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Terry David

Terry David

ID Number:113997
Member type:Photographer
Country:United Kingdom
Work Preference:Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Parts Modeling
Date Joined:14 September 2006
Last Updated:12 November 2015
Last Login:19 March 2018
My work features a lot of digital print and media for various commercial assignments including TV, Film and Web in the consumer sectors. I also shoot promo and test clips, casting show reels and storyboards for various producers and models.

There are some great new fully paid car/fashion projects planned. Any models interested in working with cars please get in contact. I'm happy working with amateur and experienced models.
A big thanks to all the models who worked with me this so far! I have had the privilege of working with some exceptional and talented models I have met over the years that will simply never let you down. You know who you are, thanks again!

On a separate note, regrettably I would like to mention I'm fed up with the amount of unprofessional, time wasting divas I have had to endure. Apologies if this sound harsh. Everyone who knows me well will know I'm an easy going, laid back always smiling type who is very professional and respectful within my work. Going forwards I will only entertain genuine amateur and professional models.


Reviews from other members

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jenbailey7 recommends telcargals
Added by jenbailey7 on 02 August 2017, shoot arranged for June 2017

Had a shoot with Terry for in June. We also did a casting for another shoot at the same time. was my first time shooting with Terry and i would highly recommend other models to work with Terry :) he is very fun and easy to get along with and also very professional. Great shoot excellent pre com, Terry arived on time and was very easy to work with. I hope to work with him again highly recommend :)
xxLaceyLouxx recommends telcargals
Added by xxLaceyLouxx on 23 May 2016, shoot arranged for May 2016

Had my first shoot with Terry yesterday.
WOW! Love love loved it!!
Pre shoot comms were excellent & he arrived on time!
Terry is a superb photographer & 3 hours flew by on this fantastic shoot!
His direction was awesome & I cannot wait to shoot with him again!!
Highly recommended
Thank you Terry
Lacey x
Miss_Mia_Grace recommends telcargals
Added by Miss_Mia_Grace on 15 March 2015, shoot arranged for February 2015

Had a great shoot with Terry. He was very kind and reassuring during the shoot was on time and very professional.
tropicalrose recommends telcargals
Added by tropicalrose on 14 March 2015, shoot arranged for March 2015

I had one frikkin amazing shoot with Terry today.
I felt very comfortable relaxed and very much at ease shooting with Terry.
He was able to give direction with ease and we managed to accomplish the shoot with ease.
I would highly recommend Terry to all models for an easy going relaxed and brilliant shoot, I definitely look forward to working with him again.
Thank you
Silver22 recommends telcargals
Added by Silver22 on 02 November 2014, shoot arranged for October 2014

3rd and fantastic shoot with terry in the week and can't fault this man one bit .
Great to chat to , such a gentlemen and really takes care of you making sure your never out of your comfort zone
Id highly recommend all models to work with terry and can't sing his praises highly enough
Hope to work with him lots in the future and wishes him all the best
Thanks terry. Xx
Terry David
Added: 05 September 2015
Title: Ferrari Liz
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Terry David
Added: 05 September 2015
Title: Summer Liz
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Terry David
Added: 09 June 2015
Title: Giris & Cars
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Terry David
Added: 27 June 2011
Title: JenniferJWaters
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Terry David
Added: 07 August 2010
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Terry David
Added: 07 August 2010
Title: Octane TV
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Terry David
Added: 30 June 2009
Title: Summer1980
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Terry David
Added: 27 June 2010
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