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Username: Amber6 ID: 116598 Name: Amber West Age: 33
Amber West Bust: 34in (86cm)
Waist: 27in (68cm)
Height70in (5' 10") (177cm)
Hips: 35in (88cm)
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Blonde
Weight: 133lbs (60kg) (9.5st)

Country: United Kingdom
Region: Dumfries and Galloway
Work Preference
Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Parts Modeling
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Claypaws recommends Amber6
Added by Claypaws on 23 February 2018, shoot arranged for February 2018

Well, the only hard part of completing a wonderful and long photo and video shoot with Amber at my home earlier this week was not wanting it to end. Everything about the shoot was superb and Amber is a delight.

Pre-shoot communication was perfect and she arrived the evening before the shoot with a packed suitcase of excellent costumes, bringing more than we needed so as to have a flexible choice on the day.

After doing her makeup and hair exactly as required, Amber posed fluently with astonishing flexibility and a great range of facial expressions. She also took direction happily and built it into her own creative flow. She was a joy to work with, so easy to shoot. Her mix of confidence and skill makes a photographer's job a pleasure.

As well as being a delight to shoot, she was a delightful house guest. She was friendly and a great conversationalist and was warmly appreciative of my food too. She was relaxed and happy and lovely all at the same time.

I thoroughly recommend Amber to any photographer and I hope I get to work with her again myself.
michael_cameraman recommends Amber6
Added by michael_cameraman on 21 August 2017, shoot arranged for August 2017

Shot with Amber for the second time recently.

She's a friendly, helpful model who knows exactly what is needed from a shoot. Can't believe I'd left it so long between shoots.

I'm intending to shoot with Amber again and I'm happy to recommend her.
Millzy82 recommends Amber6
Added by Millzy82 on 24 June 2017, shoot arranged for June 2017

Shooting with Amber for the second time was an absolute blast. Like last time, planning and pre-shoot communications went perfectly so the day itself went very smoothly.

She had a good variety of clothing that matched what I had requested and she did her hair and makeup to a good standard.

Amber's enthusiasm and experience shone through where we able to get some really good results.

Needless to say, I recommend Amber without any reservations and look forward to our third shoot.
DaveinSurrey recommends Amber6
Added by DaveinSurrey on 01 December 2014, shoot arranged for November 2014

I shot yesterday with Amber at the F8 camera club meeting at Moments studio. Amber kindly stepped in at the last minute to rescue the shoot as the other 2 models let us down. We shot 3 sets over 3 hours and Amber worked hard on each set. In sure that all 6 photographers will have come away with some great images. So thanks Amber, you did a good job.xXx
tonyf8club recommends Amber6
Added by tonyf8club on 01 December 2014, shoot arranged for November 2014

Thank you very much for the last minute stand in for a No show model India,glad you had a good time a and enjoyed your self, after that meal have you down any press up!! to get you back into shape, all ways great food at The toby carvery.
Anyone out there who is looking for a very,very good model then why wait go and book her now.Great person to work with.
The_O_Zone recommends Amber6
Added by The_O_Zone on 24 October 2014, shoot arranged for October 2014

Was delighted to host and shoot this beautiful young lady at my London Club. I would unreservedly recommend her and I look forward to working with her again. A slimmer and more attractive version of Renee Zellwegger (Bridget Jones diary days, not the more recent "modified" version!). Wonderful sparkly and bubbly character, so easy to get along with. This is one lady not to miss.
TerryXX99 recommends Amber6
Added by TerryXX99 on 15 September 2014, shoot arranged for September 2014

Always a great time and shoot with Amber. One of the friendlies sexiest models around. Nothing is too much trouble - always brings a great selection of outfits. Creative and imaginative. Great results. Thanks Amber!! xxx
Sneaky recommends Amber6
Added by Sneaky on 19 August 2014, shoot arranged for August 2014

Well, what a lovely girl and a lovely shoot to match. Amber is clearly very experienced in front of a video camera and made for a fabulous subject. Awesome natural look too!

