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Username: OlgaCabaeva ID: 150903 Name: Olga Cabaeva Age: 37
Olga Cabaeva Bust: 35in (88cm)
Waist: 27in (68cm)
Height64in (5' 4") (162cm)
Hips: 36in (91cm)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Light Brown
Weight: 130lbs (58kg)

Country: United Kingdom
Region: London
City: London
Work Preference
Fitness Model
Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Parts Modeling
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hylander recommends OlgaCabaeva
Added by hylander on 16 September 2017, shoot arranged for September 2017

I got to work with Olga on Friday 15'Sept...Olga arrived well on time so we had a chat before we start..

Olga posed without much help from me...
Olga give me lots of great shoot over four hour booking which I was happy with...

Olga and myself worked so well the four hours melted away in no time...

Thanks Olga...
STUDIOMERLIN recommends OlgaCabaeva
Added by STUDIOMERLIN on 13 September 2017, shoot arranged for September 2017

Had a shoot with the lovely Olga. Very easy to work with, had a great day, very cooperative and a pleasure to work with. Would highly recommend her.
Hope to work with her again soon.
paulq recommends OlgaCabaeva
Added by paulq on 18 August 2017, shoot arranged for August 2017

Very good booking with Olga!

We shot stills and video scenarios on a full day booking.

Arrived on time, well prepared, played various roles with ease, creative in her modeling and poses.

Olga added her own suggestions and was very helpful and happy natured. Easy to work, with no problems.

This is a very experienced widely traveled model, and it showed.

Many thanks from all here!
john_at_tina_spice recommends OlgaCabaeva
Added by john_at_tina_spice on 17 August 2017, shoot arranged for August 2017

Lovely model. I have worked with Olga several times. She is professional, hard working and charming. Pictures are always great.
david10203 recommends OlgaCabaeva
Added by david10203 on 16 April 2016, shoot arranged for April 2016

I arrived at the appointed location just a couple of minutes early thanks to London Underground and she was ready waiting for me. Within a short time of arriving at her flat she was ready to shoot. I found Olga a truly attractive and professional model and it was a pleasure to work with her. Highly recommended!
blade01uk recommends OlgaCabaeva
Added by blade01uk on 16 April 2016, shoot arranged for April 2016

I finally got to shoot with Olga. Pre shoot comms were excellent. Olga's makeup was done to a high standard, and as soon as we started shooting, saw how professional she was. Poses with or without direction and makes sure to hold the pose till you get the shot you want. I had a great time which went too quickly. Look forward to Olga coming back, as I will be booking her again and again. Highly recommended
skinz recommends OlgaCabaeva
Added by skinz on 29 January 2016, shoot arranged for January 2016

I had a full day shoot with Olga a few days ago. She turned up early for shoot, and was well prepared to boot. She brought a wide variety of clothing and we breezed through the sets with ease, as she needed no direction. I'm happy to recommend her highly and look forward to another shoot with her.
TerryXX99 recommends OlgaCabaeva
Added by TerryXX99 on 19 October 2015, shoot arranged for October 2015

Whenever Olga comes to the UK - she gets booked up quickly so I was lucky in getting her to do a shoot with another model. It was a sub/domme shoot in a great venue and as always Olga was the best professional one could hope to work with. Totally stunning and - its a cliche - but the camera adores her and she makes it so so so easy. The whole shoot went like a dream and the results are awesome. Thank you Olga.
OTM_Teresa recommends OlgaCabaeva
Added by OTM_Teresa on 08 October 2015, shoot arranged for October 2015

Had our first shoot with Olga today and it was a great day shooting. She was always in contact with me from the start to the day of the shoot. She arrived nice and early for the shoot.
She really did'nt need any help with the shoot content. Only had to explain it once to her each scene and she just went with it. She worked so hard for us today and we are very happy with the content we got from her.

Will defo shoot with her again when she back over here in the UK.
Claypaws recommends OlgaCabaeva
Added by Claypaws on 28 November 2014, shoot arranged for November 2014

I just completed a shoot over two days with Olga and had such an enjoyable time. She is delightful to work with, friendly and funny, with a wonderful sense of humour - there were loads of laugh out loud moments - but totally professional and focussed throughout.

My shoots are long and hard work and I pay by the shoot, not by the hour. Olga was still keen to add her own ideas and produce many inventive images which were great fun to shoot and added to the scope of an already taxing schedule. This is a model who is not afraid of hard work.

Pre-shoot communication was excellent and Olga was extremely thoroughly prepared. She has a good range of ideal costumes and she knows how to show herself to the best advantage, completely in keeping with the style of the shoot.

