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Username: KristieColman23 ID: 181981 Name: Kristie Bowler Age: 31
Kristie Bowler Bust: 32in (81cm)
Waist: 26in (66cm)
Height67in (5' 7") (170cm)
Hips: 32in (81cm)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde
Weight: 116lbs (52kg)

Country: United Kingdom
Region: Essex
City: Billericay
Work Preference
Fitness Model
Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Parts Modeling
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beargill recommends KristieColman23
Added by beargill on 02 April 2014, shoot arranged for March 2014

Kristie was awesome to shoot with, very professional model. Arrived on time, had a great selection of clothing and makeup was done to high spec, Was a pleasure to shoot.
MickM recommends KristieColman23
Added by MickM on 16 September 2013, shoot arranged for August 2013

I had my third and final pregnancy shoot with Kristie a short while ago. I have nothing more to add to what I have previously written other than Kristie is a great model, professional to work with and a fun person ! Thanks Kristie, I hope to work with you some time in the future, Mick :-)
Tintin007 recommends KristieColman23
Added by Tintin007 on 13 July 2013, shoot arranged for July 2013

Having worked with Kristie earlier this year I was looking forward to the "bump" shoot. Great, professional pre-shoot communications. We discussed what I wanted to achieve from the shoot with lots of ideas from Kristie. I managed to get some lovely results which will help to expand my portfolio. Great to work with such a great model again. Highly recommended - Thanks again Kristie
sturousephoto recommends KristieColman23
Added by sturousephoto on 26 June 2013, shoot arranged for June 2013

Had a fantastic baby bump shoot with Kristie yesterday. She made me feel very welcome at her home which is where we chose to do the shoot. Kristie is obviously a very experienced model and came up with some great ideas while I was thinking about lighting setups. Plently of chat and a few giggles along the way made this shoot very enjoyable and the two hours fly by very quickly indeed. Highly recommended - get in quick before the bump disappears!!!! Thanks Kristie.
LoXs recommends KristieColman23
Added by LoXs on 19 June 2013, shoot arranged for June 2013

Kristie was an excellent person to work with and an exceptional model. Confident, friendly and professional what more do you want or need? She looks great and is able to pose. Would highly recommend and I would love to work with her again.
JasonSmithPhoto recommends KristieColman23
Added by JasonSmithPhoto on 02 March 2013, shoot arranged for February 2013

Another flippin' awesome shoot with Kristie. I'm not surprised though - it's precisely because she's so popular with our customers that we got her back for a third time. Thanks Kristie. You're a star.
Paul_Lockwood recommends KristieColman23
Added by Paul_Lockwood on 25 February 2013, shoot arranged for February 2013

Had a great shoot with Kristie last week she was lovely and terrific to work with, very professional and good fun. We got some really great images.
OTM_Teresa recommends KristieColman23
Added by OTM_Teresa on 12 February 2013, shoot arranged for February 2013

Had our first ever shoot with Kristie yesterday, and the day went so well. She turned up nice and early which is always a bonuce as we were have able to start staight away and finishe early which is nice. She worked really hard for us and even added a little bit of her own style to the shoot. She a lovely bubble girl to work with. We had a great time.

Would defo shoot with her again.
SMILESPHOTO recommends KristieColman23
Added by SMILESPHOTO on 05 February 2013, shoot arranged for February 2013

After excellent pre-shoot communication, the lovely Kristie turned up punctually with a big smile.
She was a delight to work with and helped me achieve some excellent results.
I have no hesitation to recommend Kristie if you're looking for a reliable and stunning model with a bubbly but professional attitude - one lovely girl!
telcargals recommends KristieColman23
Added by telcargals on 30 January 2013, shoot arranged for January 2013

One of the best models I've worked with. Kristie was very professional and easy to work with from start to finish. She also has a great sense of humour and warm personality. Would be happy to work with her again in the future. Highly recommended!
DaveinSurrey recommends KristieColman23
Added by DaveinSurrey on 13 January 2013, shoot arranged for January 2013

I had the pleasure of shooting with Kristie today the F8 group shoot at Moments studio, Redhill. Kristie was great fun, very sexy and got me some really great images. I recommend this model fully to all of you. Thanks Kristie. I hope to get to shoot with you again one day. Dave.x
add_barkaway recommends KristieColman23
Added by add_barkaway on 21 December 2012, shoot arranged for December 2012

I loved working with kristie, she was lovely from start to finish, great communication. listen to everything i asked, fantastic model and shoot went really well. i loved working with her, found her to be really enjoyable , great conversation and takes her job very seriously. I hope i get to work with her again. thank you kristie you rock.
para recommends KristieColman23
Added by para on 16 December 2012, shoot arranged for December 2012

Have just spent an enjoyable 3hrs working with Kristie.Full of smiles,great poses,chatty,the 3hrs flew by.

