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Username: Sussex_studio ID: 204595 Name: Sussex Studio
Sussex Studio
Country: United Kingdom
Region: West Sussex
City: Gatwick
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bdfoto recommends Sussex_studio
Added by bdfoto on 22 May 2016
Two trips to Sussex Studio in the space of a fortnight, working firstly with Dixie Daze and then with Jen Nev.

This is a little gem of a location and Mick is so supportive (right down to the Jaffa Cakes.) He's there when you need him and out of the way when you want to just get on and work.

Great results. Thank you.
Chloedevine89 recommends Sussex_studio
Added by Chloedevine89 on 03 March 2016
Worked at feldons studio for many years and its always warm and has good natural lighting available. The owner is friendly and offers snacks and tea.Recently introduced new photographers who have re booked . Chloe xx
cindylee recommends Sussex_studio
Added by cindylee on 27 August 2014
There are so many positives about Sussex Studio and Michael himself. An abundance of props, costume and places to shoot made the shoot very productive as well as fun. Michael was brilliant to work with and was full of ideas. Can't wait to work with him at the studio again.
Kyra69 recommends Sussex_studio
Added by Kyra69 on 08 December 2013
I have had the pleasure of working with Michael allot over the years and recently done a photoshoot completely different from the norm. Experimented with different props & outfits & achieved some fantastic images.
Outstanding communication & very reliable.
Highly recommend.
Kyra69 x
TexasB recommends Sussex_studio
Added by TexasB on 10 May 2013
Shot here for the first time today and I would highly recommend this studio!
I was welcomed warmly, the studio has great facilities, a vast amount of props and is warm!
Would love to come back! Great place to shoot, and the use of outdoors is beautiful too.
Thank you :-)
Kyra69 recommends Sussex_studio
Added by Kyra69 on 19 March 2013
I have worked with Michael at the beautiful sussex studio for a few years now, we achieve lovely images every time. Michael is great to work with so bubbly & it is a real pleasure to be in his company.
Thanks Michael
Kyra69 xx
MissBrook recommends Sussex_studio
Added by MissBrook on 13 February 2013
Finally got to work with the loverly friendly michael at his home studio:) What can i say..:) Made me feel very welcomming when i arrived:) Very chatty and bubbly tog to work with!! We had a real laugh working toghether! He also has tons Of stunning Outfits/heels which was great to wear!!:) Full of ideas! And was just a total pleasure working with!!:) Hope to work with you again soon
Highly Recommend

JJMODEL recommends Sussex_studio
Added by JJMODEL on 18 December 2012
had yet another shoot at Sussex studio and loved it once again, I've never felt so comfortable with anyone as I do here. highly recommended
jknphotography1 recommends Sussex_studio
Added by jknphotography1 on 07 November 2012
I did a photoshoot at Sussex Studio yesterday.
It is a really lovely studio with a good range of backdrops. Michael made me feel very at home at the studio.
The studio is a good size. Plus there is different corners of the studio you can use with different set ups. And the outside of the studio is good for photos to.
I will be using Sussex Studios again.
brightonblonde recommends Sussex_studio
Added by brightonblonde on 06 November 2012
Another great day at Sussex studio with a booking with a new photographer.
As always Michael is welcoming and friendly and it's always feels like home there, Love working there :)

Emma Louise
horizon recommends Sussex_studio
Added by horizon on 23 October 2012
A short notice studio shoot due to possible rainy weather, Michael was very accommodating, easygoing and helpful with useful advice.
A very good shoot in a studio stacked with props of all sorts.
brightonblonde recommends Sussex_studio
Added by brightonblonde on 16 October 2012
Another great afternoon at Sussex studio :)
Michael is always welcoming and wearing a smile.
I love working at the studio as it is a relaxed and cosy atmosphere and I always feel at home there.

