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Username: BrightLights_Shaun ID: 138071 Name: BrightLights_Shaun
Country: United Kingdom
Region: Derbyshire
City: Draycott
Work Preference
Fitness Model
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Parts Modeling
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GymnastEnPointe recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by GymnastEnPointe on 14 December 2016, shoot arranged for August 2014

I've had a number of shoots with Shaun over the years, both on location and in studios. He has always been very welcoming, very professional, fantastic with giving direction and just a genuinely nice guy! This is one photographer I have absolutely no hesitations in recommending. If you're thinking of working with Shaun, do it, you'll leave smiling and hoping to return!
christina22 recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by christina22 on 27 February 2014, shoot arranged for February 2014

Loved , loved ... loved working with this chap . Fun and easy to get along with . Takes wonderful picks and has a lovely spacious studio . X
zuikene recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by zuikene on 28 September 2013, shoot arranged for September 2013

I've been working with Shaun-Bright Lights Studio owner n-th times for the last few years and I've always been having fantastic time working together! He is a great photographer, fantastic host and a wonderful person all in one! All shoots, group shoots and studio days are always well arranged, well organized, always professional attitude and enjoyable time to work with ! His studio is extremely well equipped and comfortable to use and he looks after models at the highest standards!
Highly recommended to all models to work with!
Thanks for having me back!

Tina Kay. xxx
sofiarae recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by sofiarae on 19 July 2013, shoot arranged for July 2013

Had a great bondage shoot yesterday with Shaun in his studio..He is professional right from the pre booking of the shoot.....

I had a great shoot, Very different from my normal work... I have been wanting to get into the more fetish type work...Shaun gave me great direction...

He is a great guy to work with..I cant recommend him highly enough..
Hopefully we will work together very soon, Cant wait to see he results......

Shaun's studio Bright Lights Studio, Draycott, Derbyshire is has fantastic fetish sets......


Sofia :)
star88 recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by star88 on 28 February 2013, shoot arranged for February 2013

Worked with shaun yesterday ace guy and fun shoot. Would recommend to all levels. Thanks for a great shoot. :)
lanamarie recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by lanamarie on 25 January 2013, shoot arranged for January 2013

Great shoot with Shaun yesterday, he was very down to earth and great communication throughout the shoot. It was a good experience and thanks also to Alan! L x
Joceline recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by Joceline on 19 November 2012, shoot arranged for November 2012

I had a tremendously fun shoot with Shaun at his gorgeous, well equipped studio last week. Shaun was very considerate, courteous and professional throughout the day, and was excellent company too; I enjoyed myself very much indeed. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others, or to work with him again myself. Thanks Shaun!
alice_g recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by alice_g on 31 October 2012, shoot arranged for October 2012

Shaun was a pleasure to work with :) had lots of fun. He's considerate, funny and knows the kind of images he wants to produce. Thanks for a fantastic shoot :) xx
GkellyMarie recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by GkellyMarie on 02 August 2012, shoot arranged for August 2012

I worked with shaun recently a the bright lights TFCD night. It was very well organized and i really enjoyed it. He was even kind enough to pick be up and drop me off. Will definitely be going again! thankyou!
Jovanka recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by Jovanka on 29 June 2012, shoot arranged for June 2012

I worked with Shaun earlier today and I definitely recommend him. He is very professional, courteous and puts you at ease.
Am1anda123 recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by Am1anda123 on 22 December 2011, shoot arranged for December 2011

I had the pleasure of working with Shaun yesterday at Brightlights. Shaun is a lovely, friendly guy. Very professional and enthusiastic about his work, I really enjoyed working with him and I can't wait to see the shots.:)
emmakatedawson recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by emmakatedawson on 26 September 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011

went for a group shoot at brightlights and really enjoyed it! Great studio and lovely photographers who attend, recommended!!
Chrissy_X recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by Chrissy_X on 18 September 2010, shoot arranged for September 2010

I went for a group shoot at Bright Lights Studio with Shaun and some other great photographers. Everyone was really friendly and it was very relaxed.
I would highly recommend shaun as he is a really nice guy and a great photographer.
Hopefully work with him again soon.
siandionne recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by siandionne on 03 September 2010, shoot arranged for August 2010

this was my first shoot i have ever done . i was very nervous but sean made me feel realy comfortable and i ended up realy having a good time ,Sean was absolutley lovely and i would definately recomend him
becky_scott recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by becky_scott on 25 March 2010, shoot arranged for February 2010

i had my first shoot with shaun in feburay. shaun was very nice, freindly and very professional and it made me very relaxed. he is a birllent photographer to work at and helped my alot with my experince. thank you x :D
Melissa40 recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by Melissa40 on 16 December 2009, shoot arranged for December 2009