She delivered on all levels and was a delight to work with and indeed chat with between takes. She's already lined up for my next big site project so watch this space. See you again very soon babe!!
DeltaSevenImages recommends Amber6
Added by DeltaSevenImages on 18 August 2014, shoot arranged for August 2014

Amber is a brilliant model who required little or no direction. She knew that we were restricted for time and worked so hard to get the shots we needed. A lovely girl with a stunning figure and personality to match. Hope to work with Amber again very soon.
skinz recommends Amber6
Added by skinz on 09 April 2014, shoot arranged for April 2014

Amber arrived on time, well prepared and hard working. She performed the shoot according to what was expected and I am pleased with the results, as is the client. I am happy to recommend her.
PhotoBuff recommends Amber6
Added by PhotoBuff on 06 April 2014, shoot arranged for March 2014

I recently did a photoshoot with Amber, she wa fun to work with and very expressive and creative with her posing.
Highly recommended.
jimnemer recommends Amber6
Added by jimnemer on 25 December 2013, shoot arranged for December 2013

Had the most creative shoot with Amber. This lady is deeply passionate about her modeling and photography. A fantastic person with an amazing sense of humour and delightful personality. Shame I'll have to wait until mid-Feb' to shoot her again.
glamshots recommends Amber6
Added by glamshots on 13 December 2013, shoot arranged for December 2013

I have just returned from a very enjoyable shoot with Amber. Communications were good, she arrived on time and brought a sensible, carefully selected range of clothing.
Amber has a lovely, open personality and a very professional attitude to her work. She is very bright and communicative, her posing is fluent but she also selects poses carefully to suit the mood of the set. She is very supple, energetic and imaginative. Amber contributed a great deal to the shoot. She is a delight to work with; I thank her for her input and thoroughly recommend her.
roundtheworld recommends Amber6
Added by roundtheworld on 13 December 2013, shoot arranged for December 2013

First off, Amber is a super friendly and intelligent person with a real passion for modelling and secondly she is a treat to work with plus absolutely delivers...

Anyone who has worked with Amber already will, of course, know this to be true.

To everyone else, book a shoot with her now !
critico recommends Amber6
Added by critico on 12 December 2013, shoot arranged for December 2013

I shot Amber alongside the wonderful Tina Kay. Amber is very good at what she does, poses fluently, very good with dialogue, and pleasant to work with. I'd be more than happy to offer her further work in the future.

Ed Dorians/MCG
Buddygb recommends Amber6
Added by Buddygb on 23 November 2013, shoot arranged for November 2013

After a few false starts where we couldn't quite get our diaries in line I finally got to work with Amber last weekend. Worth the wait? Oh, definitely!

Amber's communication is excellent: timely, concise and informative. In person she is professional, articulate, witty and generally great fun to work with. She arrived early and very well prepared and after a restorative hot chocolate we were ready to go within minutes.

Amber breezed through a range of looks and styles with flair and enthusiasm, responding well to direction and adding her own creative edge to it. Despite our continual (and hugely entertaining) natter we got down to some serious work and I am delighted with the results.

If your portfolio needs a boost and you are looking for an enjoyable, productive shoot then I'd suggest you book Ms West. I'd welcome her back in the twinkling of an eye.

McArthur recommends Amber6
Added by McArthur on 19 October 2013, shoot arranged for October 2013

Shot with Amber yesterday and which I enjoyed very much. Amber is the consummate professional and we struck up a great working rapport which made the shoot go quickly progressing through several different themes. Would recommend Amber to any photographer.
Rscott360 recommends Amber6
Added by Rscott360 on 10 July 2013, shoot arranged for July 2013

Had a shoot today with Amber all went well and look forward to working with her again in the future.
lssm2 recommends Amber6
Added by lssm2 on 02 July 2013, shoot arranged for July 2013

Amber was the true professional, the communication before the shoot was spot-on, she turned up exactly on time with a good range of outfits. As an experienced model with a great look Amber required no direction, but equally was very accommodating when I made requests. I can't recommend Amber highly enough, thank you for a very enjoyable shoot.
Thunder_Photos recommends Amber6
Added by Thunder_Photos on 07 April 2013, shoot arranged for December 2012

Have worked with Amber now 4/5 times over the last couple of years. Great model to work with and look forward to working with her again later this month.