I can, without doubt, recommend Kristie to all and look forward to further shoots in the New Year

Thank you Kristie for some great images and a enjoyable shoot
johnnyscriv recommends KristieColman23
Added by johnnyscriv on 19 November 2012, shoot arranged for November 2012

Kristie was fantastic, she took direction very well and had some great ideas for the shoot. She's really got involved with the whole concept and wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty.
seanb recommends KristieColman23
Added by seanb on 19 November 2012, shoot arranged for November 2012

Had a great short Christmas themed shoot with Kristie last week.

She really got into the spirit and helped to make some of my vague ideas come to life! She's enthusiastic and has a great look for glamour and a wide range of expressions that are great for pinup/cheesecake style shoots.
djwilby recommends KristieColman23
Added by djwilby on 17 November 2012, shoot arranged for November 2012

I had the pleasure of working with Kristie at small group shoot, which I helped to organise. She was a pleasure to work with, turned up in plenty of time with everything requested and more.
Not only is Kristie a beautiful and well experienced model, but she is also very friendly and helpful too. She worked hard to ensure we all got the shots we wanted and was very patient and happy to getting into the theme of the evening, which meant she was sweaty and very dirty by the end of the night!
A wonderful evening - thank you Kristie - I would be happy to work with her again and can recommend her to everyone.
flashmann recommends KristieColman23
Added by flashmann on 05 November 2012, shoot arranged for November 2012

Lovely lady and an even better model.
Will definitely book another shoot with Kristy.
You will not be disappointed with this lady.
mickeylake recommends KristieColman23
Added by mickeylake on 30 September 2012, shoot arranged for August 2012

great model all ways a pleasure to work with sure to be booking her again soon
MrJohn recommends KristieColman23
Added by MrJohn on 22 August 2012, shoot arranged for August 2012

Fantastic shoot with Kristie, We have a brilliant rapport which allows us to float through loads of sets, while managing to drink plenty of tea and have a really good chat too! Has some great, fun, on-her-spot ideas creating truly interesting and professional images. Highly recommended
robflet recommends KristieColman23
Added by robflet on 20 August 2012, shoot arranged for August 2012

Kristie is a quite exceptional model.
Professional, enthusiastic and really easy to work with.
A very productive shoot and a complete recommendation.
pauws99 recommends KristieColman23
Added by pauws99 on 04 August 2012, shoot arranged for July 2012

Had a great shoot with Kristie arrived early with a great selection of outfits - totally professional and great fun to work with - got a stack of great images and looking forward to working with her again soon!!!
TrueDevotionUK recommends KristieColman23
Added by TrueDevotionUK on 14 July 2012, shoot arranged for July 2012

Had a shoot with Kristie today at late notice. With the little time i gave her to arrive at the studio she turned up in mint condition with a number of outfits ready to go.

She has a number of styles in her locker & is without doubt one of the better models around. Personality to match her great looks.
Also take very little time to change and always comes back in to the studio looking a million dollars.

Highly recommended.
Wez recommends KristieColman23
Added by Wez on 13 July 2012, shoot arranged for July 2012

Had my second shoot with Kristie yesterday. She is not only gorgeous but also extremely professional, hard working, full of ideas, a great conversationalist and an absolute joy to work with. We had three hours but honestly we could have worked for three days and it would still not have been long enough. I simply love working with her and recommend her without reservation to any photographer who wants to enjoy a photoshoot and get some great images with one of the best models around.
DRowley recommends KristieColman23
Added by DRowley on 22 April 2012, shoot arranged for April 2012

Had a great shoot with Kristie at the weekend. A true professional, fun to work with and gave stunning results with every frame. We have already arranged another shoot in the very near future which look forward to greatly. I can't recommend Kristie highly enough.
Johnny124 recommends KristieColman23
Added by Johnny124 on 17 March 2012, shoot arranged for March 2012

