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Username: JodieEllen ID: 222490 Name: Jodie Ellen Age: 26
Jodie Ellen Bust: 32in (81cm)
Waist: 25in (63cm)
Height67in (5' 7") (170cm)
Hips: 33in (83cm)
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Light Brown
Weight: 117lbs (53kg) (8.5st)

Country: United Kingdom
Region: Kent
Work Preference
Fitness Model
Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Parts Modeling
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zacharybond recommends JodieEllen
Added by zacharybond on 10 February 2017, shoot arranged for September 2016

Had excellent shoot with Jodie. Very professional, very personable with plenty of ideas. Highly recommendable.
swalsh58 recommends JodieEllen
Added by swalsh58 on 13 August 2016, shoot arranged for August 2016

This is simple and to the point. Jodie is one of the best models around. She has a pretty face, a great figure and a fantastic personality. She works hard to get the shot you want, she has good ideas of her own, but takes direction well. She has an amazing wardrobe, and she never lets you down.
I decided to retire from model shoots this year, but there are two or three models that I will continue to work with because I enjoy their company, and because they are the best at what they do. JodieEllen is one of them, and I count her as a friend.
CourtOnCamera recommends JodieEllen
Added by CourtOnCamera on 03 January 2016, shoot arranged for December 2015

I was able to photograph Jodie for the first time today and it won't be the last. Professional, fun to shoot, and a fantastic personality can all describe this young lady.

Thank you Jodie for a great 3 hours.

kevinuk recommends JodieEllen
Added by kevinuk on 29 August 2015, shoot arranged for May 2015

It would be rude not to so here we go. Jodie What can I say that has never been said before? This is one amazing model I've now had the pleasure twice. Both times I left exhausted This young lady knows how to get the best out of me. If I have one negative its that we always run out of time. Jodie has a way of connecting with the camera and she draws you in. Jodie is creative artistic and fun. Always professional. Think that's about it highly recommended to everybody.

No Doubt I will have the pleasure again at some point.

Thanks again
telcargals recommends JodieEllen
Added by telcargals on 20 July 2015, shoot arranged for July 2015

Simply put, one of the best models around. A delight to work with, very professional and dedicated to the project in hand. I'd be happy to work with Jodie again. Highly recommend!
rtmphoto recommends JodieEllen
Added by rtmphoto on 06 June 2015, shoot arranged for June 2015

Had a great shoot with Jodie at Riverside Studios. She was very punctual, professional and generally good fun to work with. Lots of chatting and giggles throughout the shoot, and game for some wacky ideas. Hopefully we will have some cracking shots once processed. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jodie to anyone who asks. Thanks for a fun time Jodie.
johnwayne recommends JodieEllen
Added by johnwayne on 13 April 2015, shoot arranged for April 2015

Had a wonderful shoot with Jodie yesterday what a lovely young lady,nice professional manner ,nothing to much trouble would highly recommend her to others
the2ndsightphoto recommends JodieEllen
Added by the2ndsightphoto on 28 February 2015, shoot arranged for August 2014

Had a nice and pleasant shoot with Jodie, she is a sweet, very easy to work with and very professional. Be looking forward more shoots with her, she is a top five model!
eyecacha recommends JodieEllen
Added by eyecacha on 24 November 2014, shoot arranged for November 2014

It was a great pleasure to work with Jodie Ellen. Using minimal props and available light we were able to get to start producing good shots very quickly. Jodie took direction well and has a natural poise which she uses to great advantage.
BryanR recommends JodieEllen
Added by BryanR on 25 September 2014, shoot arranged for September 2014

I had an enjoyable and very productive shoot with Jodie today. Pre-shoot communications were good, even though she was in Venice at the time, and she arrived with a great selection of outfits. Jodie is a true professional and I look forward to photographing her again.
kimsandman2 recommends JodieEllen
Added by kimsandman2 on 21 September 2014, shoot arranged for September 2014

I had my second shoot with Jodie today and like the first it was a huge success.
I think that this is down to her ability to treat each request as if it were the first time anyone had ever asked her to do something similar, thus keeping the shots both fresh and flowing freely. I can't recommend Jodie highly enough and when her alter-ego nurse Jodie put in an appearance wow!!!
Thanks again Jodie I had a brilliant day I hope you enjoyed it.
Kim xxxx :-)
sniffer recommends JodieEllen
Added by sniffer on 02 June 2014, shoot arranged for June 2014

