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ID Number:262042
Member type:Model
Region:West Midlands
Country:United Kingdom
Will Accept:Depends on assignment
Work Preference:Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Parts Modeling
Date Joined:17 July 2015
Last Updated:08 May 2016
Last Login:09 May 2016
Hair Length:Short
Weight:111lbs (50kg) (8st)
Height:63in (5' 3") (160cm)
Cup Size:B
Skin Colour:White
Dress Size:8
Hi, I'm Louisa Mai and I'm a female freelance model from the West Midlands.
I was known as Lexi Louise but had to change name for personal reasons.
I've been modelling for just over two and a half years years now in many different levels.
I am wanting and determined to make a career from this and hopefully be successful, its my life which I love very much.
I'm only accepting paid work at the moment, I do occassionally take on tfp if its an idea on my list I want to do and it will be beneficial to both our portfolios, I always give 110% on every shoot and work hard to achieve the results we both want and what's expected.
I have reasonable rates and I am always happy to negiotate if you have a budget and its sensible, I do also take on part paid/part tfp.
I'm looking to work with photographers, female or male models, artists, designers and clients.
I'm very flexible with times I can shoot, I work any day of the week whether it be mornings, afternoons and evenings.
I'm very reliable ( never been a no show ), I know how annoying this is and how much time is wasted, I'm also very laid back and very hard working.
I'm willing to travel up to 60 miles from West Midlands for shoots using public transport, I mainly use trains and I will ask for travelling costs to be covered but not if its local.
I have a number of tattoos with my back being my biggest, but I don't mind them being edited out.
I'm also currently wearing front lace wigs as I shaved my hair off last year to raise money for cancer so whilst I grow my lovely blonde hair back, I will continue to use wigs until I'm happy to shoot without.
I'm unable to shoot from home but I'm happy to shoot anywhere else as long as its safe and professional.
When you book me for a shoot, I will forward you my phone number, but I do like to keep contact via these sites for my own safety, Im happy to work with professionals and amateurs, I'm friendly, polite and love a natter.
I'm very lucky to have really nice high cheekbones.

Here's what I'm very interested in and hopefully will get to do these, fingers crossed:

Old disused buildings
Motorcycles and cars
Body painting
Shooting with other models
Dark, sexy look
Night time indoors or outdoors
Swimming pool
Wax candle light only
Dripping candle wax onto my skin
Cosplay ( love those Halloween and Xmas times )
Caution tape
Sheer material with a powerful fan blowing it

I'm very eager to become published so anyone who can help me to do this, your help would be appreciated
I do keep my calendar up to date with my bookings, rates and levels can be given on request.
I have a no cancellation policy which means I will always turn up for shoots and at the right time, if for any reason I get held up, I will contact you asap and tell you, if you need to cancel on me for any reason, I like to be given at least 48 hours notice or the first chance you get so I can use that time to find another shoot, I strongly believe in good communication so I won't ever ignore phone calls or texts like some models do.

 I get a lot of repeat bookings with photographers whom I have become good friends with, I strongly believe trust and respect is the key.

Other sites I'm on:

Madcow models
Model mayhem
Net model
Net portfolio
One model place

Any questions, please feel free to ask

Much love

Louisa Mai x.

Reviews from other members

JohnDuder recommends lexiloumodel
Added by JohnDuder on 03 August 2015, shoot arranged for June 2015

Lexi has a wonderfully changeable look: when we shot today hse had black hair, and looked as if she'd just stepped through a time warp from the Sixties: a really good look, in my book!

She poses carefully, and neither jiggles about nor abandons a pose as soon as there's one shot in the bag: she can develop poses slowly, and is fantastic at taking in detailed pose tweaks: we worked with soem very directional lighting, and half an inch movement changes the look utterly. We got what I wanted - plus Lexi's variations!

She carries soem impressive ink, which I found photogenic.

Oh - and her eyes, and her smile. Her eyes can be quizzical: but the thing I kept seeing in them is a smile. Even when we did a few shots with a riding crop and an 'Obey' baseball cap, she was smiling. Not in a scary way!

Since we live quite close to each other, she may be the model I contact for a quick shoot on a lazy afternoon: we have the plans laid for a potter's clay makeup shoot come a really good sunny day...

RUPERT recommends lexiloumodel
Added by RUPERT on 02 August 2015, shoot arranged for April 2015

I have had 2 shoots with Lexi.Pre shoot coms were excellent on both occasions.We achieved many fantastic images.Mr Matey certainly makes a whole heap of bubbles.
I have no hesitation in recommending Lexiloumodel to all photographers.
Added: 04 August 2015
Copyright: Ian shanks
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Added: 02 August 2015
Title: Collar and chain
Copyright: Attitude
Photographer: attitude
Comments: 2
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Added: 28 September 2015
Title: Mirror image
Copyright: skennama_ray_h
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Added: 04 August 2015
Title: Shower
Copyright: Rupert1
Photographer: RUPERT
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Added: 02 August 2015
Title: Comfy on this!
Copyright: attitude
Photographer: attitude
Comments: 1
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Added: 17 July 2015
Title: arm hugging
Copyright: John duder
Photographer: JohnDuder
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Glamour Nude
Added: 01 October 2015
Title: Side look
Copyright: bezerkerburger
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Added: 02 August 2015
Title: Woods
Copyright: deksdphotography
Photographer: Deks
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Added: 17 July 2015
Copyright: EdH
Photographer: Teddybear
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