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Username: Bright_Lights ID: 170081 Name: Bright Lights
Bright Lights
Country: United Kingdom
Region: Derbyshire
City: Draycott
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klouisemodel recommends Bright_Lights
Added by klouisemodel on 24 March 2014
I've worked at Bright Lights quite a few times, on 1-2-1 bookings and group shoots. Always found the owners friendly and professional, and helpful with the photographers booking the studio. Nice clean studio with a separate models changing area, recommended :)

Kayla xx
zuikene recommends Bright_Lights
Added by zuikene on 28 September 2013
I've been working at Bright Lights Studio n-th times for the last few years and I've always been having fantastic time!
All shoots, group shoots and studio days are always well arranged, well organized, always professional attitude and enjoyable time to work with!
The studio is extremely well equipped and comfortable to use with a great separate models changing room area. The studio is so spacious and suitable to shoot any style and any genre.
Studio hosts: Shaun and Dave are fantastic hosts, who are always professional, respectful to models at all the times and looks after photographers and models and at the highest standards! Highly recommended to everyone to shoot there!
Thanks for having me back for another fantastic studio day!

Tina Kay. xxx
tlk2tanya recommends Bright_Lights
Added by tlk2tanya on 27 June 2013
i had a group night last night with bright light studio and im very happy. all togs made me feel welcome and we had a great laugh.. would recommend any model :) thankyou..
nickyphillips recommends Bright_Lights
Added by nickyphillips on 23 June 2013
Had a group shoot at Bright lights last week, I really enjoyed it there, everyone was friendly and made me feel comfortable, the studio itself is great lots of different areas to shoot. Looking forward to going back next month.
mfish00xx recommends Bright_Lights
Added by mfish00xx on 12 June 2013
Thoroughly recommended! Good range of sets and lighting and friendly, helpful owners who give as much or as little assistance as you require. I will be back!
Emma_Morgan recommends Bright_Lights
Added by Emma_Morgan on 07 April 2013
Of the group night at bright lights this week great studio and great sets highly recommended would love to work there again x
jennykiss69 recommends Bright_Lights
Added by jennykiss69 on 18 October 2012
Had a group shoot with around 6 photographers and it went fab, great bunch of respectable guys all keen photographers. Deffinatly great to shoot with. Hope to work with them again. Jennifer Nelson.
MowMow recommends Bright_Lights
Added by MowMow on 04 October 2012
I worked at Bright Light Studio for a group session, Dave and Shaun (the studio owners) gathered a real nice respectable croud of photographers for the event. The studio has a a few different rooms with different set ups... If you need help with lighting, they are brilliant at setting up the light (from the images I saw on the night), their use of lighting is complimentary to the model. I would highly recommend using the studio.
RaphaellaLily recommends Bright_Lights
Added by RaphaellaLily on 12 September 2012
Had a great group shoot the other night at Bright Lights. Everyone was very friendly and professional. The studio is great, nice area for the model and plenty of great sets to use. Love the arch and magazine area. Would certainly recommend the studio to a photographer or any other models. Thanks guys Raphaella X
Roy87 recommends Bright_Lights
Added by Roy87 on 03 August 2012
I've used this studio a few times now and would highly recommend, it has a great white area (infinity curve) and many other sets for some really creative imagery with superb lighting equipment :-)
Jade_91 recommends Bright_Lights
Added by Jade_91 on 14 June 2012
Had a great evening yesterday modelling at a group shoot at Bright Lights in the company of a really lovely group of photographers. I was made to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the shoot and the time flew by. Good studio as well, to accommodate a variety of different styles.
JojoShaw recommends Bright_Lights
Added by JojoShaw on 18 May 2012
Worked at Bright Lights for first time Wednesday and was made to feel very welcome. Great studio, good range of sets, large clean, dressing room, nice bunch of photographers on group shoot and got to use my car on shoot too. Would recommend to any model or photographer. Hope to go back soon.
Auburn_Rose recommends Bright_Lights
Added by Auburn_Rose on 07 May 2012
I had a group shoot at brightlights the other week and thoroughly enjoyed it there was a nice variety of sets and lighting set ups and everyone was very friendly :) i would recommend them and look forward to going back again x
wendylouise recommends Bright_Lights
Added by wendylouise on 09 April 2012
Worked at this studio for a group shoot last month.
Studio is great for all you need with different sets and props for all styles.
This studio wont disappoint and the owners are lovely too :) xx
MissBrook recommends Bright_Lights
Added by MissBrook on 05 April 2012
Worked at BrightLights studio Last night for Group shoot and what can i say... Very Proffesional Studio and the settings where fabb to shoot in,got some great pics from them! Also had the Pleasure of working with some Great Photographers which were friendly &Funn to work with!! Had all rooms heated up for me to work in which was great. Owners made me feel comfortable being there alltimes whilst shooting:) Thanks Guys
Highly Recommend BrightLights Studio to Models and Photographers!!!

