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Barlow Studios

Barlow Studios

ID Number:129551
Business Name:Barlow photographic
Address 1:Units 1 2 and 3
City:Barlow between Sheffield & Chesterfield
Country:United Kingdom
Date Joined:04 February 2008
Last Updated:30 April 2017
Last Login:20 April 2018

Barlow Photographic Studio`s
Units 1&2
The Shippen rural Business centre
Nr Chesterfield/Sheffield
S18 7TR

The hire charges for the studio are.
Please note you do not have to pay a membership fee to use the studio. please remember this when
comparing prices with other studio`s. minimum booking time is 1 hour.
per hour £22
half day 4 hours £80
Full day 8 hours £140

The above prices include use of all studio equipment. and are based on as many photographers and models you wish to bring unlike some studios :) I do not charge extra for a extra persons.

bookings should be made 1 week in advance if possible but feel free to ring for late availability.
anyone canceling a booking within 1 week of the times booked will be liable to the booking fee.

any forthcoming events held at the studio`s will be emailed to existing customers and will not be
publicised for one week allowing you to book a place before they are gone to the general public.

I have several models willing to do group shoots please let me know if you are interested in these.
1500 sq feet
1x150 interfit
8x500w bowens
1x300w micansu
3 x 1.2m octabox
1 x 1.5m octabox
2x200mm x 900mmm soft boxes
1 x 600m beauty dish
1 x 1.8m reflector
4 x 600x600 softbox
1 x 600x1200 softbox
lots of umbrelers ect
3 seperate studios.
radio and infra red triggers.
Large wet area
bubble machine
smoke machine
lots of backdrops.
lots of new sets.
Free tea and coffee :)

Any damages must be paid for.

I hope you have pleasure in using these facilitys.
Thankyou George Davison

Reviews from other members

There are 98 positive recommendations for barlowstudios Click here to read them all
david1500 recommends barlowstudios
Added by david1500 on 15 March 2016
Another shoot at this fabulous studio , plenty of sets , assistance and help and a great cup of tea .The best studio around , thank you George
ZebraRosso recommends barlowstudios
Added by ZebraRosso on 23 January 2015
I have always loved working at Barlow Studio with its large amount of space, excellent range of lighting and accessories and the knowledge and experience of George its owner.

The studio is now even better than ever with a new better designed layout and a series of new sets and refurbished original ones like the white shapes wall and the living room.

I can fully recommend Barlow studio to every experience level of photographer as a great place to produce superb images.
david1500 recommends barlowstudios
Added by david1500 on 17 January 2015
I had a shoot yesterday at this wonderfull studio , an array of sets , warm , with pleasant advise and help , thank you George , I will of course be using this studio again , David
benbaily recommends barlowstudios
Added by benbaily on 22 August 2014
Had a first shoot at Barlow Studio this week and would highly recommend it to other togs.

The lay out is fantastic, some great sets and, most of all, friendly and helpful assistance on hand.

Will definitely shoot there again.
ChrisNewton recommends barlowstudios
Added by ChrisNewton on 09 May 2014
I worked at Barlow studio for the first time on Wednesday shooting Kate-Anne it is a brilliant studio.
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Barlow Studios
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