Highly recommended
Carl_Grim recommends Amber6
Added by Carl_Grim on 27 March 2013, shoot arranged for March 2013

I worked with Amber earlier this week doing a Shibari suspension shoot.
It was one of the coldest days of the year and the venue little warmer.
Suspension is tough on the body, yet Amber soldiered on with grit and determination and other than stating the obvious, never complained and remained her pleasant and professional self. The result was a lovely set of images.
Thank you Amber - next time I will hire you in summer !
kitters recommends Amber6
Added by kitters on 07 March 2013, shoot arranged for March 2013

Had the pleasure of working with Amber recently. The shoot went really well due to Amber being very receptive to what I was looking to achieve. I will definately be working with Amber again in the future. Highly recommended.
f1dude recommends Amber6
Added by f1dude on 01 February 2013, shoot arranged for January 2013

Did a shoot with Amber and Mercedes today. Amber is a lovely chatty and artistic model with great movement and creative mind. This enabled me to capture some outstanding results. Thank you Amber, I look forward to working with you again in the future

TheTogBrianHarris recommends Amber6
Added by TheTogBrianHarris on 22 December 2012, shoot arranged for December 2012

Following a recent shoot with Amber I have to say that I found her very professional and competent in all respects, I would highly recommend Amber to any photographer !!!
herts_km recommends Amber6
Added by herts_km on 13 December 2012, shoot arranged for December 2012

I had my first shoot with Amber today and had a great afternoon and i was very pleased with the results. Amber needs no direction on the photo and video shoots as her acting skills really shine through.Thank you Amber you play the part of a beautiful damsel perfectly xx
TimBro recommends Amber6
Added by TimBro on 09 November 2012, shoot arranged for November 2012

Had a wonderful afternoon with Amber. Cheerful, chatty and a natural at posing she is great fun to work with. We had excellent communications before the day, and she turned up ready for the shoot exactly as I hoped for. Tall, slim and elegant, she is highly recommended.
meansheep recommends Amber6
Added by meansheep on 11 October 2012, shoot arranged for October 2012

Great shoot with Amber today. Great comms setting up the shoot and timings. She took direction well and is easy to get along with. Def recommend her...
Jemsie recommends Amber6
Added by Jemsie on 08 August 2012, shoot arranged for August 2012

I can highly recommend Amber, professional in her attitude, a hard worker, easy to get along with, great comms. Amber did some video work for my website - she was great on cam and fell into her role, great acting skills. Thumbs up from me :) x
AlletunYL recommends Amber6
Added by AlletunYL on 14 July 2012, shoot arranged for July 2012

Amber is creative, inspiring and stimulating with her poses. A true professional that understands the needs of the Artist. She has real style, grace and natural beauty. Thankyou
tiinak recommends Amber6
Added by tiinak on 07 April 2012, shoot arranged for April 2012

Finally I got to shoot together with Amber! We did chocolate shoot with The London Themed Artistic and Erotic Photography group. She's a great model, poses naturally, very sexy and beautiful. We had fun shooting and got messy with the chocolate.. :)
Hope to work with her again. Book her.
geoff_janes recommends Amber6
Added by geoff_janes on 28 March 2012, shoot arranged for March 2012

Had great fun working with Amber. A fun and bubbly model- the time literally flies by. Would recommend- and hope to work with her again in the future
Jay_bird recommends Amber6
Added by Jay_bird on 18 February 2012, shoot arranged for February 2012

I had a really good and fun shoot with Amber would love to meet her again and wish her all the best in life. Julia X
Dragstar recommends Amber6
Added by Dragstar on 16 February 2012, shoot arranged for February 2012

Had a shoot with Amber yesterday. pre-comms excellent! Punctuality, spot on! very professinal attitude and needed very little direction to achieve the desired result. Highly recommended. Thanks Amber
steaky74 recommends Amber6
Added by steaky74 on 07 February 2012, shoot arranged for February 2012

Full marks to Amber for braving the snow and horrible weather! I got 2 cancellations on Sunday but Amber made it through. Amber was a joy to work with, very talkative and a lot of fun. Took direction very well and was very professional - would not hesitate to recommend - thanks Amber! x
Soultrader recommends Amber6
Added by Soultrader on 03 February 2012, shoot arranged for February 2012

Did a photoshoot with Amber yesterday,she was on time,takes directions very well and very friendly too,highly recommend her.

sirjohn recommends Amber6
Added by sirjohn on 23 January 2012, shoot arranged for January 2012

Hi Worked with Amber and was a pleasure she is a willing model, polite great attitude and highly recommended and a great figure.
nigel recommends Amber6
Added by nigel on 10 January 2012, shoot arranged for January 2012

Great girl! good comms, turned up on time and fully prepared.
She worked hard and did everything asked of her without hesitation, great as posing on her own and needed little direction, but when directed did exactly what was required.
Lovely to have in the studio either shooting or just nattering over a cup of tea.
ocdguy recommends Amber6
Added by ocdguy on 08 January 2012, shoot arranged for January 2012

Arrived on time.

