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Username: Jamespaulphotos ID: 229580 Name: James Paul
James Paul
Country: United Kingdom
Region: North Yorkshire
City: Scarborough
Work Preference
Fitness Model
Parts Modeling
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KeiraLavelle recommends Jamespaulphotos
Added by KeiraLavelle on 21 August 2016, shoot arranged for August 2016

This has to be our most productive photoshoot yet! I have lost count of the number of times James and I have shot but the most recent session I genuinely think we shone as a team that had developed into something so creatively productive!

It all started out on some old church ruins in North Yorkshire... James booked me and kind of realised I was this crazy, hyper excitable thing that is addicted to climbing everything but we seemed to gel pretty awesome! :D Then we had a number of shoots since, some on location and some in a studio - all of which have produced some diversely beautiful results but the most recent two shoots (at Joel Hicks Photographic in Leicestershire) I think we genuinely went for it and our styles fit like an epic jigsaw. Shooting is always very experimental, especially if you are working in natural light conditions which change all the time - because james started at that more challenging end of things his photographic discipline and creative eye was immense from the start. Then the more shoots we have done the more we have bounced off each other and I have to say, the last set we did was sensational! What I really love about working with James is that he has faith in me; in the grand scheme of things I'm a model getting hired and quite often I have the job of just keeping quiet and doing my pose repetoire according to the brief. But the thing about working with James is that he values my input so much and can see when I'm cooking up something interesting as an idea, we were in the studio left to our own devices and we nailed it! All by ourselves! I loved the images we did so much that many of them were just magic excatly how they came out of the camera. I just had to pose away making my shapes and doing my thing, James photographed away and we honestly ended up with so many amazing keepers.

But that was just one set! The images we shot out on the location as well have been equally WOW. Whether james arrives with an exciting prop for me to go wild with or whether we wing it and be spontaneous, it's ultimately the epic working realtionship that shines and we always get there. I am just so excited about our next couple of shoots, I know they will be a blast as there is no question at all that we escalate each time we shoot.
James has been such a sport every time we work together - although we focus like MI5 agents when we are making pictures, the epic banter is just comical. I see him as a dear firend now as well, not just someone that books me. Because I have been a creative enthusiast since being very young it literally drives me so exciteable when I see the efforts of a such a team going places with their work together. He's okay to chat to I guess, we take the micky out of each other no end but I always win so it's all good! :)

For any other models that may be looking at arranging a shoot with James: you will get on with him like a house on fire. He is extremely kind hearted, commited to his shoots and a wonderful laugh/company to be around. Professionalism comes as standard with James as he respects the models he shoots unconditionally. As I say, I am so very looking forward to our next shoot together and recommend James to the moon and back.

Keira x
CandyTume recommends Jamespaulphotos
Added by CandyTume on 03 April 2016, shoot arranged for March 2016

I contacted James after been out of modelling for three years as I had worked with James in the past and achieved an amazing result.

James was quick to bring my confidence back by he's easy going manner, reliable, professional and a good attitude.

I was very happy with my recent shoot with James I left feeling confident and pleased at what we achieved.

Thank you James you bring out the best Highly recommended
Kasia recommends Jamespaulphotos
Added by Kasia on 25 March 2016, shoot arranged for March 2016

I have done quite few shoot with Mr James on last few years. He's really pleasure to work with and be with . He's good friend of mine but also good photographer .

So yesterday i had a pleasure shoot with Mr James again at Body line studio .
Each time he's on time . We'll prepared and well organised . Lots of great ideas and helpful direction. We always have a good laugh . Our time just flew by what a fun day really enjoyed it and was such a relaxed atmosphear.

He's nice friendly chatty sweet lovely warm person and Deffo 100 % gentleman !!!
Such a fab person with a true heart and personalitany u can wish for
I can not think of anyone nicer

Thnks do much 4 all great shoots snd definitely Cu again Xxx
Dani-Elle recommends Jamespaulphotos
Added by Dani-Elle on 06 September 2013, shoot arranged for September 2013

Yesterday I had the most wonderful pleasure of working with James for the first time and already I am very much looking forward to working with him again! Not only is James the greatest gentleman with top respect and care for the model but his jolly personality and enthusiasm makes him a great deal of fun to shoot with. :)

James picked out a truly wonderful location and we had a real field day bouncing off one another with ideas - he was extremely welcoming of my suggestions and I could not believe where the time went! He takes all the steps towards perfecting a vision and the communications during the shoot were just as helpful/concise as pre-shoot. Not for a second would I hesitate to recommend James, a first class chap who brings so much to a shoot.

Thanks again James,

AmyBeloved recommends Jamespaulphotos
Added by AmyBeloved on 09 August 2013, shoot arranged for August 2013

Had a location shoot with James yesterday and found him so easy to get along with, chatty, friendly and I felt totally comfortable at all times in the shoot, James is a total gentleman.

The shoot was fun and we created great images too.

Highly recommended and already looking forward to our next shoot.

Thank you :)

Amy xx
whosthatgirl recommends Jamespaulphotos
Added by whosthatgirl on 24 April 2013, shoot arranged for August 2012

I would definitely recommend James Paul.

He is kind, considerate and great fun to work with.
I even got fed after we had finished which was very kind of him.
I certainly wouldn't of gone to eat with him if I hadn't of enjoyed his company. :)

I'm really looking forward to our second location shoot this Friday!

See you soon James.
RachelLaura recommends Jamespaulphotos
Added by RachelLaura on 09 September 2012, shoot arranged for June 2012

james is very friendly and has a good vibe about him and this affects me in a huge way and shows up on the photos . He is very professional with his work and i would strongly recommend to work with him :D
kellyfox recommends Jamespaulphotos
Added by kellyfox on 04 September 2012, shoot arranged for August 2012

I had my second location shoot with james the other day, as we live so close. first was at my home. He is such a friendly, professional photographer. That really respects the model. I hope to have many more shoots with him in the future! And I would recommend him to any model thinking of working with him. xxx
candiecutie recommends Jamespaulphotos
Added by candiecutie on 14 August 2012, shoot arranged for August 2012

had a fantastic shoot with James at weekend, he made me feel totally at ease, he is an excellent tog, and his pictures are amazing, already booked another shoot xxx