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ID Number:186555
Member type:Photographer
Country:United Kingdom
Work Preference:Fitness Model
Date Joined:22 May 2010
Last Updated:10 August 2017
Last Login:10 February 2018
I am a serious amateur photographer who has experience of taking photographs and recording video in a variety of situations.

Over the last 12 years I have booked models for more than 50 non-publication shoots.

I am happy to discuss content share.
I seek both amateur and professional models.

The shoots usually have a flashing / exhibitionist theme. They will be in suitably quiet and generally countryside rather than urban locations.

The aim is for the content to appear more daring than it actually was. I will only expect clothes open, topless and nude both briefly and for longer periods when you are apparently not overlooked. I normally have some planned locations. However the key to a productive shoot includes taking spontaneous opportunities for video clips & photographs.

For a video and stills shoot the normal objective is to record a minimum of 60 minutes of video comprising both several planned 10-15 minute scenes short opportunist clips.
Having discussed the theme and clothes in advance I prefer models who on the day can deliver the 10-15 minutes scenes to camera with little direction using their ideas and individual style to interpret the basic themes thus bringing variety to my collection. For the brief opportunistic clips the ability to think quickly to improvise interesting scenes is advantageous.

For both a video and stills shoot and a stills only shoot the photos will be a mix of sets and opportunist candid style shots.

From experience the time typically required on location to create the described volume of content is 5 - 6 hours. I always offer the option of a break.
A shorter shoot can be discussed if e.g. you will be near to me for another shoot or are travelling through hence no or minimal travel or other expenses will be incurred.

The minimum required level is full frontal nude but US mag (open leg pink) or higher solo levels are preferred.

Both confidence and a positive mindset are required since working on location is very different from working in a studio or other private location. To be prepared for spontaneous opportunities you will be required to wear minimal skimpy clothes for the full duration of the shoot. Also you must accept it is almost inevitably you will be seen like this at this roadside, walking on paths and in fields etc. The images on this page show samples of typical clothing.

While the terms for the shoot will be based around your time and expenses ultimately I require content. I have been let down too many times, just 7 minutes of video recorded when at least 60 minutes was expected being the last straw. For all future shoots should the agreed quality and quantity of content delivered not be achieved the payment will be adjusted. If it becomes obvious that you can not deliver the content I will terminate the shoot early with payment significantly reduced. I will happily offer a paid shoot to new / inexperienced models as well as those who are experienced and/or professional but unsure if they have confidence for a location shoot with this theme so long as they accept these terms.

I do not have studio facilities and I will no longer fund a studio because of models who have let me down.
I will initially meet new / inexperienced models if they arrange a studio, hotel or home location fairly local to me.

Preference will be given to models with a natural appearance and no or discrete tattoos.

I have no problems if a model wishes to bring a chaperone but I will not pay any additional fee or expenses.

I can meet you at and return you to railway stations etc. in the vicinity of the shoot location.

I do not sell, upload to websites or otherwise circulate the photographs or video I take beyond, and with the agreement of the model, using a few photographs as examples for my profile and when making enquires.

I am happy for the model to use a few photographs for promotion but they must not be used for commercial gain in any way without prior agreement.

Any model who cancels less than 36 hours before the arranged start time will get a negative reference unless they have a provable genuine unforeseeable reason.

Because warm dry weather is essential I think it is unfair to book dates far ahead.
Rather I keep a short list of interested models to contact about availability when I wish to arrange a shoot.

I am not continually logged into this site but check messages regularly and aim to respond promptly to genuine proposals.

Models I have worked with include -
Amber West
Anna of London
Ashleigh McKenzie
Emma Willis
Faye Rampton
Jenny Badeau
Jessica aka Natural Happy Girl
KazB - 3 Shoots
Katie K
Lara Latex
Lucy Gresty - 3 Shoots
Masie Dee - 2 Shoots
Roxy Mendez
Samantha Peach
Sarah Kelly
Stacey Martin
Tammie Lee

Reviews from other members

There are 5 positive recommendations for sparky_1010 Click here to read them all
Natural_happy_girl recommends sparky_1010
Added by Natural_happy_girl on 31 July 2012, shoot arranged for July 2012

David's communication was excellent. He is absolutely detailed and specific about what is required, so that there is no misunderstanding, providing plenty of examples and discussing outfits, some of which he was helpfully able to provide. This pre-shoot discussion was particularly helpful as normally his work is at higher levels than mine, yet we were able to confidently plan interesting content that worked for both of us, knowing that he wouldn't push me and I wouldn't be so conscious of what I was doing that it would affect the shoot. On the shoot he was just as respectful of my levels and super-organized. A very professional approach- thankyou David.
Amber6 recommends sparky_1010
Added by Amber6 on 01 October 2011, shoot arranged for September 2011

Great shoot (and much appreciated pub lunch : ) yesterday with David. Easy going and enjoyable indeed.
Electrica recommends sparky_1010
Added by Electrica on 15 July 2011, shoot arranged for July 2011

Had a shoot with Sparky yesturday, He a true gentleman.. With excellent communications before the shoot...It was a fun & relaxed shoot....I haighly recommend him to everyone...Hope to shoot again in near future..

Electrica :)x
lindy_lou recommends sparky_1010
Added by lindy_lou on 21 May 2011, shoot arranged for May 2011

Had a great shoot with Sparky today. Perfect Gentleman. Did an outdoors shoot in the beautiful Cotswold Countryside. He new exactly where to shoot for ideal locations that were easy to get to, but quiet with no interuptions. Would definitely recommend.
Masie recommends sparky_1010
Added by Masie on 06 June 2010, shoot arranged for June 2010

He really is a joy to work with, he doesnt impose anything at all he works at the models speed and limits and respects the fear factor when it kicks in. My second shoot and I loved it. x
Added: 22 May 2010
Title: KazB
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Model(s): KazBxx
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Added: 25 June 2011
Title: Emma Willis
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Model(s): emmawillis
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Added: 09 March 2013
Title: Amber West
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Model(s): Amber6
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Added: 25 September 2011
Title: Stacey on Dartmoor
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Model(s): Stacey_Model
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Added: 25 June 2011
Title: Emma Willis
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Title: Lindy_Lou
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Added: 25 June 2011
Title: Jenny Badeau
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Title: Masie
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Glamour Nude
Added: 22 May 2010
Title: Lauren
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