Had a great shoot with Kristie. Good pre shoot communication, on time and ready to go, and worked well both with and without direction, as well as being friendly throughout. Some great photos thanks to a very skilled and hard working model, and I'd happily recommend her to others.
SH1820 recommends KristieColman23
Added by SH1820 on 08 February 2012, shoot arranged for February 2012

what an amazing shoot, really guys they dont get any better, she was helpful, no rush, nothing was a hassle, was made to comfortable and to top it all off the pictures are amazing, her house it the perfect place for any amateur and she is the prefect tutor for any one that needs just a little help, would recomend her all day long.
BabeZest recommends KristieColman23
Added by BabeZest on 04 February 2012, shoot arranged for February 2012

I had a brilliant shoot with Kristie yesterday. She is a very pretty, bubbly model with a really lovely personality and is a natural in front of the camera. She was lots and lots of outfits and a fantastic house to shoot in. Don't miss a chance to work with her.
thephotostudio recommends KristieColman23
Added by thephotostudio on 23 November 2011, shoot arranged for November 2011

Had a great shoot with Kristie for the website last week.

She is an absolute gem, beautiful, witty and the utmost professional.

She never once complained when the studio we were using was a bit nippy and just got on with the job to get the results that we needed.

I would definitely recommend her and hope to work with her again.

mango14 recommends KristieColman23
Added by mango14 on 20 November 2011, shoot arranged for November 2011

Excellent model! Great communications leading up to the shoot. Got to the studio on time. Great personality, poses very easily, great to work with, great to chat and have a laugh with. Highly recommended to everyone!!!
tc66 recommends KristieColman23
Added by tc66 on 18 November 2011, shoot arranged for November 2011

Just had an awesome shoot with Kristie for Babes and Rides.
She totally made the shoot with her professional attitude, her attention to detail and picking outfits for the theme of the shoot was excellent. Such a positive model during the shoot, poses with total ease and makes the shoot fun.

Highly recommended and i'm already looking at shoot number 2
ken9 recommends KristieColman23
Added by ken9 on 12 November 2011, shoot arranged for November 2011

Had my 2nd shoot with Kristie today, totally enjoyable, Kristie as well as being a great model is very co-operative and versatile wonderful personality and a great sense of humour a joy to work with, Thoroughly reccomended to everyone..
chris110627 recommends KristieColman23
Added by chris110627 on 29 October 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011

Had a shoot with Kristie today and she was fabulous. Had a great time, she was totally professional, took direction well, not that she needed any..... Superb model and would recommend to anyone.
camerawerks recommends KristieColman23
Added by camerawerks on 25 October 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011

Fifth shoot with Kristie today and I don't expect it to be the last.

Why work with one model five times when I could have shot five different girls? Because she's attractive and has a nice figure (obviously). Plus, she's reliable, enthusiastic, versitile and very easy to get on with. Essentially, everything I want in a model.
tonyf8club recommends KristieColman23
Added by tonyf8club on 24 October 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011

Hi Kristie.
Thank you for a great shoot with the F8 Club at Moments Studio,we all went away with some great photos from all the sets to hand, more so for the Halloween set and the smoke mechine set up.

Tony F8 Club (1970)
djb1 recommends KristieColman23
Added by djb1 on 18 October 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011
KristieColman23 turned up for the arranged shoot and is recommended by djb1
iankai recommends KristieColman23
Added by iankai on 10 October 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011

I had a fantastic photo shoot with Kristie on Friday...she is by far the most professionally hard working model I have worked with to date. She is very friendly, comes up with great ideas, we was able to talk through the shoot and the scenes, thus making the whole after flow; before I knew it the day had gone and I got the shots I was after. I 100% suggest all togs work with her, and I look forward to working with her again. Thanks Kristie
JohnB63 recommends KristieColman23
Added by JohnB63 on 04 October 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011

