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Username: LisaMarie1982 ID: 189878 Name: LMT Age: 35
LMT Bust: 32in (81cm)
Waist: 24in (60cm)
Height62in (5' 2") (157cm)
Hips: 32in (81cm)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Weight: 98lbs (44kg) (7st)

Country: United Kingdom
Region: Tyne and Wear
City: newcastle
Work Preference
Fitness Model
Stock Photo
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lester2705 recommends LisaMarie1982
Added by lester2705 on 30 June 2016, shoot arranged for June 2016

So, I've had a few shoots with this crazy, zany, whacky, nutty but brilliant model and can only say one thing. AWESOME. She will nail the shot, she will bring ideas to the table, she will keep you entertained, she will make you laugh.....oh dear i don't have enough room for all the nice things to say. She's also a good pal and will brighten anybody's day, and if you have a dog too'll lose it cos she'll probably take it home with her :-)
ChrisRphoto recommends LisaMarie1982
Added by ChrisRphoto on 20 April 2015, shoot arranged for April 2015

Iv'e worked with Lisa on and off for the last 4 years, as before Lisa is just a fun down to earth person to work with who just gets better and better with every shoot. Lisa is extremely professional, well organised and brings loads of items for the shoot. Lisa is so relaxed and fun to work with and it's always a pleasure to see her, well recommended.

Oct' 2010 -
Had a quick test shoot with Lisa last week for a pending job, Lisa is fun reliable, down to earth and well focused on what she does. She is well organised and needs little direction and is a good laugh, A no nonsense sort of girl who just gets on with it and delivers excellent results, just make sure you have a shed full of Tea the size of China to keep her going! lol, well recommended! :)
spawnangel recommends LisaMarie1982
Added by spawnangel on 10 March 2015, shoot arranged for March 2015

I had my first shoot with Lisa on March 07th 2015 , I was amazed with her appearance ,attitude as a model and her professionalism .
Lisa is a very talented young lady , she takes directions really well not that she needed much directions , I told her what I was looking for and she never disappointed.
If any serious photographers has the oppertunity to work with Lisa take it she will not disappoint you , I would love to work with her again. Lisa a big Thank you for a great shoot , I feel I have found a great person to work with and a lovely young woman with a fantastic personality as a new friend. XX
texpix recommends LisaMarie1982
Added by texpix on 14 February 2015, shoot arranged for February 2015

Had the greatest of pleasure in working with Lisa this week at Worthbridge. A true pro, good at what she does and fun to work with. I would recommend Lisa to both ams and pros, a great girl and the images we acquired where beyond my expectations. Thanks Lisa.
PRGH_Training recommends LisaMarie1982
Added by PRGH_Training on 30 May 2014, shoot arranged for May 2014

I booked LisaMarie for one of my 4 nights away training courses and what a great model she was. Always on time and always chirpy even after a long day working with 16 or so photographers. She has a great look and works well with direction or can lead and suggest poses if necessary. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to anyone looking for a hard working model with a lovely personality.
jimnemer recommends LisaMarie1982
Added by jimnemer on 27 September 2013, shoot arranged for September 2013

Had a terrific photo shoot with Lisa. She is a delightful person to work with. Excellent communication skills, witty sense of humour and a personality that over flows with charm. Above all, she is a beautifully talented model. Expertly made-up and styled, she can work side by side with best models and be a well deserved adversary. Very very soon, I am shooting with her again. I can't wait.
IRONBLOKEMAN recommends LisaMarie1982
Added by IRONBLOKEMAN on 21 July 2013, shoot arranged for July 2013

When Lisa arrived in her curlers after a long train journey I had an inkling this shoot was going to be special!She still looked stunning.
A beautiful girl,with a beautiful mind,gave me the inspiration to produce a collection of stunning and memorable images.I liked the way she contributed to the shoot by criticising and making suggestions for improving images.A very talented model who combined fashion,swimwear,and art-nude in three difeerant locations ie riverside,tunnel,and garden.She is special,and I have made a new friend.
MrJohn recommends LisaMarie1982
Added by MrJohn on 13 April 2013, shoot arranged for April 2013

Wow what a mode she knows how to pose,
Lise has the ability to switch on a demure elegance to all her poses and expressions, no matter how cold or uncomfortable she is. She is very comfortable in her skin and varies her poses with little direction. Her body makes her ideal for figurative nude work, but I'm sure she would make any clothes look good.
Balancingeel recommends LisaMarie1982
Added by Balancingeel on 13 March 2013, shoot arranged for March 2013

I had a fantastic shoot with Lisa Marie today. Such a professional model to work with but at the same time a genuinely warm and friendly person. Lisa marie is seriously talented and makes any photographers job really easy. The time disappears away as pose after pose and super images flow. I have no hesitation in saying one of the best models I have worked with. Thank you so much Lisa.
nigel recommends LisaMarie1982
Added by nigel on 04 March 2013, shoot arranged for February 2013

Had a great shoot with Lisa-Marie, we shot at her place which is a great location to shoot from.
Her pre-shoot comms were great and when I arrived she was well prepared and ready to go.
She embraced my ideas and posed well without direction.
Really enjoyed the shoot and can't wait to arrange shoot 2
markho recommends LisaMarie1982
Added by markho on 16 February 2013, shoot arranged for February 2013