Highly recommended :)

Emma Louise
andym65 recommends Sussex_studio
Added by andym65 on 09 October 2012
Sussex Studios is a great location to shoot both inside and outside. Michael was always on hand to offer advice and point out the best places to shoot in the garden and also helped set up the lights in the studio. He was also very effective with the reflector. I would highly recommend this studio to anybody, and will be using it again myself in the future.
StephStephxx recommends Sussex_studio
Added by StephStephxx on 07 October 2012
My first time visiting Sussex Studio and definitely not my last! You could shoot a whole portfolio there with so many different looks and backdrops! Michael is lovely to work with and so much fun! Highly recommended! Thanks, Steph x
tarmoo recommends Sussex_studio
Added by tarmoo on 06 October 2012
I have now done two shoots at Michael's studio. The first one used the log cabin and the second shoot was using natural light in the garden.

Michael was very helpful with advice as to the best locations to shoot in the garden, holding a reflector and making lots of cups of tea.
camy recommends Sussex_studio
Added by camy on 23 September 2012
I had a studio day shoot at Sussex_Studio yesterday and it went really good. I've worked with some great photographers and Michael was always taking care of everyone with tea and coffee :)
It was my 2nd time when I when to the studio and I will definitely go there again!

Many thanks,
x x
CharlotteKey recommends Sussex_studio
Added by CharlotteKey on 21 September 2012
I worked with Michael and had a brilliant shoot! Didnt at all feel uncomfortable and the pictures turned out well.. bloody amazing!
Highly recommended! Lotti x
looby88 recommends Sussex_studio
Added by looby88 on 15 September 2012
Yet another amazing shoot with Michael, felt at ease throughout great ideas and guidance as always got some great results very pleased always worth the journey! Look forward to next time thanks for having is Michael xxx
ColetteHoward recommends Sussex_studio
Added by ColetteHoward on 30 July 2012
Great pleasure to work with! Very kind and friendly, got some great images. Thankyou! Highly recommended x
camy recommends Sussex_studio
Added by camy on 29 July 2012
I had the pleasure to meet Michael yesterday, what can I say...great photographer, he had everything in his studio(a selection of clothes,shoes,accessories)... and I had to try some of his outfits...they were great!!
Michael is very social, and caring (prepared with teas, cold drinks and even cakes!)
I will definitely go back for another shoot with him!
So if you want to get some great shots and have a fun shoot that is the place to go!
Highly recommended to all models.

Looking forward our next shoot together!

