for August 2013

I did a group shoot with Elise. This was my first time doing an aerial shoot, and I would recommend everyone should try it at least once. Elise is one of the most flexible, patient, hard-working models I have worked with. She endured an 8 hour shoot with us and willingly tried anything we threw at her. She has a great figure and kept a smile on her face throughout the shoot. It would be a privilege to work with her again, which I hope I will get the opportunity to do.
Rogerio recommends _Elise_
Added by Rogerio on 04 August 2013, shoot arranged for August 2013

Had my first shoot with Elise on Saturday as part of a group shoot. Elise is a lovely lady who is a fantastic professional and talented model and she never appears to run out of energy and is willing to try some amazing poses. Throughout the day she put 100% effort into everything she was asked to do and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any tog who is really looking for something special. I would hope to work with Elise again in the future. Many thanks Elise
pmeswani recommends _Elise_
Added by pmeswani on 03 August 2013, shoot arranged for August 2013

Had my first shoot with _Elise_ today as a result of a group shoot I organised. _Elise_ is one of the most versatile models I have come across in my relative short time as a model photographer. I won't hesitate to book her again the future and highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to work with this fantastic model.
S1im recommends _Elise_
Added by S1im on 03 August 2013, shoot arranged for August 2013

I had the pleasure of shooting with the very talented and beautiful Elise today as part of a group shoot.This young lady is a true professional through and through.Not only does Elise have an endless amount of energy but is able to pull off the most amazing Ariel poses.She has amazing flexibility and grace and no pose is beyond her endless capabilities.I look forward to meeting and shooting you again soon.
davidb recommends _Elise_
Added by davidb on 30 July 2013, shoot arranged for June 2013

Elise is truly a unique model, she is very enthusiastic, extremely agile and highly creative. Elise make what she does look effortless and giving 100% the entire shoot I can't recommend her highly enough. A real pleasure to shoot with. Thank you.
PhotoBuff recommends _Elise_
Added by PhotoBuff on 15 April 2013, shoot arranged for April 2013

Elise is a very skilled hard working model.
She has a supple and beautiful body and she can do wonders with it.
Very highly recommended.
I hope to work with her again quite soon.
clivebaker recommends _Elise_
Added by clivebaker on 28 August 2012, shoot arranged for August 2012

Had a great shoot with Elise yesterday. We shot many sequences with fire and got some great results.

Elise is a very friendly energetic model that needs no direction and knows what she wants to get out of a shoot. Her communication prior to the shoot was excellent and I found her enthusiasm very refreshing.

I highly recommend Elise and I hope to work with her again.
Coolyam recommends _Elise_
Added by Coolyam on 04 August 2012, shoot arranged for August 2012

Booked Elise for a 4 hour shoot in Kent covering fashion/glamour/lingerie/art nude. Elise turned up promptly on time ,although I was disappointed she didn't drive her Lotus :-) but having seen the huge wardrobe of clothing she had available, I fully understand.

What can I say that hasn't been said before, Elise is a wonderfully proportioned beautiful model. Very fit, I didn't have the room for the full acrobatics but perhaps next time. Great model, incredible poses, can and does pose without direction. Very fast to change clothes / looks and very cheap to feed and water.

Highly recommended and I hope to work with her again.
carlosw recommends _Elise_
Added by carlosw on 23 June 2012, shoot arranged for June 2012

Elise is a real find. I stumbled over her PS Port quite by accident tho she tells me she has been on here for a while. I'm sooo glad I did. Her comms were brief to the point of curtness .....but did exactly what they said oin the tin. She turned up on time, brought everything requested with hair abnd make uip as required. Booked for her acrobatic abilities she gave me flexibility, attitude and much more. I will book her again and soon.
beekay recommends _Elise_
Added by beekay on 17 June 2012, shoot arranged for May 2012

What an amazing performer/model. I knew Elise was a aerialist of course but was still surprised at her expertise. We had a long shoot, primarily to get pics of her working the silks. Her energy and enthusiasm was boundless. She even brought a costume she had only completed making the night before.
If you want something unique to add to your portfolio you will not get anything better than that from a shoot with Elise.
TheStudioMK recommends _Elise_
Added by TheStudioMK on 14 June 2012, shoot arranged for June 2012

Worked with Elise today on the Playboy TV Latin America project , very pleased with the results... amazing body and super flexible made for some poses even I hadn't shot before !

Had a good selection of clothes, was a good communicator... and put up with my crazy team !