Well prepared, professional and knows how to pose. It was so nice to work with a professional model who clearly "gets it".

Very good shoot. Would definitely want to work with her again.
Leah_L recommends Amber6
Added by Leah_L on 05 January 2012, shoot arranged for January 2012

i had a very enjoyable shoot with amber today, it was fun an we took some lovely pictures, shes is beautiful inside and out... hope to work with you again.
markho recommends Amber6
Added by markho on 04 January 2012, shoot arranged for January 2012

My first shoot with Amber was absolutely brilliant. Pre-shoot comms were excellent and she was extremely professional to work with.

Best of all, Amber is great fun, a terrific model and our time just whizzed by. I would recommend Amber most highly and would love to work with her again soon.
Blacklion recommends Amber6
Added by Blacklion on 10 December 2011, shoot arranged for December 2011

A lovely shoot with the lovely Amber! She arrived with a nice variety of outfits. Can pose well and eager to help getting the best shots. She was also very patient while I thumbled around with the lighting. Highly recommended!!
Rafael007 recommends Amber6
Added by Rafael007 on 24 November 2011, shoot arranged for November 2011

A delightful shoot, with a beautiful model. Did not cancel, even though she was not feeling well. Was willing to try new ideas. Superb infront of the camera and needed no direction with video.
clarmike recommends Amber6
Added by clarmike on 24 November 2011, shoot arranged for November 2011

Amber seemed to enjoy her trip to the seaside. She arived early and was waiting to be collected for the short drive to the studio. The shoot was a vey pleasant relaxed affair. Amber was completely at ease during the shoot and did all that was required of her. I hope the results are a tribute to her poise and skill.
Asian_amy_Latina recommends Amber6
Added by Asian_amy_Latina on 18 November 2011, shoot arranged for November 2011

Book her!!! I worked with this very pretty Amber West, shes a stunning blonde girl, tall and matches her great presonality! very likable, friendly and professional! So book her now! And u wont regret!!!

Love to work with u again xxxx

Amy latina
CliveLawrence recommends Amber6
Added by CliveLawrence on 15 November 2011, shoot arranged for November 2011

Amber is a beautiful model, chatty, great sense of humour, perfect communication and timing, recemmended with no hesitation
chris110627 recommends Amber6
Added by chris110627 on 30 October 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011

Good comms, pretty girl, good figure. Took direction and had some good ideas of her own. First time with Amber, very comfortable to work with.
ken9 recommends Amber6
Added by ken9 on 30 October 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011

I found shooting with Amber very refreshing, she has a happy nature great personality is Beautiful, Versatile, an all-round pleasure to work with.
goodlooks recommends Amber6
Added by goodlooks on 24 October 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011

Amber was clearly the pro in a 3 girl shoot mishababy and Bex_Essex - great fun, great expression and took the lead re posses. We could have got a lot more but were a little restricted on space as it happened on the day – want to work with her again!
mishababy recommends Amber6
Added by mishababy on 14 October 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011

worked with amber today g/g
Great model,felt very comfortable
highly recommended
hope to work together again soon.
gemfreeman recommends Amber6
Added by gemfreeman on 14 October 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011

Had a great shoot with Amber today - made me fell very comfortable quickly. Great model xx
TheShinyOne recommends Amber6
Added by TheShinyOne on 10 October 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011

If you want professional results, you need a professional like Amber. She arrives on time, looks amazing and is a delight to work with ! Definitely one of this site's best kept secrets, I'm delighted to have worked with her. Thanks Amber !
aprilscherz3 recommends Amber6
Added by aprilscherz3 on 09 October 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011

Very capable and experienced model - the acting background clearly shines through. Highly recommended.
sparky_1010 recommends Amber6
Added by sparky_1010 on 03 October 2011, shoot arranged for September 2011

Amber is a pleasure to work with. She had excellent communication while planning the shoot, arrived on time, worked hard and confidently delivered the content requested. I plan to work with her again in the future and recommend her.
albumzd recommends Amber6
Added by albumzd on 03 October 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011