Lisa Marie is modelling royalty. A real class act who just brought image after image to life. I absolutely loved working with her and simply cannot recommend her too highly. I will definitely plan to work with her again very soon.
kaisersozsce recommends LisaMarie1982
Added by kaisersozsce on 09 February 2013, shoot arranged for February 2013

Lovely lady. Very good pre shoot comms. A slight delay in starting which was out of her control, but she kept me informed and was not a problem. Good selection of outfits. Very good in front of the camera. I would definitely work with her again.
SteveDPhoto recommends LisaMarie1982
Added by SteveDPhoto on 27 January 2013, shoot arranged for January 2013

Not sure how many times I've shot Lisa now, a dozen perhaps, each time is fresh, vibrant, artistically unique, completely professional and entirely fun! Lisa isn't like many pro models who tend to be closed off and impersonal in my experience, she is a joy to spend time with (although don't let her make tea) and completely generous. Always a pleasure! S
Arria recommends LisaMarie1982
Added by Arria on 29 May 2012, shoot arranged for May 2012

Shot Lisa-Marie for the second time today 29/05/12 - what can I say - she just gets better, and better - To sum up, the words "Smokin Hot" spring to mind - Thanks once again Lisa-Marie for another great shoot :)
aaphoto2 recommends LisaMarie1982
Added by aaphoto2 on 21 May 2012, shoot arranged for May 2012

Had an incredible shoot with Lisa-Marie today. She arrived with a suitcase full of clothes and made our time together an absolute pleasure. She is not only very beautiful but also very adept with her posing and expressions. She is incredibly creative and the shoot was a true creative collaboration. I can't wait to work with her again:)
gsphoto recommends LisaMarie1982
Added by gsphoto on 12 April 2012, shoot arranged for April 2012

I had an amazing shoot with Lisa-Marie,she turned up with an enormous case filled with everything we needed to make some excellent images.
She poses with ease creating lots of cool shapes and is so much fun to have around.
It will not be the last time we shoot for sure!
Thanks Lisa-Marie.
JulianGrant recommends LisaMarie1982
Added by JulianGrant on 20 January 2012, shoot arranged for January 2012

I had a great lingerie shoot with LisaMarie recently and produces some fab images even if I say so myself, LisaMarie was well prepared and added greatly to the shoot, with her excellent figure, high recommended model
Dodgyfocus recommends LisaMarie1982
Added by Dodgyfocus on 28 October 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011

Had a great soot with Lisa, working together with anoher model, Katie. Definately reccomeneded and will hopefully shoot again soon:-)
shotbyshahed recommends LisaMarie1982
Added by shotbyshahed on 25 August 2011, shoot arranged for March 2011

Awesome model, really great at posing and know's how to use subtle expressions to really work/ add depth to an image! Would defo work with her again! :)
Gary_Bruce_Martin recommends LisaMarie1982
Added by Gary_Bruce_Martin on 28 November 2010, shoot arranged for November 2010

I thought Lisa was great to work with and i felt very comfortable working with her. She is great at working the camera and i would recommend working with her.
RPM recommends LisaMarie1982
Added by RPM on 21 November 2010, shoot arranged for November 2010

I had the pleasure of working with Lisa today. Communication was excellent, attitude to the shoot was great and she turned up with lots of ideas for styling. The wardrobe ideas from Lisa made the portrait shots look on trend and the tone of her torso is incredible...which is great for fitness shots.

JadePhotography89 recommends LisaMarie1982
Added by JadePhotography89 on 18 November 2010, shoot arranged for November 2010

Lisa is a very friendly girl who makes the shoot fun but still professional, she puts 110% into her shoots!
Recommended of course!
flobelob recommends LisaMarie1982
Added by flobelob on 11 November 2010, shoot arranged for November 2010

Really excellent jewellery catalogue shoot with Lisa tonight. True class brought to the process, she worked so hard and professionally to get the results .
RichardHPhotography recommends LisaMarie1982
Added by RichardHPhotography on 02 November 2010, shoot arranged for October 2010

What a fantastic model Lisa-Marie is! Great interaction, great poses, great looks, need I go on? She has everything, a real pleasure to work with.
Profoto recommends LisaMarie1982
Added by Profoto on 04 October 2010, shoot arranged for October 2010

The shoot with lisa was fantastic. She brought plenty to the shoot, not just the wardrobe but the spirit and charisma. She is special.
First of many I think.
BenwellHopper recommends LisaMarie1982
Added by BenwellHopper on 17 September 2010, shoot arranged for August 2010

great and fantastic,,,up for the most maddest suggestions and has some pretty mad ideas too....would book book and book then read it all again
Josephine_Birkett recommends LisaMarie1982
Added by Josephine_Birkett on 24 August 2010, shoot arranged for July 2010

I have worked with Lisa on two occasions now, and she doesn't fail to amaze me! She is a brilliant model, and has the most amazing face, she shows my makeup off brilliantly!
I would love to work with her again, highly recommended!
ImagoImagery recommends LisaMarie1982
Added by ImagoImagery on 23 August 2010, shoot arranged for August 2010

Really enjoyed working with Lisa, great communication and exchange of ideas before the shoot. She is very easy to work with and has a flexible and creative approach, she had a range of quality outfits and poses really well. Was really pleased with the images, so much so that we plan to work together again soon. Recommended.