Where do you start? Jodie is a stunning model-easy to get on with.She has a sunny personality and is great to work with.
Thoroughly enjoyed my three hour shoot with her and will do it again soon.
Lunarpuppy recommends JodieEllen
Added by Lunarpuppy on 12 May 2014, shoot arranged for April 2014

Jodie is an awesome art nude model, have had several shoots with her, she is both fun and professional, a great model
MrJohn recommends JodieEllen
Added by MrJohn on 23 April 2014, shoot arranged for April 2014

Jodie is a star; don’t miss an opportunity to work with her.
Creative natural at posing, works very hard to make sure you get what you want.

I would happily recommend her to anyone and I am looking forward to work with her again.
dhuntuk recommends JodieEllen
Added by dhuntuk on 21 April 2014, shoot arranged for April 2014

I had a friendly and relaxed art nude shoot with Jodie a few weeks back. Jodie's makeup and presentational skills were second to none. And, she posed effortlessly without direction.

So, a big thanks to Jodie for helping me get some great images.
thestarglider recommends JodieEllen
Added by thestarglider on 19 April 2014, shoot arranged for April 2014

A very delayed feedback, but I have no worked with Jodie several times, and we get on like a house on fire - that we started - while partying - on the spur of the moment - uninvited to the party.

That's how much we get on when we work together. More like best friends than photographer and model. And the work I have got from Jodie has been some of my absolute favourite! She really knows how to get the best out of the shot, and it made my work that much easier.

If you haven't worked with her before, book her now, or hang your head in shame!
Steve57 recommends JodieEllen
Added by Steve57 on 15 April 2014, shoot arranged for April 2014

This was my first shoot with the wonderful Jodie, why it's taken me so long to work with her I'll never know...but I'm so glad I did! Not only is she obviously very beautiful and has a fantastic figure, but she is versatile, professional, does her own make up to a high standard, brings a cart full of outfits and doesn't mind wearing things you bring. She also brings her own ideas to a shoot to help create what you are looking for. In that way I think she woud be an excellent model for someone just starting out, as well as established photographers. Jodie is great fun to be with and makes great daisy chains!!

Would I recommend Jodie, the answer to that is a definate YES

Thanks for making my afternoon such a pleasure

Steve x
darkstar01 recommends JodieEllen
Added by darkstar01 on 12 April 2014, shoot arranged for April 2014

Although this was my first shoot with Jodie I felt immediately relaxed working with her. She is chatty with a warm personality and very easy to get on with. Thoroughly professional throughout the shoot and I have no hesitation in recommending her to other photographers. Our shoot just flashed by and was great fun. I look forward to working with Jodie again soon.
MauricesImagery recommends JodieEllen
Added by MauricesImagery on 28 March 2014, shoot arranged for March 2014

I originally spotted Jodie’s profile a few months ago through her casting calls. Due to the distance, her programme of shoots and my work I had to wait a while to arrange a shoot with her. Jodie travelled from deepest Kent and stayed at my place for a week. It was definitely worth the wait and more.

She arrived on time and came well prepared with an excellent selection of outfits and accessories. A lot of them will have to wait till next time to be used.

Her skin tone is amazing, clear and flawless and compliments a beautiful figure.

Jodie is an absolute professional, fun and an absolute pleasure to work with. She has a relaxed and easy going personality. She would take direction, but she can also move effortlessly from one pose to another without direction and does not really need direction at all. She also knows what she wants to achieve with her posing.

On this, my first shoot we did an Ultra Violet body paint, Liquid Latex, Bondage, Crystal Patterns, Art Nude and Lingerie. There is so much still to do!

I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to work with her and we are planning to continue with all the genres that we did not cover this time, this will include a combination of Beach, New Forest, fashion / lingerie and a lot more studio work with one on two special projects included.

I would recommend her with absolute confidence to anyone who wants an enthusiastic model, with a professional, yet fun approach to modelling. I look forward to working with Jodie again very soon.

