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ID Number:112232
Member type:Model
City:Phoenix (originally from UK)
Country:United States
Will Accept:Paid work only
Hair:Dark Brown
Hair Length:Very Long
Weight:109lbs (49kg)
Height:66in (5' 6") (167cm)
Bust/Chest:34in (86cm)
Cup Size:B
Waist:25in (63cm)
Hips:34in (86cm)
Skin Colour:Tanned
Shoe Size:5in
Dress Size:1
Work Preference:Fitness Model
Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Parts Modeling
Date Joined:23 April 2006
Last Updated:05 October 2015
Last Login:05 October 2015
(I return to the UK frequently)

2016 UK Tour!...

England, Scotland, Ireland (limited availability)

Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Romania (brief stop), France, possibly other places (please ask)

Mike Smith: "Katy_T - a force of nature... Katy: You are amazing, you are the bond that ties the artistic world together. You fill the voids between structures and add your form & beauty to the magic that is photography. I had the pleasure, honor, thrill and good fortune to shoot with Katy. I have not been the same since working with her. I feel that my own Artistic Vision will never be the same. From the beginning until the end I felt like I was in the presence of a 'Force of Nature,' Intelligent, Driven. An artistic partner - alive with ideas - not posed. She searched every moment of her movements for the perfect position. Between whatever objects she placed herself or any surface that she attached herself to - she became the force tying it all together in a composition of beauty - simple, elegant. ~~ Katy T - Thank You! A chance of a lifetime"

I’m originally from Dorset, England but I also have French and Israeli ancestry.

I’m a trained dancer with a background also in choreography and acting. I’ve always been creative and love performing. When I’m not on stage I’m releasing my creative energy in front of your lens. I'm a spiritual person, so I give much more to my shoots than just a pose. I take a very active role in the creative process.

Some confuse me for being a ballet dancer. My trained style is as a contemporary dancer, but I did do a little classical and pointe work. Still, if you're wanting a classical shoot I would recommend hiring a ballet dancer for that, otherwise I can offer you my main style and limited pointe work. Just wanted to be honest about that :)

Sorry, but I DON’T DO TFP. I’m an 11 year professional. When you hire me, please see me as an investment, like your camera gear (just that I will bring the captured image to life). Likewise, you are the one that makes it possible for me to travel and keep creating this work, so thank you :)

I’m natural (no enhancements), no surgery, scars or tattoos. I invest time and money into keeping myself healthy and trim so I can look my best for each shoot. Yes, I even have to ration my mocha frappuccinos for you!! :)

I always recommend shooting me in my area of expertise (art nude). This is where you'll get me at my best. Please look over my portfolio to get an idea of my style so you can take advantage of my skills and what I have to offer. These shoots are a collaboration, where I bring my style and merge it with yours, to create unique and meaningful art, so there has to be freedom for us both to work.

I'm internationally published in numerous galleries, magazines and ad campaigns around the world.

As a guide, my work shows my style and comfort levels. No adult work, bondage or pay websites. I keep my pubic hair neat and trim, but will not shave it for any shoots.

I treat every shoot with a fresh attitude, so you will always work with me at my best. I don’t turn up just to get paid, I do really care about the work we’re creating and want you to be pleased with the images. It's been over 10 years and I still get excited about the images!!!

I’m a model that prefers and actually craves ongoing collaborations, rather than fly-by shoots. I like the creative connection that grows over the years. I’ve been working with some of the same photographers for 7-10 years and love the connections.

I ask that you please value my time, as I do yours. Planning trips is a long process and it gets frustrating when I receive last minute cancellations. Please realize I have to budget for flights, hotels, rental car, gas and other expenses in advance of these trips, and often I have to turn others away for your time slot. If I’m already on the trip I will likely not receive your cancellation email, needless to say I also won’t have time to fill the time slot either. If you need to cancel please give me notice so it doesn’t affect my trip.

I usually confirm shoots once by email and it’s then set in stone, so I will be there as planned.

I'm that model that will do anything to create "that" image. Past shoots have included (but not limited to) shooting in the snow, underwater, up a tree, mountain or frozen lake in the Alps. I will be there and will bring my creativity, regardless of my comforts. (Hot chocolate wouldn't go amiss in snowy climates though) :)

Please don't feel intimidated by my work and experience. I’m patient with those who are new to the genre. I also don't believe in 'levels,' I believe in creating great imagery, so if you love photography and being creative then we'll have a great shoot. Every photographer has a different eye, that's what makes every image unique. Some of my favorite work was actually created with beginners.

I have more work on my website, under 'studio nudes' and 'location nudes' if you want to take a look!

Looking forward to creating with you!


Reviews from other members

There are 17 positive recommendations for katy_T Click here to read them all
bjcalex recommends katy_T
Added by bjcalex on 29 August 2011, shoot arranged for February 2011

Kate is a pleasure to work with! She was clearly keen to make our shoot succeed and very generous in her efforts to make it happen. In the studio she worked extremely hard and was very creative, being fully engaged with me in an interactive process, and dedicated to making beautiful artistic images. I recommend her wholeheartedly, and am happy to say we will soon do another shoot, this time outdoors in the desert.
otteypm recommends katy_T
Added by otteypm on 27 January 2011, shoot arranged for August 2010

I had a great shoot with Katy. She is creative and contributes great ideas to the shoot and works really hard to create the best images. Highly recommended.
JOOPninja recommends katy_T
Added by JOOPninja on 28 October 2010, shoot arranged for August 2010

What can I say that hasn't been said? Kate worked with me on her last trip to Scotland and helped me practice my Art Nude techniques and lighting set-ups. She comfortably posed herself as well as having some ideas with props. As a model she had such a presence and I learned a lot, she was fantastic.
Carl_Grim recommends katy_T
Added by Carl_Grim on 02 September 2010, shoot arranged for August 2010

I had the privilege of working with Katy for the first time earlier this week. Although a difficult outdoors shoot with a number of challenges, Katy put her back into it and helped create some really beautiful art-nude images.
This model is very experienced in the genre and a thorough professional.
lfm_photography recommends katy_T
Added by lfm_photography on 30 August 2010, shoot arranged for August 2010

Booked Kate as part of her summer Europe tour and we had a great shoot in Munich. Cheerful, fun and able to perform the most amazing poses on command. Great model.

Dancing Spirit
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