Went to Kristies's house for a lingerie photoshoot last evening and was made to feel very welcome. Kristie is a very lovely, warm and friendly person and is a pleasure to work with. She is extremely professional and good fun. We had a great shoot and I am very pleased with the images produced. I will definitely be using Kristie again and she comes highly recommended.
canoncan recommends KristieColman23
Added by canoncan on 20 September 2011, shoot arranged for September 2011

having a second oppurtunity to shoot with kristie ,just confirmed how versatile a model she is .
we covered portrait to glamour and fashion to art nude , show me others that can adapt like that.
if you work with her i am sure you will want to work with her again and again.
i am proud of my results and you will be to.
Pete7890 recommends KristieColman23
Added by Pete7890 on 12 September 2011, shoot arranged for September 2011

Super shoot #2 already!....Fabulous home location which has abundance of natural light and excellent decor that's fresh and alive!
Kristie is one of those one in a million models that is photogenic at all levels and stunning off the camera!...I can't take a bad image of this model she is that good!...Outstanding Pro model highly recommended!....Book her quick!....more to come I'm sure! Thanx.
PhotopiaStudios recommends KristieColman23
Added by PhotopiaStudios on 12 September 2011, shoot arranged for September 2011

We had an amazing shoot with Kristie today, and got some fantastic images. Besides being totally professional and a great model, she is bubbly, warm and friendly. We would strongly recommend her!
davidmorley recommends KristieColman23
Added by davidmorley on 12 September 2011, shoot arranged for September 2011

Had my first shoot with Kristie recently and got plenty of superb images. This girl is fun, bubbly, confident and relaxed in front of the camera. Kristie takes direction well but is equally happy to improvise and contribute ideas. I would strongly recommend working with Kristie and I will certainly be shooting with her again...
LudaPix recommends KristieColman23
Added by LudaPix on 11 September 2011, shoot arranged for September 2011

The dictionary defines the word Magnificent as - Impressively beautiful, elaborate, or extravagant; striking. I feel this is incorrect and should be changed to Kristie Colman. Had 2.5 hour shoot with Kristie today and she was Fabulously Amazing. From the second she opened the door, at her stunning residence to the time we said our goodbyes. She was professional, friendly and knew exactly what I was looking for. To say that the the camera loves this stunning lady, would be under selling it. Friendly, chatty, experienced, warm, beautiful and extremely helpful, with her input, would be spot on. I am no fortune teller, but I see a shoot with her again in the near future. Highly Recommended for all photographers looking for perfection.
Blacklion recommends KristieColman23
Added by Blacklion on 10 September 2011, shoot arranged for September 2011

For starters, I was struck by Kristies beauty and gorgeousness when I went to her home. Next, her hospitality and warmth she provided made me very welcome. Then there was her experience and planning when came to organising the shoot. Also her overwhelming wardrobe she had to choose from for our shoot. Quite literally a spare room full of quality outfits. Her home is spacious with plenty of daylight and she moved with ease when posing. Finally, the results...Absolutely brilliant!! A great shoot with a fun and bubbly model. No hesitation is required if your thinking of booking her. Thanks Kristie xx
HarleyPage recommends KristieColman23
Added by HarleyPage on 01 September 2011, shoot arranged for August 2011

Had a fab girl/girl shoot with Kristie on monday. She is very proffessional, stunning, amazing figure and a great laugh to work with. She has a beautiful location and great ideas. We got on really well and I am sure we will be working together again soon :) thanks Kristie xxx
BrianJCollins recommends KristieColman23
Added by BrianJCollins on 25 August 2011, shoot arranged for August 2011

Kristie is great to shoot with. Very bubbly and chatty, the time on our shoot went very quickly and got some pictres that i was very pleased with. Already arranged another shoot
mvl recommends KristieColman23
Added by mvl on 24 August 2011, shoot arranged for August 2011

Kristie turned up early, well prepared and ready to work.
She worked hard all day and in a happy fun way mixing with the other models and made the day fly by. You could photograph her all day and still find more shots to do.
She gave 100% and never complained at some of the messy shots (it was a chocolate shoot)
The finished results show her to be a stunning model and worth employing again.
Simply put she is professional hard working and fun to be around
highly recommend her.