Amber arrived on time and well equipped after some excellent pre-shoot comms. Friendly and chatty, she was a pleasure to work with. I got exactly what I wanted from the shoot and more ideas to use later. I would definitely like to shoot with Amber again. Many thanks :-)
maxmagic recommends Amber6
Added by maxmagic on 16 September 2011, shoot arranged for September 2011

Amber is both beautiful and graceful and an absolute pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!
davidhepworth recommends Amber6
Added by davidhepworth on 08 September 2011, shoot arranged for September 2011

Second shoot with Amber - she went out of her way to make sure that we got great images and footage. Fabulous bottom and highly recommended !
wrighty recommends Amber6
Added by wrighty on 08 September 2011, shoot arranged for September 2011

Had my first shoot with amber yesterday What a fantastic model so easy to get on with stunning looks fantastic figure an absolulte professional.great posing and facial expressions nothing to much trouble.we got some outstanding images and i hope to work with her again in the very near futre.
Thanks again Amber your a star.
Wrighty xxx
Spike recommends Amber6
Added by Spike on 16 June 2011, shoot arranged for June 2011

Did a shoot with Amber last week - apart from looking great, from her reply to my casting call she displayed a professional attitude, good communication, on time, works hard - what more could you ask for.
I would have no qualms about booking her again or recommending her.
fotopete recommends Amber6
Added by fotopete on 15 June 2011, shoot arranged for June 2011

Worked with Amber a few days ago for the 2nd time, she kept in good contact before the shoot and turned up early, having confirmed she was on her way earlier

Happy to recommend her
Jenna_KandieLuv recommends Amber6
Added by Jenna_KandieLuv on 11 June 2011, shoot arranged for June 2011

Had fun working with Amber today! she was friendly and bubbly throughout the shoot, and i found her easy to work alongside.
She came across as very professional and confident.
Hopefully work with you again some time.
LeighPhotographic recommends Amber6
Added by LeighPhotographic on 03 June 2011, shoot arranged for June 2011

Had the pleasure of Ambers company again today. She is so bubbly it makes shooting with her very easy. Amber had all the right outfits with her, was professional and immediately understood what was required of her for the shoot.
Hope to see you again soon babe x
tony1971 recommends Amber6
Added by tony1971 on 15 May 2011, shoot arranged for May 2011

Had a fantastic shoot with Amber today, a great model and nice person too, Amber arrived on time with great pre shoot communication Thanks for a lovely shoot Amber
SimonFairclough recommends Amber6
Added by SimonFairclough on 09 May 2011, shoot arranged for May 2011

Amazing shoot with Amber, she was great, easy to work with lovely dynamic posing even though the location was covered with broken glass I have the scars to prove it.
Amber was on time with great communication.
Highly recommended. 10/10
garryh4s recommends Amber6
Added by garryh4s on 06 May 2011, shoot arranged for May 2011

I worked with Amber yesterday and found her to be thoroughly professional and easy going. I got all the shots I needed, Amber was patient and helpful throughout the shoot. I would definately recommend Amber.
Jas recommends Amber6
Added by Jas on 18 March 2011, shoot arranged for March 2011

Had a great fun shoot with Amber yesterday! She strikes great poses and tries to please with all requests. Amber is very bubbly, chatty, easy to get on with and to work with. Recommended!
JNSfotos recommends Amber6
Added by JNSfotos on 16 March 2011, shoot arranged for March 2011

Amber puts her heart, soul and body into achieving what the photographer wants - can we ask for more ? No !! Well done Amber.
dani3115 recommends Amber6
Added by dani3115 on 16 March 2011, shoot arranged for March 2011

I met Amber today for the first time at a shoot with JNSFotos. Amber arrived looking stunning, and was really bubbly and friendly. I wish her all the success in the world with her modelling

D x
uknaturalmodels recommends Amber6
Added by uknaturalmodels on 11 February 2011, shoot arranged for February 2011

Amber is a true professional, in line with her many years of experience. Very organized, efficient and punctual. Gives great looks to the camera, and is very comfortable on video too. Plus she chats away more than I do - which takes some doing! Recommended.
DiscreteStudios recommends Amber6
Added by DiscreteStudios on 21 January 2011, shoot arranged for January 2011