George99 recommends JodieEllen
Added by George99 on 14 March 2014, shoot arranged for March 2014

Had a great shoot at Jodie's home yesterday. She is chatty and has a warm and welcoming personality. Jodie posed without a lot of input from myself in a variety of styles. I have no idea were the time went it just seemed to fly by. A great pleasure to work with.
roundtheworld recommends JodieEllen
Added by roundtheworld on 06 March 2014, shoot arranged for March 2014

Had a really relaxed shoot with Jodie today. She is such a fun person to work with and I could not have been more happy with the results. Thanks Jodie
mango14 recommends JodieEllen
Added by mango14 on 05 March 2014, shoot arranged for March 2014

Fabulous shoot with Jodie at Silverpondstudio! Always a pleasure to work with Jodie. Highly recommended!!
Mikeguk recommends JodieEllen
Added by Mikeguk on 24 February 2014, shoot arranged for February 2014

What can I say about Jodie other than endorse what other`s have said before.

She is a naturally beautiful, charming, generous and a very bubby young lady. This was my first shoot with Jodie and it was thoroughly enjoyable experience , she pose`s with ease and in full confidence. Hope to work with her again soon.
Everyones_Awesome recommends JodieEllen
Added by Everyones_Awesome on 23 February 2014, shoot arranged for February 2014

Second shoot with Jodie. Still the most gorgeous creature on the planet and still such a wonderful character to shot with. This one will be a regular visitor at Team Awesome HQ for a long time still to come. x
OTM_Teresa recommends JodieEllen
Added by OTM_Teresa on 04 February 2014, shoot arranged for February 2014

Finally got to do a shoot with Jodie today. And I can truely say it was a fanstatic shoot. She is a fun, bubbly girl to work with and she need hardly any direction. She arrived early to the shoot which was great and she was almost ready to shoot as soon as she got there. Great comminication though out the booking and right up to the day of the shoot.

Cant wait to work with her again. Defo recommend her to others.
pose4me recommends JodieEllen
Added by pose4me on 14 January 2014, shoot arranged for January 2014

For over a year I wanted to do a shoot with Jodie and at last the day had come, today. Well worth the wait, A great model, easy to work with who has her own ideas and takes direction very well without reservation. She has loads of confidence, a bubbly personality, Great figure, Poses are free-flowing with various shapes and we came up with some great shots. I would be more than happy to work with Jodie again and I am very happy to recommend her to other photographers.
Prasa recommends JodieEllen
Added by Prasa on 18 November 2013, shoot arranged for November 2013

Had a fantastic shoot with Jodie, a stunning model and a lovely person. She was clearly keen to make our shoot succeed and very generous in her efforts to make it happen. Really great to work with and I hope to work with her again.
I would highly recommend her to everybody.
steven_ford recommends JodieEllen
Added by steven_ford on 07 November 2013, shoot arranged for November 2013

I had an excellent shoot with Jodie at the weekend. The pre-shoot communications were excellent and she turned up with all the requested outfits. Her suggested studios were also good.

During the shoot itself, she was incredibly pro-active in terms of poses and willingness to try (and suggest) new ideas. She's very easy to work with and the 4 hour shoot flew by (the results can be seen on my profile).

I'd definitely recommend her for photographers of all abilities and look forwards to shooting her again.
trev recommends JodieEllen
Added by trev on 04 November 2013, shoot arranged for November 2013

Met with Jodie today for the first time. So glad I chose Jodie, she was so laid back, professional and above all, delivered more than I expected.

Jodie is the first model I paid for a shoot, and now I can see why she charges for her skill. Would recommend her to any photographer, and all those who do only TFP, give Jodie a try, a few quid well spent and your pictures will be of much higher class.

I can't wait to work with Jodie again, she was just brilliant - thanks
ContourPictures recommends JodieEllen
Added by ContourPictures on 15 August 2013, shoot arranged for August 2013

I love it when you stumble across a model that totally exceeds all your expectations and love it even more when she's local. Jodie is an absolute gem, great body, confident modelling and wonderfully warm personality. Every minute was a pleasure, no stress, no ego, just a great mix of hard work and fun.