Thanks for a great day Kriste. Hopefully we will work together again soon
Brightonian recommends KristieColman23
Added by Brightonian on 11 August 2011, shoot arranged for August 2011

Shooting with Kristie was an absolute pleasure - she is totally professional and creative in her modelling and her pre shoot communications were excellent. She arrived spot on time and brought masses of clothes and props. I will certainly be working with her again and have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her to other photographers.
Yellow_peril recommends KristieColman23
Added by Yellow_peril on 06 August 2011, shoot arranged for August 2011

I had an excellent home and outdoor shoot with Kristie yesterday, she’s great fun to work with, very friendly and professional which created a great atmosphere to work in. She poses effortlessly is full of great ideas herself, and took some of my basic ideas and made them work very well.
When we shot outside she had a great location in the woods and she didn’t mind getting dirty to get great images.
If you want to work with a great model with a personality to match then book a shoot as you will not be disappointed.
I’m looking forward to booking another shoot with Kristie as the 2 hours we had went far too quick.
Thanks Kristie it was a pleasure! x
PRDPhotography recommends KristieColman23
Added by PRDPhotography on 27 July 2011, shoot arranged for July 2011

Had a great shoot with Kristie today. Went with some ideas, returned with some stunning images. WOW. Gorgeous in nature and looks, and a great selection of clothing. Looking forward to working with again. Thanks Kristie
gazhilla recommends KristieColman23
Added by gazhilla on 11 July 2011, shoot arranged for July 2011

Krishna modelled for me on a tutorial day. Great communication leading up to the day, turned up, bagscof energy and enthusiasm. Really well prepared with loadscof outfits and did everything that was asked of her. Fantastic model, great looks and figure and definitely recommended...
JamesA recommends KristieColman23
Added by JamesA on 08 July 2011, shoot arranged for July 2011

We shot yesterday with Kristie at Silver Pond Studios in Kent. What a lovely model, both beautiful and fun to work with. Kristie is a real professional too with a lot of energy. Highly recommended and we look forward to working together again in the future.
Snowhill recommends KristieColman23
Added by Snowhill on 06 July 2011, shoot arranged for July 2011

Kristie was a delight during our recent fashion shoot. On time and fully prepared, she worked hard on a very hot day with very basic facilities to give us the shots we needed - and remained cheerful and bubbly throughout. A lovely person and a good professional!
marksilvester recommends KristieColman23
Added by marksilvester on 21 June 2011, shoot arranged for June 2011

Had a great shoot with Kristie today. The booking was easy and she arrived with the a good wardrobe with exactly the clothes I had requested. Throughly professional, throughout the shoot Kristie worked very hard to get the shots I want and also maximise the time we had.

So very easy to work with a lovely smile and figure.

Highly recommended

ptcimages recommends KristieColman23
Added by ptcimages on 15 June 2011, shoot arranged for June 2011

Had my first shoot with Kristie yesterday and was knocked out by her stunning looks,charming personality and bubbly sense of humour. She arrived punctually with a huge selection of clothes,shoes and accessories and worked throughout the session in a very professional manner effortlessly interpreting instructions and adding her own unique ideas.She is one of those models who oozes sensuality and can transform her look in the blink of an eye. I could not be more impressed and will be booking her again very soon.
keithspix recommends KristieColman23
Added by keithspix on 25 May 2011, shoot arranged for May 2011

Superb shoot with lovely Kristie. Great fun to work with, highly professional, poses well - highly recommended. Will definately work with her again. Watch out for the launch of 'Blonde' her girl band.
markabel recommends KristieColman23
Added by markabel on 16 May 2011, shoot arranged for May 2011

Had my first shoot with Kristie over the weekend which was a relaxed and fun affair - thoroughly enjoyable and got some great results. Thanks Kristie.
deckitout recommends KristieColman23
Added by deckitout on 28 April 2011, shoot arranged for April 2011

Great shoot with Kristie. She turned up with plenty of changes of attire and has the ability to change her look within minutes. I have some future projects planned and look forward to working with her in the future
glamshots recommends KristieColman23
Added by glamshots on 26 April 2011, shoot arranged for April 2011

I booked Kristie to model at this month's tuition group. Her communications were excellent, she arrived early to acquaint herself with the programme and studio and brought a great selection of clothing to suit the themes. Not only is she beautiful, she also has the most sparkling personality which immediately endeared her to the group members all of whom thoroughly enjoyed working with her. Hopefully,she will be able to work with us again.
nigel recommends KristieColman23
Added by nigel on 27 March 2011, shoot arranged for March 2011

To think of Kristie as just a model would be a massive mistake!!
She is soooo much more, during our shoot she pulled of some fantastic poses, loads of expressions and came up with an enormous amount ideas to help with the shoot...I would prefer to think of her more of an actress in front of the camera.
She has a fantastic personality which shines through into her pictures and you just can't help but fun shooting her.
I really cant wait to pop down to her for our next shoot!
Brian_Brown recommends KristieColman23
Added by Brian_Brown on 24 March 2011, shoot arranged for March 2011

................ Stop.....................

