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Username: GregoryBrown ID: 133723 Name: Gregory Brown
Gregory Brown
Country: United Kingdom
Region: London
City: London
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Slinky86 recommends GregoryBrown
Added by Slinky86 on 30 November 2013, shoot arranged for November 2013

I'm a huge fan of Gregory's work and I finally had the privilege of working with him last week. The shoot was amazing fun with lots of weird props, crazy ideas and fantastic lighting concepts. A perfect shoot! Gregory is so wonderful to work with. Very highly recommended!!
jennykiss69 recommends GregoryBrown
Added by jennykiss69 on 04 October 2013, shoot arranged for October 2013

I really enjoyed working with Gregory, I have modelled for a long time now, and of all the people i have worked with he's genuinely the easiest guy to work with, he's very professional but he's chatty and was always open to my ideas, and nothing was ever a problem. His work speaks for itself and i highly recommend him as an Art Nude photographer. Jenny James.
Prinzessin88 recommends GregoryBrown
Added by Prinzessin88 on 18 June 2013, shoot arranged for June 2013

Fantastic shoot with gregory he is very friendly and i felt comfortable throughout the shoot . We got some great images and gregory had good ideas . Thanks and i will be back =]
assistedsuicide recommends GregoryBrown
Added by assistedsuicide on 15 May 2013, shoot arranged for May 2013

I've been a fan of Greg's work for ages and always wanted to meet him properly. His studio is fab and I did make-up for a shoot there with Amanda then some Modeling too. He is professional, easy to work with and best of all a good laugh and an easy going guy. His work really stands out and his style is one you certainly don't miss.
Enigmatise1981 recommends GregoryBrown
Added by Enigmatise1981 on 10 February 2013, shoot arranged for February 2013

I shot with Greg last Friday, and what a great day I had. He's a really lovely guy and I learnt a lot. It was great to work with such a talented photographer. He gave me some great advice and tips and the time flew by. Really pleased with the images produced. Would definitely recommend him and would love to work with him again some day. Thanks Greg
NTN_Photography recommends GregoryBrown
Added by NTN_Photography on 07 February 2013, shoot arranged for February 2013

I attended one of Greg's master classes on a 1-2-1 learning all about honeycombs, low light photography and over 20 different lighting setups, absolutely worth the 3 hours session and 3 hours on my own with the wonderful Charley1986 as the model? A brilliant day and learnt a lot about lighting from a master.
I will definitely go back to learn more when I have the chance!
Many Thanks Greg.
AmabelRose recommends GregoryBrown
Added by AmabelRose on 09 December 2012, shoot arranged for December 2012

Wanted to work with Greg for a while so was really happy when I got the opportunity to!
Greg was great company, put me at ease straight away with his friendly and chatter manner. He let put my input into the shoot with shots I was after. He had great props and lovely coffee ;)
Highly recommended!
RubyRosetta recommends GregoryBrown
Added by RubyRosetta on 14 November 2012, shoot arranged for October 2012

I finally got the chance to work with Gregory and I really enjoyed the experience! He is absolutely lovely, a great laugh and a wonderful photographer. He very kindly allowed me to stay in his lovely home and I was made to feel extremely welcome. I would highly recommend him both as a photographer, studio owner, and tutor. Ruby x
DianaB recommends GregoryBrown
Added by DianaB on 02 October 2012, shoot arranged for September 2012

I have had a fabulous shot with Gregory 2day, it was just fantastic to work with him, excellent shoot ideas,lovely chatty person easy to get on with,truly professional attitude , i did had a good time working with him and we have also created some interesting images ,

i would definitely work with Gregory again and i can highly recommend him to all :)

thank u for today x
AnnaRose recommends GregoryBrown
Added by AnnaRose on 31 August 2012, shoot arranged for July 2012

AMAZING shoot!...
jaejay recommends GregoryBrown
Added by jaejay on 19 August 2012, shoot arranged for August 2012