Book her, you'll have a fun and rewarding experience. Thanks Jodie!
AndyClark14 recommends JodieEllen
Added by AndyClark14 on 08 August 2013, shoot arranged for July 2013

Wonderful shoot with an amazingly beautiful woman, Jodie never ceases to amaze. An incredible performer. So look forward to many shoots into the future. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Thanks Jodie, you are the best.
seanb recommends JodieEllen
Added by seanb on 03 August 2013, shoot arranged for August 2013

I had a short shoot with Jodie yesterday which went very well.

She was very easy to work with and got the ideas I was trying to shoot. Definitely recommended, and I hope to work with her again.
LudaPix recommends JodieEllen
Added by LudaPix on 28 July 2013, shoot arranged for July 2013

Had my very first, and most definitely not the last, shoot with Jodi today. Right off the bat she was friendly and very welcoming, as we shot at her home location.
Jodi sat patiently as I worked through some camera and lighting settings. She needed practically no direction and easily pulled off pose after pose. As well as being gorgeous, she was extremely open to my artistic ideas and welcomed anything I put forward, and successfully pulling it off.
I cannot recommend her enough, whether you are a serious pro or budding amateur. She was an absolute delight. Look forward to our future works together.
brownnwhite recommends JodieEllen
Added by brownnwhite on 05 July 2013, shoot arranged for July 2013

Great shoot with JodieEllen today. Was fun and different. Planning our next shoot. I had been waiting till she was free in the week - the wait was worth it.
AlasdairEW recommends JodieEllen
Added by AlasdairEW on 02 July 2013, shoot arranged for June 2013

Great model to work with hope to shoot with her again soon.
New_lens recommends JodieEllen
Added by New_lens on 30 June 2013, shoot arranged for June 2013

Had just the most wonderful shoot with Jodie today, a truly fantastic model, very natural,very well prepared fun, friendly and so easy to shoot. The shoot was at Jodies home, with full use of her secluded garden, mixed with great weather and stunning model .... wow what a day.
would love to work more with Jodie and highly recommend that any sane tog does the same.
clarmike recommends JodieEllen
Added by clarmike on 23 June 2013, shoot arranged for June 2013

The gloom of the British summer day was considerably brightened when Jodie arrived for the shoot. She brought a range of outfits and the shoot progressed very well. She posed beautifully without any instruction.
All in all a delightful shoot. Thank you Jodie very much.
TheShinyOne recommends JodieEllen
Added by TheShinyOne on 14 June 2013, shoot arranged for June 2013

Unexpectedly free to shoot, I booked Jodie at the last minute with absolutely no problems. She was very quick to respond to my enquiry and we were booked and arranged in 10 minutes !
Jodie has a lovely figure and is great company, I look forward to shooting with her again
gesuati recommends JodieEllen
Added by gesuati on 18 May 2013, shoot arranged for May 2013

I had my first shoot with Jodie today on location in Kent. I have been wanting to work with her for some time and my opportunity came today. Not only has she a fabulous figure but a great personality as well. The 4 hour shoot raced by and I had no hesitation in booking another shoot. Jodie is an engaging and professional model and I can not recommend her more highly. Work with her, and like me, you will be amazed at the images you can capture!
aprilscherz3 recommends JodieEllen
Added by aprilscherz3 on 29 April 2013, shoot arranged for April 2013

Highly recommended for 4 reasons: Good pre-shoot comms, Great model to work with with a stunning figure and very natural looking enhanced breasts, great food and coffee and to put the icing on the cake I was even driven back to the station. Looking forward to the next shoot!
DRowley recommends JodieEllen
Added by DRowley on 03 April 2013, shoot arranged for April 2013

I had a great shoot with Jodie today. First time we had worked together, but it seemed like we were old colleagues. NOt only is Jodie fun to work with she is also highly professional and enthusiastic. Jodie is able to adapt to different styles with ease. I look forward to working with her many, many times in the future. Highly recommended.
eosfan recommends JodieEllen
Added by eosfan on 05 March 2013, shoot arranged for March 2013

I had my first shoot with Jodie this weekend. Communication beforehand was first class, with all messages answered promptly and effectively.
Jodie arrived for the shoot on time and fully understanding the nature of the shoot and what was required.