Amber arrived fully laden with all the many outfits required for the shoot. She got on with all the sets withe ease and needed no direction. Although useless with a firearm,(she wouldn't be able to hit a barn door) she braved the cold for a military location shoot with good cheer and even proposed a flashing set back at the car.
stevebray recommends Amber6
Added by stevebray on 30 November 2010, shoot arranged for November 2010

Had a great shoot with Amber. A truely professional model. Amber is very easy to work with and great company in the studio too.
AegeanSoft recommends Amber6
Added by AegeanSoft on 11 September 2010, shoot arranged for September 2010

Amber worked very hard to make a shoot which was dogged by unexpected technical problems a success. I have never had a flash unit fail but on this shoot I had 3 blow capacitors and die on me in 30 minutes! Her patience whilst we reconfigured the shoot and her willingness to work later than expected made the shoot a success. A lovely and beautiful young lady I will want to work with again.
Winbridge recommends Amber6
Added by Winbridge on 25 June 2010, shoot arranged for June 2010

Amber is such a delight to work with, never a dull moment. Before the shoot we had discusses the content and Amber arrived well prepared. She is professional and keen to help get the best images possible. Seems to like homemade bread as well. I would highly recommend Amber if you want to get the best from your shoot. Hope we can work together again soon. Thanks Amber.
MrJohn recommends Amber6
Added by MrJohn on 30 April 2010, shoot arranged for April 2010

Had a great shoot with Amber today I felt very relaxed and at ease. Amber was delightful to work with, totally professional and would highly recommend her, John :)
mgphotomedia recommends Amber6
Added by mgphotomedia on 29 April 2010, shoot arranged for April 2010

Amber is a delight to work with - chatty and easy to get along with but thoroughly professional too. Nothing's too much trouble and our shoot went extremely well. She understood the brief and delivered exactly what I needed. Recommended without any hesitation whatsoever, thanks Amber...Mark
Krycis_Photos recommends Amber6
Added by Krycis_Photos on 27 March 2010, shoot arranged for March 2010

Lovely lady to work with. She came to the shoot at short notice. Brought everything required of her. Worked despite the goosebumps. Lovely and chatty too, with an amazing smile.
john_sebastian recommends Amber6
Added by john_sebastian on 21 January 2010, shoot arranged for January 2010

Had a great session with Amber, good comms, very friendly and full of good ideas. Certainly would recommend Amber for glamour and nude shoots
kt101 recommends Amber6
Added by kt101 on 16 January 2010, shoot arranged for January 2010

Had a shoot today with Amber. A highly professional model that makes a great cup of coffee.
It was just a bit more practice for me but Amber took direction very well throughout the shoot. Her pre and during shoot communications were excellent.
I would gladly recommend her to any photographer.
Thanks for putting up with me Amber.
_Aaron recommends Amber6
Added by _Aaron on 10 December 2009, shoot arranged for December 2009

I shot Amber in a Girl-Girl shoot in a studio here in Coventry. Pre-shoot communications were good and Amber posed to my instructions, as well as adding some clever touches herself.
AnthonyFarnworthTopglamourphothographer recommends Amber6
Added by AnthonyFarnworthTopglamourphothographer on 26 November 2009, shoot arranged for June 2009

I worked with Amber and was extremely pleased with everything about our day !! She was totally professional & recommend her to work with !!!!
birthdaysuit recommends Amber6
Added by birthdaysuit on 16 October 2009, shoot arranged for October 2009

Hard working, imaginative and cheerful thoroughout the shoot, Amber was great fun to be with! I am really pleased with the results of the sets. Communication prior to the shoot was excellent and I would reccommend Amber to other photographers and models.
Basil Nedean recommends Amber6
Added by Basil Nedean on 15 August 2009, shoot arranged for May 2009

Had a shoot with Amber who was wonderful. She arrange the studio as I was not from that area Very responsive to all ideas that I had was able to give good expressions to the senarios I was suggesting. Good communication from the start of contacting her and fun to be shooting with. Highly recomend her.
muz does NOT recommend Amber6
Added by muz on 26 June 2009, shoot arranged for June 2009
This was a no-show and NO VALID REASON was provided
I booked Amber a month ago, confirmed the shoot twice this week with the time and location. She said she text me today saying she would be arriving this afternoon just after 1pm, never received the text. Not that it maters as the shoot was booked in for 9.30am.
Not happy
eymc275 recommends Amber6
Added by eymc275 on 10 June 2009, shoot arranged for June 2009