A little while back I saw some increadible pictures by Gregory on one of my favourite model pages and thought WOW.
I looked at his Purestorm page and web sites and had to see him and have a tuition session off him.
This I did a few days ago and it was really worth it.
He asked exactly what I was after and looked at some of my work. Then explained various lighting techniques and also showed lights I had not come across before. His instructional method is easy and goes at the pace you are comfortable with covering as much as he practicaly can, using the model I had first seen his work. Between us we got some excellent pictures, and I left with a better understanding of lighting and ideas for my future shoots.
His studio whilst small is very well equiped and parking is surprisingly easy. If you do not have a model he can supply one. The only down is if you are using "SAT NAG" to get to the destination be aware that some of the roads have changed and are now dead ends or one way, but easily got around. I cannot recommend this photographer highly enough. And I thank him for his tuition.
ChaosOfTrouble recommends GregoryBrown
Added by ChaosOfTrouble on 09 July 2012, shoot arranged for July 2012

Couldn't possibly find words good enough to recommend Greg as highly as I'd like to!
It is just brillaint working with him! So easy to get on with, so respectful and generally has a great proffesional attitude whilst being a good laugh to shoot with.
Add that with his AMAZING photography skills and you have yourself one of the best shoots you can get. His lighting and ideas are so good, by far one of the best shoots I've done.
Genuinelly couldn't recommend him enough - I can't wait to see the images and I hope I get to work with him again in the future :)
Elle_Black recommends GregoryBrown
Added by Elle_Black on 15 June 2012, shoot arranged for June 2012

Another brilliant shoot with Greg. I don't think it will ever cease to amaze me how a-buzz this man is with his creativity! This time he came to my mansion and boy, did we have fun! Greg found such diverse areas that hadn't been used previously and turned each set into what felt like the illustration to extensively intriguing narrative. Not to mention also being a well alight bloke to chat to! ( ; An absolute pleasure to work with and I can't wait to do so again. Extremely highly recommended.
alice_g recommends GregoryBrown
Added by alice_g on 30 April 2012, shoot arranged for April 2012

Had a shoot with gregory earlier today. It was AMAZING. He was funny, chatty, interesting and full of great ideas :) can't wait to see the great images we got :) 100% reccomended to any model who wants some high quality, mindblowing images for their portfolio. Thanks greg x
tiinak recommends GregoryBrown
Added by tiinak on 29 April 2012, shoot arranged for April 2012

I had a great shoot with Gregory at his studio this week.
He's wonderful to work with, very professional, talented, and good company. I love the photos and can't wait to see the edits.
I hope to work with him again and would recommend to everyone!
Tiina :)
AnnicaJ recommends GregoryBrown
Added by AnnicaJ on 18 April 2012, shoot arranged for April 2012

Had a shoot with Gregory recently. He's fantastic to work with, very versatile, imaginative, has great shooting ideas and lots of usefull stuff to pose with! He's also lovely, chatty guy and profesionalist in one!
We did variation of nude art shoots, and the results are just amaizing! Gregory knows exactly how to use lights and shadows for best images, and I really like his photograper's attitude.I would love to work with him again and again! 110 percent recommended to any Model!! Thank you so much Gregory!
maxina recommends GregoryBrown
Added by maxina on 27 February 2012, shoot arranged for February 2012

Had a fantastic shoot with Gregory and we produced some very cool high quality images,i had a wonderful time and Gregory took care of me,what a pro,can't wait for our next shoot x penny.
Nympheae recommends GregoryBrown
Added by Nympheae on 19 February 2012, shoot arranged for February 2012

I had the pleasure of visiting the Battersea studio again yesterday, this time to work with Gregory Brown himself!
Good communication prior to and throughout the shoot.
I arrived to a studio warmed up to an ideal temperature for a model!
The shoot was well planned and relaxed, we have created some fantastic results and tried various sets, lighting and amazing props.
Greg is very friendly, creative, organised, with eye for attention to details and not afraid of a challenge ;)
I enjoyed the shoot thoroughly and would be more than happy to work with Greg again. Highly recommended!
Many thanks
AndreiaC recommends GregoryBrown
Added by AndreiaC on 09 January 2012, shoot arranged for January 2012

Had a excellent shoot with Gregory today, he was full of ideas and many excellent props. Would highly recommend him to all models and photographers wishing to learn from his excellent knowledge on photography.