alshepherd recommends Sussex_studio
Added by alshepherd on 19 July 2012
Have shot with mike twice so far, and both times have been a treat, lovely guy and we got some great images. If you haven't worked with him you should!
haylsxjones recommends Sussex_studio
Added by haylsxjones on 09 July 2012
Had a shoot with Michael at Sussex studio, shoot went great! time flew by, Michael is a lovely, welcoming guy, ready with the tea and biscuits! And this was the first time I have ever been to a studio that was warm! Pics turned out great too!
Highly recommended
-Hayley Jones :D
JJMODEL recommends Sussex_studio
Added by JJMODEL on 26 May 2012
Had another shoot at Sussex studio today thanks Michael for arranging it, had a great shoot with clarmike hope to shoot again. The studio was all ready when I arrived lovely weather so also got to shoot outside which is absolutely gorgeous in the sun, can't wait for my next shoot next week .
Angelinaa recommends Sussex_studio
Added by Angelinaa on 19 May 2012
Thank you very much for the nice shoot.We did enjoy and felt comfortable ourlsef..The pictures are amazing..i would recommend him if anyone want to have a nice time and to get a good picture..I will come back to you soon..
Thank you very much Michael!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chloe89 recommends Sussex_studio
Added by chloe89 on 27 March 2012
thanks m for sorting my shoot out sunday and thank you for taking me there,i couldn't of don it without you! ive known m since my first shoot in 2004 so if anyone wants any feedback then ill be more than happy to fill you in.thanks again and see you soon :) miss k XxX
charliesmith recommends Sussex_studio
Added by charliesmith on 20 March 2012
had second shoot in this studio today its a great location and we got some great pics using the feciltys would defently work there again x
cherryajt1000 recommends Sussex_studio
Added by cherryajt1000 on 18 March 2012
Had a great shoot once again in Sussex studio would of wrote a recommendation sooner but got rushed to hospital and been stuck there for the past two and a half weeks. Just wanted to say thanks for a great shoot and making me feel comfortable and welcome once again. Will definitely be coming back given the opportunity. x x
beaverray recommends Sussex_studio
Added by beaverray on 15 March 2012
Booked the studio for a shoot with Chloe89 today and it was perfect for what I wanted to shoot. It had secluded outdoor locations with fantastic natural light as well as an indoor section with various backdrops & Michael was on hand to offer advice and assistance when needed along with a welcome cup of coffee! :)
Katie_G recommends Sussex_studio
Added by Katie_G on 14 March 2012
Wonderful studio, and great hospitality! Highly recommended! :)
alb2243 recommends Sussex_studio
Added by alb2243 on 13 March 2012
1st shoot at sussex studio,different and very flexible helped by sunny day so indoor and outdoor,thanks Michael.
JJMODEL recommends Sussex_studio
Added by JJMODEL on 06 March 2012
It was my first shoot and I felt comfortable throughout and not pressured during the shoot.
We tried many different themes up to lingerie and I liked the results. Recommend to other models who need a folio update or those that are starting.
Thanks JJ x
sami_c recommends Sussex_studio
Added by sami_c on 04 March 2012
Had a shoot at the Sussex Studio today, was very nice and warm when I arrived. Brilliant studio with loads of outfits/ props. Great place to shoot a variety of styles. Highly recommended!!
Slinky86 recommends Sussex_studio
Added by Slinky86 on 21 February 2012
What a fab studio! An Aladdin's Cave! Full of great clothes, props and accessories! A model needn't worry about bringing anything with her when shooting at Sussex Studio. There is a wide selection of backdrops and also an outdoor space. I would definitely want to shoot here again. Highly recommended!
xbeckyx recommends Sussex_studio
Added by xbeckyx on 19 February 2012
Ive shot with this photographer in his studio since i started a few years ago and always seem to come up with new ideas around the studio which look different :) how does he do it, they get better each time when we both put our ideas into before the shoot.

Very prepared all the time and also the studio with loads of props and clothing all all sorts so can never run out, i still havnt used them all theres loads of great outfit and lingerie.

His studio has several places he shoots which makes the photos all diferernt, the outdoor with the trees, fenses, bushes and lawn all makes great pictures and indoor with the bathroom, bedroom, and also the studio which has a great space to shoot in and can shoot on sofa bed or the wood back or all of the back drops.

Always gets offered a lovely cups of tea and food all the time

Micheals very reliable and has never canceled on me before and always confirming coming there before and also when have bought photographers there he always makes sure he confirms it with them, very reliable and will always be prepared with heating on in studo on a cold day with everything needed for the shoot.

Thanks micheal, and im sure i will see you very soon and shoot in your studio again :)
kianakraze recommends Sussex_studio
Added by kianakraze on 30 January 2012
I had a great studio day here on Sunday. With the whole day booked, I got to make use of all aspects of the studio. As usual it was a pleasure to work there! Look forward to arranging my next visit soon!
Marie_XXX recommends Sussex_studio
Added by Marie_XXX on 25 January 2012
This is a really pleasant studio, not too big, not too small. Its well heated and has a variety of props and sets to help produce varying shots as well as a lot of clothing and accessories. There is also the option to shoot outdoor from the studio entrance which is great. Hope to work there again soon :)
Darling recommends Sussex_studio
Added by Darling on 16 January 2012
Great Studio,plenty of Character,would love to work here again :)
AnnicaJ recommends Sussex_studio
Added by AnnicaJ on 15 January 2012
Great usable area with plenty of space and different nice background! Beautiful, well groomed garden! So easy to work in there, dresing up and there is also huge range of lingerie and accessories provided for model! Many thanks and looking forward to come back!
katiemae recommends Sussex_studio
Added by katiemae on 29 December 2011
I've worked at the studio several times now. It's a great little studio and theres lots of different props and accesories, and bookable at very reasonable prices!! Mikes always there with a fresh cup of tea for all too! Until next time...
brightonblonde recommends Sussex_studio
Added by brightonblonde on 26 November 2011
Have worked endless times at sussex Studio.
Michael is so friendly and welcoming, it's like a second home :)
I now bring a lot of photographers to Sussex Studio as there is so much choice of backdrops, settings and it is such a relaxed environment I love working in there.

