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Marc Blackie

Marc Blackie

ID Number:116069
Member type:Photographer
Country:United Kingdom
Work Preference:Glamour
Date Joined:04 January 2007
Last Updated:09 August 2017
Last Login:06 September 2017
London based photographer, film-maker and occasional animator.

Currently looking for collaborators for several new film projects, so if my brand of despondent, cynical erotica appeals to you then please get in touch to discuss more.

Feel free to get in touch regarding a shoot, regardless of your experience levels as I like working with new and experienced models alike. TF* is my preferred working method, but if you really want to pay me, then that works too.

Here is some text written about me:
Marc Blackie is a British Photographer turned Filmmaker, renowned for his surrealist compositions, dry sense of humour and irredeemably awkward interpretation of erotica.

His art has been described by the New York Magazine as “Jarringly combining eroticism with the uncomfortable and sinister” and controversially a 2015 film screening and Q&A in England was blocked by the local council due to the provocative nature of his work.

Nick Knight’s ShowStudio website has recently featured his two film collaborations with Tessa Kuragi, “Adoration” and “Parfois, mon corps me trahit” and whilst not for the faint-hearted, Blackie’s work is as provocative as it is disorientating, containing a uniquely uneasy beauty.


June 2017 - Berlin, Pornceptual does hmm/about blank #1
June 2017 - München, Nachtschatten Film Festival
April 2017 - Hong Kong, Third Culture Film Festival
March 2017 - London, Berlin, Lick & Listen
March 2017 - Switzerland, La Fête du Slip
February 2017 - London, Xanadu Society
November 2016 - Ecuador, Muestra Marran Film Festival
November 2016 - Los Angeles, Underground Film Showcase
November 2016 - Berlin, Pornceptual Film Festival
November 2016 - Vienna, Film Premiere
November 2016 - Mexico, Post Mortem - Award Winner "Best Bizarre Short"
October 2016 - New York, BrokenKnuckle Film Festival
September 2016 - London, Modern Panic VII
June 2016 - Munich, Nachtschatten Film Festival
May 2016 - Canada, Shock Stock festival
April 2016 - Rome, Piece Off Exhibition
April 2016 - New York, Bad Film Fest
March 2016 - Hong Kong ArtHouse Film Festival
March 2016 - Barcelona Erotic & Bizarre Art Film Festival
February 2016 - USA, Diamond in the Rough - Award Winner "Best Cinematography"
December 2015 - Behind our Eyes Film Festival, Australlia
August 2015 - Sexhibition, Manchester, UK
August 2015 - Dark Rooms, Cornwall, UK
June 2015 - Berlin Film Festival, Germany
April 2015 - Film Festival, Mexico City
January 2015 - Film Screening/Exhibition, London
September 22nd 2014 – Film Screening, Quebec Film Festival
September 7th 2014 – Film Screening, Cinema Cysts, London
August 19th 2014 – Film Screening, Art Experimenta, London
June 22 2014: München, Germany Film Festival
March 21-23 2014: Copenhagen, Denmark, Husets Biograf
February 2014 – Exhibition, Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Rome
Germany November 2013: Fetisch Film Festival
Germany October 2013: Berlin Film Festival
Paris September 2013: Nue Gallery, Paris
London: Exhibition,UK: 2012 – Resistance Gallery
Seattle, Exhibition, USA: 2012
Thailand:Exhibition, 2012
London: UK: 2011 -Exhibition, Modern Panic
London: UK: 2011 – Exhibition, Resistance Gallery
London : UK: 2010 – Exhibition, Bridge Collective
Seattle : USA : 2009 – Exhibition, Seattle Erotic Art Fair
Detroit : USA : 2009 – Exhibition, The Dirty Show
Brighton : UK : 2008 – Exhibition, Impure Gallery
London : UK : 2008 – Exhibition, The Jago/Erotic Awards
Beijing : China: 2006 – Exhibition, Field of Vision
Bournemoth : UK : 2006 Exhibition, Consential Kink
Toronto : canada : 2006 – Exhibition, RanDom
London : uk : 2005 – Exhibition, intimacy
London : uk : 2005 – Exhibition, kinkfest 2
London : uk : 2004 – Exhibition, kinkfest
London : uk : 2004 – Exhibition, deep space
Chicago : usa : Exhibition, 2003
Ohio : usa : Exhibition, 2002

Reviews from other members

AshleighDoll recommends marcblackie
Added by AshleighDoll on 18 May 2013, shoot arranged for May 2013

Marc is an outstanding photographer and filmmaker and I was delighted to finally get to work with him yesterday. It was the first of several shoots and I can't wait for the next one and to see the finished product. If you ever get a chance to work with Marc, do! I can't recommend him highly enough.
SailorV recommends marcblackie
Added by SailorV on 15 September 2011, shoot arranged for September 2011

Marc was very creative in setting up the place and using random objects for the shoot. It was a pleasure to work as I had fun in creating something weird and creepy. I'm satisfied with final results
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Marc Blackie
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Marc Blackie
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Marc Blackie
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Marc Blackie
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Marc Blackie
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Marc Blackie
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