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ID Number:171759
Member type:Model
Country:United Kingdom
Will Accept:Paid work only
Hair Length:Short
Weight:125lbs (56kg)
Height:67in (5' 7") (170cm)
Bust/Chest:34in (86cm)
Cup Size:C
Waist:25in (63cm)
Hips:37in (93cm)
Skin Colour:White
Dress Size:10
Work Preference:Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Date Joined:01 October 2009
Last Updated:07 January 2011
Last Login:08 February 2012
PLEASE see my other work at the following places!

I have many international credits in galleries, print, awards/contests, runway and more. Here are some highlights.
(* denotes multiple shoots)

Spencer Tunick
*Chip Willis
*Gary Breckheimer
*Ashley Cameron
*James M. Graham
*Brooks Ayola
*ravens laughter
*T H Taylor
*Sanders McNew
fotorat (Roberto Aguilar)
Steve Kraitt
Tito Trelles-MADE IN NY
Marko Cecic-Karuzic (La Seine by the Hudson)
Simon Gerzina
Constantine Gedal (cx image)
Lucinda Wedge
Sita Mae Edwards
Will Springfield
Corwin Prescott
*Michael Sloane
*Ian Leake
*Lee Gillies
Dave Rudin
Renée Jacobs
D. Brian Nelson
Christopher Bush
Athen Grey
Michael Rosen
Wayne Sclesky
Thom Rouse
*Christopher Grey
*Danny Bourne
*David Swanson (Shadowscape Studio)
*Stephen Melvin
*Dean Lavery
*Stephen Haynes
*Matthew Scherfenberg
Dave Levingston
Pat Thielen

Of course, feel free to contact anyone who has worked with me if you'd like a reference. Or ask me if you'd like, and I'll give you names to contact.
My profile is long-ish but organised, and you'll likely find everything you need to know here.

Thanks for viewing!
Creating art with wonderful artists and friends is my passion. I love fashion as well but am always happy to be nude. It's freeing, anywhere and everywhere.

I am a versatile, published professional with credits and references. If you're curious about shooting, ask! Preferably in a private message.

I could write a flowery exposition on why and how I so dearly love our little corner of the world we call art... but I shouldn't have to. I hope that you see my sheer devotion, joy, and bare soul in the photographs. I hope you are moved. I'm not happy if I can't evoke an emotion (any emotion) in those who view my work, and I'll keep striving to create something meaningful. I have at times been called 'muse' by a special few, and I do not use that term lightly.

I do not have the most beautiful face, nor a perfect body. However, I do know how to pose, and work with my assets. Freely or with direction, simple or contorted. I still practice and am always learning. I'm relatively flexible, creative, willing to make a fool of myself in pursuit of a good shot, and can hold still for periods of time.

~I show up on time, prepared, and wearing a great big genuine smile. (I laugh. A lot!) If you have a concept that entails difficult conditions of any sort, I'm your girl. I love the challenge and will work hard to make sure you get what you envisioned... or better. I seek beauty, conventional and otherwise. I seek to inspire.

~I am available for paid assignments with photographers of any level. My rates are a great deal. If you're a newer photographer, I bring my experience to the table and enjoy sharing what I've learned.
~I also do TFD (Time For Dior). (But wouldn't turn down McQueen!) ;)
~If makeup, hair, and/or styling is needed, our results will usually be far better if it is not done by me. I love collaboration with all members of a team.
~I live in a large Victorian house which is a great shoot location and is easily accessible by train from central London.

~My skin is clear and smooth, with a few minor imperfections. I avoid lines from the sun and tight clothing before a shoot.
~My stats are current and accurate.
~I look good in my glasses. I also have contacts. My eyes change colour.
~I have piercings - 1 in each ear, 1 in my navel. All are removable. No tattoos.

~Interested in: Art, of any kind. Some beauty, editorial, fashion (including runway), commercial, lifestyle.

~I absolutely love to travel and will do so anywhere in the world if expenses are covered, which can be the sole form of compensation. I just want to get to work with as many artists as possible!

I'm a London Rollergirl, and my team is the Steam Rollers... no, roller derby isn't the most brilliant idea for a nude model and violinist, but too bad, I'm hooked. On the bright side, it has really tightened my body and increased my strength.
I have a music degree and a media studies concentration from St. Olaf College, and a post-baccalaureate paralegal certificate. I play violin (over 25 years experience) and a few other instruments, and I sing a little. More things I love: nature and animals, The Beatles, Tolkien, Kubrick, David Lynch, and Bill Hicks.. to name a mere few. Oh, and zombies.

Reviews from other members

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paulfcm16 recommends e_string
Added by paulfcm16 on 26 March 2012, shoot arranged for March 2012

Had a great shoot with Erin on Saturday, fun to work with, professional and needing very little direction - a lot done in a short session. Highly recommended.
willwhite recommends e_string
Added by willwhite on 27 October 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011

This is one great woman. I had a fantastic shoot with her and her two buddies from the USA. A delight to work with, nothing was too much trouble. Would definitely recommend her. Good fun. Thanks v much. Will
mfahim27753 recommends e_string
Added by mfahim27753 on 19 October 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011

Had a fabulous shoot with Erin today and two of her friend from US. It was fun, a great shoot, and she is stunning. Will definitely book without a doubt.

Thank you, Erin. :)
Headshots recommends e_string
Added by Headshots on 19 October 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011

Had a great shoot with Erin and her 2 friends today, Fab model. will book again
Phil_H recommends e_string
Added by Phil_H on 17 January 2011, shoot arranged for December 2010

I'm slightly biased as I'm lucky enough to count e-string as good friend and one of the best models I've worked with in the last couple of years.

She brings an infectious smile to the set, a willingness to bust ass to get the shot we're looking for and infinite patience.

She truly is a joy to work with and I can't recommend her highly enough.

Thanks E, I'm already looking forward to the next time we work together.
Added: 07 January 2011
Copyright: Phil H
Photographer: Phil_H
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Added: 06 May 2010
Copyright: Chip Willis
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Fine Art Nude
Added: 07 January 2011
Copyright: Hugh Alison
Photographer: Hugh
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Added: 06 May 2010
Copyright: AJ Kahn
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Added: 07 January 2011
Copyright: Danny Bourne
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Added: 07 January 2011
Copyright: Hugh Alison
Photographer: Hugh
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Added: 20 July 2010
Copyright: Ashley Cameron
Photographer: ashleycameron
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Added: 07 January 2011
Copyright: Tim Haylock
Photographer: TimHaylock
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Added: 01 October 2009
Copyright: Sanders McNew
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