Look forward to working with you again many thanks
Emeralds recommends GregoryBrown
Added by Emeralds on 14 November 2011, shoot arranged for November 2011

I had such an incredible shoot with Greg today he had so many amazing ideas and fantastic props for the shoot to make the images look so original.
The entire shoot including the images left me speechless.
I hope to work with Greg very soon and I would recommend Greg and his to studio to all.
Thank you :)
clairebear1989 recommends GregoryBrown
Added by clairebear1989 on 24 October 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011

Best shoot ever!!! im honoured to have had the opportunity to work with greg and cant wait to see the images!! I hope to work with greg again in the future! thankyou so much!!
Lisi recommends GregoryBrown
Added by Lisi on 23 August 2011, shoot arranged for August 2011

Had one of the most enjoyable shoots ever with Greg today. Lovely guy - good sense of humour and easy going plus he kept the tea flowing well! The time flew by and I could've easily continued as 'art nude' is my favourite genre. Greg truly is a master of art nude!
He produces such beautiful images seen here on his profile and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to be one of his models. He pays a lot of attention to detail and, as a result, his images are exceptional. The studio is also very well equipped with great lighting and masses of quirky props - can highly recommend Greg as a photographer and also the studio as one to hire. x
Lucia12 recommends GregoryBrown
Added by Lucia12 on 17 August 2011, shoot arranged for August 2011

I worked with Gregory for the first time today and really really enjoyed shooting with him. He is very out going, postive and friendly which made him incredible to work with. He worked me hard which i am grateful for and out of that we got some fantastic shots. I very highly recommened him and i can't wait to work with him again. Gregory is truly amazing.
Raine recommends GregoryBrown
Added by Raine on 26 July 2011, shoot arranged for July 2011

Had a fantastic shoot with Greg yesterday. We tried out lots of different ideas and had loads of fun. I have already seen the unedited ones and am really excited to see the edits. Great photographger and person, highly reccommended.
amber20 recommends GregoryBrown
Added by amber20 on 21 July 2011, shoot arranged for July 2011

What a fantastic photographer! I really did enjoy working with him & trying his quirky but amazing ideas. We got alot of stunning images which i can not wait to view!

Highly recommend & look forward to working with him again. Thankyou x
JenSomerfield recommends GregoryBrown
Added by JenSomerfield on 04 July 2011, shoot arranged for July 2011

I had a great time at our shoot with the king of miscellaneous accessories/props :D you name it, he has it, nothing is too mad to shoot with. I haven't had this many usable images in a long time and I'm so glad I dropped by his studio of awesomeness. Thank you for having me :D
J x
xxmrmthxx recommends GregoryBrown
Added by xxmrmthxx on 15 June 2011, shoot arranged for June 2011

Well what can I say I had a great shoot with Greg today, great comms before the shoot. Very professional and was a real joy to work with. He has the most amazing range of props and amazing ideas to go with them. I highly recommend working with Greg. Thank you for a lovely day
RedChecker recommends GregoryBrown
Added by RedChecker on 06 June 2011, shoot arranged for June 2011

I attended a photo course run by Gregory at his wonderful house in Battersea. I had a great day and his tuition gave me plenty of new ideas that I can apply to my photography.
katiemae recommends GregoryBrown
Added by katiemae on 01 June 2011, shoot arranged for June 2011

I had a brilliant shoot today with Gregory at his studio in battersea. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment, even being in uncomfortable art nude positions hehe! His communication was ace, replying fast to every mail sent. He is an expert with the lighting, and angles.. As i said, he's a genius with a camera! I absolutely love the pictures (without a doubt my best art nude pics ever!) and i cant wait to get them onto my port! Very highly reccomended to all models, thanks so much again Greg :)
magnolia285 recommends GregoryBrown
Added by magnolia285 on 03 May 2011, shoot arranged for March 2011

