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City:southend on sea
Country:United Kingdom
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Date Joined:24 February 2008
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Hi one and all,I would like to tell you about my experience.I started photography about 15 years ago and was shown the ropes by a profesional and caught the bug.Worked my way through most of the types of photographs,ie landscapes,animals and weddings etc.
I got into portrait work and about 6 years ago had a go at studio work and closely followed by glamour and really enjoy it,loads more challenges and great fun.I still like to keep my eye in with the landscapes etc.
I also belong to a camera club in my area and have taught studio work and I try to teach my students how to work with the models,as I think that it is really important that togs learn how to interact between tog and model.
I now work with a couple models now on a regular basic and regard them as a friends now.Have loads of refs with models here and on other sites.Iam also happy to chat with any models with regards portfolios,work,and anything you want really.


Always looking for new models to work with both profesional and amataurs and always happy to chat and listen to any ideas that you may have and work with you to get a good result.
I can travel to you for a shoot as I have a mobile studio light system which I can bring with me but I prefer not to as I always seem to forget something lol,but will if I must.
I do a lot of digital work and always try to find something that I have not done and add it to photos.Do a lot of work now in photoshop and feel that I am quite good at it now.
Do a lot of my work from my home studio and now the warmer weather is here,happy to also work on location.Happy to add anything to your portfolio,that u fill you may want,just mail me and have a chat.


I have a home studio with 125sq ft,plenty of lights to choose from(3 sets and odd couple),softboxes,unbrellas,stands,
reflectors,barn Door and coloured Gels,backdrops and other bits and bobs.
I also hire out my studio for a small fee and can arrange models for if needed.
If you require more information please mail me.


Reviews from other members

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Yasmine12 recommends ozzie
Added by Yasmine12 on 25 September 2012, shoot arranged for September 2012

Ozzy did a studio shoot with me at his studio. Very easy going, relaxed, was very patient with a newbee like me, helped me a lot with direction, highly recommend Ozzie he loves his camera and spent a few hours helping me learn the ropes so to speak. Love my pictures and looking forward to our forthcoming shoot.
JodieEllen recommends ozzie
Added by JodieEllen on 13 September 2012, shoot arranged for September 2012

Had such a fantastic shoot on tuesday with the team!
I was fun and relaxed!
Would 100% recomment!!

cant wait to go up there again!
sammijo86 recommends ozzie
Added by sammijo86 on 22 June 2012, shoot arranged for May 2012

Worked with Ozzie at a camera club. Was an absolute pleasure. I have seen some wonderful shots from the session and was impressed. Thanks Ozzie
daisyvs recommends ozzie
Added by daisyvs on 08 March 2012, shoot arranged for February 2012

Enjoyable time and some good shots. Thanks!
sharlene80 recommends ozzie
Added by sharlene80 on 07 February 2012, shoot arranged for January 2012

hey there had 3 shoots with ozzie such great guy lovemy pictures he works to such great extent on making the pics great well done hunnie see u next week x
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