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Username: KISS_motoempty ID: 135383 Name: Kissy
Country: United Kingdom
Region: Staffordshire
City: Stoke on Trent
Work Preference
Fitness Model
Stock Photo
Parts Modeling
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indirose recommends KISS_motoempty
Added by indirose on 27 January 2012, shoot arranged for December 2012

i did a shhot with matt in december 11 at crewe heritage centre. this was my first shoot for a long time. he was very laid back and easy to work with. he had lots of great ideas and we got some really good images :) i would love to work with matt again and would definitely recommend him :)
MissG recommends KISS_motoempty
Added by MissG on 26 September 2010, shoot arranged for September 2010

I had the pleasure of a brief but productive shoot on location at a group shoot this weekend with Matt. Matt is relaxed, friendly and great fun to shoot with. His direction and communication is great, he works hard to achieve what he wants to and gives models freedom to interpret and be creative as needed. Thanks for all your efforts Matt! Recommended!
Cherry20 recommends KISS_motoempty
Added by Cherry20 on 12 October 2009, shoot arranged for October 2009

I cannot thank Matt enough for all his effort in arranging a group shoot in Crewe. I had a fantastic day and was lucky enough to work with him. He is a lovely, talented guy who is full of ideas! Highly recommended! Looking forward to seeing the images xx
That_Laura_Girl recommends KISS_motoempty
Added by That_Laura_Girl on 11 October 2009, shoot arranged for October 2009

Had a really fun shoot with Matt at the Crewe heritage centre yesterday at a group shoot. He has excellent ideas and an eye for a great setting. He is a really friendly guy and did a great job at organizing the shoot and everything ran smoothly. He would definitely be recommended by me.
SL_Photography recommends KISS_motoempty
Added by SL_Photography on 05 September 2009, shoot arranged for February 2008

Matt did one of my first modeling shoots back in 2008 and i have to say, i loved every minute of it.

He's a lot of fun to shoot with and so laid back.

Our pics were fab!
feared_angel recommends KISS_motoempty
Added by feared_angel on 25 August 2009, shoot arranged for April 2009

Finally met and had the pleasure of working with Matt,

What a great guy he is as well, He is a good laugh and knows what he wants from his images, Open to ideas and a great photographer,

Highly recommended and i hope to work with him again in the near future
violingal recommends KISS_motoempty
Added by violingal on 24 June 2009, shoot arranged for June 2009

I had a wonderful shoot today .... really great communication and a really nice bubbly person. Really helpful with posing and gave great feedback and advice! He as some really great ideas and is really well planned and good at expressing the ideas he has in mind. very polite and punctual and made me feel totally at ease. I really hope we can work togewther in the future!!!! Violigal - Amy
simplydivine recommends KISS_motoempty
Added by simplydivine on 06 May 2009, shoot arranged for April 2009

I worked with Matt recently on a group shoot he organised. Communication was prompt, polite and informative of the requirements of what was needed, prior to the day. He is a lovely guy to work with, a true gent. All models on the shoot had great things to say about him too. I can't wait to work with this guy again maybe on a more personal shoot, or a group event again. Totally recommend working with Matt.
amyallen recommends KISS_motoempty
Added by amyallen on 01 December 2008, shoot arranged for November 2008

Worked with Matt on Saturday at a group shoot in Crewe. We all had a fantastic time thanks to Matt. Matt was a real gentleman and was very professional, friendly and was very understanding in the cold weather conditions. I am really looking forward to seeing the images. I look forward to working together again in the future. Highly recommended, thanks again Matt :) xxx