Gregory created magnificent photo shootings of me that attracted the attention of other photographers who viewed my profile page. Some of them left positive comments, incredibly powerful. Because of Gregory, he assured me that having small breasts would stop me from modelling. Being a woman, I realise breasts are not the only epitome of womanhood.
HannahAshlea recommends GregoryBrown
Added by HannahAshlea on 04 February 2011, shoot arranged for February 2011

I had a wonderful shoot with Gregory at his studio in Battersea.
He's great fun to work with, have some amazingly creative ideas and can look at any household object and see a prop.
Fantastic lighting skills and a brilliant eye for detail, I hope to work with him again very soon!
Hannah :)
Vasilisa recommends GregoryBrown
Added by Vasilisa on 11 December 2010, shoot arranged for December 2010

I had a wonderful shoot with Gregory, who is an absolute perfectionist with lighting and has a lot of quirky ideas (and equally fantastic props to suit :))

I would highly recommend him to any model who wants great shots and a very friendly, relaxed shoot. I hope to work with him again soon!
raphaella recommends GregoryBrown
Added by raphaella on 07 November 2010, shoot arranged for November 2010

Gregory was exceptional fun to work with, a fabulous studio teaming with scope and he breaths original and quirky ideas.
I look forward to working with gregory again and again.
An fantastic talent with a great character to match.

shazza09 recommends GregoryBrown
Added by shazza09 on 30 September 2010, shoot arranged for September 2010

Worked with Gregory this week and what can i say outstanding .
I have admired Gregory's work for ages It was an honour to work with him and to also listen and learn & see some amazing image that we produced.
The day flew by as we had lots of fun.
We used some amazing and fun props !
Hope to work with you again soon and will be taking your advice and putting it into practice. :-)
Highly recommended.
Truely fantastic guy! x
EllaRose recommends GregoryBrown
Added by EllaRose on 18 September 2010, shoot arranged for September 2010

I worked with Gregory today after admiring his incredible images for a very long time. Delighted to get the chance to finally play with his wonderful collection of props! I really enjoyed the shoot and would work with him again in an instant. Great location - great personality - lots of fun! :-)
RebeccaTun recommends GregoryBrown
Added by RebeccaTun on 05 September 2010, shoot arranged for May 2009

Gregory is so talented and visionary - I really enjoyed collaborating with him. Coming up with ideas was fun. I like Gregory's wacky imagination and I admire his ability to turn ordinary things into phenomenal fine art. He's a fabulous perfectionist and inspiringly expert with lighting. I have also used his studio modelling for another photographer, and he was as helpful and funny as ever. I would love to work with Greg again.
_belial recommends GregoryBrown
Added by _belial on 04 February 2010, shoot arranged for February 2010

I had a shoot at Gregory's studio this evening and it was a great success. Even though one of the models was late, not his fault, he's offered to give me some free time there next time, how's that for customer service! He's a great friendly guy, who really took time to explain all the lighting and props, and gave us free reign to the house for the shoot, a great guy and a superb location, thank you.
Lottie21 recommends GregoryBrown
Added by Lottie21 on 19 August 2009, shoot arranged for August 2009

Worked with Gregory today and had an AMAZING shoot. He is a lovely man to work with and is a fantastic photographer!! Had a very enjoyable shoot and really hope I can work with him again! Thank you for a great day!x
janey1 recommends GregoryBrown
Added by janey1 on 02 April 2009, shoot arranged for March 2009

A stunning photographer and an absolute privelege to work with.Highly recommended. I enjoyed every minute of my shoot and the time flew by. Professional and hospitable. Many thanks Greg. Hope to work with you again in the future. J x
RedCelt recommends GregoryBrown
Added by RedCelt on 22 March 2009, shoot arranged for February 2008

Greg is a fantastic person to work with, absolutely full of ideas, and a totally professional attitude :-)

AlexB recommends GregoryBrown
Added by AlexB on 22 January 2009, shoot arranged for January 2009

I had a great shoot with Greg on 19th Jan and I am thrilled with the outcome. Cannot recommend strongly enough
Added by TeddyB on 08 May 2008
A stunning lifestyle apartment, very open plan, very 'yuppie'. Gregory has a very decent studio there, hire rates are extremely reasonable at £20 an hour. He backs onto a private lawn area which is handy as well.