I thoroughly recommend working with Olga and we were already discussing when we might shoot together again.
AlaisPeach recommends OlgaCabaeva
Added by AlaisPeach on 05 October 2014, shoot arranged for September 2014

I had my first shoot with Olga recently & it was fantastic ! She was so friendly, very professional & just lovely - I think we really clicked in the shoot together & I'd recommend her to anyone to work with ! Thank you for a great shoot honey ! Xx
ViktorDaniels recommends OlgaCabaeva
Added by ViktorDaniels on 18 September 2014, shoot arranged for September 2014

I had a great afternoon shooting with Olga yesterday. She is an absolute professional and a complete perfectionist to boot. Her keen interest in the mechanics of photography, in other words her understanding and appreciation of what the objectives were, mean that she was fully engaged in making sure everything happened as it should. No detail was too small for her. From her selection of outfits and props through to her hair, make-up and nails, Olga's preparation was perfect in every way. Her wonderful smile and sense of humour are very infectious and, to top it all, she makes great cups of tea! I really can't recommend Olga highly enough and I look forward to working with her again soon.
tc66 recommends OlgaCabaeva
Added by tc66 on 17 September 2014, shoot arranged for September 2014

Olga is a stunning model and such a great professional.
All the shoot details were sorted in a couple of emails and train tickets confirmed 2 days later.

Arrived on time and ready to shoot. Olga looks early 20's her experience is of someone who knows their job so well, i mean true professional standard. Very fit and toned body, works hard to achieve the shoot your after. You'll run out of ideas because you will shoot more than you thought.

Already thinking on the next shoot and would highly recommend Olga to all.
davidnevin recommends OlgaCabaeva
Added by davidnevin on 16 September 2014, shoot arranged for September 2014

Had fabulous G/G fetish shoot with Olga & Alais Peach. These two girls have an amazing natural chemistry and worked effortlessly together. Olga gave 100% energy and professionalism and was totally fantastic to work with. Thank you Olga.
kjoleweb recommends OlgaCabaeva
Added by kjoleweb on 01 September 2014, shoot arranged for August 2014

I had my second shoot with Olga yesterday. I did not know that a second feedback would delete the first, so this will be a feed back for shooting with Olga more than once.

First off she is a very nice and easy going person. She is respectful and very experienced. Shooting with her is nothing but a pleasure.

She is on time, keeps her appointments and she keeps her stuff in order. She reads the paperwork!

She poses well on her own or if directed she also performs very well. She is a smiley and fun person to be around and there is never a boring moment. Olga is open hearted as well as open minded.

My pictures of Olga has come out very well from both shoots, and I can't wait to shoot with her again!

Very recommendable!
IRONBLOKEMAN recommends OlgaCabaeva
Added by IRONBLOKEMAN on 22 August 2014, shoot arranged for July 2014

Most definitely. Olga created a selection of original poses in an outdoor setting. Well toned body with a beautiful face. Will work with her again.
IainT recommends OlgaCabaeva
Added by IainT on 29 May 2014, shoot arranged for May 2014

Olga is a very Professional model and great to work with. Communication is easy and she proved reliable and organised.
It was a very easy shoot for me, Olga works quickly with little direction I would recommend her highly and would work with her anytime.
flashharry recommends OlgaCabaeva
Added by flashharry on 21 May 2014, shoot arranged for May 2014

First shoot with Olga, but it won't be the last. We have already pencilled in another date. Shooting nude in public is never easy, particularly on a first shoot as the photographer and model get used to how comfortable each is with the genre. Olga disproved that theory. She is a wonderful model who never stops posing. She has a huge range of poses and nothing is too much trouble for her. She also knew exactly what clothing to bring for the shoot. I cannot recommend enough. A consummate professional.
SteveH32 recommends OlgaCabaeva
Added by SteveH32 on 17 May 2014, shoot arranged for May 2014

Easy to shoot, never stops posing :)
Had great fun with Olga and can recommend her.
Lots of clothing ideas too and very chatty
Steve xx
CliveLawrence recommends OlgaCabaeva
Added by CliveLawrence on 16 May 2014, shoot arranged for May 2014

Olga is a gorgeous model, with a positive approach while shooting, saying yes to ideas on themes, suggesting changes to others. She is helpful, friendly, chatty and fun. Her communication and timing were perfect. Very recommended
Asmodeus recommends OlgaCabaeva
Added by Asmodeus on 14 May 2014, shoot arranged for May 2014

Had a shoot with Olga, and what can I say?

Energetic, creative, and always good to go with the flow, although she has her own ideas, which she shares and works with you on.

Definitely a woman you want to work with!!!.

Buddygb recommends OlgaCabaeva
Added by Buddygb on 12 May 2014, shoot arranged for May 2014

Olga replied to a casting call to fill a short notice slot and I'm delighted she did.

Olga's communications were excellent... concise, informative and prompt. She arrived ahead of schedule (no mean feat in London on a Sunday) with a wardrobe that matched what we'd discussed to the letter.

It goes without saying given her wealth of experience that Olga poses very naturally, fluidly and with creativity. She was equally happy to accept (and interpret) direction and we were soon in the swing of the a very enjoyable shoot. We concentrated on fashion and headshots and it surprises me Olga doesn't get more bookings for these.

In person Olga has a very appealing and infectious personality. She is polite, articulate and great fun to have on set.

I can do little more than recommend Olga very highly... whatever genre you shoot (and I highly recommend that you consider her for fashion and beauty shoots!) and would suggest that you'll be doing your portfolio a huge favour by getting her in the diary now!

Thanks again Olga, I very much look forward to your next London visit.