Had my first shoot with Shaun today, who is an absolute gem of a guy, great to work with, makes you feel totally relaxed and at ease, was a fun shoot and the time flew by, can't wait to work with him again xx Melissa40 xx
Little_Red recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by Little_Red on 17 November 2009, shoot arranged for September 2009

What can i say i have worked with this guy on a cupple of accations, hes alot of fun to be around, loves to have a joke, best of all he makes you feel totaly confertable.
He has prodjuced some very good work ad ideas, and would love to work with him again.
I would highly recommend him.
libby041 recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by libby041 on 05 November 2009, shoot arranged for November 2009

i had my first shoot with shaun and he was very nice , very professional! He obviously enjoys what he does as this comes through, the images that i seen were great, look forward to worling with you again , lisa wilson (libby041)
feared_angel recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by feared_angel on 25 August 2009, shoot arranged for September 2008

Worked with Shaun on a few occasions,
I would like to properly one day, i think he is a great guy and produces great work, is a treat to work with and gets fab shots,

I can Recommend Shaun strongly
Kimberly1986 recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by Kimberly1986 on 11 June 2009, shoot arranged for June 2009

Had a great shoot with Shaun, very professional but keeps you relaxed and makes the shoot fun has lots of interesting ideas and really looking forward to seeing the finished photos!
LukeWicks recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by LukeWicks on 16 May 2009, shoot arranged for May 2009

Had a shoot with shaun in barlow studios along with another tog and model. Really great person to work with and get along with, i reckon the images we gained are good, and cant wait to see the results. Would i work with him again. Of course, it would be a pleasure.. Luke
kimb recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by kimb on 14 May 2009, shoot arranged for May 2009

worked with shaun today at barlow studio, had a great time and we got some fab photos, which i cant wait to see, he was very Professional

thanks for a great shoot :)
MelanieCharlotte recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by MelanieCharlotte on 26 April 2009, shoot arranged for April 2009

Had a great shoot with Shaun and Steve. It was very relaxed and a good laugh. I think we will get some good images out of it.
Jadejay recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by Jadejay on 24 April 2009, shoot arranged for April 2009

Great to work with shaun again, look forward o next time :)
rsutton25351 recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by rsutton25351 on 09 April 2009, shoot arranged for April 2009

Worked with shaun today! What can i say!

He is awesome!! Very well prepared and gives really good direction!!

Loved every second of this shoot !! Would love to work with shaun again soon & would definalty recomend him to otherss!!

Cant wait to see the images!! Thanks shaun!!! (:
chez_2k8 recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by chez_2k8 on 08 April 2009, shoot arranged for April 2009

i had my very first shoot 2nyt with shaun .. he was a gr8 photographer with sum gd ideas .. gave very gd guidance wen wantin to get a shot perfect etc ... i hope 2 work with him again in the near future ... and i would definately reccommend to other models =] ... thanks Shaun!!!!
JuliaClaire recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by JuliaClaire on 07 February 2009, shoot arranged for January 2009

Worked with Shaun on a very cold afternoon. He was excellent to work with and very understanding to my needs. Very impressed with the results.
Saskia_Lee recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by Saskia_Lee on 29 January 2009, shoot arranged for January 2009

The whole group was a pleasure to work with, I felt at ease and had an enjoyable experience. I'd recommend them to any other model.
kelly2hot recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by kelly2hot on 21 January 2009, shoot arranged for January 2009

I just had a fantastic shoot with sean!
We got on fab he was very friendly and walked me step by step through the shoot! I would reccommend him 100% to anyone. What a lovely genuine guy! Great pics too ;)
Ninabean recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by Ninabean on 01 December 2008, shoot arranged for November 2008

Worked one to one with Shaun over the weekend, it was cold and foggy but he gave clear direction and made me feel 100% comfortable. I will certainly be working with him again! Nina x
SamanthaAlexandra recommends BrightLights_Shaun
Added by SamanthaAlexandra on 21 October 2008, shoot arranged for October 2008

Hvae worked with Shaun twice now! and enjoyed botht times throughly!!! a great guy to work with, knows his fettish and photography and produces great work for his websites!!
Added by Heather_Michelle on 20 August 2008
we shot a while ago and had a great shoot, very professional and had some great ideas, we are arranging another shoot soon hopefully