Would highly recommend working with Elise, and sure we will be doing more projects together !
studioshoots recommends _Elise_
Added by studioshoots on 01 June 2012, shoot arranged for May 2012

Great home shoot with Elise,she was on time and had lots of clothes and shoes,nice personality and a the best bum ever.
aprilscherz3 recommends _Elise_
Added by aprilscherz3 on 07 May 2012, shoot arranged for May 2012

Had a fantastic shoot with the wonderful Elise. She arrived early at 7 am, braved the cold and dog walkers and poses naturally without direction. Her skin is flawless as is her figure, and it is simply impossible to take a bad picture of her. Hope to work with her again soon.
Macman recommends _Elise_
Added by Macman on 07 May 2012, shoot arranged for April 2012

I worked with Elise last weekend on an acrobatic shoot. Her hoop work and overall strength and flexibility is amazing. Her skin is notably fabulous too - as is her work-level and commitment to getting the shot.

Thanks Elise!
Spike recommends _Elise_
Added by Spike on 16 April 2012, shoot arranged for April 2012

Worked with Elise on Saturday, booked her based on the acrobatic/hoop shots for something a bit different.
Arrived early. Worked bloody hard, her own poses were great, took direction well when necessary. Fabulous skin - the image of a perfect porcelian statue entered my mind as I was shooting. Great attitude. WOW
We will definately be booking her again. :)
oldbloke recommends _Elise_
Added by oldbloke on 24 March 2012, shoot arranged for March 2012

I would recommend Elise 100%. She was just great. Thoroughly professional throughout and great fun. Amazingly agile and supple too!
vinny recommends _Elise_
Added by vinny on 12 March 2012, shoot arranged for March 2012

What a beautiful sassy lady! I would work with Elise again no problem!
Great poses, great attitude and spark.
Thanks Elise. See you again v soon. x
glamshots recommends _Elise_
Added by glamshots on 05 March 2012, shoot arranged for March 2012

I responded to Elise' forum post relating to rates for shoots and am so glad that I did. She arrived on time, with huge amounts of clothing and an eagerness to work. Elise is a charming young woman with a radiant smile and superb physique. She happily applied herself to my shooting script but also was keen to add her ideas. I was amazed at her flexibility and greatly admire her skills.
Elise worked in a truly professional manner and I thoroughly recommend her.
johnlp recommends _Elise_
Added by johnlp on 27 February 2012, shoot arranged for February 2012

Elise arrived early for the shoot; brought a huge range of clothes with her; and performed exceptionally well throughout a three hour shoot. She has a charming personality,and is both petite and amazingly flexible. A totally relaxing and highly productive time. She is full of ideas, and I'm sure we only scratched the surface of what she is capable of.
tiamatvenger recommends _Elise_
Added by tiamatvenger on 21 February 2012, shoot arranged for February 2012

Had a fantastic shoot with Elise this week, what can I say that hasn't been said before. A beautiful girl, confident, professional would I work with again most certainly and I would recommend wholeheartedly to any photographer out there.

Put 110% into the shoot, read the shoot requirements and turned up with the most outstanding wardrobe. Can always appreciate it when a model takes her time preparing for the shoot and she did so in spades. Thoroughly recommended and thanks Elise, wish you the best in your modelling career.
AndyT recommends _Elise_
Added by AndyT on 26 October 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011

Elise is amazing! Pre comms were great, ideas discussed and followed through. Make up was very good and an enormous wardrobe and bags of heels & accessories.
Elise is very professional yet very friendly with a wicked personality. A delight to work with. For someone who does not model full time, Elise was very aware of poses for backdrops/space and worked to the lighting like she did this every day. Elise has many facial expressions and poses. Basically... if you get a chance to work with Elise take it, you will not fail in creating amazing images. Many thanks Elise and hope to work with you again in the the near future!
pvfb recommends _Elise_
Added by pvfb on 24 November 2010, shoot arranged for November 2010

Had a totally brilliant shoot with Elise and her lovely Lotus Exige S, I normally (in real life) shoot rather and bigger and slower vehicles, so it was great fun shooting a model and a fast car. Elise was both great to work with and a hard worker... the finish on the car is all her... how many models do you shoot who would happily polish tyres!!! and what's more she a pretty good model too, if you get the chance book her.
Stevenbeard recommends _Elise_
Added by Stevenbeard on 22 November 2010, shoot arranged for November 2010

Had a great shoot with Elise today. She is, without doubt a truly stunning model to work with.

She is naturaly beautiful with a great variety of looks and poses and facial expressions, is very professional in her approach to her work and I will certainly work with her again.

I cant praise this young Lady enough.