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Barney Douglas

Barney Douglas

ID Number:157667
Member type:Photographer
Region:West Sussex
Country:United Kingdom
Level:Very Experienced
Work Preference:Fitness Model
Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Parts Modeling
Date Joined:24 March 2009
Last Updated:23 September 2017
Last Login:13 November 2017
I am a freelance photographer covering commercial product photography, fashion, dance, fitness, tourism, food, architecture, virtual tours and erotic-artistic stills and video.

I am much more active on other websites and rarely visit this site.

I am the highest rated European photographer on the world's largest general freelancing website.

I have some 30 years experience. My main profile image, the ballet dancer, here was shot on a Bronica ETRS camera using Tri-X film for a small modelling and entertainment agency where I worked regularly from 1984 to 1986. Whilst there I shot the portfolio that got Clare Mulholland into Select agency; (now retired from modelling and living in Seattle). I am based in Worthing, West Sussex, UK. I am willing to travel for shoots or work from my studio.

Prior to returning full time to photography in 2008 I undertook freelance photography to fit in with my work as a senior consultant within the UK online and hard copy advertising markets for over 12 years. Prior to that I was head of training for the UK wing of one of the USA's largest photographic companies, and a director of companies in both the UK and France in the satellite television industry operating throughout EMEA.

I trained as a dancer and choreographer in my youth. I still speak "ballet".

I run one of only two remaining commercial studios in West Sussex - see southdowns on this site - and I carry £2,000,000 public and professional liability insurance.

Member of The Society of International Fashion and Glamour Photographers, 500px, Linkedin, Purpleport, Model Mayhem, Madcow, and Model Kartei amongst others.


Phone / Mobile / Skype / Email on request
I always supply images to models whether on TF and syndication or if you are paying me. Where I am paying you it will almost invariably be for a commercial client, and I can only supply images then if I am allowed to do so. I do ask that you always credit me please.


Numerous calendars including

Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research
Cancer Research
Help for Heroes

Other major credits

Mr White's Collection with model and CBB competitor Marco-Pierre White Jr 2017 (UK)
Black Beauty & Hair magazine April 2016 (UK)
Adams Gear (USA) - survival equipment product images (2016) - models: Darkhorse, Silky
Ultra Screen Doors (China) - mesh fly-screen door product images (2015) - models: Petra Callisto, Jodele, Sophie Read (hand model), and my gorgeous border collie called Doggie ... (yes really!)
Jewellery photography for Hair My Words (UK) 2015 - model Pocotoria
Cover and entire image content - "Yoga for Beginners: A simple guide to a slim body, stress relief and inner peace" by Nicole Talbot (Australia) 2015 - model Chaarlotte
Commissioned artwork for Will Brice (USA) 2015
Swimwear and lingerie photography for Nik's Life Style (India) 2015 - various models
Advertising material for Vigilant Solutions (USA) 2014 - model Dan Robinson
Quirky fashion shoot for Avatoy Media (USA) 2013 - model Calum_B
Literary illustrations for Living Research (Italy) 2014 - model Katerina Diamond
Branding and image identity work for Ad Finem Ltd marketing consultancy 2013/2014
Children's' fashion for MD Textiles Singapore 2013
Jewellery catalogue images for Designed to Dazzle (UK) 2014 - model Fiona Jane York
Packaging imagery for Tatying (Hong Kong) 2012 - various models
Fitness exercise images for Body Shape Design (Germany and Saudi Arabia) 2012 - models Wallis Harmonde, French Chloe, Zesty
Ongoing work as required for Exposure 2000 Ltd (UK) for their suite of 150 websites - numerous models
Oriental and Middle Eastern bridal wear for Dalila's Kaftans, London UK 2013 - models Chaarlotte and Steff Keogh
"The Audience" documentary series 2 episode 3 Channel 4 TV Dec 2013 - model Ami-Li Chase
Book cover and content The Wicca Queen by Steven Burton 2013 - model Elle Black
Lingerie images for Kinky Provocateur UK 2012 - model Penny Lee
Twice published in Jade International Magazine of Erotic Art - 2010 and 2012 - numerous models

UK's highest grossing fundraiser for Photo Aid (part of Live Aid / Band Aid) in 1986.