Emma Louise
karolinakowgier recommends Sussex_studio
Added by karolinakowgier on 25 November 2011
It's always lovely to come back to Sussex studio. Mike you are a star:)
amylou90 recommends Sussex_studio
Added by amylou90 on 08 November 2011
I shot today at sussex studio, i was suprised to see how many props & different backgrounds there were to work with, the studio is warm and well lit, with loads of lighting and also lots of natural light shines through the studio, i will definatly be working there more often, thanks

Ami xx
DeaneK1990 recommends Sussex_studio
Added by DeaneK1990 on 13 October 2011
Hey Michael,

As always it's a pleasure to work with you, we always have a laugh and get some amazing end results together :)

I'm priviledged to be the first model shot on the new white background, now there is such a huge variety of back drops and props to be used.

Highly recommneded photographer, see you soon M!

Deane x
babe09 recommends Sussex_studio
Added by babe09 on 06 October 2011
Thanks for a great shoot. Got some lovely photos to update my portfolio. Look forward to working with you again.
Kind regards
kayliie recommends Sussex_studio
Added by kayliie on 01 October 2011
I had an amazing shoot with michael today and once again got so many good images.Great ideas and a great photographer! also the lovely sunny weather was a bonus!! cant wait to recieve the final images :)

Rtthomas36 recommends Sussex_studio
Added by Rtthomas36 on 30 September 2011
Thanks Mike for the warm welcome and use of your facilities. I enjoyed the shoot and will be back soon.
andiamo recommends Sussex_studio
Added by andiamo on 27 September 2011
As a photographer who never generally works in the studio environment I would recommend Michael’s Sussex Studios to anyone. His set up is the most un-studio like arrangement with any combination of home/studio/location possible with only the slightest amount of creative input – and at a very reasonable rate! Mike was welcoming and helpful and I certainly hope I have the opportunity to work down in Haywards Heath again soon. Many thanks.
clarmike recommends Sussex_studio
Added by clarmike on 27 September 2011
When one goes to a new studio to do a shoot. What does one expect. Lights, backdrops and props, a warm welcome and a warm studio.

So today I set off with high hopes. I am happy to say that I was more than pleased with the surroundings and the detail of my shoot. Both my model and I were made very welcome and we both said afterwards what a pleasant time we had had.

Thank you Mike... we will be back !
kianakraze recommends Sussex_studio
Added by kianakraze on 22 September 2011
I had yet another great shoot at the studio today. Must be about the 8th or 9th time I've been over now and its always a pleasure.
Whether shooting with Michael or someone else the studio is a fantastic location x
brightonblonde recommends Sussex_studio
Added by brightonblonde on 26 July 2011
Lost count but think today was my 10th shoot with Michael at his home studio.
Every shoot is different but is still as great as the one before.
The studio is so spacious and a great and relaxed environment.
we will carry in working together for many years to come.

