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ID Number:150910
Member type:Photographer
Country:United Kingdom
Work Preference:Fitness Model
Date Joined:03 January 2009
Last Updated:27 June 2017
Last Login:02 March 2018
Always looking to improve and develope new styles. Interested in local models.

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Natural_happy_girl recommends stufreeman
Added by Natural_happy_girl on 04 February 2014, shoot arranged for February 2014

I've shot with Stu lots of times now, and consider him a friend. Certainly recommended, not least for providing one of the best working environments out there- happy model= great shoot! Thankyou for being awesome Stu!!
miatamsin recommends stufreeman
Added by miatamsin on 05 January 2014, shoot arranged for January 2013

I had my first shoot with stu today (the list wouldn't let me select 2014) and it was amazing! I had so much fun and really got my confidence back after being out of modelling for a while. We got some great shots and his studio is so warm and well equipped! He was really friendly and relaxed and I had a great time. 100% recommended.
Slinky86 recommends stufreeman
Added by Slinky86 on 07 December 2013, shoot arranged for December 2013

Stu is such a joy to with with. Full of ideas and enthusiasm. He created some beautiful lighting too, he's a brilliant photographer with a good eye for detail. His studio is fantastic - with a lovely space for a model to change and it's warm too!! Stu is a genuinely lovely man and I highly recommend working with him.
ChaosOfTrouble recommends stufreeman
Added by ChaosOfTrouble on 18 October 2013, shoot arranged for September 2013

I had such an amazing time working with Stu on my recent southern tour.

He was kind enough to collect me from my shoot's location, let me stay the night and then drop me off after our shoot the next day. He looked after me extremely well whilst I was there, during the shoot he gave me plenty of breaks, fed me and made sure I was warm enough (he has the warmest studio I have ever been in - it's amazing!)

AND he took me on a stream train which was awesome :D haha!

Overall just a brilliant day and I really enjoyed myself, on top of which we got some great images. Win win really :)

Definitely recommended by me!
LauraHardie recommends stufreeman
Added by LauraHardie on 26 March 2013, shoot arranged for March 2013

Had a wonderful shoot today. Cannot praise enough. Gave a lot of very useful advice and does have a very warm studio. Although I am new to modelling, he made me feel instantly feel at ease - and I feel he really managed to get the best out of me, and explained everything he was doing as he did it. Was a privilege to shoot with.
Added: 03 June 2017
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Added: 20 April 2014
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