Good pre-shoot communications, saw Amber turning up for a shoot on Sunday. Despite various problems during the day (not her fault), Amber was extremely patient, very friendly, polite and enthusiastic - thus enabling us to achieve a result from the day. Thank you, Amber.
simon007 recommends Amber6
Added by simon007 on 01 May 2009, shoot arranged for April 2009

Amber6, Amber West is a stunning lady, very versatile and very good at her job.
She is also exellent at thinking on her feet so can improvise if needed during any shoot she does. Treat her well like I did and your not regret it.
sexybex recommends Amber6
Added by sexybex on 28 February 2009, shoot arranged for February 2009

worked with Amber yesterday. Great girl would recommend this model to all you togs
lawnski recommends Amber6
Added by lawnski on 20 February 2009, shoot arranged for February 2009

Had a girl girl shoot with Amber on 17th Feb.. lovely down to earth and fun model to work with, great personality and easy going toox
craigwh recommends Amber6
Added by craigwh on 08 February 2009, shoot arranged for February 2009

Amber was on time for the shoot and had communicated well beforehand. Took direction quite well and overall a very easy model to work with.
TaniaClaireMakeup recommends Amber6
Added by TaniaClaireMakeup on 14 October 2008, shoot arranged for October 2008

Worked with Amber yesterday and she is a really lovely girl. Has a lovely girlie cheekiness about her and she was very patient with me as I kept getting called away while doing her make-up to touch up make-up on other models.
sconnor99 recommends Amber6
Added by sconnor99 on 13 October 2008, shoot arranged for October 2008