Will be back again soon:)

MissBrook recommends Bright_Lights
Added by MissBrook on 05 April 2012
Worked at BrightLights studio Last night for Group shoot and what can i say... Very Proffesional Studio and the settings where fabb to shoot in,got some great pics from them! Also had the Pleasure of working with some Great Photographers which were friendly &Funn to work with!! Had all rooms heated up for me to work in which was great. Owners made me feel comfortable being there alltimes whilst shooting:) Thanks Guys
Will be back again soon:)

Tyrannosaurus_Bex recommends Bright_Lights
Added by Tyrannosaurus_Bex on 22 March 2012
I was booked to model at a group shoot yesterday and had a brilliant time. All photographers that were present were polite and friendly and the studio was of high quality with a range of interesting sets to shoot on. I'd happily go back to shoot more often =]
toontastic recommends Bright_Lights
Added by toontastic on 25 January 2012
worked today at brightlights and wowed with what a great atmosphere it was. Great bunch of togs even threw in a few chips :D lovely settins and was suprised by how big and spaceous the studio is .. lovely rooms and very good settings for mod and tog to use recommended x
kellismith recommends Bright_Lights
Added by kellismith on 12 January 2012
Worked at Bright Lights studio yesterday for a group booking. I was made to feel relaxed and was very happy with the turn out of the shoot. nice studio with lovely owners. definatly recommended!!
JoStar recommends Bright_Lights
Added by JoStar on 05 December 2011
I worked at Bright Light studios on a wednesday evening! The Studio was easily accsessible and had it all warmed up for me when i Arrived.
It was my first Group shoot and i felt so Comfortable with all members there, especially Shaun. Made me feel at ease and knew how to have a giggle!
The Stuido kept getting bigger, so many different rooms which stood out in all photos!
Look forward to working at this Studio and with the Guys again!
Thank you, Reccommended! A*
DaniMarie recommends Bright_Lights
Added by DaniMarie on 22 September 2011
I worked at Bright Lights studio recently and found the studio to be large and pleasant.They have a number of sets and it is a clean and friendly environment. The group shoot was limited to a number of people, all were friendly and made me feel comfortable:)
Janine83 recommends Bright_Lights
Added by Janine83 on 08 September 2011
Did a shoot here for the 1st time on the 7.9.11... A big studio lots of different sets, plenty of space too and the guys were great.. Would highly recommend x
kandikay2011 recommends Bright_Lights
Added by kandikay2011 on 30 June 2011
Worked at This Studio on the 29th June,
Was a great atmosphere. A big studio lots of different sets, Plenty of space too! Would highly recommend :)

CaptPugwash recommends Bright_Lights
Added by CaptPugwash on 02 May 2011
Second shoot at BrightLights with the gorgeous Dani. This shoot just confirmed how good the studio is. Both Alan and Dave were on hand to assist with setting up and moving lights (and making the tea)and after pinching one of their ideas last time, i had the opportunity to try out a different lighting technique that i will definitely be using again. BrightLights studio is on my "must use again" list.
CaptPugwash recommends Bright_Lights
Added by CaptPugwash on 16 April 2011
EDIT : With reference to my last review, I of course meant to say thanks to Alan.
Who is Ian and where did he come from i don't know !!
I found Alan to be a top bloke and an experienced photographer who was happy to help me out with a few hints and ideas (one of which i intend to pinch and use on future shoots !)
Many thanks Alan, will see you again soon.
CaptPugwash recommends Bright_Lights
Added by CaptPugwash on 15 April 2011
I was the photographer for Fizzy's shoot and i can only echo the positive comments. An excellent studio just off the M1 with many diverse sets. Ian is an excellent host, setting up the lights and props and then leaving the shoot up to you, but is ready and willing to step forward with help and advice. (Thanks Ian i will be pinching that idea for future use!)
This is a studio i will be using again.
fizzy recommends Bright_Lights
Added by fizzy on 14 April 2011
Worked at Brightlights today. It's a massive studio with seeral really good sets, a fully equipped model changing area and various props. The studio owner (Alan) was very helpful throughout the shoot, made sure myself and the photographer were comfortable, helped with moving props around and was lovely to us both.
jayceephotos recommends Bright_Lights
Added by jayceephotos on 30 March 2011
I recently enjoyed my first shoot at Bright Lights Studio. It has a wide and inspirational range of sets and lighting equipment, Dave offered a warm welcome in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with technical advice and assistance readily available if needed. Highly recommended.
klouisemodel recommends Bright_Lights
Added by klouisemodel on 10 March 2011
I had a group shoot at the studio, the night ran smoothly, with different sets and styles of lighting, not too many photographers booked in which is always important on group shoots.
Refreshments were provided too
Kayla xx
ShazE recommends Bright_Lights
Added by ShazE on 22 February 2011
I have worked at Brightlights numerous times since relocating to the midlands. From the first visit I was impressed with the welcome and the facilities and have had the pleasure of watching the studio go from strength to strength. Highly recommended studio that I enjoy working at every time :)
Katie_G recommends Bright_Lights
Added by Katie_G on 08 February 2011
What a wonderful studio. Talented, friendly and laid back guys, who will cater for your every need from start to finish! Highly recommended! Thanks again and see you soon :)
rhmatthews recommends Bright_Lights
Added by rhmatthews on 06 February 2011
Had my first visit to the studio today for a group shoot with the lovely Katie Green. Dave and Shaun were very welcoming and the studio was great, with loads of options for both flash & natural lighting.
It was well worth the drive north from Swindon and one i will definately doing again - especially if Katie is back at the studio.
RoziekinsPhotography recommends Bright_Lights
Added by RoziekinsPhotography on 29 January 2011
Worked at the studio on numerous occasions,

