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John Burton

John Burton

ID Number:117913
Member type:Photographer
Country:United Kingdom
Work Preference:Stock Photo
Print Magazine
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Date Joined:23 March 2007
Last Updated:16 July 2012
Last Login:14 February 2018
Numerous shoots in my own studio as well as commercial shoots on location. I am a very widely travelled travel photographer and have won numerous competitions and exhibitions. Published in local and national publications.

I am a previous winner of the Renaissance Photography Prize. See

judged by Eamonn McCabe, Mary McCartney and KT Tunstall.

Published (amongst others) in
The Times (Image of the Day)
The Independent Magazine
Eve magazine
Scarlet magazine
Muse magazine
Digital Camera magazine
Real Travel Magazine
Wedding Ideas Magazine
Now moved to Carmarthenshire, South Wales

Of course I'm far too old and grumpy to be on this site.

After all I only want to take good photos; I don't want to take cheesy photos with fake blood or dubious pictures of girls in their bedroom (classy glamour is a different thing and hard to do well). So if quality appeals then get in touch - if you want a crappy photo for Myspace I suggest you go elsewhere. I want to do tf* with people who have a spark and enthusiasm, who want to create great images for the fun of it. I'm sure I may come over as arrogant here (I'm not) but much of the work I see here is very poor and I suggest that models look very carefully at photographers work. There is absolutely no point in having poor photographs, you may as well not have bothered.

As for this type of work I mainly do TFP/CD shoots with my own gear(hoping to get my studio up and running again soon after the move). Full Elinchrom lighting set up. Always interested in finding interesting faces(note the word interesting whilst they might be young and pretty old character faces are also great subjects) to photograph! Now based in Carmarthenshire so convenient for most of SW Wales.

I can be contacted either here at my website (needs updating)

There is more general background info about me at

PS. I'm very, very easy to get on with and for anyone who has concerns about safety etc. please contact any models I may have worked with. In particular I'd suggest that you contact Anita deBauch. In addition I'm married and my wife was a local G.P. and always recommend new models bring a friend to a shoot if they want (preferably a girlfriend as they can help with hair and makeup etc. I can also supply references from many other models.

Feel free to to contact me and discuss any ideas you may have. Unless I have a specific need for a model (and I'll then find who I need) I do not pay models or do part paid work. I do TFP only with models who will contribute positively to the process.

This next paragraph is going to seem pretty harsh, so hang on in. TFP/CD is for mutual benefit. Since starting here a number of models have made firm arrangements with me for shoots and then never turned up or even phoned to cancel or say sorry. Well I'm afraid from where I come from this is extremely rude and more importantly extremely unprofessional. It's quite simple; these girls are never going to be models and to be honest are just lowering the image of the whole profession. The real professionals I know will, like myself, never not turn up for a 'gig' (other than in the most dire emergency, when they will always contact you anyway). So if you're a dreamer that's fine, we all have dreams but you need to be a 'doer' as well to make it happen. Please don't waste my time. This doesn't mean I don't want to photograph newbies, we all have to learn and improve. That's why I do TFP so that I can learn and grow as a photographer; I certainly don't know everything myself. I'll give anyone (complete newbie or pro) 110 percent and as much effort and time as it needs but I'm not prepared to waste it.

That said, shoots should be fun and light hearted so don't be put off if you are genuine and want to work with me. As I said at the beginning I'm very easy to get on with and if you've read this far you probably realise my rant is NOT directed at you! :-)

PS As more people have seen my work (and since being featured on the home page of Purestorm) I'm getting more and more requests for TFP/CD which I may not always be able to fit in straight away (it just depends how much 'paying work' I have to do). Please don't be offended if I can't do a shoot for you; it's not personal just the way it is with demands on my time. Priority will be given to models who have strong creative ideas and who want to work on trying to produce great images rather than 'nice shots' for their portfolios. I'm trying to move on to much more interesting, really well shot images and want people to work with me rather than just stand in front of the camera. But then again if you don't ask you won't know!

UPDATE/WANTED: An attractive local model who wants to work with me on creating great images. Is there anybody on this site who loves images and photographs for what they are - rather than the idea that by being on this website they are going to become famous? If you know who Helmut Newton is that would be even better :-) I do a lot of joint projects with Anita deBauch but as she is now in London I could do with a local muse!

Edit July 2012 - still looking!

Reviews from other members

There are 4 positive recommendations for henchard Click here to read them all
neighbourhoodwitch recommends henchard
Added by neighbourhoodwitch on 03 January 2011, shoot arranged for April 2010

John is a lovely gentleman with a great sense of humour and decent manners - ie: leaving the kitchen when I had to change! I was delighted with the photographs and would recommend him highly.
Anita_DeBauch recommends henchard
Added by Anita_DeBauch on 26 September 2009, shoot arranged for July 2009

I have had several shoots with John over the last couple of years, mostly at his hoke studio but also out on location a couple of times, and every one has been a success. John is an excellent photographer with a great work ethic and desire to get really creative shots that stand out. Photos that I have taken with him have been published and got me paid work. I love that he lets me art direct as much as I want at shoots, which I really enjoy.

He is also a good host, gives the shoot a relaxed atmosphere and has a good (dry) sense of humour. I would recommend anyone who gets that chance to shoot with John to take full advantage of it!

Anita De Bauch
_Aimee_ recommends henchard
Added by _Aimee_ on 23 April 2009, shoot arranged for April 2009

I had a fantastic shoot with John today, which was not only really educational but a lot of fun! I can't wait to see the finished photos, John is a wizard at photoshop and creates some really stunning work, I'd definitely recommend working with him and would love to shoot with him again some time.
rhinodancer recommends henchard
Added by rhinodancer on 20 November 2008, shoot arranged for November 2008

A long over due shoot worth waiting for. John is very Tallented and inspiring, hospitable and extremely laid back! Thank you John.
Added by llchaplin on 13 June 2008
had my first photo shoot with john, went very well, very impressed with johns photography work, would be more then happy to do some other shoots with you at any time. sophia
John Burton
Added: 31 March 2010
Title: After Helmut Newton2
Copyright: John Burton
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John Burton
Added: 20 February 2011
Title: Steph
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John Burton
Added: 27 July 2008
Title: Exotic Babe
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John Burton
Added: 26 April 2009
Title: Lady in Red
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John Burton
Added: 18 July 2008
Title: Twins?
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John Burton
Added: 13 August 2009
Title: Victoriana
Copyright: John Burton
Model(s): Anita_DeBauch
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