Excellent communications and a great look. Very patient and easy to work with. Thoroughly recommended
Added by SimonT on 21 September 2008
Lovely girl. Friendly & easy to work with. Thanks.
Added by Tomcat on 14 August 2008
Had an excellent shoot with Amber today she was faultless and very professional and would recomend her. I an looking forward to working with her again
Added by phantasticpix on 04 August 2008
Great model to work with. This was only my second ever shoot with a model and I got some great results (imho), some of which I will add to my profile; after some editing of course! Will definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a professional mo
Added by adamrobertsonphotography on 24 July 2008
Had a shoot booked for this afternoon which i had to cancel this morning, amber was very understanding and i respect her being ok with the reasons for canceling. Hoping to reschedule her in within the next month! Adam
Added by imagesxposed on 13 July 2008
Worked with Amber today at our studio event and she was absolutely faultless. A great model to work with, such a delight to have you along Amber. See you soon. Alan x
Added by paul_brown on 30 May 2008
What a nice and professional model ..had a shoot with Amber yesterday and the results are stunning ..real pleasure to shoot with a model like Amber .
Sure she will be kept very busy in months to come .Excellent shoot ...excellent Model .
Added by RCBB on 28 May 2008
Amber is a star. Clever, helpful, gorgeous and hard working. Great shoot with Amber that I thoroughly enjoyed and have helped take me to the next level. Thanks! You ROCK!
Added by Brian_Brown on 24 May 2008
Great model to work with, good preparation beforehand, arrives on time with a big smile. Takes direction well, and is a lovely person.
Added by sparkle123 on 08 May 2008
Did a group shoot with amber had great fun with amber, very profesional and friendly girl.
Added by lovebird on 07 May 2008
Worked with Amber for the second time today, she's a very chatty and funny girl, great fun to work with :) x x
Added by lazeeboy on 03 May 2008
Worked with Amber today, she helped me out with some lighting set ups. She is reliable,professional and patient. Good fun to work with.
Added by Xanadu_Images on 10 March 2008
An amazing model who, not only takes direction well but is great fun to work with. I would highly recommend her.
Added by Ken_Smith on 30 January 2008
Amber demonstrated great natural ability when she improvised some beautiful poses during our recent 'nudes in a volcanic landscape' project in Lanzarote. She was also friendly and easy to get along with. A very hard working and enthusiastic model!
Added by Fawn on 28 January 2008
lovely girl, very easy to get on with and has some good ideas. make her take her hair down!!! haha was great working with amber and would jump at the chance to again x
Added by Ivetan on 28 January 2008
Very professional,beautiful and chatty model:-)Cant recommend her enought!
Added by Peyton on 15 January 2008
Great Images go with a great model.
Added by fetishphotoman on 11 January 2008
Had the luck to work with Amber today. A total delight and such a talented model, had great ideas and was professional, fun and able to do what I had in mind without needing to be told. Looking forward to working with her again and again!
Added by TonyS on 08 January 2008
Amber is ace, very professional and capable. Would love to work with again!
Added by Hayleysamakeupartist on 07 January 2008
Amber's fab! Punctual, reliable and fun with. Hope to work together again soon!
Added by Mallo on 21 December 2007
Amber is a superlative model – professional, reliable, communicative, intelligent, unique, and with a great sense of humour. Unreservedly recommended!
Added by ChrisD on 09 December 2007
Shot Amber and she lives to tell the tale :-) Fun, reliable, good communications. Well worth booking !
Added by mikeMatthews on 07 December 2007
damned fine model - just watch her with your knives........Amazing girl and very helpful. but like I say - NO SHARP OBJECTS....;)
Added by RachelGrace on 04 December 2007
Amber is a bubbly, stunning girl who works hard and provided an enjoyable shoot :)
Added by thelaminator2 on 03 December 2007
A real pleasure to work with Amber is the complete model package fun reliable creative and full of wonderful ideas
Added by miss_kristine on 03 December 2007
Lovely personality and great looks. And she's got a fantastic collection of shoes too! Amber is a real pleasure to work with :)
Added by Photonitron on 30 November 2007
My camera would be very pleased shooting with you on a beautiful beach of IBIZA. Ramon xx
Added by donuts on 27 November 2007
great pics Amber with a great figure would love to work with you if your interested give me a try, all the best for 2008
Added by ajc07977 on 20 November 2007
Nice work
Added by RebekkaRaynor on 17 November 2007
Worked with Amber during October 07. Attentive, intelligent, and knew how to work the camera!
Added by soniakayactor on 04 November 2007
Thanks Amber i really like you so much ! u are lovely girl and very good model!will work again soon!love sonia xx
Added by jon_south on 31 October 2007
A stunning and creative model. We shot some highly surreal material and Amber took it all in her stride. Very professional, highly motivated and very HOT. Id thoroughly recommend Amber to you.
Added by photogallery on 14 September 2007
An excellent model, who is punctual, reliable, creative and clearly enjoys her work. Amber is a natural and gives 100%. Hopefully we will work together again soon.
Added by EclipsePhoto on 06 September 2007
Absolutely lovely and completely worth the day trip to London tube strike and all! Got some really good results and I recommend her whole heartedly as she is extremely animated, not wooden at all!
Added by KazBxx on 24 August 2007
Wow! Amber is not only stunningly gorgeous but a real genuine pleasure to work with. A - because she is bloody gorgous and B because she's creative, experimental and very sexy!
Added by dystopia on 22 August 2007
An exceptional model and a pleasure to work with. Even more beautiful in real life too.
Added by GrimeAndGlamour on 21 August 2007
A joy to work with.Traveled all the way from London to Newcastle to shoot with me and a model she had never met before...great laugh some great shots and a really lovely girl.
Added by IainT on 20 August 2007
Amber is a Professional and committed model whom I would recommend highly.
Added by flash750 on 12 August 2007
Had an excellent shoot with Amber, lots of different sets and looks, helpful and cooperative.
Added by enigmaphotos on 12 August 2007
Amber was fantastic. Turned up on time and had loads of input for the shots. 110% recommended.
Added by camerawerks on 25 July 2007
Very friendly and co-operative.
Added by squodge on 20 July 2007
Amber turned up early, which is great. She didn't need much direction, which meant I could spend more time composing and framing. Very chatty and a great personality too. Highly recommended!!
Added by mitten on 08 July 2007
As the others have said a grand model!
Added by emmakatedawson on 31 May 2007
thankyou for comment,your pics are fab you have a stunning look!
Added by ZoeBelle on 27 May 2007
You too honey...ABSOLUTLY GORGEOUS!!! xXx
Added by youpan on 21 April 2007
We worked with Amber today & found her to be an enthusiastic model with a terrific work ethic. We'd recommend her to others without hesitation.
Added by crystal_k on 19 March 2007
You have some v cool images and a very pretty face too.