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Mike Rhys

Mike Rhys

ID Number:214148
Member type:Photographer
Status:Semi Professional
Work Preference:Fashion
Print Magazine
Date Joined:06 September 2011
Last Updated:22 April 2017
Last Login:18 January 2018
About me:
I'm an experienced photographer, working mainly at my studio in Hamburg (Germany).
As every good photographer, I always aim to tell a story with the pictures I take.

Stern View Magazine June 2012 (Germany) (
Michelle7 (

Work in progress:
- A charity erotic dance calendar in collaboration with a dancing school in Hamburg. Looking for models willing to work on TF or collaboration base.
- Website with art nude content, mainly shot in black and white and covers different areas. I'm looking for art nude models who are bendy and able to do classic nude posing.
- Erotica, e.g. women living their sexuality. The images taken can cover a huge range from very subtle to provocative, depending on the model and her interest in this area of work.

Studio days:
What am I looking for? Mainly models willing to work at least to art nude, bendy and toned body, no implants and little to no tattoos.
The studio days will be held at my studio in Hamburg, Germany. Hamburg can easily be reached from London or Manchester, it's just an 1h 30min flight. I can provide free accommodation while you are in Hamburg.
Models who are interested to take part are welcome to drop me a note.

Fellow photographers take the chance to spend a weekend in Hamburg, it's definitely worth it. We've got a lot of interesting spots to take images of.
Have a look at this article in NYT or much better, see it with your own eyes.
Beside the beauty of the city you can take images of amazing models at one of my studio days.

Past Studio days:
Stay tuned for the next studio day

The next scheduled Studio days: will be scheduled soon

Get in contact if you'd like to take participate, I'll send you all necessary information.

Feel free to communicate either in English or in German.
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Reviews from other members

There are 12 positive recommendations for tob Click here to read them all
KeiraLavelle recommends tob
Added by KeiraLavelle on 17 September 2014, shoot arranged for September 2014

Mike and I kicked off with a stupendous first photo shoots together during his recent visit to the UK; a full days worth of wonderful productivity and fun-filled creative working with him could only be described as one of the most enjoyable shoots I have experienced to date! Flawless was everything - from his pre-shoot communications and leaving no stone unturned when it came to giving me the visuals of what he endeavored to capture through to his terrific photographic eye and know of beautiful lighting. As far as professionalism goes, for this I cannot recommend Mike enough! He makes exceptional effort to connect with models to extract the very best out of a prolific team and even welcomes the sharing of ideas, we gelled instantaneously and this was to last from start to finish.

Graciousness, amicability and respectful aptitude are signature qualities of Mike's, any model due to work with him will be treat with utmost complaisance. But nonetheless, a truly compelling volume of fun to go with the work is also guaranteed - in summary, Mike is a 5* gentleman with delightful charms in addition to bearing phenomenal ability with the variety in his work. Models, if you have a shoot booked in with him, take it from me that you shall have a whale of a time. :)

Thank you again Mike for a most tremendous day.

misha25 recommends tob
Added by misha25 on 16 September 2014, shoot arranged for August 2014

I had a shoot with Mike last week at Hallam Mill studio. Mike was great to work with, very friendly and professional. He had some great ideas and took great pictures. Highly recommend Mike to others :)
emmawillis recommends tob
Added by emmawillis on 05 December 2012, shoot arranged for September 2012

I had the absolute pleasure of welcoming Michael into my home in September this year. He's a complete gent, very professional at all times and really friendly :)
I would shoot with him again any time!
Roswell_Ivory recommends tob
Added by Roswell_Ivory on 15 October 2012, shoot arranged for October 2012

I cannot recommend Michael highly enough- I was booked for a studio day in Hamburg and not only did Michael pick me up from the station but was the perfect host (so was his lovely wife). His studio is great and he made sure I wasn't surrounded by people shouting at me in German! ;)
Looking forward to seeing the results and working together again next year!
kellyfox recommends tob
Added by kellyfox on 04 September 2012, shoot arranged for September 2012

I had the pleasure of shooting with michael at my home this week. he is a lovely, friendly, professional photographer. I felt privlaged that he had chosen to work with me on his travels. I hope we get to work together again in the future. I would highly recommend him to any model thinking of shooting with him x Kelly x
Artistic Nude
Mike Rhys
Added: 22 April 2017
Title: The Right Balance
Copyright: Mike Rhys
Model(s): KeiraLavelle
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Fine Art Nude
Mike Rhys
Added: 30 October 2015
Title: The Deep Secret
Copyright: Mike Rhys
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Mike Rhys
Added: 31 December 2014
Title: Beauty in the Sun
Copyright: ©2014 Mike Rhys
Model(s): misha25
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Mike Rhys
Added: 31 December 2014
Title: Bathing in Light
Copyright: ©2014 Mike Rhys
Model(s): KeiraLavelle
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Mike Rhys
Added: 10 September 2012
Title: Board Meeting
Model(s): Franka
Comments: 1
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Glamour Nude
Mike Rhys
Added: 06 September 2011
Title: In bed with NERA
Comments: 1
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Mike Rhys
Added: 18 May 2013
Title: Rachelle
Model(s): ChaosOfTrouble
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Mike Rhys
Added: 15 October 2012
Title: Blindfolded
Model(s): Roswell_Ivory
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Mike Rhys
Added: 07 September 2012
Title: Katy
Model(s): Katy
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