We did most of the shoot in a studio and about half an hour outdoors, which despite it being very cold, Jodie was as professional as ever, resulting in some great images.

Jodie is great to work with, can pose without direction, or if a particular pose is needed, she is quick to understand and make it happen.

All in all it was a great shoot, Jodie is lovely to work with and comes highly recommended.

djwilby recommends JodieEllen
Added by djwilby on 25 February 2013, shoot arranged for February 2013

I recently had a great session with Jodie, she was hard working and fun to shoot! She has a excellent toned figure and a wonderful smile. Jodie takes direction very well and also knows how to pose on her own.
I have no problems recommending Jodie to any level of photographer and would be happy to work with her again.
Thunder_Photos recommends JodieEllen
Added by Thunder_Photos on 13 January 2013, shoot arranged for January 2013

Had my first shoot with Jodie today. She came fully prepared with 2 suitcases of clothes/shoes, Bubbly friendly beautiful face and body. Great fun to work with and a pleasure to photograph. By the time we'd finished I'd already booked her for 2 more shoots. Highly Recommended Thanks for today x
PJAPhotography recommends JodieEllen
Added by PJAPhotography on 06 January 2013, shoot arranged for January 2013

First shoot of the new year and it's great to be back. Jodie-Ellen was fanastic. Great comms, turned up on time and worked hard throughout to get the right images. Lovely girl whom I would recommned to anyone.
cawpops recommends JodieEllen
Added by cawpops on 01 December 2012, shoot arranged for November 2012

Had a brilliant first shoot with Jodie on thursday
we had a fun but professional shoot at my home studio, we covered a number of themes and costume
changes Jodie gave the shoot 110% a lovely model
and a truly lovely young lady I hope to be working
with Jodie again in the new year, and I would
HIGHLY RECOMMEND her to any photographer

Thank's Jodie for a good shoot Colin
CCP recommends JodieEllen
Added by CCP on 25 November 2012, shoot arranged for November 2012

Did an excellent shoot with Jodie, and got some great shots. Jodie has a lovely even skin tone, and has fantastic legs and a lovely body shape. A really nice person and a joy to work with, takes direction really well. I would recommend Jodie to every photographer, she is worth every penny.
Lee_andrew recommends JodieEllen
Added by Lee_andrew on 21 November 2012, shoot arranged for November 2012

Had an amazing photo-shoot with Jodie last Sunday. Jodie is a real pleasure to work with, she was punctual, professional, polite, experienced, great fun and of course stunning. Her car was like a walking wardrobe with plenty of outfits to choose from! I can fully recommend Jodie 100%. She was fantastic! I will be calling on her again in the new year.
bogfrog recommends JodieEllen
Added by bogfrog on 20 November 2012, shoot arranged for November 2012

Had a great shoot with Jodie today. She stepped in at short notice when my booked model was "ill" Superb figure, requires virtaually no direction and delivered all that was asked.

Great to shoot and highly recommended.
tonycambs recommends JodieEllen
Added by tonycambs on 03 November 2012, shoot arranged for November 2012

Just had a fantastic shoot with Jodie. Pre-shoot communication was excellent and Jodie brought lots of outfits to the shoot. She is very natural in front of the camera, takes direction well, has lots of ideas of her own and works hard to get the shot. Very highly recommened and looking forward to working with her again.
tc66 recommends JodieEllen
Added by tc66 on 24 September 2012, shoot arranged for September 2012

My third shoot with Jodie and she never fails to impress. Great comms, arrived early, had great items to combine into the shoot, worked hard and posed with ease. With her fun upbeat enthusiasm and simply stunning body, jodie is a model i highly recommend to all photographers.
HasanC recommends JodieEllen
Added by HasanC on 23 September 2012, shoot arranged for September 2012

Had a great time shooting with Jodie. A very pleasant and professional young lady. She arrived on time & was very easy to work with. Definately recommend her. will shoot again soon.
gavrelle recommends JodieEllen
Added by gavrelle on 23 September 2012, shoot arranged for September 2012

Good shoot today with JOdie. The topic was art nude and lingerie. She has a great figure and a great look. She is so easy to get on with. She is a model who will do anything to get the shot. I totally recommend this young lady.
SMILESPHOTO recommends JodieEllen
Added by SMILESPHOTO on 15 September 2012, shoot arranged for September 2012

Jodie is an easy-going and fun girl to work with and has the added benefit of a great face and stunning figure. Within minutes of meeting her it felt like we'd been friends for ages and, as a result, she provided me with some super images. Her warmth and sparkle radiate in her every pose.
Thanks Jodie - you're lovely xx
ozzie recommends JodieEllen
Added by ozzie on 12 September 2012, shoot arranged for September 2012

Well :) !!!
what can I say....