Everytime there is great and thoroughly enjoyed, the hosts are excellent, the studio is fantastic with all the different sets and great for creative minds like mine, A studio i think will go far and is very reasonable on rates,

Will be working there a lot more in time to come
Eva_Giles recommends Bright_Lights
Added by Eva_Giles on 27 January 2011
As a model, I attended a group shoot here. The shoot was popular and it was easy to see why. The atmosphere was easy going and there was none of the usual argueing over who gets to shoot next. The lighting and facilities were brilliant and the owners were very welcoming. I even got a muffin :)
joerv007 recommends Bright_Lights
Added by joerv007 on 25 January 2011
I hired Bright Lights studio for a day's shooting and was impressed with the whole experience. The set up was fantastic and I really enjoyed the easy no pressure atmosphere from the staff who let you get on wit your shoot but are there to offer help and support (and tea/coffee) when needed. Absolutely fantastic... I will be sure to book the Bright Lights studio again!
Chacha recommends Bright_Lights
Added by Chacha on 16 January 2011
Shot at Bright lights studio and was very suprised at how big it was with alot of great sets. Dave was very friendly and communicated well during the build up to the group shoot. All the photographers were well briefed and arrived early to prepare for the night. Would definately recommend people to use this studio.
Thank you again for asking me. x x
dani1234 recommends Bright_Lights
Added by dani1234 on 11 December 2010
awesome studio love the red sofa and i love the bed set:)
thanks so much
zuikene recommends Bright_Lights
Added by zuikene on 05 December 2010
Highly recommended studio to work in !
Have been working there number of times for the last 2 years and it's brilliant.
Very well organized group shoots and model studio days, great arrangements, perfect communication, the best care for the models needs.
Studio itself is huge with loads of great opportunities to shoot from: few spacious places with sets ready to shoot from, high seelings, massive windows with plenty of natural light, nice, warm and comfy to work in !
And of course fantastic hosts of the studio Shaun and Dave, who makes sure you gonna have a great shooting day !

