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Username: MonochromeSet ID: 169291 Name: Mono Foto
Mono Foto
Country: United Kingdom
Region: Suffolk
City: Ipswich
Work Preference
Fitness Model
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JLeighFG recommends MonochromeSet
Added by JLeighFG on 24 September 2015, shoot arranged for September 2015

Highly recommended. Respectful professional photographer and lovely guy in general. Hope to work with you again soon. X
amelie_alden recommends MonochromeSet
Added by amelie_alden on 12 September 2015, shoot arranged for September 2015

Had a great shoot with Neil - he's an easy going guy who you naturally feel comfortable with, and he has a great eye for the right angles to make your figure look great. Very easy to pose for, his style really came out in the shots which from the back of the camera looked great! Also got to try on some very cool retro lingerie which was lots of fun. Thanks Neil
Sarah_Widdowson recommends MonochromeSet
Added by Sarah_Widdowson on 29 August 2013, shoot arranged for August 2013

Had a great shoot last week, professional yet friendly. Good communication before the shoot and gave examples of what he was looking to shoot.

Would defiantly recommend and look forward to seeing some of the images.

AnnetteF recommends MonochromeSet
Added by AnnetteF on 16 April 2013, shoot arranged for April 2013

I had a great shoot with Neil on Friday at an office building in Milton Keynes. I liked that he wanted to get shots in the corridors even though other people may be around (I was fully-clothed and in a coat at the time but even so the seamed stockings and red-soled Laboutins would have given away that we weren't typical office users!). We chatted almost non-stop and he was very easy to get along with. He showed me the shots on the back of the camera as we went along and I can't wait to see the finished items. He was totally respectful of my levels/limits and of my 'must be leaving by...' timeframe for the shoot. I'm really hoping the other projects we talked about come to fruition as I'd love to work with him again. Definitely recommended!
EmmaHeron recommends MonochromeSet
Added by EmmaHeron on 20 March 2013, shoot arranged for March 2013

Fab first shoot with Neil, great pre shoot communication regarding outfits and styling and he was kind enough to pick me up and take me to the arranged location, very easy to work with, I had a great time chatting away to him the session flew in and he had some beautiful lingerie, i would recommend Him to models old and new and I hope to work with him again in the future. Thanks again!
maxina recommends MonochromeSet
Added by maxina on 17 March 2013, shoot arranged for March 2013

Had my first shoot with Neil today and we created some wonderful sexy nylon stocking shots,Neil is a real pro and very friendly and it was a pleasure to work with him.
I hope to work with Neil again in the not so distant future :)
Darling recommends MonochromeSet
Added by Darling on 15 February 2013, shoot arranged for February 2013

Would I recommend this photographer? YES without a doubt...

He works well with the model letting her collaborate ideas. Lets you work as a team.

I felt very comfortable n relaxed being around Neil. I would hapilly work with him again.

Lovely working with you and I hope I get the chance again,

Darling x
Missyrichi recommends MonochromeSet
Added by Missyrichi on 02 September 2012, shoot arranged for August 2012

Worked with Neil recently, Had a great laugh and got some great images, Would love to work with him again and i definatly recommened him :)
Minimohtia recommends MonochromeSet
Added by Minimohtia on 12 June 2012, shoot arranged for May 2012

I had the pleasure to meet Neil a few weeks ago.
He is not only a great photographer, he is a great person as well . Working
with him is such fun. Very professional attitude and tolerant with respect for the model.
I would not hesitate to recommend Neil to anyone!
Thank you!
Strawberry_Venom recommends MonochromeSet
Added by Strawberry_Venom on 14 February 2012, shoot arranged for January 2012

Niel knows exactly what he wants from a shoot and put all the effort in to get perfect results! I was comfortable throughout the shoot, very happy with the results and hope to work with Niel next time I am in Norwich again!
Emily92 recommends MonochromeSet
Added by Emily92 on 28 January 2012, shoot arranged for January 2012

Had a good shoot with Neil. He took the time to get the positioning and lighting spot on. Very friendly and made me feel comfortable. Would definitely have a shoot with him at some time in the future :)
Starstacey1 recommends MonochromeSet
Added by Starstacey1 on 25 January 2012, shoot arranged for January 2012

I had the pleasure of working with Neil last weekend and I really enjoyed it. Neil was a gentleman and I felt completely comfortable around him. Neil knows what pictures he is after and he is very good at giving direction during the shoot when needed. Neil is friendly, lovely to chat with and respectful.