Amazing, gorgeous, beautiful body, great personality, pretty, easy to work with, natural model.

Just a few of the many qualities Jodie has, as well as being a great model with a good selection of quality outfits including some great lingerie.
Booked Jodie for a studio lesson with a pupil of mine at the last minute and she fitted me in with no probs and turned up early.
Thanks for a great shoot Jodie. XX

Shoot this girl while you can or you will regret it :) !!
sultanrahi5566 recommends JodieEllen
Added by sultanrahi5566 on 10 September 2012, shoot arranged for September 2012

Jodie is an excellent, dedicated, down to earth, beautiful and fully committed person. She showed up on time with verity of outfit collection. Never tired and always enjoying the shoot Jodie even stayed half and hour extra. I high recommend her to work with, she will amazed the tog with her great professional attitude.

Thank you very much Jodie, it was very pleasure to work with you. Best wishes and Looking forward to see you soon again
theperfectgentleman recommends JodieEllen
Added by theperfectgentleman on 08 September 2012, shoot arranged for September 2012

had a shoot with jodie last night, there was only one problem lack of time, so come and work with me again as promiced, I have a lot of ideas that I showed you, that you wanted to do.
BeachView recommends JodieEllen
Added by BeachView on 05 September 2012, shoot arranged for September 2012

I have just had an amazing shoot with Jodie. What is there to say about her that already hasn't been. Jodie's communication leading up to the shoot were perfect, came well prepared for the session with huge wardrobe and accessories. She poses naturally, has a striking looks and a fab figure. She has a delightful personality and is a true professional.

As it was a lovely day we ventured out of the studio and created some nice images outdoors too. The day was too short to do everything so I'm in process of booking her for our second shoot. Jodie is an incredibly talented, articulated, expressive and hardworking model. Throughout the shoot she was a gorgeous bundle of energy and full of ideas. and I look forward to our second shoot.
mgphotomedia recommends JodieEllen
Added by mgphotomedia on 12 August 2012, shoot arranged for August 2012

Jodie is a delight to mwork with. Excellent communications prior to the shoot and she even arrived early despite a long drive to the location! She's full of enthusiasm and works well with direction. She is a lovely person and has a great sense of humour. Jodie is highly Recommended !! Mark
davetse recommends JodieEllen
Added by davetse on 16 June 2012, shoot arranged for June 2012

just keeps on getting better....quite a shoot will be remembered by all .....for all the right reasons....Thank you Jodie x
Beemer2009 recommends JodieEllen
Added by Beemer2009 on 09 June 2012, shoot arranged for April 2012

What can I say about Jodie.
Jodie is a fab model, with a great sence of humour. Great comunications from the start, came well prepared.
I must say this has to be my best shoot of the year.

Thank You Jodie, can't wait to our next shoot :)

Mark x
Pierre47Tay recommends JodieEllen
Added by Pierre47Tay on 07 June 2012, shoot arranged for May 2012

Jodie turned up with female friend/PA. Both very friendly! Jodie has amazing figure,attitude and a natural poser! Although a hot day,she took great direction well. Would recommend highly! Cant wait for next shoot............
JohnB63 recommends JodieEllen
Added by JohnB63 on 05 June 2012, shoot arranged for June 2012

Just had a great shoot with Jodie earlier today. She was very professional and great fun to work with. Jodie is a lovely girl with a bubbly personality and so easy to get along with. We covered quite a few themes and had lots of costume changes and achieved some really fab images.
I would definitely work with Jodie again and would recommend her for sure.
Thanks Jodie I really enjoyed it xxx
63jian recommends JodieEllen
Added by 63jian on 03 June 2012, shoot arranged for June 2012

