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Jan Murphy

Jan Murphy

ID Number:151201
Member type:Photographer
Country:United Kingdom
Work Preference:Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Parts Modeling
Date Joined:06 January 2009
Last Updated:25 August 2014
Last Login:24 May 2017
Photography is my passion and career so I really appreciate honesty from the start, it is the only way when collaborating I find.

I am very approachable, any questions re my current or future projects, get in touch and I will get back to you as soon as is feasibly possible.

If you like my work/style or have ideas that you wish me to create then I am happy to talk further with you on this. I love my work and appreciate working with those that know what they want, have direction and drive.

I am also a fully qualified Shiatsu Therapist & Bodyworker to MRSS standards. My treatments range from £45 and all treatments are personalised. I have clinics in Chelsea, Berkhamsted & Tring (home visits can be arranged). Get in touch should you wish an appointment with me.
I am a passionate artist, Professional Photographer and Photographic artist - I generally believe that I come under all 3 categories, some of my work reflects this.

I have been a photographer from as far back as I can remember and have always felt at ease creating images of all kinds. I have been Professional since 2003 and have enjoyed working on various projects - I do love working on new creative concepts as I am very serious about my work (don't let this fool you - I'm a fun person to shoot with).

I absolutely adore creating and as this is something I do part time now, sadly I cannot afford full rates to work with models as it means taking time out from my career.

If you wish to create art for arts sake, then I would absolutely love to add quirky shots to your portfolio - get in touch and let's get busy.


Published internationally and just shot an exclusive feature for Carrie Leigh's NUDE magazine - for the Spring Edition 2010.

Published twice in NUDE magazine, recently for the Summer edition.



~ I have just completed working on a Photographic Book.
~ Dance project needs more input so do get in touch should you be any form of dancer.
~ I am working on a set of Erotica books. If this interests, you please send me upon request a set of images that you find to be erotica (ask first).

My website shares my true love which is fine art figure, indoor and outdoor locations so I am always working on this to further my portfolio, as well as your own.

I have just begun working on a 'movement' project soon. Dancer's, acrobats, Capoeira groovers and yoga students (poses from this are stunning) get in touch with me via here.


Main websites:

Sole owner - (fine art website)

Other sites:

DeviantArt - (most recent work shown here)
Net-Model -
Myspace -


I'm only open to trying out new creative concepts for TFcd + profit share if I feel that your work can help boost my profile and website. There is a queue for this work, so if you do work with me be patient for your edits. I'm a busy lady.

I'm open to working on different projects as well as art nude so should you feel we could work together do get in touch.

Hiring fees:

I can also be hired for a reasonable fee for private and commercial shoots. £80ph for Personal, £120ph for Commercial - get in touch should you wish more information.

Look forward to hearing from you all on here - message me, I'm very approachable.

Keep an eye out as I will update my profile on here to keep up with the work I'm shooting.

That's all folks.

Reviews from other members

There are 11 positive recommendations for janmurphy Click here to read them all
yem_anjah recommends janmurphy
Added by yem_anjah on 30 May 2011, shoot arranged for May 2011

Had a wonderful photographic adventure with Jan! looking forward to our next shoot ...
So easy to work with, also our mental connection was a bonus to her skills as a photographer... recommended 110% !!!
chloelloyd recommends janmurphy
Added by chloelloyd on 30 March 2010, shoot arranged for March 2010

Jan was brilliant to work with, not only is she a lovely woman but very talented. Her communication was great. She gave some great direction, and also let me put in some input. I had a really good day, and would most certainly recommend her, and would love another shoot in the future!
jadebrennan recommends janmurphy
Added by jadebrennan on 20 February 2010, shoot arranged for February 2010

Had an amazing shoot with Jan yesterday!! We finally got to shoot together and it was worth the wait!! It was a lovely day to shoot outside despite the cold and I had great fun. I think we worked very well together to create some really strong images, both of us came up with ideas. I would highly recommend Jan to any model, she is great to work with.
wiltucker recommends janmurphy
Added by wiltucker on 28 January 2010, shoot arranged for January 2010

Jan is so cool. Probably the most relaxed photographer I've worked with. Always patient and always showing appreciatetion for the model's hard work.

Don't pass up a chance to work with her.
amazon recommends janmurphy
Added by amazon on 23 January 2010, shoot arranged for January 2010

I had a lovely shoot with Jan yesterday, she is absolutely brilliant!! great skill, great personality and very easy-going. Once we got going we worked very well together I think. The images I've seen sofar are beautiful! I really enjoyed it and would most definitely recommend her to other models! Thanks Jan!!
Artistic Nude
Jan Murphy
Added: 05 February 2012
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Jan Murphy
Added: 24 January 2010
Title: If I'm quiet
Copyright: © 2009 Jan Murphy
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Fine Art Nude
Jan Murphy
Added: 16 April 2012
Title: Chaise Longue
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Jan Murphy
Added: 03 January 2012
Title: White Satin
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Jan Murphy
Added: 03 January 2012
Title: Classic Lounging
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Jan Murphy
Added: 25 August 2014
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Jan Murphy
Added: 25 August 2014
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Jan Murphy
Added: 22 August 2011
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Jan Murphy
Added: 02 March 2011
Title: Blending in the City Tonight
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