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ID Number:130180
Member type:Model
Region:South Yorkshire
Country:United Kingdom
Level:Some Experience
Will Accept:Paid work or time for prints
Hair:Light Brown
Hair Length:Medium
Weight:135lbs (61kg)
Height:71in (5' 11") (180cm)
Waist:29in (73cm)
Skin Colour:White
Shoe Size:7in
Work Preference:Fitness Model
Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Parts Modeling
Date Joined:14 February 2008
Last Updated:18 April 2009
Last Login:25 October 2013
I have been modelling since Feb 2008 and i have really enjoyed the experiences i have had, i have had a number of shoots ranging from Studio to Location shoots from art to Portrait, i have worked with a number of Photographers to create the pictures below. I have now created a portolio and my experience has greatened and my confidence is very high and im very hard working and determined on the shoot to create the results not only for my self but also for the photographer im working with.

My Hair is now light brown not blonde

Trained dancer & Black belt 1st dan in Teakwon-do

1 x hour £20
1 x hour £30 (art nude)

Day Rate £60
Day Rate £90 (art nude)
I'm interested in all aspects of modeling as each field would bring me an experience in which I can learn from and feel proud of my self. I feel im now at the stage that i need to network myself and promote myself within modelling, i feel im ready to contact agencies but in the meantime i still want to work with as many photographers as possible to vary my experience and to build relationships with as many as possible,

Please feel free to contact the Photographers i have worked with for references

Photographers i have worked with

Neil Rowlands
Rowe Photographer (Paul)x 5
Orca Photography (Russ)x 2
Huggerart (Sheffield)
Toonsnapper (Adrian)
Tony Parker x 2
losticini (Martin)
Stud (Rob)
D4vid (Wakefield)
Strawbleu (Location Shoot @ Brodsworth Hall)
Sinvidapadre (Netmodels) (Studio East, From America) Leeds shoot
Sytog (Location shoot @ Clifton Park Rotheram)
losticini (location shoot at Sheffield)
Tiggr63 (Studio Shoot)
Strawbleu (Home studio shoot - for art Project) Awaiting prints
imarge (Location shoot @ sheffield)
Tiggr63 (Location shoot and office shoot)

Dates Arranged

KirstyLouise (Model) & CStevens (Photographer) - 29th November
Sytog - 30th November
Glynjones - 18th December
Tiggr63 (Dates to be confirmed)
Paul Rowe (6th shoot, dates to be confirmed)
ephoto (Winchester Based)
D4vid (awaiting dates for 2nd shoot)
b8wsa (Dates to be arranged)
Analogmp3 (Dates to be arranged)
Cannonlad (Awaiting dates)
Stormin (Awaiting dates)
Carcapture (Awaiting dates)
Digital mood (Awaiting dates)
Mark669 (Awaiting dates)
Modelbiz (Awaiting dates)
Barneyallen (Awaiting Dates)
Rotherhamvideo (Awaiting Dates)
Millersfoto (Awiating Dates)
Alfie (Awaiting Dates)
OrcaPhotography (Awaiting Dates 3rd Shoot)

Models Ive worked with

Chris Dawber
Models Working with again

Dani_girl (Awaiting confirmation of dates)

Agencies Ive worked with please see links below

Reviews from other members

There are 6 positive recommendations for dansstone Click here to read them all
SoulPhotographic recommends dansstone
Added by SoulPhotographic on 10 March 2009, shoot arranged for February 2009

Worked with Dan last week, although circumstances meant we couldn't complete the planned shoot we still got some nice shots! Great model and very nice guy. Defiantly recommend.
krysy recommends dansstone
Added by krysy on 18 February 2009, shoot arranged for June 2008

worked with dan last night, had a great shoot brought some fantastic ideas, enjoyed the shoot, would work with dan again.
tiggr63 recommends dansstone
Added by tiggr63 on 15 February 2009, shoot arranged for February 2009

As ever Dan was a delight to work with today. He was on brilliant form, as ever, twinkling all the while. He is not only an extremely professional model but a genuinely nice bloke too. If you have not worked with Dan yet, you should!
GlynJones recommends dansstone
Added by GlynJones on 18 December 2008, shoot arranged for December 2008

Had a fantastic shoot with Dan this afternoon, loads of great ideas, and real fun to work with. I look forward to doing more shoots with Dan and hope that the photos from today meet his requirements.
michelletart recommends dansstone
Added by michelletart on 19 October 2008, shoot arranged for October 2008

WELL WELL, i cant believe how well me and Dan got on, literally within about 30 seconds we were chatting away like we had known each other years, he is absolutly fantastic. Very professional at all times even on the rocks and the wheel (lol) we had a great shoot together and my sides are still hurting from the laughter. I would definatly recomend Dan and would love to work with him again. Hope you keep in touch. xxxxxxxxx
Added: 30 October 2008
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