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Jayce Clarke

Jayce Clarke

ID Number:123723
Member type:Photographer
Country:United Kingdom
Work Preference:Fitness Model
Stock Photo
Parts Modeling
Date Joined:05 October 2007
Last Updated:17 June 2013
Last Login:08 January 2015
Hello and welcome my fellow Purestormers!

My requirements are changing as of 2011, please be sure to read them thoroughly before applying for any castings.

Before we get to specifics note that I will require models to bring ID to shoots, release forms signing and invoices for all paid work.

Some of my professional work may require delayed payment as company pays by cheque. This will be discussed at the initial stage should this be required. I am a professional and I assure you that this is legit! Should you wish to seek references please free to ask any model that has worked on paid assignments.


If you are receiving payment for any project then the following stipulations will apply.

A Minimum height of 5 foot 6 inches.
Maximum size 10 (Body must be in proportion and sorry but no enhancements in the chest department).
Versatile (My styles will most likely be fashion, editorial and art nude only).
Good face - If you have good facial expressions and good features then this will stand you well for any paid work.
Hair must be as required in the casting.
Minimal tattoos and piercings (Unless otherwise stated).

*Please read specific castings for styles too.

All castings will be open to professionals, experienced amatures, and naturally talented models. (References will be checked).


If you feel my style, images, and feedback is something that you like, please feel free to contact me with regards to us working. I am good value for money - Honest!


I am going to be doing less and less in 2011, however if you feel you can offer something that will work or the both of us, please feel free to get in touch with ideas. Its free to message...
Off camera flash and Location photography is my vice at the moment it has to be said. I also love working with natural light in black and white. This is something that will come to the fore front in the future.

Add me on facebook:

Thank you if you got this far! I look forward to continue working with the professional people on this site.

Reviews from other members

There are 51 positive recommendations for jayce103 Click here to read them all
Rosydoll recommends jayce103
Added by Rosydoll on 18 October 2013, shoot arranged for October 2013

Absolutely love my images thank you!
Barbie_Princess recommends jayce103
Added by Barbie_Princess on 08 October 2013, shoot arranged for October 2013

Have worked with jayce on quite a few projects over the last 3 years. One of my favorite photographers to work with, fun, laid back,amazing images and very talented. will always recommend him to other models/togs
Missie0290 recommends jayce103
Added by Missie0290 on 06 December 2012, shoot arranged for December 2012

Had a test shoot with Jayce, Lovely bloke and really enjoyed it, looking forward to working with him again, definitely recommended.
DianaB recommends jayce103
Added by DianaB on 23 October 2012, shoot arranged for October 2012

it was fab to work with Jayce today :)

professional, focused and hardworking photographer Jayce is a great person to work with, he gives 110 % of fun and humor makes u feel good and lough all the time, always in a good mod, very easy to get on with which makes for a good and enjoyable shoot.

i would definitely work with Jayce again and i can very highly recommend him to all

many thanks for today :D x
SarahRx recommends jayce103
Added by SarahRx on 17 August 2012, shoot arranged for August 2012

I have worked with Jayce 3 times now and can honestly say it was great, he is friendly and very professional and we had such fun during the shoots. I really hope I get to work with him again soon, I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Jayce :)
Artistic Nude
Jayce Clarke
Added: 14 August 2011
Title: Body
Copyright: © Jayce Clarke Photography
Comments: 2
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Jayce Clarke
Added: 26 July 2010
Copyright: Jayce Clarke Photography
Model(s): Tegan
Comments: 2
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Fine Art Nude
Jayce Clarke
Added: 16 July 2012
Title: Holywood or bust!
Copyright: Jayce Clarke Photography
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Jayce Clarke
Added: 15 August 2011
Title: Shorts
Copyright: © Jayce Clarke Photography
Comments: 2
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Jayce Clarke
Added: 12 February 2012
Title: Beauty
Copyright: Jayce Clarke Photography
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Jayce Clarke
Added: 25 November 2011
Title: Hollywood
Copyright: Jayce Clarke Photography
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Jayce Clarke
Added: 12 February 2010
Title: lingerie
Copyright: Jayce Clarke Photography
Comments: 2
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Jayce Clarke
Added: 29 August 2009
Title: Chic
Copyright: Jayce Clarke Photography
Model(s): chelseadawnrosemcelroy
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