Thank you guys !
Tina. xxx
Gestalta recommends Bright_Lights
Added by Gestalta on 04 December 2010
I worked at this studio at one of the Group shoot evenings. The owners, and all the photographers attending, were very friendly and professional. They were also kind enough to give me a lift there and back, and made sure that the studio was well stocked with tea and muffins (definite plus)! :)
Jo_Louise recommends Bright_Lights
Added by Jo_Louise on 07 October 2010
I went along to Bright Lights Glamour Group Shoot last night and Shaun and Dave really treated me well, ensured i was fed and watered and Shaun gave me a lift there and back home again as it was late.
I was looked after well and had a really productive shoot. The Studio is spacious with lots of varied sets and backdrops and great props, and has good changing facilities.
Would deffo reccommend and look forward to going back sometime.
thanks so much for everything :)
Jo-Louise x
Paris recommends Bright_Lights
Added by Paris on 13 September 2010
I had a great shoot at Bright lights, it was a huge studio with lots of different sets :)
Great studio owners Shaun and Dave who are very proffesional and helpfull !!
charlotte xx
heidi01 recommends Bright_Lights
Added by heidi01 on 26 August 2010
Iv worked at this studio twice now.Its fantastic for any type of shoot.I also always find dave very friendly and helpful.
Look forward to working there again x
TerryTurner recommends Bright_Lights
Added by TerryTurner on 19 August 2010
I have shot at Bright Lights on several occasions, Dave & Shaun are great people & very helpful, even though it is quite a distance from me travel wise it is always worth the trip.
Jen10 recommends Bright_Lights
Added by Jen10 on 11 August 2010
Have used this studio for the first time this week. Cannot recommend it highly enough! Dave was extremely helpful and his advice and imput especially with lighting was invaluable! I was shooting with a photographer friend and we had a fantastic time getting some lovely shots,thanks to Dave. There are endless possibilities here, different props and sets to suit different tastes. It is well worth a visit. Dave and Shaun will certainly look after you well. Thanks for all the tea and muffins! Wishing you continued success for the future, will see you again soon. Mary
jay64 recommends Bright_Lights
Added by jay64 on 09 August 2010
I have just used this studio for the first time with a friend photographer. It was our first adventure into booking a studio and a model by ourselves instead of in a group.It was a wonderful day. Dave was so helpful , firstly guiding us to the studio( we were without a sat nav!!!) Secondly helping to set up lighting for our shots and thirdly for his encouragement with our experiments.
The studio has endless possiblities for many different types of photography and our art nude work was well catered for in different sets.There are good facilities for the models. Dave and Sean are continually upgrading the facilities at the studios and have plans for a new set soon.
If you haven't been there I would thoroughly reccomend a visit.We shall certainly be back there soon.
stud recommends Bright_Lights
Added by stud on 28 July 2010
I have used Bright Light studio's a number of time's and will be coming back there again very soon.
Great place to work in, massive set-up's and layout.
The owner's are very helpfull with anything you need as well.
Recommended place to keep using over and over again
sinitta recommends Bright_Lights
Added by sinitta on 16 July 2010
Had a great shoot with Dave & Shaun last weekend and got some brilliant pics for my portfolio. Look forward to working wih them again..
luisamanning recommends Bright_Lights
Added by luisamanning on 14 July 2010
Had my first shoot with Dave and Shaun at the weekend, they made me feel really relaxed and comfortable and got some great pictures, they had some great ideas. Hope to work with them again in the future and would definately recommend.
DN3Andy recommends Bright_Lights
Added by DN3Andy on 19 May 2010
Attended one of the group events last week, Dave and Shaun are great. The studio was fun, lots of variety, something for everyone, taking the dir=fferent aspects of many studions and combining them in one location. Look forward to my next visit.
ERosanne recommends Bright_Lights
Added by ERosanne on 08 May 2010
I've now worked at Bright Lights at two group shoots, and have very much enjoyed the experience both times.
The studio is well equipped, and the guys know their stuff in terms of lighting and photography. Communication is always excellent, the banter is fun, and the muffins are truly outstanding!
charlie_girl recommends Bright_Lights
Added by charlie_girl on 02 May 2010
this studio is wicked great set up so many different rooms to work in dave is so friendly!! and there to assist with anything u may need i will definatly be recomending this studio to all my photographers that want to book me hope to visit again really soon xxx
Mykul_M recommends Bright_Lights
Added by Mykul_M on 14 April 2010
Took part in a Group shoot at Bright Lights last week and was very impressed with the set up. Got some great & varied images and Dave & Shaun couldn't have been more welcoming. Look forward to working there again.
KimRhodes1 recommends Bright_Lights
Added by KimRhodes1 on 05 April 2010
Had a family shoot there today with my children and my other half for family shoots and implied nude couple shoots. Dave and Shaun were both very professional and very friendly. Both have an excellent eye for a picture, and both are able to give direction when needed to get the "shot". Thank you very much for them both giving feedback about my portfolio; I really appreciate it. The studio has lots of different sets, and I hope to go back soon to try out the others! Thanks for having us there today, and I look forward to coming back (if you'll have me!)
Photoimager recommends Bright_Lights
Added by Photoimager on 20 March 2010
I had a shoot with Zenith at the studio a few weeks back. Easy access by bus from Derby / Nottingham, spacious and so many possible sets. I have to admit to trying to use too many of them within an hours slot.
amber_foxx recommends Bright_Lights
Added by amber_foxx on 18 March 2010
March 17 : Just had an amasing shoot at Bright Lights and still buzzing. Got some fantastic professional images from the sets at the studio and acheived all I wanted to. The owners are really friendly and the studio is perfect. I would recommend anyone to work there

amber x
RachW recommends Bright_Lights
Added by RachW on 27 February 2010
First time I had been to this lovely welcoming studio. Dave was extremely helpful organising beforehand & also during the shoot. I would recommend anyone to book this studio whether experienced or beginner.
jess_andrews recommends Bright_Lights
Added by jess_andrews on 17 February 2010
I attended a group shoot this evening, and what a lovely experience! Well organised with a variety of sets and lighting to create many styles of photographs that I'm very much looking forward to seeing.