Published in the UK, the USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Australia and many more.

I am a preferred supplier for businesses in the digital advertising, luxury holiday homes, motor cycle, insurance, catering, tourism, finance and construction industries.

Reviews from other members

There are 86 positive recommendations for bdfoto Click here to read them all
Sussex_studio recommends bdfoto
Added by Sussex_studio on 22 May 2016, shoot arranged for May 2016

It was good to welcome Barney to the studio on two occasions in the last 10 days. He attended with Dixie Daze and later with JenNev.

He utilised the whole facility both indoors and also the outside sets. From what I could observe he worked well with the models and hope to see him again.
Elle_Black recommends bdfoto
Added by Elle_Black on 25 April 2016, shoot arranged for April 2016

Barney communicates perfectly before a shoot, making sure all is understood well before hand. The studio is perfectly functional (soon to improve loads more, I'm told), with a private space for the model, and plenty of heaters. I enjoy working with Barney as he knows what he wants but also likes to be creative, is fantastic with lighting, and knows exactly how much or how little to direct the model. Great fun and a pleasure every time. Certainly recommended.
xxLaceyLouxx recommends bdfoto
Added by xxLaceyLouxx on 12 April 2016, shoot arranged for April 2016

Had my first shoot with Barney at my house yesterday.
He arrived on time & his pre shoot comms couldn't have been any clearer or concise!
Barney is an amazing photographer. He gave me great direction & it was obvious to me right from the very start that this guy is the consummate professional.
Yes he worked me extremely hard BUT WOW was it worth it!! Oh yes!!
I cannot wait to see the results of what was a fabulous shoot!!
I can't recommend this guy highly enough!
I look forward to shooting with him many times.
Thank you Barney!
Lacey xx
klouisemodel recommends bdfoto
Added by klouisemodel on 01 December 2014, shoot arranged for November 2014

I finally shot with Barney, after years of emails on my recent London tour. We shot from my shooting apartment, Barney turned up on time with great ideas for the shoot.
We shot some lovely floaty fashion stuff in natural light, then nudes and erotic. The photos looked great on the back of the camera, and I look forward to seeing the edits.

Let's not leave it as long til the next shoot!!
Kayla x
easytiger87 recommends bdfoto
Added by easytiger87 on 17 September 2014, shoot arranged for August 2014

Į worked with barney first time at his nutbourne vineyard charity event and he have done a lot off amazing pictures.!!! his charming and so sweet and very experienced :) Would definitely work with him again :)
Dance / Performance
Barney Douglas
Added: 21 December 2012
Copyright: © 2012 Barney Douglas at
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Barney Douglas
Added: 21 December 2012
Title: Jadey Duffield and Ashley Davidson for Reynolds Performing Arta
Copyright: © 2010 Barney Douglas at
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Barney Douglas
Added: 24 March 2009
Title: Unknown support act
Copyright: 1986 Barney Douglas
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Barney Douglas
Added: 25 March 2009
Title: The Enid in performance
Copyright: 1986 Barney Douglas
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Barney Douglas
Added: 08 August 2015
Title: Fiona Jane for "Designed to Dazzle"
Copyright: © 2012 Barney Douglas at
Model(s): fionajane
Comments: 4
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Barney Douglas
Added: 08 August 2015
Title: Cover image for yoga book - model Chaarlotte
Copyright: © 2015 Barney Douglas at
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Barney Douglas
Added: 23 February 2013
Title: For
Copyright: © 2012 Barney Douglas at
Model(s): Klouise1992
Comments: 1
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Barney Douglas
Added: 30 December 2012
Title: Kirsty Louise for Kinky Provocateur
Copyright: © 2012 Barney Douglas at
Model(s): Klouise1992
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Barney Douglas
Added: 19 December 2012
Title: For The Scooter Warehouse - model Angelique
Copyright: © 2012 Barney Douglas at
Model(s): angelique110
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