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ID Number:147320
Member type:Model
Country:United Kingdom
Level:Some Experience
Will Accept:Paid work or time for prints
Work Preference:Swimwear
Parts Modeling
Date Joined:08 November 2008
Last Updated:23 August 2010
Last Login:08 August 2017
Hair Length:Very Long
Weight:195lbs (88kg) (14st)
Height:69in (5' 9") (175cm)
Bust/Chest:37in (93cm)
Cup Size:G
Waist:32in (81cm)
Hips:40in (101cm)
Skin Colour:White
Shoe Size:6in
Dress Size:16
Hmm - time for an update..if I stick to my previous notes, everyone will think I'm a big fat liar...and I'm only guilty of two of those charges!

I no longer have tan lines.. It's true - I'm now a lovely shade of fish belly white all over - apart from the stretch marks of course.I anticipate that this will cause a stampede in my inbox-but look before you leap - you photographers scare easily - and I have a terrible habit of ripping my clothes off and blocking out the sun with my not inconsiderable cleavage(s). This can cause palpitations and unexplained sweatiness in those of a sensitive nature.

I will travel great distances if you offer me money. As yet, no-one has offered to pay me to travel to a shoot, but that's fine..I'm making a good living out of the dosh that most photographers offer me to get as far away as possible.

If you do pluck up the courage to shoot me, I can get myself into all manner of weird and wonderful poses..I can maintain the more contorted poses for ages..sometimes long after the paramedics have given up and gone home.

I can do my own hair and makeup in a variety of styles. My current favourite is the "Aunt Sally", although I am currently working on the "Barbara Cartland" and the "Pete Burns". For those who prefer a more natural fresh faced look - I can recommend several other models on this site who don't share my talent for trowelling on the slap, but seem to do alright out of it anyway.

I don't do any rude stuff - purely because by the time I've worked out where my rude bits are, shifted half a hundredweight of spare tyres and had a bit of a dig around to find them - most photographers have got bored and gone home, or succumbed to old age.

Come on then - you know you want to..
I'm back at proper work full time and then some, so not modelling at the moment. Do feel free to contact me though if you have something in the pipeline. I'm notoriously bad at making a decision and sticking to it!

Am of Norwegian origins, so naturally blonde, very fair skinned and of Viking proportions-broad shoulders and hips and a small waist.
My best points: my bone structure - which is typically Nordic, my hair which is very long , very thick, and has a strong natural wave/curl, and my legs which from the knee down are very slim, well muscled and end in very shapely ankles and high arched elegant feet. I'm quite muscular, underneath the generous helping of squidge, and have a well defined back, shoulders and bottom.

I also own a lovely sports car, which could be used for shoots! Oh - and I can ride a horse and don't mind getting cold and wet!

I'm creative and full of ideas, and would love to work with photographers who are looking to do something a bit unusual. I've gone off burlesque, but I'm still rather partial to corsets.

Reviews from other members

There are 5 positive recommendations for dressur Click here to read them all
foto2xh recommends dressur
Added by foto2xh on 25 April 2009, shoot arranged for April 2009

Had a great shoot with Dressur, and a lovely chat!
Warm, comfortable and confident personality. On time, great comms and a pleasure to work with.
orsoncarter recommends dressur
Added by orsoncarter on 24 March 2009, shoot arranged for January 2009

Had a hugely enjoyable five-hour shoot with Ally. She’s absolutely lovely – a dream to work with. Her looks, her attitude, her personality, her sense of humour, her creativity, her patience and helpfulness, her communications – eleven out of ten for everything. And she even makes a brilliant industrial-strength cup of tea. I already have another shoot booked with her in May.
timestoodstill recommends dressur
Added by timestoodstill on 21 December 2008, shoot arranged for December 2008

Ally is a pleasure to work with - very adaptable, follows direction very well - fantastic attitude - and i would recommend...
capturingmemories recommends dressur
Added by capturingmemories on 07 December 2008, shoot arranged for November 2008

you expect a shoot to go well when a model communicates well and turns up spot on time. ally was no dissapointment and her enthusiasm brought an invaluable element to the shoot. ray x
kev1n_l recommends dressur
Added by kev1n_l on 05 December 2008, shoot arranged for November 2008

Ally actively contributed to ensure a productive, fun and relaxed shoot. Thank you !
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