Highly recommended! xx
Ninabean recommends Bright_Lights
Added by Ninabean on 21 January 2010
I have worked with both Shaun and Dave before they took over their studio- however last night they both proved to be spectacular hosts to what was one of the best group shoots/ networking evenings I have been to to date. They were both on hand to make sure everyone was set up and happy. The studio is extremely spacious and has a variety of sets to guarantee a good shot, whatever the shoot concept. I look forward to shooting there much more in the future, and would urge others to check it out, you wont be disappointed! Nina x
lil_lora recommends Bright_Lights
Added by lil_lora on 21 January 2010
Worked at bright lights last night for the first time, nice studio, lots of space and lovely people! would recommend it to anyone! x
BlueSapphire recommends Bright_Lights
Added by BlueSapphire on 14 January 2010
I worked with guys at Bright Lights last night on a group shoot and it was a great experienced that i really enjoyed
Everyone was friendly and i thought the night was fun and laid back and i had a great time
Would definitely recommend the studio and the guys at the group shoot
Melissa40 recommends Bright_Lights
Added by Melissa40 on 17 December 2009
Had shoot at this fabulous studio, lots of sets and interesting theme rooms, very helpful owners, would recommend to any professional and would be photographers out there for inventive and stimulating setting, great parking and easy access. Can't wait to go again! xx Melissa xx
andybeach recommends Bright_Lights
Added by andybeach on 27 November 2009
Shoot regularly with the arranged group shoots and have used the facilities for video & photo shoot. Great variety of areas to use, good access, very willing & helpful team.
ana2007 recommends Bright_Lights
Added by ana2007 on 26 November 2009
Was booked lastnight on a group shoot at Bright Lights. This new studio is fab, has plenty of sets and is very spacious. The owners are great guys who are very friendly and they are always on standby to help if required. I would definately recommend the studio to any Model/Photographer and I look forward to working there again.
zara123 recommends Bright_Lights
Added by zara123 on 14 November 2009
Was booked for two group shoots at bright lights . . .it's a new studio with fantastic sets and lots of space . . . it offers a changing room for the models and the owners made sure i was picked up and dropped off at the station safely and made me feel comfortable at all times. I would recommend the studio to any model/photoghaphier x x
paul_turri recommends Bright_Lights
Added by paul_turri on 12 November 2009
I worked at Bright Lights for the first time on a group shoot, the facilities are excellent and the studio offers a variety of backgrounds, themes and sets to cater for any photographer.

Definitely recommended.
lucy26 recommends Bright_Lights
Added by lucy26 on 10 November 2009
I have worked at this studio on 2 group shoots now both are which were great fun.. the sets are fantastic and its fully equiped with everything... its extremely spacious too, nd the guys are always on standby to help if required... x
Kizer recommends Bright_Lights
Added by Kizer on 31 October 2009
I have used this studio twice now on group shoots and i am impressed when its finished it will be a cracking studio the two guys running it are very freindly and informative nothing is too much trouble with abundance of information.

rikkiwalker52 recommends Bright_Lights
Added by rikkiwalker52 on 29 October 2009
Had another shoot at BrightLights today. It is an amazing studio with multiple sets and a massive white area easily big enough to cater for a car, such as the BMW used in a shoot a few weeks back. Tonight was about the 5th time I have been to shoot at BrightLights and I will be booking it again for future shoots.
JohnChapman recommends Bright_Lights
Added by JohnChapman on 28 October 2009
Just returned from my third group shoot at Bright Lights. The plans are coming on a treat. Good variety of sets and two very helpful guys on hand for numpties like me to fire questions at. The tea and scones went down well too. Thanks gents. Highly recommended.
FrameworksMedia recommends Bright_Lights
Added by FrameworksMedia on 28 October 2009
Enjoyed a group shoot at Bright lights studio run by two of the nicest men in the business, Shaun & Dave. Always on hand to help and don't mind a quick rearrange to suit the shoot. The warehouse building has some great features inside and out. I look forward to seing some of the fantastic sets change and evolve as this studio develops. Easy access and free parking