Had a very productive shoot with Jodie today. Communication up to the shoot was excellent. This beautiful young lady was an absolute joy to work with, she responded to my ideas and put forward some of her own, and as a result we created some really good images overall.
Lovely personality, and very easy to work with.
I would highly recommend her.
Rob77 recommends JodieEllen
Added by Rob77 on 25 May 2012, shoot arranged for May 2012

I had an outdoor location shoot with JodieEllen today. Conditions were more difficult than we had anticipated, but JodieEllen stepped up to the plate without hesitation and delivered a fine range of poses and expressions. We got some excellent shots, and I would recommend JodieEllen without hesitation to other photographers as a very capable, dependable, and enthusiastic model.
Riverside_Studio recommends JodieEllen
Added by Riverside_Studio on 23 May 2012, shoot arranged for May 2012

What can I say, Jodie is a great model and was willing to try all that we threw at her.
A real trooper too , I highly recommend Jodie and will be booking her myself very soon .
comemodelling recommends JodieEllen
Added by comemodelling on 13 May 2012, shoot arranged for May 2012

Had a fantastic shoot with Jodie . She is a Fab model who is brilliant to shoot with . Shes full of enthusiasm and loves her modelling which shows in all her pics . I would recommend everyone to work with her . Shes class !!
steff92 recommends JodieEllen
Added by steff92 on 13 May 2012, shoot arranged for February 2012

Had a really enjoyable shoot with Jodie at my Home in Feb, She is really great to work with willing to try new things and has lots of enthusiasm. She loves having a laugh and the pics are Brilliant . I would recommend all photographers to work with Jodie for a great shooting experience B4 she gets too Famous !!
DavidN recommends JodieEllen
Added by DavidN on 07 May 2012, shoot arranged for May 2012

Communication with Jodie was excellent before the shoot and only flooded roads prevented her from arriving bang on time.
She picked up very quickly on the ideas for the various pictures we did, took direction well and worked hard to get the pictures just right.
She was good fun to work with and has a very straightforward, businesslike approach to getting results. And, of course, she has a lovely face and figure, which makes her well-suited to a wide range of work.
blueeyedimages recommends JodieEllen
Added by blueeyedimages on 22 April 2012, shoot arranged for April 2012

After applying for a casting request by Jodie, we soon got chatting about ideas for a shoot. Comms were excellent. Jodie and her chaparone arrived on time and with loads of clothing and accessories to fit the shoot. We mixed shots we wanted to create and some spontaneous ideas and all were very successful. It was a totally fun 3 hours in Jodie's company and with the results turning out fantastically, I cannot recommend Jodie and her chaparone enough. As we ran out of time, I certainly cannot wait until we get another chance to finish off the ideas we all had.
Terry20 recommends JodieEllen
Added by Terry20 on 18 April 2012, shoot arranged for April 2012

From a caterpiller to a Beautiful butterfly in an afternoon. What a stunning transformation, exciting, vibrant, so easy to work with and above all great fun.
Jodie had a slow start but the quality and life of her images by the end of the shoot were a joy to see. She really involved herself in the shoot, took direction well when offered and developed a confidence that really enhanced her posing.
A great model, lovely girl and such good fun to both work and be with. Highly recommended.
dominicdgt recommends JodieEllen
Added by dominicdgt on 01 April 2012, shoot arranged for April 2012

Worked with Jodie today on a location shoot, she was/is a fabulous model bringing great energy and enthusiasm to the session, she worked hard and produced great results in difficult (bright/cold) conditions, i'd totally recommend working with her if you get the chance, and wish her all the best for the future,
Draken recommends JodieEllen
Added by Draken on 29 March 2012, shoot arranged for March 2012

Jodie is a natural model and the camera loves her, she takes direction extremely well and gives 100% to the shoot. She also has a lovely personality, and a great sense of humour. I would recommend her wholeheartedly, and look forward to working with her again.
JPHGlamour recommends JodieEllen
Added by JPHGlamour on 13 February 2012, shoot arranged for February 2012

Jodie was confident, up-beat, and alot of fun to work with :D.. she needed little direction and was extremely confident and fluid with poses.
I would highly recommend Jodie to any photographer!!! :)