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Kyle Tallett

Kyle Tallett

ID Number:222281
Member type:Photographer
Country:United Kingdom
Work Preference:Fitness Model
Stock Photo
Date Joined:29 January 2012
Last Updated:31 October 2015
Last Login:25 March 2017
-I am a photographer with 30 years experience in all forms of photography.
-I have a passion for monochrome and much of my work is in monochrome as it gives detail and mood in ways that colour cannot.
-I love street and people photography and I believe that every image should tell some sort of story, or give a message.
-I love creative lighting and will use different types of lighting to create effects.
-I have my own studio equipment so can travel to do a home shoot, I can do a limited amount of shooting at my own home. Alternatively there is a studio I love to use.
-Due to my profession and my sports coaching I have CRB clearance x2.
-I have good people and able to work with people in all situations.
-I use Nikon cameras, I have a D800 and D300 which I use. I also still use film for some shoots
-I have the LRPS from the ROyal Society and the LSWPP from the societies.

- I am competent, i have the LRPS and LSWPP
-I love photography, its my outlet for my imagination.
-I love monochrome, so much of my work is done in monochrome, i still use black and white film on most shoots to give me something a little different that cannot be captured in digital.
I particularly enjoy portraiture/beauty, lingerie and outdoor shoots combining models with my landscape skills.
-I select the models I wish to work with by looking at my project and then approaching a suitable model.
-I will do shoots TFCD/P if there is something benificial to both of us.
-Please do not message me with a hello can we shoot here are my rates type of message, the answer will always be a polite no.
-However if you have a genuine wish to work with me, a message will be always welcome explaining what work you want to do.

Currently I am doing outdoor shoots combining my love of landscape and street photography with model work.

Reviews from other members

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Charlene180490 recommends gavrelle
Added by Charlene180490 on 08 May 2014, shoot arranged for April 2014

Kyle is a great photographer to work with. He discusses ideas before the shoot, is organised and is on time.
He puts you at ease and is friendly. He uses different and very effective techniques! Its hard to choose the best ones! He is open to new ideas, I would highly recommend! :) xx
elye recommends gavrelle
Added by elye on 20 January 2014, shoot arranged for January 2014

had a great, relaxed shoot :) totally reccomend
Maya1 recommends gavrelle
Added by Maya1 on 09 September 2013, shoot arranged for September 2013

I had my second shoot with Kyle and I must say he is a joy to work with. Not only does he bring a variety of ideas to the shoot, he directs you in a number of different poses to aid the style and portrayal of the look. He has great knowledge of lighting designs and techniques and not only shoots digital but also film photography (definitely a good look for your portfolio).

Thank you!
sammijo86 recommends gavrelle
Added by sammijo86 on 23 August 2013, shoot arranged for August 2013

I have worked with Kyle many times. I find him an absolute joy to shoot with. He has good pre shoot communication, good shoot manors and excellent knowledge.i highly recommend Kyle to any model. Apart from him being a good photographer he is a really nice person! I look forward to the next shoot!
kitkat90 recommends gavrelle
Added by kitkat90 on 05 August 2013, shoot arranged for August 2013

I had the first of two planned shoots with Kyle on Saturday, which was also my first location shoot. Despite the disruptive wind, it was a great shoot and I felt like I learnt a lot - with some fantastic results! Kyle has lots of ideas, was very easy to work with and gave excellent direction. I look forward to our next shoot :)
Fine Art Nude
Kyle Tallett
Added: 31 October 2015
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Kyle Tallett
Added: 31 October 2015
Title: Rope Dance
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Kyle Tallett
Added: 17 April 2015
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Kyle Tallett
Added: 29 August 2013
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Model(s): sammijo86
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Kyle Tallett
Added: 01 January 2013
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Model(s): Suzanne_M
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Kyle Tallett
Added: 22 November 2012
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Model(s): KateErrington
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Hollywood style
Kyle Tallett
Added: 29 December 2012
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Model(s): Suzanne_M
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Kyle Tallett
Added: 09 September 2013
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Model(s): Maya1
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Kyle Tallett
Added: 31 October 2014
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