Emma Louise
Toxicherry recommends Sussex_studio
Added by Toxicherry on 30 June 2011
A good studio with sevral props and a very versitile area it has heaters so us models wont freeze aswell =]
jaydee recommends Sussex_studio
Added by jaydee on 12 May 2011
Its always a pleasure to work at Micheals studio and meet Micheal. Hope to see you soon
xbeckyx recommends Sussex_studio
Added by xbeckyx on 12 May 2011
Went to shoot in this studio today, had loads of room and loads of props, the garden is also a great place to shoot with the diffrent background, tree, fences, bushes, flowers etc. defently recommended
SaphireKay recommends Sussex_studio
Added by SaphireKay on 10 May 2011
this studio is lovely and bright lots of space and plenty of props to pose wth a gojus garden hich made a nice change from other studios :)
katiemae recommends Sussex_studio
Added by katiemae on 06 May 2011
Had a shoot with ZZDigital at his studio today. The studio was absolutely fantastic, theres so many options and sets. Not only the indoor studio, full of backdrops, clothing, shoes, lighting and everything else you can imagine; the surrounding garden is absolutely stunning. I love the images produced, and I thoroughly enjoyed working at a place so beautiful and with such a variety.
AlienQueen recommends Sussex_studio
Added by AlienQueen on 05 May 2011
Brilliant studio, used it many times! Got some really great shots, It's well equipped and spacious, I recommend using it!
StevieK recommends Sussex_studio
Added by StevieK on 04 May 2011
My 2nd and 3rd shoots at Sussex Studios today and again such a great place to shoot. Very welcoming reception, well looked after and lots of different places to shoot. Highly recommended. I'll be back. Thanks again. Steve

Had the pleasure of a photo shoot at the studio. Made to feel very welcome, help on hand if required. Really relaxed place with plenty of places to shoot in and out of the studio. I couldn't have wished for a nicer, more welcoming location to shoot at. Highly recommended. Many thanks again.
Zoe_Jane recommends Sussex_studio
Added by Zoe_Jane on 02 May 2011
i have had many many shoots at this studio / location. It is a lovely studio with plenty of props, clothes and accessories to hand. It is spacious, light and has some nice backdrops!! Most of my favourite photos where shot here!
would absolutely recommend!!
ibri4ever recommends Sussex_studio
Added by ibri4ever on 30 April 2011
I had a shoot at this studio! and I really liked it! It has different style and different background! I could use the garden for outdoor shoots which has different sets that I could use with the model. The owner is so welcoming and helpful. Looking to have another shoot at it soon
StevieK recommends Sussex_studio
Added by StevieK on 22 April 2011
Had to pleasure of a photo shoot at the studio. Made to feel very welcome, help on hand if required. Really relaxed place with plenty of places to shoot in and out of the studio. I couldn't have wished for a nicer, more welcoming location to shoot at. Highly recommended. Many thanks again.

brightonblonde recommends Sussex_studio
Added by brightonblonde on 09 April 2011
I have worked at this studio for over a year now so many times iv lost count.
So much space and choice of props and a very relaxed environment.
Love working there and the studio owner is such a lovely outgoing professional guy :)

Emma Louise
bninja recommends Sussex_studio
Added by bninja on 07 April 2011
Had my first shoot today at Sussex Studio and was really impressed - a great range of settings to use both indoors and outdoors and some fantastic natural light, which really makes a change from being locked in a dark studio staring at an infinity curve...

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the studio to anyone looking for something a bit different - oh, and Michael makes a great cup of tea!
Rogerio recommends Sussex_studio
Added by Rogerio on 04 April 2011
This is a golden nugget of a studio in Mid-Sussex and is certainly not conventional but it's a fantastic place to shoot in as it provides so many opportunities. The studio also benefits from being in a garden so you can make use of natural light or studio lights or a mixture of the two which brings new dimensions to a photographer who is serious about results.. The biggest bonus is the fact that it's in a garden and provides the opportunity of outdoor shots with privacy. I've shot here a couple of times now and today took full advantage of the garden backdrop for my shoot with Bambi. I would recommend this studio to photographers who are looking for something which is that little bit different and special.
chloe89 recommends Sussex_studio
Added by chloe89 on 04 April 2011
i have been modeling in this studio for years now,very relaxed atmospher and i no i will be there again soon :)
TeddyB recommends Sussex_studio
Added by TeddyB on 03 April 2011
I've used the studio about 20 times. Very good for a outdoors, natural light, down in the woods look.