..... Think ?????????????????????????? ...

If you want someone who will have great communication before a shoot ?

Arrives on time ?

Arrives with the biggest smile ?

Has loads of clothes for what you are looking for ?

She can direct and do what she likes - but for me she takes direction very well ?

Smiles and bubbles all the time ?

Works hard for each shot ?

Now ............. you have that person here.

Lovely, beautiful, is a wonderful person to work with - she has my RECOMMENDATION every time

Photogenic recommends KristieColman23
Added by Photogenic on 17 March 2011, shoot arranged for March 2011

Sometimes you meet a model that is very special, Kristie is one she is friendly and chatty. She takes direction very well, but is just as good when left to do her own thing.

Kristie adds her own ideas to a shoot, and really does her best to make a photographers ideas work and she does it. Last but not least she is just as good for headshots and Fashion as her normal glamour.

Thanks for a great shoot Kristie, and i can't wait to shoot you again.

My 2nd shoot with Kristie was as good as the first from her, if anything she was more attractive than ever. No matter if you are a Pro photographer or a new one starting out Kristie will give you a great shoot.

shorts recommends KristieColman23
Added by shorts on 16 March 2011, shoot arranged for March 2011

kristie is a great model,typically essex,warm friendly and fun to be with.a total professional but she made the shoot fun too and this showed in the results.i would recommend her to amatuers and professionals alike.keep travelling kristie ,thanks for a great day.paul
SwitchPhotography recommends KristieColman23
Added by SwitchPhotography on 14 March 2011, shoot arranged for March 2011

Kristie came along for a product shoot at our studio on Saturday and despite it being a bit of a slog to get through all the product she did so with a huge smile on her face. She really made the day fun and was relaxed and accomodating throughout.

In terms of modeling she brought variation to every item and was able to inject her own exhuberant personality into her posing.

She has an exceptional figure, taller and longer than you would think, with good skin and a killer smile.

We wouldn't hesitate in booking her again or recommending to others.
bleens recommends KristieColman23
Added by bleens on 09 March 2011, shoot arranged for March 2011

Kristie is the Best in Essex ( My Opinionn )
Did a home shoot, recently , and she , is the Perfect Hostess. Warm, welcoming and friendly, she has a Large Wardrobe , full of gear to cater for a wide range of styles.
Would love to do another shoot, SOON.
Thanks for the great pics.
tocopubs recommends KristieColman23
Added by tocopubs on 04 March 2011, shoot arranged for March 2011

Kristie is a top-class professional who's a pleasure to work with and highly recommended. She not only has the looks, she's very easy-going, self-assured, adaptable and fun. On top of that she's completely reliable. You won't find many better!
oceanova recommends KristieColman23
Added by oceanova on 02 March 2011, shoot arranged for March 2011

Just had a second shoot with Kristie....She is professional, prepared and on time! I'm sure there will be a 3rd and 4th shoot. Not to mention she is also a laugh and lovely too..
ben_rec6 recommends KristieColman23
Added by ben_rec6 on 21 February 2011, shoot arranged for February 2011

I worked with Kristie on 20th Feb 2011 at my studio in Essex. As well as photographing her myself, she also modelled for one of my studio tuition sessions for a local camera club. Kristie is a true professional & a delight to work with.

She has a stunning look, she knows how to present strong poses, she oozes confidence & is full of character...everything a model should be in my opinion. I can highly recommend her & I am looking forward to working with her again very soon.