I wouldnt hesitate to work with him again!

Thanks again Neil x
River recommends MonochromeSet
Added by River on 18 January 2012, shoot arranged for January 2012

Worked with Neil today in a 1940's style shoot. Neil was a delight to work with, very polite and was very enthusiastic about the style. Highly recommended, im looking foward to seeing the final results!
emmawillis recommends MonochromeSet
Added by emmawillis on 02 January 2012, shoot arranged for December 2011

Had a great art nude shoot with Neil at my home last month. He bought his studio set up and we did hours of art nude! He knew what he wanted to achieve and we had a laugh whilst doing it. I would happily have him back any time :)
staceyvon18 recommends MonochromeSet
Added by staceyvon18 on 15 December 2011, shoot arranged for December 2011

Had my 1st shoot with Neil at my home today. He turned up early, set up straight away and knew what he wanted. He isn't afraid to mess with lighting affects and gets the images he is after in a short time. Great images and chatty guy! Would recommend him :) thanks Stacey x
seamist recommends MonochromeSet
Added by seamist on 27 November 2011, shoot arranged for November 2011

Had a Great 1940's Glamour shoot with Neil yestereday. He's a True gent & made me feel relaxed & comfortable during & after the shoot. He had some great artistic ideas, gave good direction when needed & took some amazing images. I can't wait to see the results now. A True Proffesional & Perfectionist at work.Hope to shoot with him again in the near future. Thnaks Neil :)
MissBrook recommends MonochromeSet
Added by MissBrook on 21 November 2011, shoot arranged for November 2011

Second shoot today with Neil :) he always knows what he wants out of the shoot, such a pleasure to work with and works to proffesional standareds !!
Highly Highly Reccomend !


suehutson30 recommends MonochromeSet
Added by suehutson30 on 21 November 2011, shoot arranged for November 2011

my first shoot today with neil for micro- bikinis. lovey guy easy to shoot with and knows exactly what he wants. highly reccommended

susie x
jes recommends MonochromeSet
Added by jes on 19 November 2011, shoot arranged for November 2011

My second shoot with Neil was even better than the last! He knew exactly what he wanted to achieve from the shoot and he directed me well. I'm very pleased with the results. If any model gets the opportunity to work with Neil,don't pass up the opportunity!
sami_c recommends MonochromeSet
Added by sami_c on 12 October 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011

Had a brilliant shoot with Neil today, really enjoyed it. He was very friendly, easy to get on with and gave good direction. He knows exactly what he's looking for in photos to get the right shots. Would highly recommend Neil to anyone and would love to work with again.
tiinak recommends MonochromeSet
Added by tiinak on 09 August 2011, shoot arranged for August 2011

I had a great shoot with Neil yesterday. Very professional and friendly, arrived on time, was easy to work with, and gave me direction to get the perfect pictures. Would definitely shoot with him again.
Terapeute recommends MonochromeSet
Added by Terapeute on 09 April 2011, shoot arranged for August 2010

Neil is very friendly, professional and creative photographer, always knows what he wants to create and has a lot of ideas. I worked with him twice and absolutely happy with the results from both photoshoots. I hope to work again soon (;
PrincessAmber20 recommends MonochromeSet
Added by PrincessAmber20 on 04 February 2011, shoot arranged for February 2011

Neil is friendly and helpful and we had a good shoot
Jo_Louise recommends MonochromeSet
Added by Jo_Louise on 17 November 2010, shoot arranged for November 2010

Had a great shoot with Neil at my home studio modelling swimwear/lingerie for a Client.
He was extremely Professional and respectful, very easy to work with and came prepared and organised.

