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But I like it

But I like it

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ID Number:132047
Member type:Photographer
Region:West Yorkshire
Country:United Kingdom
Status:Semi Professional
Work Preference:Fitness Model
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Parts Modeling
Date Joined:14 March 2008
Last Updated:03 April 2011
Last Login:10 December 2013
This needs updating; but this is my third year of focusing on portraiture and I've shot a variety of guys and themes. Come to me and improve YOUR folio!

- Dan (Dansstone - MM857298) [2 shoots - 1 location, 1 studio]
- Barney (BarneyTSmith - MM284222) [Location Shoot] thanks to MUA; Samantha Lyann (MM384286)
- Stu (TattooStu @ [2 location shoots]
- Dale (D4le @ [First shoot!]
- Psi (Spitfire Punk @ [Location Shoot
- Stuart (Stuie @ Purestorm) [First shoot! 2 Studio shoots]
- Lee (Huddlestone @ Purestorm) [Studio Shoot]
- Chris (Chrisdawber @ Purestorm) [Studio Shoot]
- Greg (GregTBrown @ ModelMayhem) [StudioShoot]
- Tom (thomascrosby " Purestorm) [First shoot - Location]
I'm a specialist in male portraiture - I work hard with the guys I shoot - aiming to bring the best out of them; and not by focusing on their looks and physique and leaving personality and emotion behind.

My interest is driven by a very creative desire and I'm often inspired by narrative-driven projects but I also love to do shoots where I perfect my skills in portraiture, physique and nude photography.

So, if you've something interesting to share and are looking for a photographer who is focussed on ensuring we both get great results from a mutually beneficial (tfp) shoot - then drop me a line.

Note: I don't shoot commercially, so only pitch to me if you're happy doing tfp.

Reviews from other members

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Constantine recommends strawbleu
Added by Constantine on 27 September 2012, shoot arranged for August 2012

A brilliant photographer, who is very thoughtful and detailed at what he does. He approaches his work professionally and I’d highly recommend working with him, for portraits, or for projects. How many more photographers would stand out in the rain, waiting for it to subside, to get the right shot. Impressive.
seanhelders recommends strawbleu
Added by seanhelders on 13 February 2011, shoot arranged for February 2011

2nd shoot with Jon today, what a shoot, n the pictures WOW so hard work gone into them. Pleasure to work with him again. cheers jon
cdinesh84 recommends strawbleu
Added by cdinesh84 on 04 June 2010, shoot arranged for June 2010

Nice person to work with. Have a different style of photography. Really enjoyed working with him.
Muller2008 recommends strawbleu
Added by Muller2008 on 15 April 2009, shoot arranged for February 2009

Great photographer, was a really nice friendly guy. I would highly recommend working with him
chrisdawber recommends strawbleu
Added by chrisdawber on 19 November 2008, shoot arranged for November 2008

worked with jon at the weekend. excellent photographer, realy knows his stuff from lighting to that perfect pose. definiatley recommended. hope to work together again soon!
Fine Art Nude
But I like it
Added: 16 May 2010
Title: Sculpted
Copyright: Jon Eland, 2009
Model(s): rensburg
View Image
But I like it
Added: 01 September 2008
Title: Starstruck Lover
Copyright: Jon Eland 2008
View Image
But I like it
Added: 16 May 2010
Title: Boa guy
Copyright: Jon Eland, 2009
View Image
But I like it
Added: 12 September 2008
View Image
But I like it
Added: 12 September 2008
Title: Dan in the Portico
Copyright: Jon Eland, 2008
Model(s): dansstone
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Fine Art
But I like it
Added: 16 May 2010
Title: Greg
Copyright: Jon Eland, 2009
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But I like it
Added: 24 November 2008
Title: Intergalactic flight
Copyright: Jon Eland, 2008.
Model(s): chrisdawber
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