Ben Rector
davetse recommends KristieColman23
Added by davetse on 20 February 2011, shoot arranged for February 2011

This was a very short notice booking..Kristie communicated well was ready for me when i arrived at her home..a pleasure to shoot with and enthusiastic..we will shoot again in the studio and on the beaches..

very easy to work with: recommended
fishchucker recommends KristieColman23
Added by fishchucker on 26 January 2011, shoot arranged for January 2011

I had a fantastic shoot with Kristie. She arrived with bags full of brilliant outfits - way too much choice for a stylistic luddite such as myself! - and was a bright and bubbly pleasure to be around. She was great at posing, had fantastic skin, amazing body - I really can't recommend her highly enough. If I have one gripe it's that she didn't eat enough of the nibbles I got in for the shoot so, having finished them off myself, I feel like a proper fatso now!
seymour recommends KristieColman23
Added by seymour on 22 January 2011, shoot arranged for January 2011

What a star! Great communication before the shoot, turned up early with everything I wanted plus plenty of extras. Great at posing, needing little direction but very happy to take on board my directions when I was after something special. AND a real rarity - coming up with brilliant ideas for the scenes with regard to posing ideas.

Highly recommended.
Stibnite recommends KristieColman23
Added by Stibnite on 17 January 2011, shoot arranged for January 2011

Its not easy to sum up Kristie in just a few words, but I'll give it a go :-). Kristie came over for a shoot at my studio today, I could tell from the first mail she was going to turn up, she was early, well prepared and a great laugh.

Superb figure and a beautiful smile it was a great shoot, Kristie looked fantastic from the first shot to the last, next time I need a glamour model I know exactly who I'll call. I hope to shoot Kristie again in the future, I would highly recommend Kristie.
outdoorglamour recommends KristieColman23
Added by outdoorglamour on 12 January 2011, shoot arranged for January 2011

I have now had four fabulous shoots with Kristie. She has turned up on time for every shoot with all the clothing and accessories I have requested plus more. We quite simply click when working together, and a 4 hour shoot seems like 4 minutes in her company. She has never failed to give me the images that I have been looking for from a shoot and its for that reason that I hope to work with her many more times in the future.
eebijeebi recommends KristieColman23
Added by eebijeebi on 12 December 2010, shoot arranged for December 2010

Scrubs up ok!!! Much fun had by all on a fine shoot, thanks Kristie.
monaco777 recommends KristieColman23
Added by monaco777 on 28 November 2010, shoot arranged for November 2010

I,ve had several shoots with Kristie now and she,s a real gem to work with ! She,s very friendly and very professional, requiring no help in producing perfect poses. She has an abundance of enthusiasm and a really fantastic smile !! I can highly recommend Kristie as "one of the best" ! Top marks from me !
kph recommends KristieColman23
Added by kph on 17 November 2010, shoot arranged for November 2010

Kristie was my model for a studio workshop - aiming at page 3 glamour, she hits it perfectly. Superb to work with individually or in a group.

tonyhaz recommends KristieColman23
Added by tonyhaz on 02 November 2010, shoot arranged for October 2010

Was one of ten togs who shot Kristie last sunday,she is very hard working and done her best to give us all different shots, kristie is great fun to work with and she worked very had to give me a back breaking pose i wanted.
would shoot her again for sure, very nice young lady and didnt take for ever getting changed.keep it blonde Kristie lol
Negativephotography recommends KristieColman23
Added by Negativephotography on 24 October 2010, shoot arranged for October 2010

Had a shoot today with kristie. There were 10 photographers but that did'nt bother Kirstie. Very professional, needed little direction, an exhibitionist and good for a laugh. What more could you ask from a model. Highly recommend, you won't be dissapointed.
perfectpic recommends KristieColman23
Added by perfectpic on 22 September 2010, shoot arranged for September 2010

I had an impromptu shoot with Kristie today. Fantastic model, really friendly and great fun to be around. Would highly recommend a shoot with her and look forward to our next shoot.
tref recommends KristieColman23
Added by tref on 19 May 2010, shoot arranged for May 2010

Kristie is an intelligent, hard working individual with a refreshing professional attitude. She worked incredibly hard during the shoot. Easily one of the best models I have worked with.

A real privilege to work with.
wrighty recommends KristieColman23
Added by wrighty on 22 March 2010, shoot arranged for March 2010

Had my first shoot with kristie today "wow" what a fantastic model she was on time
had her own MUA with her who is a great make up artist i must say. kristie is very bubbly good fun to work with very professional and absolutly stunning got some fantastic images that i will be putting up for syndication.
can't wait to work with her again "Brilliant"
Thanks again kristie
wrighty xxx