I had a fun yet quick shoot with Neil , he is a great guy and i wouldn't hesitate in reccommending other Model's to work with him :)

Thanks alot :)
BigFlashStudio recommends MonochromeSet
Added by BigFlashStudio on 11 November 2010, shoot arranged for November 2010

Very talented photographer. Neil was shooting commercial lingerie yesterday at the studio. Looked through his shots .....WOW...Book him !
AvaBray recommends MonochromeSet
Added by AvaBray on 10 November 2010, shoot arranged for November 2010

Had my first shoot with Neil, he's a true gentleman, caring and helpful in every way. Took some great shots of me in various bikini's and felt very comfortable posing ad chatting with him. Would not hesitate to work with again. :D
miss_fi103 recommends MonochromeSet
Added by miss_fi103 on 05 November 2010, shoot arranged for November 2010

Had a nice shoot with Neil earlier on this week. He was great to work with, hes professional but down to earth with it and a lovely man. Got some good pictures taken and really enjoyed the shoot. Thanks!
jacquieOh recommends MonochromeSet
Added by jacquieOh on 15 September 2010, shoot arranged for September 2010

Had a very enjoyable shoot with Neil today. I would recommend him. He have good direction and had some nice ideas. If you get the chance to work with him go for it!
sexihana69 recommends MonochromeSet
Added by sexihana69 on 10 April 2010, shoot arranged for April 2010

Had another shoot with Neil today, has been a while since our last shoot! i love working with Neil i love his ideas and he is so much fun to work with end results are fab and he is such a friendly genuine guy, makes me feel very comftable at all times :) would definatly reccomend him to anyone looking for quality work!! 11/10 as usual Neil! oh and still the same perfectionist as always :p thanx Neil and look forward 2 seeing my pics and working ith you again many THANXXXXXXX
AndromedaX recommends MonochromeSet
Added by AndromedaX on 04 March 2010, shoot arranged for March 2010

I had my second shoot with Neil today, and once again it was a fun, relaxed and enjoyable experience. Neil is extremely easy to get on with, knows exactly what he is looking for in a shot, and gives direction where needed with great results. Very highly recommended and hope to work with him again!
claireb1 recommends MonochromeSet
Added by claireb1 on 22 February 2010, shoot arranged for February 2010

Had a wonderful shoot with neil this month,wish i had worked with him sooner,What a lovely guy.Laid back and genuine,which is always great from a models point of view :D .Knows what he wants image wise but is open to suggestions,very pleased with finished results....coming from me is good (as im blimin fussy)would highly reccomend,thanks neil :) xxx
LucyW recommends MonochromeSet
Added by LucyW on 30 January 2010, shoot arranged for January 2010

Had a shoot with Neil on the 23rd of January, got some great images from the shoot and had a brilliant time shooting with him, thanks Neil :-)
Emma_Victoria recommends MonochromeSet
Added by Emma_Victoria on 14 January 2010, shoot arranged for January 2010

Had a smart/casual shoot with Neil on Wednesday 13th, the correspondance beforehand was really impressive as he was notifying me everything was still good to go ahead even in the snow. He (& assistant) worked very well together and professionally especially with the use of lighting. Direction was also very good, told me exactly how he wanted the photo to look and had a variety of ideas. Made things comfortable and allowed me to stop for a break etc whenever I wanted, was also very friendly towards my chaperone andfrom what I've seen so far he provided great results. I would definately recommend and would not hesitate in working with him again.
Thanks :).
LillyNewman recommends MonochromeSet
Added by LillyNewman on 22 November 2009, shoot arranged for September 2009

Im a bit late posting this one as i've only just become aware of this section lol
I shot with neil a few months back. He is a good photographer with some great ideas (and a great wardrobe to match lol)
A really nice guy with a good attitude towards photography
He comes highly recommended
Sailor_Cherry recommends MonochromeSet
Added by Sailor_Cherry on 29 October 2009, shoot arranged for August 2009

Had a great shoot with Neil, very friendly and eased me into the shoot and made me feel comfortable, able to have a chat and a giggle while shooting.
i would recommend Neil for any model looking to expand their portfolio.
Jessica x
Charley1986 recommends MonochromeSet
Added by Charley1986 on 23 October 2009, shoot arranged for October 2009

Had a fab shoot with neil a few weeks back he has some great ideas and very friendly.
He knows exactly what he wants from the shoot and i look forward to possibly working with him again in the future.
Thanks again Charley
katielou666 recommends MonochromeSet
Added by katielou666 on 28 September 2009, shoot arranged for September 2009

worked with neil last friday real nice guy had some wicked ideas highly recommended look forward to working with him again xx
Voluptua recommends MonochromeSet
Added by Voluptua on 16 September 2009, shoot arranged for September 2009

We had a great shoot, perfect gent, cool ideas, highly recommended x